What made WrestleMania 20 a big disappointment?

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by DX vs NWO, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. DX vs NWO

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    Mar 9, 2010
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    To me, WM 20 was a huge disapointment. 12 matches on the card, but only 3 were good, maybe 4, Kane/Taker had a good build up. HBK/HHH/Benoit was the only match that I can watch over again, but they made it again one month later. Eddie/Angle wasn't to bad. Kane/Taker was a bad match but a ok build up. Evolution/Rock&Sock was terrible. The whole night was just disapointing, considering it was in MSG and the 20th anniversary. Were you disapointed about WrestleMania 20? What was the thing that disapointed you the most?
  2. Mantaur Rodeo Clown

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    Mar 31, 2009
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    I was not. It was a good Mania. I think if you look back on most Wrestlemania's, only a handful deserve the hype surrounding them. I mean, everyone knows it's Wrestlemania, and it's the Superbowl, but even so, many Mania's end up being disappointing. I mean, even the generally "good" Mania's have only a few matches that people will actually remember, and some Mania's don't even have one match to remember.

    Wrestlemania XX had several good matches and one great match, so you could really say it was a disappointment at all. Certainly, there were issues with it. The Two Tag Team Fatal Fourways, Goldberg/Brock, Lingerie Match, but it also has a whole heap of bright spots, which puts it far ahead of a lot of Mania's. Unless you really enjoyed Wrestlemania 2 or 2000. Jericho vs Christian is a solid underrated match, Evolution vs Rock 'n' Sock was great I thought, as was Eddie and Angle. The Triple Threat is obviously a classic, and I that alone puts it ahead of a lot of the stinkers we've had, such as IX and XI.

    It's funny, that perhaps only 6 or 7 Mania's out of nearly 26 actually deserve the prestige of being called Wrestlemania. There's a thread idea in that I'm sure.
  3. Doomsday Device

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    Jul 7, 2009
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    I dont think it was that bad, I think it depends what era or cycle their in. That alone can help bring the pay per view into a good momentum.

    I think what took a good amount of life out of that Mania was the Goldberg-Lesnar thing. This had all the qualities of a fantastic match, both men were in the best shape of their lives, they had never had an official match until that one, and Austin was the ref. Can you ask for more? Problem was it was both Goldberg's and Lesnar's last match. And they werent too happy with the company at this time. They just didnt give a shit anymore. And they put on a crappy ass match. The fans were furious for their poor performance. Even Austin looked bothered.

    If these two would have put on a good match it would have made this Mania much better and more memorable. But at the end Goldberg proved to be an ungrateful bitch, same thing with Lesnar.
  4. Midnite Express 2009

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    Aug 29, 2009
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    I'd have to agree with Mantaur WM XX was a very good PPV. Sure, most Maina's don't really need to be hyped up as if they're the year's best PPV (and this year's is one of those instances where on paper, the entire card, except for the MITB, Taker/Michaels II & Batista/Cena, should ALL be regular PPV matches instead of Maina matches...C'mon, Sheamus vs. HHH SHOULD be moved to July lol). But Mania XX had key matches that helped the WWE for several years. The Triple Threat was classic, as everyone has stated. Kane vs. Taker was good because some people probably thought that Taker wouldn't beat Kane this time, Eddie vs. Angle was great (though I hated the ending but it fit Eddie's gimmick at the time. Goldberg vs. Brock was interesting considering everyone knew both men were leaving, etc etc. So overall, it wasn't the WM VII or XIV or XV or even 23, but it was overall a great show nonetheless.
  5. Ghost of Benoit

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    First off, I loved this mania because it was the greatest night of my career.

