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    The Writing Gallery has taken the place of the old Book This! forum. Book This! simply was not a good forum, so we're expanding the parameters of the forum to include any and all writings. Here's how The Writing Gallery forum works:

    1. Consider this similar to a blog site. Any poster can create a thread and use that thread to write anything they want, much like a blog would work. Other posters are then free to comment on the writing.

    2. Topics in this forum are no longer limited. Use this forum to write about anything...want to book a fantasy wrestling card? Go for it. Want to tell the forum about your favorite food recipe? Go for it. Want to write a sci-fi story? Have at it. Talk about politics? Feel free.

    3. Post count is off. While I wish I could just keep post count on for worthy comments, there is unfortunately no way to make this possible. And since a post can be of any length and comment to a post can be of any length, post count will stay off.

    4. This is a free writing forum, so very few things are off limits. Feel free to comment on anything in the world or politics or just things which grind your gears. Comment on other people's comments in their Writing Gallery threads. The only exceptions is no flaming of other members, no overly prejudiced comments and no sexually suggestive content.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them in this thread.

    **Note** If you had a Book This! thread you were working with and would like to have moved to the Writing Gallery forum, please send Slyfox a PM with the URL of the thread to be moved.
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