World Wrestling Entertainment Under New Management a Bischoff-Layfield production

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    President-Eric Bischoff
    Vice President- JBL

    Raw GM- Eric Bischoff
    Smackdown GM- JBL

    WHC- Triple H
    WWE Champion- JBL
    IC Champion- Jericho
    US Champion- Booker T
    Cruiserweight Champ- Rey Mysterio
    WTT champs- Flair & Batista
    WWE Tag Champs- Hardy Boyz
    Womens Champ- Trish Stratus

    Bischoff and JBL purchase the WWE from Vince McMahon.

    They take over as GM's of both shows and JBL names himself WWE Champion while Bischoff brings in a hoarde of former
    WCW talent they also get rid of ECW and its championship belt.Angle,Booker,and Cage also leave TNA for the newly founded WWE.

    Raw Roster

    World Heavyweight Champion- Triple H
    United States Champion- Booker T
    Cruiserweight Champion- Rey Mysterio
    World Tag Team Champions- Batista & Ric Flair

    Rest of Roster

    Scott Steiner
    Kevin Nash
    Hulk Hogan
    Dean Malenko
    Shawn Micheals

    Smackdown Roster

    WWE Champion- JBL
    Intercontinental Champion- Chris Jericho
    WWE Tag Team Champions- Hardy Boyz
    Women's Champion- Trish Stratus

    Rest of Roster

    Randy Orton
    Orlando Jordan
    Doug Basham
    Danny Basham
    Bubba Ray Dudley
    D-Von Dudley
    John Cena
    CM Punk
    Kurt Angle

    This is basically a revised version of WWE but with a twist. Vince McMahon has decided to sell the majority stock of world wrestling entertainment because of the recent decline in ratings and the competition of the NFL and other reality tv shows. He sold it to Eric Bischoff and JBL. A Bischoff-Layfield Production.ENJOY!!
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    Hello Raw fans and Welcome to Monday Night Raw I'm Jim Ross alongside Jerry the King Lawler and I'm sure were in for a hell of a show tonight.

    I'm back and better than ever...

    JR: My Gawd its Eric Bischoff whats he doing here?

    Eric: Hello all you WWE fans.I bet youre all wondering why I'm here after all John Cena FU-ed me into a garbage truck right...
    Well I've got news for you I'm now 49% owner of WWE here comes my buisiness partner...the other 49% owner JBL.

    JBL: WEll...WEll It seems as though we're in a new Era hey Eric. I'm the new Smackdown GM and as my first order of buisiness I award the WWE Championship
    to myself.

    They shake hands.and JBL leaves.

    JR: Thats despicable JBL is a dam bastard awarding himself the prestigious WWE title like that.

    Eric: What did you say JR? Do you have a problem with the new way were handling things around here. If I may quote my predecessor...YOURREE FIRRED!

    JR leaves and is replaced by Tony Schaivone at the commentary table.

    Eric: JBL and myself have also agreed to get rid of that shithole you call ECW we don't know what we'll be doing with the talent
    we'll keep them contracteed until further notice. Please enjoy Monday Night Raw a Bischoff-Layfield Production.

    Match 1:Kanyon vs Triple H(non-title)

    Triple H wins in a squash.

    Match 2: Rey Mysterio vs Juventud(non-title)

    A highly athletic contest in which the cruiserweights show off their world class ability Rey wins with the 619.

    Match 3: Booker T vs Scott Steiner

    The last WCW World Title match ever is on again in a great contest with countless near falls
    and kickouts. Book goes for the Book End but Steiner Kicks out.Steiner locks in the steiner recliner but Booker kicks out.
    Booker hits the Axe Kick and picks up the victory.

    Main Event: Hogan & Nash vs Goldberg & Sting
    Winner gets a shot at WHC. Back and Forth contest Sting makes Nash tap out at one point but Hogan has ref destracted
    Goldberg Spears nash and hits Jackhammer for Pinfall while Sting and Hogan Brawl through the crowd.
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    I like where you're going with this; the opening bit was short and sweet, I liked it. Maybe you could give a little bit more detail than Triple H wins in a squash though, Other than that looks like it's going to be a great show and I can't wait for more.
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    Thnx for the input its greatly appreciated...I dont know how to sum up a squash more than a I'll have more up soon including jbl's first night as champion/GM...errgh I hate him already and im writing it lol...thats a good sign i guess.
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    We open up tonights Smackdown Broadcast with our new Smackdown General Manager who also happens to be the reigning WWE Champion. John Bradshaw Layfield.

    JBL's music rings throughout the arena.

