Whether promoters want/like it or not, it's necessary to compete

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Is competition necessary now?

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    It seems that nowadays, everybody in the wrestling business is afraid of competition, which in some way I can understand, since over the years, Vince McMahon has bulldozed several promoters and other major territorial wrestling companies to get where WWE are today. And since it's been almost 15 years since the last promotion wars, it's caused some problems for people that run wrestling promotions today. For example "Network" subscriber numbers not as high as expected, lack of pay-per-view buys, more "streaming" methods becoming available, wrestlers being late on payment, relying on Panda Energy to keep the company going, and so on. And now, there's a new promotion on it's way to start doing shows called Global Force Wrestling and they have a few ballpark shows lined up, so if there's any time for competition, it's now

    My point being is that a business in general can't live with competitors and it can't thrive without them. I mean think about this forum for instance, it's a business in a sense, there are lots of them out on the internet (not going to mention any names) and they all are competing with each other whether you recognize it or not. People go to forums where they can find the best discussions and people to talk about their wrestling and it's important to know that there are others out there that want to claim that they are the biggest and best wrestling forum on the internet and they'll do just about anything to get people to sign up to their forum. And you also have to learn from competitors. Find out what they're doing that works for them, try the method but put your own twist on it. I'm currently a BA major and if there's one thing I've learned about competition, it's that it's beneficial if approached correctly.

    And here's a few others

    It keeps you from getting complacent.
    From what I can gather from class, competition keeps you on your toes, providing superior customer service and unique solutions for customers. For example, a runner usually finishes with a faster time when there is a competitor on his heels. So when you have competition, you tend to stay on top of your game.
    A competitor’s success may open doors for you.
    Do you have a competitor that is trying to entice people to check out their new-and-exciting product? If your product helps the same customers, the competitor’s advertising can lead potential customers to your door, too. For example, the creator of the first e-reader opened the door for other e-reader businesses by making people want those devices.
    There are perks to being a friendly competitor.
    If you reach out and try to establish yourself as a “friendly” competitor, you can learn from the more established businesses. And perhaps you can create a mutually beneficial arrangement. For example, a small downtown community can plan a pub crawl that brings customers to all the local eateries.
    A dirty competitor can give you loyal customers.
    Chances are a dirty competitor won’t match your level of customer service or product quality. If the dirty competitor steals your customer, and then disappoints the customer, that customer will probably come back to you. And s/he is not likely to leave again. Your customer will be loyal to you after getting burned by the dirty competitor.

    Bottom line is, having competitors shouldn't bother any business owner, especially those who are currently running wrestling promotions, even the ones that play dirty

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