    Secondly, Goldberg and Lesnar were ordered by management to make their match as crappy as what it came out to be. It was a punishment of sorts to them both for leaving the company. I guess having the God-given right to leave a job to pursue your happiness in some other area doesnt matter to WWE management. Anyways, its not about Goldberg or anyone else being an "ungrateful bitch"...if someone is not happy at their job, they have every right to leave and go somewhere where they feel they are more content, appreciated, etc. Plus, Goldberg only signed a one-year contract which was set to expire after wrestlemania, so he was not in the wrong at all for wanting to leave once it expired...he was soo unhappy that he wanted to leave even beforehand, but being the PROFESSIONAL that he is...he obliged to the full term of the contract with out even asking for an early termination like many wrestlers would do...he honored his one year obligation to the WWE and left once his tenure was done...thats not being an ungrateful bitch...its being a professional...just because you wanted him to stay longer and he didnt....is no reason to call someone names...
  6. ALEXXXX 12

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    Wrestlemania 20 was without a doubt my favourite wrestlemania EVER! Beniot winning the world title cant ever be topped no matter what happens, eddie retaining an epic moment and sums up his whole career, Kane vs Taker okk so that wasnt all it was suppose to be but still a very good match. Fatal four ways for both tag team championships :O i dont think that can be beaten, it beats show-miz vs truth and morrison any day, i do agree rock and sock vs evoloution was a terrible match but did have the potential to be a good match. Victoria vs Molly Holly one of the best womens matches i've ever seen personally! Goldberg vs Lesnar was abit boring but stone cold spiced it up at the end :)
  7. Coco

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    All things consider, you type rather well for a ghost with brain damage.

    Anyway, I think any disappointment regarding this show comes down to the usual over-hype that the WWE does regarding ANY Wrestlemania. "It's the grandest event ever! Tradition and majesty and history!" I don't know how but once a year WWE puts together some great hype videos and makes people forget they're watching glorified carny-entertainment. The early Manias weren't anything special. In fact I'd argue that most pre-2001 Manias were nothing special. But with the spin the WWE puts out, most people are too brain-washed to see that. Couple that with this being the 20th Mania, and you're setting up for a major let-down.

    Something else that may have let people down: The show was booked like it was someone's fan fiction. Rather than pay-off to Benoit-Lesnar, we got a triple threat. For some reason, Eddie Guerrero was in a main event. The Cruiserweight Open, the four-ways (Rather than an RVD-Booker match that could have made sense), Foley-Orton put on the back-burner rather than getting blown-off... There was just a bunch of stuff that made no real sense and didn't set up for a GREAT card. Just a good one where plenty of people got a pay day. Of course I doubt anybody other than me cares about that stuff.
  8. Blade

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    Jul 29, 2007
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    To me, it wasn't.

    I count 6 very good matches. Go figure.

    Not really. The build up for Undertaker vs Kane this time around was pretty much exactly the same as their match 6 years previously. One of the brothers is presumed dead after being "killed" by the other, the dead brother returns, wreaks a path of havoc but the other brother remains in denial. Then they beat each other up a bit. Pretty much the same thing, except the Wrestlemania 14 version of the angle was far better.

    Great, great match. But the rematch makes Backlash less special, not Wrestlemania.

    Actually, it was another great match.

    Lame build up, crap match.

    Are you kidding me? I enjoyed it very much. We got to see the Rock again and it showed that Orton was the future.

    20th anniversary? Of what? the year before Wrestlemania was created?
    Wrestlemania was the NINTEENTH anniversary of Wrestlemania. It was the Twentieth installment, but the ninteenth installment. Don't let the WWE's twisted mathmatics get into your head, it'll cost you many jobs.

    To call it disappointing is insulting to what was a very good event. The United States title match was very good, as was Jericho and Christian. The Cruiserweight title and tag title matches were both entertaining. Taker vs Kane was pretty crap, but it was awesome to see Taker back in his deadman persona. The world title matches were fantastic.

    All that was disappointing about that night was Lesnar and Goldberg. It should've been awesome and intense, but instead Lesnar and Goldberg slapped the face of everyone who had ever wanted to see that match. Although, Austin and the crowd did manage to make it mildly entertaining.
  9. Doomsday Device

    Doomsday Device Pre-Show Stalwart

    Jul 7, 2009
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    #1 What career is it that you exactly have?

