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    Kurt Angle, Edge, Kane, Big Show, RVD, John Cena, HHH, Shawn Micheals, Undertaker, JBL, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, Booker T, Chris Masters, Randy Orton, Carlito, Tajiri, Rey Mysterio, Batista, Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, Bobby Lashley, Danny Basham, Doug Basham, Paul London, Christian, Mark Henry, Hardcore Holly.


    Melina, Lita, Daivari

    A promo starts showing wrestlers walking to the ring.

    "30 wrestlers.............. 5 titles............... 1 ring. It's all on the line and only one can be called World Champion. This is Ultimate Championship Wrestling, and this is there life!"

    *Fireworks shoot off into the air while Bodies by Drowning Pool plays*

    J.R.-Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first edition of the Ultimate Championship Wrestling! We are here live in New York City's Madison Square Garden ready to get things started!

    *Vince McMahon's music plays and he walks down to the ring*

    J.R.- Well here's the chairman of the UCW, Vince McMahon.

    Vince- Welcome to the Ultimate Championship Wrestling!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Fans Cheer*

    Vince- Tonight were only going to have one match. But in this one match, we will crown the first UCW World Champion and the way that were going to do it is in a special 30-man battle royal! But don't think that this is your regular over the top rope rules. The rules are as followed: you can be eliminated by pinfall, submission, or by getting your opponent over the top rope and having both of his feet hit the floor. There will also be special Falls Count Anywhere and no DQ rules.

    *The fans go nuts!*

    J.R.-Oh my God! What a slobber knocker that will be!

    Vince- The last man standing will be the new UCW World Champion! And that match begins right now!

    *Kurt Angle's music plays and the fans jump out of there seats.*

    J.R.- Kurt Angle is heading to the ring and these fans are going crazy!

    *The rest of the wrestlers come out and enter the ring*

    J.R.- The ring is full with UCW wrestlers and ready to begin the World Title match!

