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    Would jumping to the WWE benefit or hurt Matt Morgan?

    This is a second round, winner's bracket debate in the 2012 Wrestlezone Debater's League Tournament.

    nightmare won the coin toss and will be the home debater. He's earned the right to choose EITHER which side of the debate he wants to argue OR who provides the opening statement. He can also defer this choice to his opponent. (The home debater has 24 hours to make this decision otherwise it is automatically deferred to his opponent.)

    After these choices are made, the first post of the debate must be posted within the first 24 hours otherwise it will affect the starter's Punctuality portion of the judging. Debaters have 24 hours to respond to their opponent's post and the faster the response, the better chance you have to score higher point totals.

    There is no maximum amount of posts for debaters in this round. Debaters can create unlimited replies until the allotted time of the debate runs out.

    This thread is for DEBATERS ONLY and will end on Friday at 5pm EST where judging will immediately begin. Judging must be finished no later than Sunday at 11am EST.

    Anyone that posts in this thread besides the debaters, league admins, and judges will be infracted!

    Good luck to the participants.
  2. nightmare

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    I choose to debate that a jump to WWE would hurt Matt Morgan.
  3. ¡Roján!

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    Nightmare will go first, ladies.
  4. nightmare

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    Matt Morgan: Why A Jump To WWE Would Hurt His Career

    ”The Blueprint” Matt Morgan is a force in TNA. If he were to jump ship and sign with WWE it would hurt his career, rather than help. I’m sure the paychecks would be larger, but at what cost to his future? In this business you fight for your spot on the roster and then keep fighting to make your way to the top. TNA has given Morgan opportunities that he never had in his tenure with WWE. Morgan has been used in a few good main event storylines, chased the TNA Championship and has held the Tag Titles twice. He was even chosen to be the inaugural champion for the Ring Ka King promotion. (Ring Ka King tournament) That shows the faith that TNA has in him as a star. He is given opportunities in TNA and has ran with them. He is in a great spot with the company, so why ruin that by signing with WWE?

    Let’s look at his time in the WWE:

    2002- Morgan signed with the company and spent a year in OVW. During this time he was relegated to handicap or tag matches until called up to the SD brand.

    2003- Placed in another tag team setting, Morgan was part of the Survivor Series team that lost to Team Angle. After that he was placed in yet another team, this time being backup\partner for Lesnar.

    2004-2005- After an injury, Morgan spent more time in OVW. He was finally given a chance to shine as a singles wrestler, winning the OVW title 2 times before being called up to SD once again.

    2005- Again placed in a team, this time being 2nd fiddle to Carlito. After a few short months and a terrible gimmick, Morgan was released.

    This kind of shows a pattern of thought with WWE creative. They didn’t have much faith in him so he was constantly being stuck in some sort of backup role to an ongoing feud. Morgan was back and forth between SD and the developmental territory without ever really given a chance. There were a lot of big stars on the roster at the time he was there and they obviously didn’t see him standing out among those names. With the current roster WWE has now I doubt he would fit in as well, much like it was before. He would be given the ‘outsider’ treatment (much like what happens to most indy stars or ex WCW talent) and buried under whatever person WWE is pushing at the time. WWE would just keep him hanging around FCW until they found some ******ed name\gimmick to give him and then he would be lost in the abysmal crowd of jobbers. He would most likely end up on the list of the Future Endeavored before having any sort of run at a title.

    Now let’s look at what he has done in TNA:

    2007-Since his debut he played the ‘enforcer’ role again but quickly became a favorite among TNA fans.

    2008-2009- Morgan was given 3 different shots at the tag titles in about 3 months. He also began a feud with Abyss that led to a heel turn for Morgan. This began his first real run as a singles competitor. He had some great matches with AJ and Kurt Angle, and was even given 2 different shots at the TNA title being part of the main event at Hard Justice and No Surrender . TNA was impressed, wanted to keep him and offered Morgan a 5yr deal that he happily signed.

    Wow. Goes to show you what a change of scenery did for the man. In 3 years he was used more than his entire run with the WWE. Morgan was given a shot and it worked, making many wonder if WWE dropped the ball. He later became involved in main event matches and eventually held the tag title with Hernandez (2010) that evolved into a great storyline where he took out his partners and defended the titles by himself. Morgan has since been involved in many of TNA’s top storylines and also won the tag titles for a second time teaming with Crimson.

