Week 3 - MRC vs. Stinger

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    Same judge, same time frame, MRC will affirm.

    (If he no shows, Stinger, feel free to post on Tuesday.)

    Resolved: The two party system of American politics is a better way of running the government than a multiparty system.
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    Well it's Tuesday and MRC no-showed. So I was given the green light to go.

    A multi-party politics system is better than a 2 party system.

    I'm going to first start off by focusing on the fact that a multi-party system gives the American people more options. Not only for the presidency, but also for jobs such as Governor.

    First, I'll start off with the Presidency. Let me bring you back to 2004. It was John Kerry and George W. Bush going for the title of President. Now, both of these men weren't exactly "good" candidates by any means. Now what would have happened if there was a multi-party system? The American public would have had more choices to vote from. We could have seen people who's views could have changed the country for the better. As we all know, Bush ended up winning the election and screwed up our country even more. He was against foreign aid, and wanted to stay in the war. Kerry "promised aid" and wanted to stay out of the war. If there were more choices, we could have had a better chance of making our country better.

    Now to the gubernatorial side. In my state just this past year, We had Chris Christie and John Corzine running for governor. Good god, these guys were awful. It was pretty much a lose/lose situation. No matter which guy was elected, New Jersey's jobs and taxes would be fucked. Christie ended up winning and is now in the middle of a heated debacle with the teachers of New Jersey. There was a 3rd guy running independently, Chris Dagget. I voted for him because his views were so much better than Corzine's and Christie's were. The reason he lost was because he didnt get much main-stream publicity. Had there been a multi-party system he would have and probably would have ended up winning the Governor's seat.
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    Mantaur Rodeo Clown

    Persuasiveness: I wasn't convinced. 0 out of 10

    Punctuality: No show 0 out of 10

    Grammar, spelling, punctuation: No show 0 out of 10

    On-topic-ness: No topic 0 out of 10

    Quality of responses: Poor 0 out of 5

    Total score is 0 out of 50


    Persuasiveness: Good use of examples, you used personal experience and pointed out the deficiencies in the two party system. I would have liked a bit more examples from how the multiparty system has worked elsewhere, but it was good. 11 out of 15

    Punctuality: You made one post, on time, but you couldn't do the second because of your opponent. 9 out of 10

    Grammar, spelling, punctuation: Fine throughout, I can't see any issues on second reading, so full marks. 9 out of 10

    On-topic-ness: Kept focussed throughout. 10 out of 10

    Quality of responses: None to make, unfortunately. 0 out of 5

    Total score is 39 out of 50


    MRC didn't show up again, but it was a good performance from Stinger and worthy of a win.

    Stinger wins by 39 points to 0

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