    The bell rings to get things started and absolute chaos erupts in the ring! Most of the wreslters get knocked out of the ring through the ropes but nobody is eliminated yet. Kurt Angle, Mark Henry, Paul London, and JBL are still in the ring. Paul London runs over to Kurt Angle and starts to pound on him. Kurt gets up and fights back. Kurt then whips London into the ropes and he bends over ready to flip London over his shoulders but London stops and kicks him in the face. He runs back off the ropes and charges at Angle but Angle grabs London and does a belly-to-belly suplex over the top rope on London.
    Eliminated: Paul London
    Mark Henry comes up from behind Angle and lifts his leg up over the rope and throws him out but WAIT! Only one of Angle's feet hit the ground. Angle hangs on and rolls back into the ring. JBL reaches over the the tope rope and grabs the hair of Carlito who is fighting outside of the ring. Mark Henry walks over and lifts JBL over the rope.
    Eliminated: JBL
    JBL starts freakin out but the referres tell him to go to the back. The fighting continues and Bobby Lashley starts destroying everybody with a steel chair. One wrestler after the other Lashley keeps smashing them over the head. He stops to taunt but the Big Show comes up from behind and knocks him down Big Show then grabs him by the neck and lifts him up ready to chokeslam him. HHH runs up from behind and nails Big Show in the back of knee with a Sledgehammer. Big Show falls with Lashley landing on top of him then Edge, Carlito, and Chris Masters jumps on top of Big Show, holding him down. Leaving the referre to count the Big Shows shoulders down for the pinfall.
    Eliminated: Big Show
    Hardcore Holly throws Carlito into the rings stairs, knocking off the top part of the steel steps. Christian is fighting near the bottom half of the stairs, which are still attached to the ring. Doug Basham hits Christian from behind, picks him up, and holds him while signaling Danny Basham to use the 2x4 on Christian. Danny Basham charges at Christian with the 2x4. But Christian ducks! Causing Danny Basham hits his partner Doug instead. Christian then gives a low blow to Danny and pushes him down. Christian walks over to Doug Basham and lifts him up over the bottom half of the stairs, setting him up for the unprettier. As Christian turns around while doing the move, he gets hit over the head by HHH with his sledgehammer. He then covers Christian for the 3-count.
    Eliminated: Christian
    HHH then picks up Doug Basham and hits a pedigree on the outside of the ring! he rolls over Doug Basham for the cover 1.............2.................NO! Danny recovered from the low blow and breaks up the pin. HHH gets angry and starts to beat up on Danny. While Doug was still down from the pedigree, RVD goes over to him and puts a steel chair flat on his chest. RVD then gets up on the ring apron and walks to the turnbuckle RVD then does his signature Rob...........Van.............Dam taunt, runs along the ring apron and jumps off performing a senton splash onto the chair laying on Doug's stomach. RVD recovers and goes for the pin.
    Eliminated: Doug Basham
    Hardcore Holly reaches under the ring.
    J.R.-Uh Oh, whats Hardcore Holly looking for?
    Hardcore Holly pulls out a table and sets it up. Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro (MNM) get into the ring and bring Carlito with them. Being the only three men in the ring, MNM throws Carlito into the ropes and as he comes back, MNM hits the snapshot.
    J.R.- Snapshot! MNM hit the Snapshot!
    Joey Mercury covers Carlito.
    Eliminated: Carlito
    MNM go back to the outside and choose Charlie Haas as the next victim. They beat him up and put him in the ring. MNM throws Charlie Haas into the ropes and when he came back, they performed another Snapshot! This time Johnny Nitro goes for the cover.
    Eliminated: Charlie Haas
    MNM goes outside to look for another wreslter to eliminate and choose Rey Mysterio. Mark Henry was working on Rey so they each took a trashcan lid and beat Mark Henry until he was on his back. Then they took Rey into the ring and threw him into the ropes but rey grabs the ropes and pulls himself outside the ring and away from danger. But Mark Henry gets into the ring and comes up from behind MNM, grabs both of there heads and smashes them together. Henry then picks up Joey Mercury and hit him with the Worlds Strongest Slam. He then goes and does the same to Johnny Nitro. Henry then puts them laying next to each other, gets down on one knee, and puts his hands on there chests for the double pin.
    Eliminated: Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro (MNM)
    Mark Henry then goes back to the outside of the ring and continues fighting. Kurt Angle is fighting with Randy Orton on the outside and Rey gets on top of the turnbuckle. Rey then jumps to the outside at Angle and Orton. Angle ducks and Rey hits Orton with a Seated Senton. Angle then grabs Orton's ankle and locks in the Ankle Lock. Orton starts to scream in pain and tries to kick Angle off but Angle wraps his legs around his leg and lays down.
    J.R.- Oh my! Kurt Angle has the Ankle Lock locked in on Randy Orton! There aren't any ropes for Orton to grab and even if this was in the ring, it's hardcore rules, so there isn't any rope breaks! Orton's starting to lose it! Can he hang on!?
    Orton tries everything he can but he can't escape. Orton then has no choice but to tap out.
    Eliminated: Randy Orton
    Kurt Angle then gets attacked by Mark Henry. HHH and Chris Masters also join in on the attack. Rey Mysterio notices the group of wrestlers attacking Kurt Angle and decides to take advantage. Rey grabs a chair and sets it up in the ring, near the ropes. Rey then runs back, bounces off of the ropes, steps on and jumps off of the chair causing him to land on the top rope. Rey then bounces off of the top rope and hits a HUGE shooting star press landing on Mark Henry, Kurt Angle, Chris Masters, and HHH.
    The force of Rey's shooting star press causes all of them to fall down. RVD then hops onto the apron and climbs the turnbuckle. He taunts again, Rob.........Van..........Dam! RVD then hits a Five- Star Frog Splash off of the top turnbuckle to the outside floor, landing on Chris Masters. RVD holds his stomach and rolls back on Masters for the cover.
    Eliminated: Chris Masters
    The Referre goes over to Rey and explains that he jumped over the top rope. Rey is furious. But the Referres tell him to go to the back. He asks why RVD isn't eliminated and the referre tells him because he went from the apron up to the turnbuckle and never went over the ropes from the ring.
    Eliminated: Rey Mysterio
    Mark Henry and HHH recover and continue the match. Booker T is fighting with Chris Beniot. Beniot throws Booker T into the ring and proceeds to beat up on him. Beniot taunts by moving his thumb across his throat, signaling for the flying headbutt. He goes to the top rope and jumps but Booker T moves! Beniot crashes onto the mat hitting his face. Booker T gets up and grabs the chair setup by Mysterio. He puts the chair flat on the ground and waits for Beniot to get up. Beniot get ups and Booker T kicks him in the gut, bonces off of the ropes and hits the Scissor Kick onto the chair! Booker T goes for the cover. 1............2.............3!
    Eliminated: Chris Beniot
    Booker T taunts and Kane comes into the ring. Kane pulls his leather glove on tighter and pulls his hand back, calling for the chokeslam. Booker T turns around and Kane slaps his hand on the throat of Booker T he lifts him up and CHOKESLAM! Kane pins Booker T.
    Eliminated: Booker T
    Undertaker then gets into the ring and comes up from behind Kane. Kane turns around and stares down the Undertaker.

