Who Has Momentum?

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    There are different kinds of momentum. Some comes from a few weeks of big wins, others come from months of consistent but mostly under the radar winning. So who in TNA has momentum right now?

    Lets start with who surprisingly DOESN'T have momentum...

    Samoa Joe - Despite his recent X-Division title win, the past few months have been full of losses for Joe but there is hope that the next couple of weeks will turn out better after his strong efforts in the X-Division title tournament.

    Eric Young - After a shocking showing as World Champion, Young has been hard pressed for wins since he lost the title; though this is slightly less surprising when you consider the caliber of opponents he has had recently.

    James Storm - As one of the top veterans in the company, it would be easy to expect Storm to be ruling the roost, but recent times have been hard on Storm.

    Austin Aries - Seemingly going in spurts, Aries has a few bright spots but then quickly falls back down again, it is a testament that he is game to face anyone but has a hard time keeping in that upward swing.

    Jeff Hardy - As Willow he was beginning to rack up the wins until he entered the tag team realm where Hardy hasn't fared very well the past month or so, as Willow or as himself.

    Angelina Love - After being seemingly unstoppable after her return to TNA, Gail Kim halted her dominance in devastating fashion, completely upsetting the applecart and defeating her week after week.

    The Bro Mans - Love them or hate them, they were on top of the TNA Tag Team division for a good long time but their momentum not only stopped, it was completely buried.

    Who DOES have momentum...

    Bobby Lashley - Having won nearly every match since his return to the company, Lashley is far and above the greatest asset TNA currently has, there seems to be no stopping in sight either as no one has proven they can outmatch him in any area in the ring.

    Robert Roode - Although he has lost a few matches to Eric Young and numerous multi-man matches, Roode has kept himself in the winner's circle fairly consistently over the past few months.

    Sanada - Coming up short in the recent X-Division title tournament didn't change that Sanada has been winning quite consistently since coming to TNA, slowly becoming one of the top stars in the company.

    The American Wolves - An unfortunate injury to Davey Richards will see the momentum as a team come to a sudden halt, but the Wolves have unquestionably been the dominant force in the TNA tag division for many months now, the question is whether Eddie will be able to carry that over into the singles realm while Davey heals.

    Ethan Carter III - EC3 hasn't lost a singles match in a long time and seems to come out on top of a fair amount of multi-man encounters as well, he is unquestionably the top rising star in the company right now.

    Gail Kim - Someone who has never been a slouch for long within TNA, Gail Kim continues to be the crown jewel of the Knockout's division and arguably the greatest female wrestler alive today.

    On the DOWNWARD slope...

    Knux - After being repackaged as the leader of a stable it would be reasonable to think he would end up on a good winning streak but it seems nothing will keep Knux out of the job pile.

    DJ Z - It is just brutal looking at his win/loss ratio, looking for wins is like looking for a needle in a haystack, didn't he used to be the top X-Division prospect at one time? How the mighty have fallen.

    Rockstar Spud - Life isn't pretty when you're a Spud but at least he has friends in high places to get him a few wins, and at least he isn't...

    Crazzy Steve - This guy couldn't buy a win...no, seriously, he has never won a televised match in TNA, it is tough to buy a win when you've never gotten a winner's payout.

    Manik - Exactly what good did this repackaging do again? I'm not sure if you're noticing a trend but all of the X-Division guys are essentially jobbers these days.

    Tigre Uno - He is slightly better off than his fellow X-Division jobbers as his debut went well but he has been brought down by the landslide ever since.

    MVP - As may come as a genuine shock, MVP has only won one match of any significance since coming into TNA, which was over the up and down Austin Aries, otherwise MVP has been on the wrong side nearly every time he has stepped into the ring.

    Kenny King - It is great that Bobby Lashley is on top of the world right now but that isn't doing a damn bit of good for his stable mates who can never get past L in the alphabet.

    Magnus - 2014 started with Magnus as World Champion, which does seem to afford him the ability to buy a few wins, just not over anyone who matters.
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