    Morgan was given opportunity in TNA, whereas the WWE never had faith enough to keep him on the roster. In the eyes of a wrestler, you want to work somewhere you can rise to the top. The WWE never seemed to care too much about his character and didn’t seem to have ideas for him to stay around very long. They gave him a ‘stuttering’ gimmick, had him play second fiddle to Carlito of all people- then they cut him. TNA gave Morgan the ball and he ran with it. If you currently work for a company that has faith in you, why chance leaving for a place that didn’t think much of you to begin with? Morgan would simply not get the chances in the WWE that he has earned in TNA. A jump to the WWE would hurt Morgan. Most likely he would end up right back in TNA- so why leave a sure thing for a company that showed they didn’t really want you.
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  5. ¡Roján!

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    Jumping to WWE would benefit Matt Morgan.

    This statement is correct on many basis, and I intend to run through all the basis in this post.

    To start, there's no doubt that Matt Morgan has always had the traits to become a bonafide star in the pro-wrestling world. He has the height, the decent mic-skills, the look and his brutal move-set. He may seem like just another ''monster'' when in reality, just another ''monster'' is something that the WWE could really do with right now.

    When you look at the main event scene on RAW, the WWEs top show, you see wrestlers like CM Punk, The Miz, John Cena, Chris Jericho and Alberto del Rio. None of these stars are known as powerhouses, at all. Matt Morgan, however, could bring that factor into the main event scene and inject some fresh feuds into the mix too. Really, depending on whether Brock is coming back full time or not, there has never been a better time for Matt Morgan to return to the WWE and make the impact that never really happened in his first tenure.

    Anyway, I've talked about hypothetical ways in which Morgan would fit into he scene at WWE and how it would benefit the WWE, but more importantly, as the question asks, how would it benefit Matt Morgan?

    It would further his legacy. For a man of Matt Morgan's talent and experience in the business, Morgan has very few accomplishments to show off. He's a two-time TNA tag team champion, a two-time OVW champion and was a Ring Ka King champ. Although the latter may seem impressive, Matt Morgan lost the title only one day after winning it. Matt Morgan, though, has stated on many interviews that he deserves to be world champion. Let's take a look at this extract from an article posted a month ago.

    From this we can clearly deduce that Matt Morgan is a man passionate about wrestling and the legacy he leaves behind. He wants to be the top-dog, and the only way for that to happen is not to win a world title with TNA, it's to win a world title in the head pro-wrestling company of the world, the WWE. Obviously, the only way he could do that is by making the jump to Stamford. It's what Matt Morgan really wants.

    ''DAT MONEY MONEY YEAH YEAH!'' Although it may be a little obvious, it's because it's true. As a man reaching the end of his wrestling career at the age of 35, Matt Morgan would be looking at setting up a nice pension and retirement fund for himself and his wife. Working a full-time schedule in the WWE for as long as possible, would do rake in more tthan enough money to keep him afloat for the rest of his life, where as in TNA, according to many wrestlers, they have to use food stamps. With just one little title run, Morgan would be able to reap the benefits long-term with royalties, something that will never happen in TNA. Really, moving to WWE as soon as possible, would be in Matt's best interest.

    He's not happy with his current position in TNA. In the article I quoted before, Matt Morgan's words after the quoted one's were:

    You can clearly see that Matt Morgan is a little bored with his current position in the tag scene and feuding with Crimson, and is done waiting around for his shot. He's nowhere near the main-event scene and with little left in the tank, his frustrations are understandeable.

    To sum up, I find it hard to believe that Morgan wouldn't spint quicker than Usain Bolt to Stamford if the WWE came knocking. If he were offered a lucrative contract with a main event run, how that wouldn't benefit him is beyond me.

    I await your response, nightmare.
  6. nightmare

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    ...and here we go.....

    RAW is stacked to the brim with talent, especially since they initiated the ‘super show’ on Monday nights. If you think Morgan wouldn’t be lost in the shuffle, you’re ******ed. Let’s take a look at the talent currently used on RAW\SD. <WWE Roster>

    These men are considered to be in the ‘powerhouse’ category:

    Sheamus-World Champion
    Ezekiel Jackson
    The Great Khali
    Mark Henry
    Triple H
    Big Show- IC Champion
    Lord Tensai
    Brodus Clay
    Mason Ryan
    John Cena- how could you say he isn't a powerhouse....
    Brock Lesnar

    That is a lot of talent that can easily squash anyone put in front of them. Many titles between those guys. Notice a few names that stand out? Yup, 10 of them are guaranteed to be in the HOF. 4 men are left on that list that are very capable of being used to do exactly what you propose for Morgan. So why would he jump ship to a place that has so much talent? In TNA he can truly stand out as a giant among men and run rough shot over 95% of the roster.