    #2 Do you honestly believe in your heart that Vince/E intention for Wrestlemania 20, being such a big deal being the 20th at MSG, would be to say say "Ok Lesnar and Goldberg, I want you to have the crappiest match you can have out there, I want you to stink out the house" You gotta be fucking kidding me dude. Vince may be fucking crazy sometimes, but not even him is THAT crazy, Lesnar and Goldberg had the chance to put the performance of a lifetime, instead they wiped their ass with their last hurrah.
  10. CuddleBuns84

    CuddleBuns84 The Wrestling Sex Machine

    Jun 17, 2009
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    Mania 20 was good. The only thing that knocked it down was the Brock vs. Goldberg ordeal. Goldberg showed that night, that all he was, was a back up football player, who got a good role, and was good for one time in wrestling. He showed he couldn't really do story-lines, and angles. He showed the world, that he wasn't train for wrestling, and his career should of ended after his first lost. The guy had about month worth of training before his first match. It's amazing how far the career went.

    Then on the other hand, you had the ungrateful Brock Lensar. He tried to get in the NFL before he got the WWE, then it didn't happen. Then he got to the WWE, promoted his name. Made it big. I think he got a push that was insane. I mean, defeating Hulk, and Rock, and Taker the first year. Not too many get that in their lives. So, a football team made a big offer to him, so he walked away to only find out that once again he couldn't hack in the NFL.

    But other then that, it was a good Mania. And if you really think about it, you show the end of two careers of two guys that shouldn't of been there.
  11. Poop Master Flex

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    Mar 1, 2008
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    It wasn't too much of a disappointment, but at the same time I did expect more from the PPV than I got. The PPV had probably one of the best cards put together on a wrestlemania as there was A LOT of matches on it I really wanted to see, unfortunately only a couple of those matches were actually worth watching. Obviously I don't have to go over the abortion of Goldberg/Lesnar (which was one of the most anticipated matches throughout the year) but I remember most of the PPV being a bore to watch.

    I liked the Cena/Show match, Jericho/Christian, but the rest of the card was not very good until we got into the title matches. Guererro/Angle was a good match (but these 2 should of had an amazing match considering the 2 involved, but it was one of my favorite endings to a match), Taker/Kane wasn't bad (but their WM14 match was much better) and I felt the saving grace of the PPV was the last match and the ending to the PPV. At the time watching Benoit finally win the title was what made this PPV worth watching in my eyes. I felt the PPV came up short for the most part, but the ending made it worth my money.
  12. beefthelegend

    beefthelegend The Beefiest Legend in all the Land

    Jun 28, 2009
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    Easy: Nothing. It Wasn't.

    Maybe I'm a little biased, because I traveled from Central PA to NYC and the Garden *Still my one and only trip to the City that Never sleeps*. But i thoroughly enjoyed all of it-bell to bell.

    John Cena was a great way to start the show. Cena was just getting his first major face push. Who knew that six years later he would still be getting massive a baby face reation and push. Big Show played the role of the veteran elevating the rookie to the next level. It was also John Cena's first major title. And my eyes almost bugged out when he gave the Big Show the FU for the first time.

    The World Tag title match was forgettable, but it gave The Dudleyz, RVD, Booker T, and La Resistance something to do. It wasn't awful.

    Christain vs. Jericho was probably the match of the night. I loved Christian as a heel, and i loved the Trish turn. It was all very well played out.

    Evolution vs. Rock and Sock was incredible. The Rock's last match. Three legends- two of the guys who would go on to carry the company the next six years. You don't get any better. Orton winning was huge, as he could TECHNICALLY claim he beat the Rock, which went on to fuel the "Legend Killer" gimmick and continued to add fire to the Foley Feud-which i think was THE feud for Orton to get him over as a big time guy.

    The Lingerie match sucked. But all WWE divas matches not containing people named Mickie, Trish, Gail, or Melina suck.

    The Cruiserweight Open was pretty awesome, with lots of great spots. And Ultimo Dragon slipping on the floor screen. That was incredibly hilarious, but completely ruined his credability.

