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    The WiiU is the new console that will be released by Nintendo and is due out after April 2012 (I expect a more definitive date in the New Year). The reveal of it was quite weird and most people didn't realise it was a brand new console, Iwata had to pose with both to show that. So what do we know? Lets look at the three things that were sort of shown.


    The controller has two circle pads ala the 3DS, it has a D-pad, Home button, start and select buttons, ABXY buttons, shoulder buttons. It even has a microphone (which the original Famicom controller had), speakers, gyroscope, accelerometer, rumble and camera.


    Oh and a 6inch touch screen in the middle, I forgot to mention that. To me the controller looks quite weird and really uncomfortable to hold, but from what most sources have said this is not the case and it is quite easy to get used to. It currently doesn't have a name but I'm going with the Gateway as it is the portal to the WiiUniverse!

    I think the Gateway has huge potential as a controller as was shown in this video (apologies for the annoying acting, but this video showcases the controller best).

    Additional things include that the controller will let you play with the TV switched off, though it needs to be within a certain distance of the actual unit to carry on with this feature. It was also widely reported that only one Gateway could be used due to technical limitations and cost. However as recently as yesterday Iwata stated “Technically, it is possible for the Wii U to support multiple Wii U Controllers” so I guess time will tell.



    Remember though this is still in the prototype stages and is likely to change. Miyamoto has stated that it will be white as it gets rid of the kiddy image that Nintendo has been stuck with (case in point N64/GCN consoles).

    So what does it have spec wise? Taken from the Wii U fact sheet:

    Media: A single self-loading media bay will play 12-centimeter proprietary high-density optical discs for the new console, as well as 12-centimeter Wii optical discs. (Nintendo have stated that it won't play DVDs or Blu Rays as most people already have the means to play movies one way or another.)
    Video Output: Supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i. Compatible cables include HDMI, component, S-video and composite.
    Audio Output: Uses AV Multi Out connector. Six-channel PCM linear output through HDMI.
    Storage: The console will have internal flash memory, as well as the option to expand its memory using either an SD memory card or an external USB hard disk drive.
    CPU: IBM Power®-based multi-core microprocessor.
    Other: Four USB 2.0 connector slots are included. The new console is backward compatible with Wii games and Wii accessories

    www.n-europe.com yesterday (17th June) reported that the development kits that were previously sent out (which put the Wii U at 50% higher spec than PS360) are actually being replaced with updated developer kits which would “be quite a bigger leap over current-gen consoles than many publications are officially suggesting at the moment” so simply put everything is subject to change!


    I'll be brief with this as not much is known yet, expect the usual Nintendo line up and we have had a lot of current PS360 games confirmed for WiiU (including Arkham City). Crytek and Epic Games have also thrown their weight behind the console which is actually pretty exciting,

    What do I think? I think a bridge needs to be gapped between the casual and hardcore gamers, I'm more casual than hardcore but still appreciate just how much better third-party games are for the PS360. If Nintendo can get it to the point where it's blowing them out of the water and actually make the jump to the 8th gen (not 7.5 like the N64 was with the fifth gen) then we are n for a treat. The next thing that is needed is third-party exclusives something the Wii is very much lacking (Where is Dragon Quest X?), if they could pull that off you would have a reason for the Hardcore market to take note in this. Visuals are good but they don't sell a console, game play is good but it can annoy people if the visuals are lacking (Zak and Wiki is a case in point). I just hope the Wii U can deliver this, though I'm sure more will be revealed come the Tokyo show.

    This was, of course, originally posted at www.nintendolee.com
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    Firstly, I honestly think it's going to have a significant problem getting 3rd party games that make the most of the machine. No developer is going to create games for the PS360 and then make significant graphical upgrades just for 1 platform, especially not in the early days when not so many people have the console.
    Secondly, yes most people have a bluray/dvd player, it's called the PS360. Not including it as part of the machine might keep the cost down but in my opinion it's a mistake to not embrace the games machine as a media hub.
    Thirdly, the controller is ugly as fuck and will no doubt cost a significant amount for a 2nd one.

    Overall, well it's Wii 2.0 and it's going to face the same problems the last maching had, though for different reasons.
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    It may be a possibility but from all the interviews I've watched and read, a lot of the developers aren't shy when it came to showing their enthusiasm towards the console and its capabilities. I don't think the console will be leaps and bounds ahead of the PS3 or 360 though there are reports circulating the the console could potentially be 50% more powerful than current hardware(which doesn't come as much of a surprise really). Besides if Nintendos new console indicates anything, a new generation is about to surface. Rumors are going around Microsoft will reveal its new console at next years E3(though not confirmed). One could imagine Microsoft's new console will be even more powerful than the WiiU,but that remains to be seen. Then you can't count out Sony as well. Not much detail has been released about the console itself so its a bit early to tell if 3rd parties will struggle with the complication you raised.