    These men are either current champs, solid main event guys or have been heavily used on tv in the past 6 months:

    Alberto Del Rio
    Chris Jericho
    CM Punk- WWE Champion
    David Otunga
    Dolph Ziggler
    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
    Jack Swagger
    Kofi Kingston
    Zack Ryder
    The Miz
    Rey Mysterio
    Santino Marella- U.S. Champion
    Cody Rhodes
    Daniel Bryan
    Randy Orton
    Wade Barrett

    That is a lot of competition. Those guys are in good with the company and half of them are HUGE stars that are constantly in the main event picture. Others have been in the main event or solidly holding up the mid card storylines\titles for months at a time. Fans love them. Morgan doesn’t have the star power to come in and take their spots. He might come in and destroy some jobbers, but he would not go very far. He might be big and athletic, but he doesn’t have a leg to stand on while running with these men. Do you honestly think Vince would let Morgan walk in and beat the likes of Orton, Punk, Jericho or The Rock?

    Of course he wants to be the top guy and win the title. Every man who laces up their boots desires to be just that. What he really wants is the chance to shine as champion, but he won’t get it in the WWE. What reason would Vince have to book him over any of the top 20 guys he has right now? I can’t think of any reason, kayfabe or in real life, to put him in the main event much less as a champion. Morgan would never touch either of the top 2 titles in the WWE. His best bet is to stay where he is. A big fish in a small pond is more likely to reign dominant rather than trying to survive in the ocean.

    Based on the article you sited, it seems that what is important to him is a title, not necessarily a huge paycheck. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he would love more money, but Morgan doesn’t strike me as the greedy type. In fact, based on his statement, the title seems to be most important to him and his career. TNA has even given him some new commercial deal with their insurance sponsor.

    That is a big plus and that exposure is good for him\his wallet. Everyone would like to have some extra $$$, but being happy is about achieving your dreams. Morgan’s dream seems to be a World Title run. If the WWE offered him a bigger check to leave, but TNA gave him a run with the belt to stay- I bet Morgan would stay for the chance to live out his dream. Vince would not offer him a huge check, long term contract and a run with either of the 2 major belts. Morgan jumps ship and at best maybe he gets a shot at the U.S. Title or Tag belts after some time in FCW and a few dark matches for SD. That seems to be a step down and sideways for where he wants to be.

    Morgan seems to be happy with his place in the company. If you bothered to read the rest of the article he says it’s an honor to hold the tag titles and how great it is to go out there with Joe, Crimson and Magnus with the goal of trying to steal the show every night. He also says he loves the excitement surrounding Ring Ka King. That is an opportunity he wouldn’t get in the WWE. TNA made that happen because they have faith in him and his ability. He did mention he is tired of waiting for his chance to be champ and that is understandable. Although I’m sure he hasn’t forgotten that TNA put him closer than WWE ever did. Morgan will get his chance. TNA likes him and they have shown before that they will throw him in the title hunt at any given point- when it makes sense. Right now it doesn’t make sense. They have a good thing going with the main event. He will have to be patient.

    If you honestly think Morgan will be better off in WWE, you haven’t been paying attention to his role in TNA or the chances they have given him over the years. These are things the WWE never did for him early in his career because they didn’t have faith that he would draw in a crowd. What makes you think they would do that now?

    For a guy to come in from another company and go straight to the top- he must have more going for him than Matt Morgan does. He simply won’t bring enough to the table for WWE to give him that opportunity. Many talented guys have come in over the years and were taken through the ringer before WWE gave them their time to shine. Difference is- they had more going for them than just size. Morgan just doesn’t have the fan base, marketability or talent that would cause the WWE to throw money and titles at him. Benoit had great talent in the ring; Jericho has great skills on the mic and great fans that followed him from WCW; Bryan Danielson has talent and a huge indy fan base. RVD, Booker T, CM Punk, etc... These men all had\have more going for them than Morgan has. It’s just foolish to think of Morgan being able to jump in and go straight to the top like that.

    Stay with what works. Morgan staying in TNA is the best chance for him to get what he wants and that is a run at the top with a Heavyweight Title around his waist.
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    The top of the wrestling world? Being a World Champion in the WWE. Glad we could get that sorted out.

