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    Fellow Forums Members,

    I am glad to see that you have taken an interest in our first-ever Sitcoms Tournament. In this thread, I'll inform you of the format of this tournament and lay down some ground rules.

    I) Tournament Format
    There are five sitcom regions within this tournament, with all save for one covering a decade: the 50's/60's region, the 70's region, the 80's region, the 90's region, and the 00's region. The 80's, 90's, and 00's regions will each consist of 32 shows that will be paired randomly for 4 rounds/30 matches (of course, the 5th round/31st match in each of these regions will be necessary instead of random). Unlike these regions, the 70's region has 30 participants, with Three's Company and M*A*S*H getting first-round byes. And, as of now, the 50's/60's region has only 8 shows competing.

    Once region winners have been declared, those in the 50's/60's, 70's, and 80's regions will face off in a triple-threat match to determine the "Old School Sitcom Champion." Correspondingly, those in the 90's and 00's regions will face off against each other to determine the "Nu Skool Sitcom Champion." Finally, these champions will face off in a match to determine the greatest sitcom ever (according to these forums).

    Every WrestleZone member may vote in any of this tournament's matches. Votes shall be made through the public poll at the top of each match's thread.

    1) First and foremost, please don't spam in this tournament. If you are unfamiliar with this forum's definition of spam, please refer to our rules; our rules can be found at the top of each and every section. I'm relatively lenient with spammers, as I usually just delete their posts and issue an informal warning to them through our PM system. But, other moderators may not feel the same way, so, watch out! Make things easy for yourself and just remember to give reasons for your opinions.

    2) Please be courteous and civil to other posters that participate in this tournament. While flaming rules have been relaxed throughout the forums, the moderators still reserve the right to make judgment calls when it comes to what and what doesn't constitute flaming. As a rule of thumb, if you must attack a post, attack the post, not the poster. More than likely, no one's going to mind if you call a person's opinion "stupid" or "fucking ******ed." However, calling a poster "stupid" or "fucking ******ed" is a different scenario altogether.

    3) Have fun!!! Besides posting in the match threads themselves, you may also post in here to discuss which shows you are backing, which shows got snubbed, which shows should have gone deeper into the tournament but didn't, or anything else that you can think of that relates to sitcoms.

    Regions brackets will follow in the next post, which should be finalized sometime tonight.
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