What if Asuka had won the Smackdown Women’s Championship at Wrestlemania?

Discussion in 'WWE Discussion' started by Psykohurricane55, Sep 13, 2018.

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    I just rewatch the women's rumble match from earlier this year and it got me thinking, what if they hadn't sacrifice Asuka's streak to put charlotte flair over. What asuka would have won the belt instead and beat Carmella after she tried to cash in the MITB on asuka. Would asuka still be a major star as she was at the beginning of the year?

    So this thread is about fantasy book the situation, what would you guys have done in this situation.

    So here my scenario. At mania, asuka gets her biggest win of her career by beating charlotte amd becoming smackdown women's champion. Then on smackdown have paige introduce the newest addition to the smackdown roster, the new women's champion, asuka and tonight she will have her first title defense against Charlotte flair. During the match, you have the iiconics make their debut by beating on Charlotte and asuka. Charlotte is beat up so bad that they have to take her out on a stretcher, then you heard carmella's music, and Carmella is cashing in. Carmella goes for the kick but miss and get hook up in the asuka lock and she tapes out immediately.

    Then at backlash, you do a six women's tag match between the iiconics and Carmella vs asuka,Charlotte and Becky lynch. That way you don't can continue the feud between Carmella and asuka without having to do another match.

    Then at extreme rules, you have a extreme rules match between Carmella and asuka. Asuka destroy Carmella in less then five minutes looking dominant in the process. Then you move on to a throwaway feud with the iiconics. You got at less 2 Ppv out of this.

    Then summerslam arrive, you go to the mania rematch with Charlotte, some how, you finish this match with a no contest. Moving on to hell in a cell. Asuka is still undefeated as she face Charlotte flair in a hell in a cell match. They battle back in forth but in the end, asuka get a lucky pin and win the match. Which lead you to survivor series. This is a little bit tricky because they normally do raw vs smackdown matches on that show, but you could do a exception for that night and asuka wrestle Charlotte in a 30 minutes iron man match. Again asuka win but barely and move on to the next challenger. In the end, I would have Becky lynch beat asuka at tlc in a ladder match, so that way they could say she still undefeated going into the rumble. You do the rematch at the rumble and lynch beat asuka and you just made 2 new superstars on the level of Charlotte in one night.
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    If Asuka had won that match, probably Carmella cashed in on Nia and not Asuka.
    Asuka had to be beaten only by a TOP talent, Charlotte, Becky, Alexa, Sasha or Bayley, as Ember probably too but not 100% sure (she looked as her only threat at NXT).
    So we go the weeks after WM
    Nia defends her title succesfully on Alexa, but she “sprains” her knee, and Alexa with Mickie James viciously attacks her, and she is dropped on the floor. Carmella runs out, cashes in, Superkicks her knee, and Superkicks her head. 1,2,3, new champion.
    Nia is trying to get her title back, only to win it on MITB for Alexa to cash in after the match.

    Asuka could had faced a lot of women in SD, turning heel by MITB just for her to drop it on Summerslam
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    I'm honestly glad that match had the result it did. Charlotte was one of the few who would be believable in defeating Asuka back when she was still undefeated. It was better for Carmella to cash in on Charlotte than for her to have cashed in on Asuka. Who else could have been believable in defeating her had Asuka won at Wrestlemania? Becky maybe, but really though. They did what they had to do. Now I will say this, I don't agree with how Asuka was booked after that. I won't even get started on the Ellsworth stuff. Asuka needs some wins to get back to where she was, however she is far more interesting than she was when she was undefeated. I was getting tired of her back when she was feuding with Ember Moon in NXT. If she wins all the time then it takes some of the fun out of the matches. Had it not been Charlotte then I would have had Becky defeat Asuka in her next title feud. It was time for the undefeated storyline to end and I agree with how WWE did it in the actual results.
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