    At the age of 25, just so everyone knows. You know, a relatively young age to be called up at.

    You are acting as if this was a bad thing, though. It really wasn't. Who else can claim to have been a back-up for one of the hottest going things at the time whilst being relatively inexperienced?



    Do you know why Matt Morgan was most likely given his stuttery-buttery gimmick? Because no-one cared about him, and it was a mechanism to get him over with the crowd. Now though, if Matt Morgan were to return, he would be able to use the experience garnered from TNA in working the crowd to develop a personality and gimmick of his own that he is suited to, and that will work. Plus, the WWE seems to have gone away from over the top, mind-numbingly stupid gimmicks, thankfully so. I think it would be both an insult to Morgan and WWE Creative to think that they'd stick him with a dead-end gimmick on Superstars and NXT with his experience, talent, charisma and marketability.

    You say Matt Morgan has won the tag title as if it's something that Matt Morgan has aspired to, when really he's 4 blue moons and a James Bond film above it. Let's not forget that Matt Morgan was a favourite in the BFG series in 2011 along with Crimson before injury and was reported to have been the winner hadn't it been for that. Knowing that, how does going from nearly main-eventing TNA's biggest PPV

    You before said that Matt Morgan has won the tag title as if it's something that Matt Morgan has aspired to, when really he's 4 blue moons and a James Bond film above it. Let's not forget that Matt Morgan was a favourite in the BFG series in 2011 along with Crimson before injury and was reported to have been the winner hadn't it been for that. Knowing that, how do you think going from nearly main-eventing TNA's biggest PPV to being in an over-looked, dead division tag-champion in less than 6 months make Matt Morgan feel? You say WWE dropped the ball on him, but so did TNA. At least in the WWE, if you're stuck doing nothing (which Matt Morgan wouldn't be) you'd still be earning more than what a TNA main-eventer would. :shrug:

    That's a lack of belief on your part in Matt Morgan's abilities as a professional wrestler. He's just as good and talented on the mic and in the ring as Alberto del Rio, Sheamus, The Miz, R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes, so why wouldn't he be put ahead of people like them? He also has a little thing I like to call experience and if you'd like to hear about why that makes a wrestler have a foot-hold in the WWE main-event door, I recommend you read my last debate here:

    A face.

    I would debate whether he's a powerhouse or not, but it would be futile considering he appears ONCE every year.


    He appears very few times a year and is a face.

    I'll agree with this one.

    See Undertaker.


    He doesn't have the abilities to take him through the main-event if his debut is anything to go from but, we'll see.

    I'm sorry, who?

    Face that's a novelty act.

    Him and A-Ry are making quite the formidable team on Superstars, huh?

    Just because you're strong, it doesn't make you a powerhouse.


    Currently, not much is known about whether he's face, heel or tweener and whether he's full-time or not.

    So, what does my run-down of all these names achieve? It goes to show that there is a huge gap opening up for a powerhouse, monster, heel beast with Kane (44) and Mark Henry (40) nearing the end of their careers. Matt Morgan would fit the bill perfectly and has the experience, knowledge and overall look about him to make it look unlike the other wrestlers mentioned.

    No one is doubting that he could, but currently, he's stuck in a mid-card feud doing nothing, so why shouldn't he take the plunge and further his legacy, earn more and achieve his dream is the WWE came knocking?

    If other stars coming from TNA, like Christian and R-Truth can, why the hell can't Matt Morgan? You really don't like Matt Morgan do you? Because, I know for a fact that many wrestling fans along with myself realize that Matt morgan is a fountain of un-tapped potential that could and might even be now, better than 90% of the names there. You really need to sit down and watch clips of Matt Morgan and realize that he will go further than people like Alberto del Rio, Sheamus, David Otunga, Dolph Ziggler, Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, The Miz, R-Truth, Marella and Wade Barrett despite his dwindling age.

    Hypothetically, remember hypothetically, if Matt Morgan were to be a simple mid-carder in the WWE, would winning the far more prestigious IC title not be better than winning the TNA World title? In my books, I would be far more content with that, anyway. And remember, there's no reason for Matt Morgan to ever stay in the mid-card if he were moved to the WWE and for Matt Morgan to ever win the TNA World title in TNA if the last six months are any indication.