    You guys have it all wrong-the Lesnar/Goldberg match was awesome. At least it was from the crowd...because they were drawing so much heat. At one point we were chanting for a guy dressed up as hogan and had a "We Want Bret" chant as well. ...
    ...Okay-it was pretty damn bad.

    Likewise, the WWE tag team title match was pretty forgettable.

    Victoria vs. Molly was a solid diva-no-Women's match. Unfortunately, it resulted with Molly getting her head shaved. And unlike Serena, she doesn't look hot with it.

    The main events were all incredible. Seeing Eddie vs. Angle, and Eddie winning on a "lie/cheat/steal" spot (He loosened his boot, so that when Angle would apply the Ankle lock he could slip it off. Fantastic.

    Undertaker vs. Kane- May not have been the best match, but the feeling...the electricity was unbelievable. It was the return of the deadman gimmick after years and years. It was a moment that i will never forget in my life-that's how awesome it was.

    Benoit/Hbk/HHH- 'Nuff said. And it was amazing to see Benoit and Eddie in the ring together, at Wrestlemania, both of them WWE Champions.

    To me, i would rate this in the top 5 manias of all time. But again, i'm biased.
  13. Why Always Me

    Why Always Me WWF Champion

    Jun 9, 2006
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    WrestleMania 20 was quite good, not the best mania, but was good

    Triple H, Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, Stone Cold, Kane, Undertaker, The Rock, Mic Foley, Ric Flair, Randy Orton, Batista, Big Show, John Cena, RVD, Booker T........what other card in history has had THAT much star power???

    The main event was brilliant - the only fault I could pick with it is a WrestleMania main evet should never be a triple threat match, that is the ONLY fault I can pick with that.

    Overall a good show, not the greatest ever but still good.
  14. Who is Going to Win

    Who is Going to Win Dark Match Jobber

    Mar 21, 2010
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    wrestlemania xx was great, I don't know what your smoking Evolution vs Rock n Sock was one of the best matches, your probably angry at the winners, angle vs guerrero was ok? your kidding me that match was awesome your high. Kane vs Undertaker did suck it was to short I thought and more ovious the playboy thing was a poor attempt to add divas who were being excluded and goldberg vs lesnar was what you should expect a not to long satisfying end to a match.
  15. Greenlight13

    Greenlight13 Getting Noticed By Management

    Jul 6, 2007
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    It wasn't.

    WM20 is actually among my favourites ever, and is my stand-alone favourite in recent history, being trumped only by X8 for WM of the decade in my eyes. 21 culminated the awful rise of Batista, 22 saw Cena begin his tear as superman, 23 was just a little flat, 24 was good but not great, 25 I think was better than some people say but was dragged down in a few areas, particularly the anticlimactic finish of the main, and the lack of reason to care about the triple threat.

    The card opened with Cena before we all got sick of him. I think we were all amazed the first time he got Show up for an F-U (now it's not a big deal, we see it coming and it's hurting his neck), and everybody cheered for the win.

    8 tag-teams being on display shows how far the tag division has fallen, with each brand offering more teams than the entire company can now. Sure a few of them were pretty bland and neither match was stellar, but if you like tag team wrestling it was a nice fix.

    The Jericho/Christian feud was a little bit amazing in my eyes, with a nice slow build, and Jericho managed to stop being stale as a face for the first time since 2000. Christian showed flashes of the brilliance he's risen to in the last few years, the turn was unexpected and the image of Trish and Christian making out was both shocking and gold for future feuds.

    Yeah, the Evolution/Rock'N'Sock match wasn't so hot, but good, bad or indifferent, it's nice to see The Rock return if only for one match, and seeing him work with guys he hasn't before is another treat. I enjoyed it, particularly as it was kept short.

    The divas tag was bad, but hey, hot chicks got half naked, I'm not going to complain.

