Who’s the goat?

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    This is going to be long so read if you dare

    Hbk. Career was cut short due to a back injury and by the time he came back he was basically a part timer.. also his gimmick didn’t resonate with alot of people.. he never got as much heat as Cena but he was never fully excepted by all of the audience so I think that and longevity kinda hurt Shawn. So no he can’t be the goat.

    Bruno sammartino. His stuff just doesn’t hold up he was more of a regional champion, most of the shows back then took place in New York alot of people that regard him as the goat are from that area. He was kinda like the bill russell of the wwf/e. while he is a legend alot of people ignore his accomplishments and put other wrestlers above him.. that’s kinda the same way with bill russell even though he dominated the league the league wasn’t as diverse and alot of people put scorers and others above russell.

    Hulk hogan. Great charisma if it wasn’t for hogan who knows where the wwf/e would be he was the right guy to carry the company, but somewhere along the line the criteria changed it became more about getting it done in the ring and to me Hogan’s in ring work just doesn’t hold up. So no.

    The rock. Obviously one of the best to ever do it on the mic, but What hurts Dwayne is his longevity he departed too early, and unlike Austin he had no injures, and while the rock was a good wrestler I don’t think anybody is going to look back at the rock and say he’s the best of the best when it comes to in ring skills.
    So the rock is not the goat

    Stone cold Steve Austin. Same thing as the rock just wasn’t there for that long.. I think had he not hurt his neck you probably would have seen Austin stick around until at least 2005 or 2006, but I just think his body was breaking down.. I can’t say Austin is the goat just wasn’t there for that long.

    Kurt angle. I believe if not for the neck problems and had Kurt stayed with the wwe his whole career he could have been the goat.. he was the total package, he had the charisma, he was a master in the ring, the problem is I always felt like the company never fully got behind him he never got that one long title reign.. don’t get me wrong he won plenty of titles but he never got that one long title reign he deserved it felt like the company was always in a rush to get the title off him, his first reign they were in a rush to get the belt back on the rock, then his other reign in 2003 it felt like they were in a rush to get the title back on Brock, and also the longevity factor He just wasn’t there for that long.

    Triple h. What hurts triple h is his popularity was never on the same level as guys like Austin and rock, and I just think triple h has been lackluster in the ring ever since his quad injury in 2001 he’s become overrated because the company seems to still hype him up even though his in ring work has been lackluster for years, I’ll admit before the quad injury he was one of the best in the ring.

    Chris Beniot. No just the lack of charisma, and the fact that he did what he did no way. Also Beniot wasn’t there for that long either i just don’t think beniot adapted to the wwe style as well as his peers like Eddie, I think because of his lack of charisma that’s why the company never quite got behind him I mean he won the title in 2004 but come on he played second fiddle to Eugene.. for most of beniots career he was on the undercard or just u.s. champion I just think the lack of charisma definitely hurt Beniot.

    Macho man. Total package.. problem is he was never the man or the face of the company hogan was always in his way.

    Cena. Kinda like Shawn Michaels just never fully accepted, also to be the goat you have to have a great run as a babyface and a heel. And Cena has been a babyface most of his career.

    Orton. too many lackluster matches at wrestlemania and other shows.

    Undertaker. Never really had that true long title reign and was never really the face of the company.. also some of he’s had to work with alot of crap over the years like Giant Gonzalez etc. I just think some of his matches at wrestlemania have been lackluster.

    Chris Jericho. Great matches, consistent promos, great mic skills, Jericho is the total package but the problem is whenever Jericho was champion it was always as filler or just to put somebody over.. also booking was a major problem he never really got that true long title reign. In 2002 he was fed to hhh, in 2008 the only reason he won the title was so the hbk and Jericho feud could be icing on the cake,
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    Longer-time fans will know that Daniel Bryan is obviously the goat in WWE.

    Michael Cole helpfully pointed out this fact week-to-week and he's a well-respected wrestling commentator and former journalist.
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    This is a difficult question, as everyone has a different gauge of how to establish the GOAT.

    In-ring, in my humble opinion, the top five as as follows, in no particular order:

    Shawn Michaels
    Ric Flair
    Ricky Steamboat
    Bret Hart
    Kurt Angle

    The best talkers are Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jake Roberts, Mick Foley and the Rock.

    the best gimmick wrestler (undisputed) is the Undertaker, his evolution has been amazing.

    But for me, whilst HBK will always be my personal favourite, I can’t look past Stone Cold Steve Austin as the overall GOAT. He led WWE in its hottest period ever, was a brilliant talker (even though he gave the world the “what?” chant, darn you Austin!), had possibly THE most iconic promo of all time at King of the Ring ‘96 (as a fricking mid-carder lost one the shuffle!) and was a fantastic talent in the ring before his broken neck, yet after his return managed to come back as a ‘technical brawler’ and give us some more great matches. Regarding his longevity, he may not have been ‘Stone Cold’ all that long (just before Wrestlemania 12 until Wrestlemania 19, so almost exactly 7 years) but don’t forget he was in WCW, ECW and more beforehand (check out his tag team title feud with Brian Pillman against Rocky Steamboat and Shane Douglas, the match where Steamboat & Douglas won the titles is one of my favourite childhood wrestling memories!)

    so my vote goes to the Bionic Redneck, not least because he helped get wrestling popular again amongst the mainstream after years in the doldrums.
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    My problem with this is how your dismissing people on really silly things. it cant be savage as he was never the face of the company, not taker as he had some crap opponents this reads more like your asking who was the perfect wrestler with the perfect career answer is no one at all.
    I do think its a great question though but instead of listing why you dont think person a,b and c could be the GOAT maybe reword it to the crtiria you think has to be taken into account to pick a GOAT and maybe what elements are ok to over look

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