    I'm sorry but if you truly believe that a wrestler doesn't care about how much money he's getting paid because he isn't greedy, you need to grow up and get into the real world. As a man of 36 years, Matt Morgan's finances are of the utmost importance, that's not being greedy, it's just saving for a rainy day. It's common sense, really. Money moves the world.

    :lmao: You believe that Matt Morgan would be placed in FCW if he were signed by the WWE? Deary me. Take a look at people who have come back to WWE after a while out and see if they've taken a trip down to FCW. I'm talking about Tensai, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Christian and R-Truth, by the way. Jeez, it's like you have no faith in Matt Morgan, at all. And, just to humour you, tag run in the WWE is always going to be better than a tag run in TNA, with regards to prestige and legacy, anyway. Also, if you want to talk about financials, here you can see them:

    In 2008, Matt Morgan was rumoured to be making around $90,000 dollars a year according to a list that circulated around the web here:

    In 2005, at the time, the IC championship which is a title that you think Matt Morgan can aspire to, was held by Shelton Benjamin who made $366,000 a year. Not to mention, you may need to couple in the fact that Matt Morgan will make it higher than that if he were to enter the WWE, and you're looking at quadruple the salary. Yeah, greedy bastard.

    Yeah, man I wish I was selling Lamborghini's, but I'm fine selling my used Toyota's, I swear! It's an honor.

    It's a well-known fact that in his current position he is settling. Despite his best intentions and frustrations, Morgan is not the type of guy to demand some respect in the TNA locker room is he, now? He may claim that he's happy, but that's cancelled out by his previous statement where he says he's tired of waiting. I'm sorry, but Morgan was doing his best to try and put over the tag division, that is all. He's not happy.

    The WWE tour India, as well, you know, amigo. And, TNA never gave him the opportunity, because as far as I know, Ring Ka King is ran separately to IMPACT despite them being made by the same company. David Lagana takes care of things on Ring Ka King's side, the side that has faith in Morgan-

    This is the thing, though, he never stuck around in the WWE long enough to ever get a push. It was stop and start due to injuries and if it weren't for them, who's to say he wouldn't be a 12-time World Champion? TNA only put him closer because he was in a better position to be put closer, as he had more experience and had finally developed a sense of all-roundedness that was needed. He would have achieved it in the WWE too, though.

    Why should he? He's not getting any younger, and if waiting is his game, then he might as well wait in the WWE for a World title reign which I'd think he'd get anyway, though, right?

    He's far less green, more experienced and the a more complete wrestler all-round. Plus, he has that infamous WWE look. They'd be stupid not too, as they've been missing a Batista-like fella in their ranks.

    The thing is, he does. Like I said before, he's severely underrated in many ways. He's athletic, charismatic, a great wrestler, boasts an effective move-set, cuts a great promo, and is better than most wrestlers out there. You really underestimate how good Matt Morgan can be and is. He's far more talented than schmuks like Batista and Sheamus that have made it to the top. Seriously, Matt Morgan could be a legend. He'll only ever achieve that in the WWE, so a move their would benefit not only financially, but as a legacy, and to fulfill his full potential. Matt Morgan needs the WWE.

    P.S.: Just in case you need any more proof that Matt Morgan is the real deal, take a look at this match:

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  8. nightmare

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    Yeah, you&#8217;re right. No-one cared about him, including creative and the WWE management. If getting over with the crowd means &#8216; laugh at the stuttering guy that wants us to take him seriously&#8217; then yes- he was over.. I&#8217;m willing to bet they gave him the gimmick as to play up the fact he has a lisp reminiscent of Sylvester the cat. Vince tends to be like that sometimes. He mostly goes with what he thinks would work and tries to amuse himself at the same time. Read Jericho's book about the part where Vince tried to come up with names for his finisher and how Vince tries like hell to add more monkeys to his programming. Great stuff.

    Really? So you haven&#8217;t met Hornswoggle or Brodus Clay? The WWE has built a history of crap gimmicks. Vince thinks it&#8217;s funny, they go with it. Morgan got stuck with one before, so why wouldn&#8217;t it possibly happen again? Oh, yea- because he is the greatest monster heel ever in your eyes. Give me a break. If they have a crop of talent being groomed in FCW, why would they bring in Morgan as the next big thing? His star isn&#8217;t as bright as you claim. If it was they would have kept him before instead of cutting him.

