What do you guys think of my storyline?

Discussion in 'Trash' started by finkd, Aug 7, 2011.

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  1. finkd

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    Jul 28, 2011
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    Ok so I came with a
    WWE storyline and
    wanted every ones'
    opinion on it. 1st, it
    involves the whole Triple
    H as COO deal. 2nd, it
    involves Undertaker's
    possible retirement after
    WM 28, and 3rd it
    involves promoting
    newer talent. I want to
    state that this story line
    will be from the present
    day situation, and ending
    at Survivor Series of
    2012. Ok so here it goes.
    Triple H goes on as a
    tweener/face COO for
    the next about 4-5
    months until RR. He
    then becomes more
    sinister, evil and mad
    with power, and thus
    begins to play favorites
    and becomes a heel. He
    starts to claim the WWE
    is all his because Vince
    and Shane are out of
    the picture, and Steph is
    in his pocket. He starts
    saying how he can
    change the WWE
    however he wants and
    whenever he wants
    because of this, and the
    only thing that matters is
    $$$. Shortly after the
    RR, either Steph or
    Shane make a few guest
    appearances saying that
    Triple H is nothing but a
    no good money and
    power hungry gold
    digger, and he/she plans
    to get Vince back in
    power. This leads to
    several proxy fights at
    the few PPVs leading up
    to WM.
    By this point, several
    superstars have aligned
    themselves with either
    Triple H's or Vince's
    cause. Alberto Del Rio,
    Christian, Mark Henry,
    and several other
    superstar are pro-Triple
    H. This leaves room for
    Cena to turn heel at the
    RR and join Triple H,
    claiming he has served
    the fans enough and is
    concerned with his
    financial future instead.
    CM Punk, (assuming
    he'll be around long
    enough), will be pro-
    Vince saying he doesn't
    care for Cena or Triple
    H, and figures it pays
    more to do what the
    fans want, turning him
    face. He will be joined by
    R-Truth, who will say
    that he knew all along it
    wasn't the fans or Vince
    who kept him down, but
    the true conspirators
    were Cena and Triple H,
    who hog all the
    spotlight. The Rock will
    make an appearance
    claiming he's pro-Vince,
    since Vince and the fans
    are the ones who made
    him famous.
    So it will be Cena vs. The
    Rock, CM. Punk
    vs.possibly Triple H.
    Here's where the
    Undertaker fits in. He
    comes back about a
    month before Mania
    and claims he's pro-
    Vince since Vince made
    him who he is, and he's
    thankful and loyal to
    him for it. Assuming that
    everything is timed right
    in terms of contracts,
    Triple H stated he signed
    a major opponent for
    Taker to face at WM28.
    Stipulation is that if
    Undertaker can walk out
    of Miami, Triple H will
    give up, otherwise Taker
    retires. The mystery
    opponent never shows
    his face but leaves a lot
    clues. Turns it's Sting,
    who's pro-Triple H
    because he hates the
    way Vince treated all the
    former WCW talent, so
    he wants to get revenge
    by destroying 1 of
    Vince's remaining greats.
    At WM, Taker wins after
    a long and grueling
    battle, but can't get up
    afterward because he's
    to severely beaten, thus
    retire with a perfect WM
    Triple H claims he's still
    in control and all the
    pro-Vince and anti-Triple
    H stuff dies down, until
    about Summerslam,
    when some of the
    legends come out
    together saying, how
    they are voicing the
    opinions of the talent,
    because everyone's
    afraid to do it
    themselves. They say
    Vince made the WWE
    with the help of the fans
    and the talent, and thus
    should return. At this
    point Vince comes back
    for an appearance
    saying he won the
    injunction against him,
    and filed another one
    against Triple H for
    abuse of power and for
    trying to manipulate
    company shares for his
    own good, and all that
    corporate bs. They then
    agree that they'll raise 2
    teams each to fight at
    Survivor Series, 1 men's
    team each, and 1
    women's team each and
    winner keeps the WWE.
    Vince's teams win and
    Triple H is "fired". Vince
    than admits he's too old
    to continue and appoints
    someone or another as
    his successor. What do
    you think?
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    We have threads which cover these topics, no need for fantasy booking. Closed.
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