    Hello Smackdown Fans...Your looking at a WRRREESSSTLING GODDDD!!!
    I am your WWE Champion,your Smackdown General Manager,and 49% owner of WWE. I am the most powerful man in all of Professional Wrestling today. Later tonight we will be having a championship celebration.In honor of me. The Greatest WWE Champion not just in Smackdown history but of all time.

    Micheal Cole: That JBL is such a loudmouth lets get tonights show on the road.
    WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Elimination Tag
    Hardy Boyz(C) vs Dudley Boyz vs Edge and Christian

    The match starts off with the Dudleyz and E & C double teaming the Hardyz.They throw the Champions out of the ring and thats when the cunning Edge and Christian try to take the advantage on D-Von Dudley with a double snap suplex. Christian goes for the cover and Bubba breaks it up. Edge starts to work on the left knee of Bubba Dudley with a low dropkick followed up by a clip to the knee. He then goes to help Christian who is being ganged up on by the Hardys who are back in the ring. Double Dropkick by the Hardys. Matt irish whips Christian into the corner.Poetry in Motion.Twist of Fate by Matt.Jeff goes for it Swanton Bomb connects. The Dudleyz and Matt hold Edge back.1..2..3.Edge and Christian are eliminated. Now its down to the Dudleyz vs Hardyz.Edge and Christian are furious and grab steel chairs and clean house.Everyone is down as E & C leave. The Dudleyz get up first they signal for the 3D on Matt.Jeff pushes Bubba out of the way so Matt is just hanging on D-Von's shoulders he counters and Twist of Fate connects.Hardy Leg Drop followed by Swanton Bomb. Jeff planchas onto Bubba on the outside while Matt pins D-Von. HERE ARE YOUR WINNERS AND STILL THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THE HARDY BOYZ

    Cole:That was a very exciting contest I'm sure we'll see more matches out of these teams to date.

    Tazz: No Doubt No Doubt that match was off the chain.

    Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton (non-title match)

    The fans have finally started to accept Jericho again. He is the Intercontinental Champion and one of Smackdown's most beloved superstars.Orton starts off the match with a side headlock takedown on Jericho hanging onto the hold and not letting go cutting off the circulation to Jericho's brain.He starts to slap the chest of Jericho while the hold is on making it harder to breathe.Jericho counters into a suplex.Jericho slowly gets to his feet and hits a standing dropkick.He is building momentum now and he hits a bulldog. He goes for the Lionsault but its too early Orton has it scouted.When Jericho misses he gets winded again.Orton connects with his inverted backbreaker and a cover 1..2..kickout. It takes alot of energy to kick out and Jericho is very weak at this point he is doubled over in pain. Orton spots this and goes for the Punt to the Skull to finish off the IC Champion. Jericho scouts it and rolls out of the way cradle and the 1..2..3.

    JBL is backstage with his Cabinet and tells them they have a 6 man tag team match next against 3 of his top contendors here on Smackdown.Kurt Angle,Undertaker,and CM Punk.They're instructed to soften his potential challengers up they nod and head to the ring.

    6 Man Tag Main Event
    The Cabinet vs Undertaker,Kurt Angle and CM Punk.

    The match starts off with Undertaker and Orlando Jordan. Taker is no longer the Dead Soul taking Monster but the American Badass taking names. He throws Orlando into the corner and delivers some strikes in the corner.He hits and uppercut and makes a tag to Angle who gives a kick to the midsection and a side headlock takedown and a grapevine. Angle has the hold on nice and tight. Orlando gets to the ropes so Angle tags in Punk who hits some Judo kicks and a enzuiguri. He goes for the cover and gets 2. Orlando starts to fight out and hits a DDT he then tags in Doug Basham. The Bashams work over CM Punk in their corner with frequent tags and hard shots to the ribs Punk hits a running knee/bulldog combo and tags in Taker he Chokeslams both Bashams and knocks Jordan off the apron. He picks up the legal man and delivers the Last Ride.1..2..3.


    Championship Celebration

    JBL comes out to the ring his cabinet was dismantled and are back with the trainers but JBL won't let that ri]uin his mood. After confetti,excessive pyro,and tons of over the top things that JBL doesnt deserve. John Cena comes out and interrupts the cerempony he knocks over the table of food beats down JBL and FU's him through the catering table. He then gets on the mic.

    CENA: JBL!!! You disrespected the WWE Championship when you awarded it to yourself. I won't have that. I brought prestige to that title and I want it back. I'm calling you out. At Backlash you and me for the WWE Championship.

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