    Yeah, he&#8217;s definitely above winning the tag belts. It&#8217;s so beneath him. Do you smell the sarcasm?
    You aspire to win the big one, but will always be grateful you had any gold around your waist during your career. I&#8217;m sure he wasn&#8217;t happy about his injury, with good reason. TNA didn&#8217;t cause his injury though. They have a place for him on TV, which is more than some roster members get each week. His battles with Joe\Magnus were good and the evolution that stems from that is a feud with Crimson. I still say what TNA has given him is leaps and bounds more than WWE had in mind or did with him. That includes TV time, championships and main event chances. Yeah, I guess TNA giving him those things means they really dropped the ball.

    ?? ADR has been around about as long as Morgan, yet accomplished much more. Sheamus has been around fewer years, yet accomplished more. Miz and Truth both outshine Morgan on the mic. Ziggler? Well its still yet to be determined whether or not he is as great as the WWE wants us to believe, so I might give you that one. Cody Rhodes? Morgan is not better than him. Bigger, but not better.

    He could fit the bill, only because he is big. Just because you have a &#8216;scary&#8217; back tattoo doesn&#8217;t make you a monster heel. If you think he has more experience and knowledge then the guys I mentioned- then you truly are ******ed. Taker, HHH, Henry, Kane, Big Show and Lesnar all have him beat in that department- hands down. A few others were mentioned due to the fact they are already WWE guys that can do what you propose Morgan would do. Again, why would Vince hire outside for an older guy when he has younger, capable talent in the company?

    And by the way: You claim Cena isn&#8217;t a powerhouse yet Morgan is&#8230;.
    Powerhouse- a person having great energy, strength or potential for success. That sounds a lot more like John Cena than it does Matt Morgan.
    You&#8217;re welcome.

    Christian is better than Morgan. You know it. I know it. Take a poll, go on- I&#8217;ll wait. Poll said Christian is better didn&#8217;t it? Un-tapped potential? At his age, maybe his potential hasn&#8217;t been realized by now because it&#8217;s not really there. I have seen Morgan compete; he is not better or will go farther than ADR, Sheamus, Miz or Barrett. The other guys, well, they are way more entertaining than Morgan. Even Santino gets bigger pops than Morgan will ever hope to receive. You are giving way more credit to Matt Morgan than you should.

    His dream isn&#8217;t to be a mid card champ, rather he desires a Heavyweight title. IC champ is pretty badass, but it&#8217;s still mid-card and that&#8217;s not what Morgan said he wants. To be the main guy in the company you have to earn it. Maybe the reason he hasn&#8217;t won the belt yet in TNA is the same reason he won&#8217;t win one in the WWE; he isn&#8217;t the best. Either way, at least TNA gives him a chance to get there. Those opportunities are ones that the WWE didn&#8217;t, and most likely won&#8217;t, give him.

    You completely missed the point I was making, so I will repost it for you to read again.

    Based on the article you sited, it seems that what is important to him is a title, not necessarily a huge paycheck. Now don&#8217;t get me wrong, I&#8217;m sure he would love more money, but Morgan doesn&#8217;t strike me as the greedy type. In fact, based on his statement, the title seems to be most important to him and his career. TNA has even given him some new commercial deal with their insurance sponsor.

    That is a big plus and that exposure is good for him\his wallet. Everyone would like to have some extra $$$, but being happy is about achieving your dreams. Morgan&#8217;s dream seems to be a World Title run. If the WWE offered him a bigger check to leave, but TNA gave him a run with the belt to stay- I bet Morgan would stay for the chance to live out his dream.

    They are all better than Morgan.

    I do have faith in him, but not to come in to the WWE and become the top guy. He could be the top guy in TNA but even there, a few more talented guys are better suited for the title.

    For the most part, guys coming in from another company have been assigned to FCW for talent development. It has a 90% chance of happening. Do not insult my intelligence by comparing Morgan to The Rock or Brock Lesnar ever again. It is absolutely insane you actually thought that statement was a good idea and decided to type it up. My brain is starting to hurt because of this crap you just made me read.

    Touring once in a blue moon is not the same as running a promotion based in another country.

    What&#8217;s that? Jeff Jarrett is in charge? Co-produced by TNA? Sounds like they have a lot to do with Ring Ka King, actually. They are run separately because they are 2 different promotions. TNA still thought enough of Morgan to give him the opportunity to be part of it. If they didn&#8217;t have faith in him, they would have given his spot to someone else.