    The cruiserweight open is probably remembered more for Ultimo Dragon embarrassing himself and likely getting fired due to his entrance malfunction than the actual wrestling content, but go back and actually watch it, this was a really good match, with Jamie Noble shining brightly and proving why he deserved the ROH world title. Lots of action, lots of pins, can't go too wrong.

    Goldberg and Brock was very disappointing and likely the bitter taste left in the mouths of critics of the entire PPV stems from it. I was excited heading into it because I didn't realise both were leaving, and on paper it was somewhat of a dream match. Austin's involvement excited me all the more. But then boredom set in as the two refused to do any moves. The finish was nice, with Goldberg rolling and hitting his signature combo for the win, and then we got the standard double stunner and drinking beer finish for Austin, which is the equivalent of a dark match main event to send the crowd home happy.

    I don't remember Victoria vs Molly, suggesting it was bad, but I remember thinking it was annoying the head shaving was continuing through the vignette and into the entrances for the next match.

    Eddie vs Angle was a really, really good match in my opinion. I hadn't been watching wrestling for a few months (hence why I didn't know Brock and Goldberg were leaving (this was before my days of checking sites for results)), so I was shocked Eddie was holding a World title at Wrestlemania, and even more surprised when he got to retain. There was great chemistry between the two and they put on a good match.

    Undertaker returned in his best gimmick. He beat Kane with a Tombstone. Kane wrestled one of his last good matches before his eternal losing streak (there were some nice ones during his ECW run, but they didn't mean as much as this.) It worked for me.

    Then the main event, which was really really good and saw Benoit do the improbable and get a clean submission win over Triple H in the main event of Wrestlemania, denying Shawn Michaels and capturing his first world title. That list of things alone is insane, but the match being even half decent to boot is just a bonus.

    Then the fantastic feel good ending of Benoit and Eddie on top of the WWE world.

    I loved this Wrestlemania and don't think any that followed it have managed to match it. X8 was amazing, 19 was pretty damn good, but bottom line is 20 was not a disappointment.
  16. INDYjon22

    INDYjon22 Nome is where your heart is

    Mar 29, 2009
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    I never knew it was considered a disappointment. I really enjoyed it and would say it is the best of the manias with a 20 or higher attached to it. Other then the Goldberg/Lesnar shit fest I quiet enjoyed the rest of the show.

    Benoit/HBK/HHH was an awesome triple threat. Even if we have to blame these three for the influx of Main event Mania triple threats this match was a match for the ages. All three men left it all in the ring. The moment after the match with Benoit and Eddie with their belts and the confetti falling is something I will never forget as a fan of wrestling.

    Eddie/Angle was a wrestling clinic. Both men knew they could wrestle and they fucking did it. I loved the finish with Eddie doing what he did best, cheating. It was poetic justice.

    Evolution/Rock and Sock was a solid match. Rock can make anyone look good and the Orton/Foley rivalry was something I really enjoyed.

    Jericho/Christian was another very solid match. Both guys put on a very solid opening contest and the Trish turn at the end was something I did not see coming at all.

    Kane and Taker was a solid big man match. What else does anyone expect besides power moves between these two? That's what they gave us.

    Overall I really enjoyed WM20 and would not call it a disappointment by any means. Other then the Lesnar/Goldberg match which was an abomination on my eyes.
  17. The Scarred One

    The Scarred One The Greatest of All Time

    Mar 19, 2010
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    On the contrary, I thought WrestleMania XX was a great pay-per-view. It was the last WrestleMania ppv that I ordered (I attended WrestleMania XXIV in Orlando). Sure, a few of the matches may have brought down the atmosphere but it still delivered.

    Let's rundown the matches and see how they rate:

    Match 1) John Cena vs. Big Show for United States Championship - An entertaining opening match that saw the eventual rise of Cena as a future WWE Superstar. It was also a sight to see (at the time) to see Cena actually lift up the Big Show for the FU.

    Match 2) Fatal Four-Way for the World Tag Team Championships - Considering how people bitch nowadays about the lack of emphasis on tag team wrestling in WWE, this was a sight to see at the time considering there was four teams from RAW alone and four later on for SmackDown.

