Will Linda McMahon serve a full term?

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    There is very high turnover at the White House. Many of President Trump's appointees have drawn his ire, including cabinet secretaries and appointed staff. Trump has made several changes in such roles as FBI Director, CIA Director, chief of staff, press secretary, chief economics advisor, NSA Director, Secretary of State, Secretary of Homeland Security, and many others. Trump is still rumored to make major changes in the coming weeks. Will Linda McMahon ever be removed as SBA Administrator, or will she be left alone? Do you think she will someday be nominated to Secretary of Commerce, or to an ambassadorship?
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    I can't imagine she is terribly happy in her role. Then again, i don't really have a clue what she is doing beyond her title. Whatever it is I really doubt she wants to do it for very long. I think she is most likely to quit during this term. I can't see her getting fired. This seems to be a job that Trump doesn't pay much mind. If she doesn't quit and Trump has another opening that needs filling (like Commerce) and there is no one on TV at the time for him to nominate, he may think of her as a loyal employee of his who has a decent rack and will introduce him to 22 year old, physically fit, aspiring trophy wives.

    All guesses on my part but if I turn out to be right I'll start my own Infowars type website touting my political acumen based on this one prediction.
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