    You act like it was his choice to leave. He was fired from the WWE. It was stop and start because he wasn&#8217;t over and the people he was paired with moved on. Nathan Jones quit, Morgan got a shoulder injury at the same time Lesnar left and Carlito went to RAW. His shoulder injury didn&#8217;t have as much to do with it. He clearly wasn&#8217;t over or talented enough to stand alone, otherwise he would have been kept around.


    Ok. Let&#8217;s wrap this up. You are holding Morgan in a higher class than he actually is. The only thing you have said that halfway makes sense is that the WWE pays more. Yeah, they do. Problem is, are they willing to pay Morgan more? Probably not. Having a bigger paycheck is great, but when your dream is to be the top guy- the money becomes secondary. If TNA has given him more of a chance to make that goal a reality, the WWE paycheck is less important than wearing the title belt. I&#8217;m sure if given the choice, Morgan would rather have a WWE title reign. Hell, who wouldn&#8217;t. Unfortunately the chances of that happening for him are very slim. A 36 yr old man who isn&#8217;t that talented or charismatic doesn&#8217;t have many chances to be the champ no matter how tall he is.

    The best shot Morgan has at making his dream a reality is to stay with TNA. They believe in him and if he is patient his time will come. If he isn&#8217;t, then he doesn&#8217;t deserve a title anywhere. If he is upset about his spot, then it is up to him to make creative\TNA management take notice. I believe he is doing just that. He may not think his current role is most ideal, but he isn&#8217;t crying about it. He is doing his job and making the most of it by trying to put on the best match possible. That&#8217;s the way to get to the top. Bust your ass and run with any opportunity given until you reach your goal.

    Morgan jumping to the WWE would be taking a huge unnecessary risk. He would be putting his career in the hands of a company that already proved they don&#8217;t think he is championship material. Why would Morgan have faith in Vince when TNA is the place that has given him chances the WWE didn&#8217;t think he deserved? Smart move is to stay where you are, bust your ass and live out your dream.
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  9. ¡Roján!

    ¡Roján! Down with the trumpets.

    Aug 30, 2007
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    WWE had built a history on outlandish gimmicks, but they've moved away from them, like I said before. Hornswoggle is really the only stupid gimmick there is on the current programming because if you think Funkasaurus is a stupid gimmick, you don't like fun.

    I'm smelling a distinct smell of incorrectness, actually. He is above the tag titles, and no one can argue with that. If Garrett freakin' Bischoff is above the tag titles, then so are Joe, Crimson and Morgan. Let's face it, they were put in tag teams because creative had nothing for them. They were afterthoughts. So much for TNA treating him well, huh?

    You know, you could have said the same thing about Christian and R-Truth in 2006 too, but now look at them. Both are upper-midcarders in the most prestigious wrestling organization in the World and have TV time, titles and main-events. Fact is, if the WWE were to sign Morgan from TNA they would sign him for a reason. Matt Morgan would get his shot. Therefore, it would benefit him to move if WWE came calling.

    If Morgan were in the WWE, he would have achieved much more than ADR and Sheamus, and in TNA he's being held back. Miz and Truth are two of the best on the mic, but overall ringwork-wise and ability to work the crowd Morgan wins. And about Cody Rhodes, he is fantastic, but so is Matt Morgan, on second thought, I'd put them level on second evaluation.

    Cena got over on his mic skills and gimmick, not on his strength whereas Morgan got over as an enforcer using his strength. You're welcome.

    I said hypothetically.

    Okay, fine, the WWE won't give him a chance, simply because he is not on their radar. Fine, I'll humour you. But, what difference does that make? We're not debating about whether TNA or WWE want Matt Morgan, we're talking about whether it'd benefit Matt Morgan, the person, to take the jump.

    I didn't misunderstand your point, fella. You're an idiot to think that if Matt Morgan were to have the choice between a long-term contract in the WWE and a long term contract in TNA with a severely reduced wage and a title run, he wouldn't take the WWE option. He gets more money, a chance to shine at the top, as I've already explained that if the WWE wanted him they'd want him for a reason, and an extension of his legacy.

    Matt Morgan is much more talented than Sheamus. I don't know what else to say.

    No one who has jumped straight from TNA to WWE has gone through development. Ever. Christian, R-Truth, Kevin Nash, Gail Kim, none of them. And, I never compared The Rock or Brock Lesnar to Matt Morgan. I simply used them as examples to prove my point.