    Match 3) Chris Jericho vs. Christian - A match that I certainly looked forward seeing. Not only was it a great rivalry that didn't revolve around a championship, but it served its purpose. It solidified Chris Jericho as a full face, help Christian's stock rise as far as a singles star and gave Trish Stratus a new dimension to her character.

    Match 4) Evolution vs. Rock 'n' Sock Connection - An entertaining match involving three legends and two men who have helped carry the WWE for the latter part of the decade. Being that it would be the Rock's final match in the WWE, it was great to see him one last time.

    Match 5) Miss Jackie and Stacy Kiebler vs. Sable and Torrie Wilson - Alright, I'll give you this one. But any chance where I can see half-naked women is cool with me.

    Match 6) Crusierweight Open - A very fast-paced match that reminded me of WCW. There was also a couple of great spots such as Billy Kidman doing a slingshot Shooting Star Press. Also memorable for seeing Ultimo Dragon slip.

    Match 7) Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg - Out of the whole card, the only true disappointment in my eyes. This had a lot of potential considering the two men involved with Lesnar being dominate in WWE and Goldberg in WCW. I was with the crowd on this one and glad to see these two leave. The two stunners by Steve Austin made up for it in the end.

    Match 8) Fatal Four-Way for the WWE Tag Team Championship - See Match 2.

    Match 9) Victoria vs. Molly Holly for the Women's Championship - A great women's match involving two that can actually go in the ring. It also added a suprise element as I don't anybody really expected to see Holly get her head shaved in the end.

    Match 10) Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship - Do I really need to explain this one? Two of the greatest to ever step into a wrestling ring putting on a clinic. Awesome finish with Guerrero doing his "lying, cheating and stealing" motif.

    Match 11) Undertaker vs. Kane - A very short match but it was awesome to see Taker after months of hiatus. In addition, seeing him return to the Deadman persona that we remember him for was a sight to see with the druids and Paul Bearer.

    Match 12) Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship - A true classic that had me excited from the start. I marked out when I saw Triple H tap out to the Crippler Crossface and seeing Benoit finally win the big one. Also, seeing both Guerrero and Benoit in the ring celebrating together brought tears to my eyes.

    So no, I don't think it was a disappointment. It might not be the greatest WrestleMania of all time, but it's very difficult to live up to the hype year after year.
  18. Dre Guevara

    Dre Guevara Pre-Show Stalwart

    May 29, 2009
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    the ONLY disappointment about WM XX was the Goldberg vs. Lesnar fiasco, due 2 the fact they were both leaving the WWE, I remember when Lesnar stepped on the scene, he was, IMO, a cross between Goldberg & Sid Vicious (during his time as one of the Skyscrapers). @ that time, I always wondered what it would've been like 2 see Goldberg & Lesnar in the ring. back 2 the Mania match, I fell asleep on parts of it, & I have 2 agree with U, those 2 Stunners were the best part of the match.

    my 3 favorite matches @ Mania XX were:

    Cena & Big Show, like everybody else, I was also amazed @ Cena getting Show up 4 the FU/Attitude Adjuster. I marked out when Cena came out wearing the Patrick Ewing throwback joint.

    Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guererro, a great back & 4th technical match, loosening the boot 2 slip outta the ankle lock was classic Eddie.

    HHH,HBK & Benoit, IMO, it should've been just HHH vs. Benoit. either way, it was a tremendous match. when I think of Eddie & Chris embracing @ the end, I wonder if either one of them knew they wouldn't be here 2day, watching it now brings tears 2 my eyes.
  19. elconejomalo13

    elconejomalo13 New Member

    Aug 29, 2020
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    WM 20 wasn't good but it's better than any WM nowadays. There was 12 matches on the card and only 4 of them were good. HHH vs HBK vs Benoit, Guerrero vs Angle, Rock and Foley vs Evolution, and Y2J vs Christian. The rest of the matches were ass!

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