    I disagree. If you want a media hub then you can stick with the 360 or PS3. If you want a straight up gaming console to do nothing but that then stick with Nintendo. At first I thought it was a little strange to not include at least a DVD player but then I realized that a lot of people from Nintendo were correct in pointing out that everybody already has machines than can do this(I myself a 5 devices that can play dvds). Why would I need another device that can do what my PS3 and 360 among other can already do? I'm tired of these consoles that are trying to be or do everything(pun intended). Sometimes I just want to sit back and just play games and nothing more. That is what Nintendo has always been about, games. Sony and Microsoft are multi-entertainment companies that supply all sorts of devices and gadgets. Nintendo has never strayed from what it does and that is making great games. They don't need to try and be something more because they don't need to be. This is how I feel,for all I know it could hurt Nintendo. Now a days its all about multitasking. For some people they might feel a bit cheated for buying a devices that can only do a few things where a PS3 or 360 is capable for so much more and these are older generation consoles compared the the WiiU might I add. It took Nintendo a whole generation just too upgrade to HD and some people would ask how long for them to get with the times as far as a media proper hub goes? Only time will tell.

    I have too agree with you on this one. The controller did catch me off guard at first, it simply looks to big and clunky and hardly looks that comfortable though other claims would say otherwise. I'm not too sold on the controller yet despite its amazing potential. The Wiimote had a ton of potential as well and most people would say Nintendo squandered any if not most of the opportunity for that. Current controllers cost as much as 70 dollars and this one, with all is tech will in all likelihood cost even more. So people best to take more care of their controllers this time around and not hurl them towards their television sets.

    Explain these problems? The Wii proved to be quite a success and the only major problem people seemed to complain about was the lack of any major 3rd party support(fixed). A gimmicky motion control that relied more on waggle technology than anything(some what fixed). Lack of HD(fixed) and an almost seemingly abandonment and rejection towards hardcore gamers(fixed..or so they say and it remains to be seen). Despite all these limitations the Wii has sold more units worldwide than the PS3 and 360 combined. While the Wii had its problems, so did the other consoles and despite these limitations the Wii proved to be quite successful.

    My only concern with the system is if Nintendo can actually manage to appeal to both hardcore and casual gamers alike. If anything was evident at this years E3, it proved to be a struggle for Microsoft with the overload of Kinect games. Many hardcore gamers felt alienated this year with out any real major announcements. Sony on the other hand seems to be lost in the shuffle as they don't seem to be doing anything significant with their Move. I have faith in Nintendo though. They proved to be a major success in the casual market so if they can get the hardcore gamers back on board then they could be a force to be reckoned with this generation. That all remains to been seen though. I for one I'm excited to find out more about the console and the idea of a full realistic HD version of a Zelda game is just too good to pass up. If any of Nintendo's franchises could benefit from HD, it would be Zelda. I hope the tech demo at E3 was only the beginning of something even greater..I've almost all but forgotten about Skyward Sword. The idea of an HD Zelda has me salivating at the mouth and creaming in my pants and I can't wait to get my hands on that game. Hopefully its not another 5 years wait..ether way it should be stupendous.
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    Not sure how I feel about this. Usually when news is heard of new consoles coming, I feel unsure. I guess I struggle with change sometimes. However this has happened before. When the 64 was coming, I did not want to see the SNES era end. Then with the Gamecube I held onto my 64 at first. Then finally we had the Wii which I was adamantly against at first. So if history is indeed to repeat itself, I'll hold onto the Wii at first but then end up trying out this new console only to end up liking it in the end.

    I'm not impressed yet. There is still another year until this thing is supposed to come out though. I'm sure the news of an upcoming Mario or Zelda game on it will generate some of my interest as they did with Galaxy and Twilight Princess on the Wii alongside Brawl. The controller does look cool though and probably won't be as annoying as the Wiimotes, although I'd want to see a different color such as red or black because white is just boring.
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    I was initially pretty confused watching their E3 conference, not knowing whether it was a full console or just a controller, but now that they've cleared that up, I can try and wrap my head around it.

    The controller definitely has potential. I really can't think of much to do with it that would be totally innovative, but I'm not a developer. Hearing Ken Levine and Cliff Bleszinski talk about how excited they are to do some new and creative things with it is certainly great, but it depends on just what they have in mind. Plus, other third-party developers need to get behind it as well. Nintendo showcased plenty of third-party games at E3, but I'll wait and see if that support is as strong more than a year past launch. Great first-party games will of course come with it (it is Nintendo, duh!), but that's not enough for most gamers. I also think the controller may scare or confuse the casual crowd. Besides, most of them already have a Wii, and usually only care about party-games. I wish Nintendo luck, but I can't say this new console will be the success they think it will.

    On a personal (and selfish) note, I really hope they don't abandon the Wii too soon after launch. I'd hate for my recent purchase to be left behind so soon.

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