    The rosters were picked by Dave Lagana, seeing as he is head of creative. Oh, and Matt Morgan and all the other TNA stars have been pulled from Ring Ka King after season one finished shooting, with no plans for them to be called back. Back to the mid-card mafia for Morgan, then, huh?


    I'm glad you mentioned Mason Ryan, as his career in the WWE reminds me of Matt Morgan's prior one. He started of with a bang, but when injuries and the fact that no one cared about him came along, he slowly dwindled into the neverworlds of shows. He has the look, but he needs work on his mic skills, ring-work, ability to work the crowd (which Morgan got at TNA) to be able to take himself to the next level. Sound familiar? Bet it does. Mason Ryan was just like Matt Morgan a few years ago, heading down the road to future endeavours. Saying that, though, it wouldn't surprise me if Mason Ryan were in the main-event 10 years down the line. If he were able to muster up all the abilities that Matt Morgan has now, he'd be a perfectly groomed WWE star. Ipso facto, what Matt Morgan is now.

    Now, it's time for me to sum up:

    If the WWE were ever to come knocking on Matt Morgan's door, he'd be a fool to not jump over to the WWE, as they could offer him things that TNA couldn't dream of. A hefty wage-check that would more than likely quadruple his current one, a main-event run, as the WWE would want him for a reason and not to be just another mid-carder, and the temptation of a World title run that Morgan has gone on record saying he wants. Some could claim that he is on-the-brink of something at TNA, and that there is no need to risk a move, whereas when you look at it objectively, TNA have never put full faith in him. They've cut his pushes short, stuck him in a dead-division and are most likely going to make him put over a far-less talented wrestler in Crimson. The WWE is the place that all the stars are, and Matt Morgan is a star. He deserves to be there, and he would certainly reap the illustrious benefits of it too, whilst he is at it.
  10. D-Man

    D-Man Gone but never forgotten.

    Jan 26, 2009
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    This debate is officially closed. Unfortunately for nightmare, I had to delete his last reply since it missed the cutoff time.

    Judgment may begin.
  11. FunKay the Inevitable

    FunKay the Inevitable People Like Me, We Don't Play

    May 11, 2008
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    Clarity: nightmare wins here. His posts were clear, easy to read and well constructed.

    Punctuality: Rohan was faster overall I believe.

    Informative: Rohan again takes the points for using more outside sources, including a video, though nightmare did a good job too.

    Persuasion: Some good points raised on both sides, but ultimately I bought into what Rohan was saying more. He really tore into nightmare as the debate rolled on and despite an even battle at the start, things went sour for nightmare.

    FunKay Scores It: Rohan: 4, nightmare: 1
  12. CH David

    CH David A Jock That Loves Pepsi

    May 22, 2009
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    Clarity - Went with nightmare. Solid open, and had less quoting in a few of his posts. Nicely done on that.

    Point - nightmare

    Punctuality - I'll listen to the FunK.

    Point - ¡Roján!

    Informative - Videos instantly go up on the benefit scale in debates. I thought Rojan did a nice job with links and what not.

    Point - ¡Roján!

    Persuasion - I bought into Rojan's work more. nightmare did a nice job, but just didn't convince me to his side.

    Points - ¡Roján!

    CH David scores this ¡Roján! 4, nightmare 1.
  13. SavageTaker

    SavageTaker Everybody Has A Price!

    Feb 14, 2009
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    Clarity of debate - Neither one of them was really more clear than the other. They were both organized but I'll give the point to Nightmare because it was a bit more spread out so it was easier to read.

    Punctuality - I actually thought Nightmare should win this point. Neither man was quicker, but I did see that on one day Rojan didn't reply until the next day.

    Informative - Rojan did a pretty nice job here. He brought in a nice amount of information that wasn't overwhelming and was able to provide links. I'm glad to see people got the message.

    Persuasion -Ultimately, I was convinced that Matt Morgan would actually benefit by going back to the WWE. Rojan brought some good points in and defended them nicely so he gets the points here.

    Rojan: 3 points, Nightmare: 2 points.
  14. D-Man

    D-Man Gone but never forgotten.

    Jan 26, 2009
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    Unfortunately, even if nightmare gets a perfect score from Nate, he cannot win this bracket. Therefore, Rohan has clinched his defeat over nightmare by a score of 11-4. He will move onto the Winner's bracket Semi-Final #21 while nightmare moves down to Loser's bracket #17 to face the winner of deanandterry and Talon.

    Good work.
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