    *Fan Cheer*

    They both look to there sides and stare at the crowd who is still cheering. They are nose-to-nose and still staring each other down without blinking. Then Danny Basham gets into the ring with a street sign and The Undertaker turns and gives him an uppercut. Then Shelton Benjamin comes from the other side and goes to hit them with a baking sheet but Kane uppercuts Shelton. Kane and Undertaker look at each other again and Kane grabs Shelton by the throat. The Undertaker grabs Shelton's throat also and the give him a DOUBLE CHOKESLAM!

    *The fans go nuts!*

    Kane covers Shelton.
    Eliminated: Shelton Benjamin
    Danny runs at the Undertaker but Undertaker grabs him by the throat and throws him over the top rope.
    Eliminated: Danny Basham
    J.R.- The Brothers of Destruction have reunited!!!!!!
    Then Kane and Undertaker go to the outside and beat up on everyone they can. Tajiri is fighting with Chris Jericho and Jericho rolls Tajiri into the ring. Jericho throws Tajiri into the ropes and when Jericho goes for a clothesline, Tajiri ducks and does his signature springboard flip against the ropes and hits Jericho with an elbow. Tajiri then picks up and throws Jericho into the turnbuckle and locks him into the Tarantula.
    J.R.- Oh My!!!!!!! Jericho is locked in the Tarantula! Will he submit!?
    Then Hardcore Holly runs up to Tajiri who is hanging down from the ropes and hits him with a trash can right over the skull. Tajiri realeases the hold on Jericho and falls outside of the ring. Hardcore Holly puts the trashcan down and picks up Tajiri. He hits Tajiri with a big spinebuster right onto the trashcan. Hardcore Holly then takes the flattened trashcan and throws it. Holly pins Tajiri.
    Eliminated: Tajiri
    Hardcore Holly turns around after the pinfall and walks right into a World's Strongest Slam by Mark Henry. Henry covers Hardcore Holly.
    Eliminated: Hardcore Holly
    John Cena and Edge are fighting in the ring. Cena hits Edge but then Edge gives an Eye rake to Cena. Cena turns around and rubs his eye. Edge backs up and calls for a spear. Cena turns back around and Edge hits the Spear! Edge covers Cena but none of the referres on the outside notice. Edge yells to one of the Refs to get in the ring and count the pin. The Ref slides in and starts counting, 1.............2.............NO! Cena justs gets the shoulder up! Edge gets angry and calls for another spear Cena gets up and Edge charges at him but Cena moves and grabs the back of Edge's head and throws him over the top rope!
    Eliminated: Edge
    Cena then sees Jericho getting up from the Tarantula and stands behind him. Jericho turns around and walks right into the F-U! Cena pins Jericho for the 3-count.
    Eliminated: Chris Jericho
    Cena gets up and taunts but when he turns around...........SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Shawn Micheals goes for the cover.
    Eliminated: John Cena
    Shawn Micheals turns around after the pin and sees HHH in the ring stareing at him. Then Kane and Undertaker get into the ring and look at Micheals and HHH. Micheals and HHH look back each other and nod there heads. Then they begin fighting Kane and Undertaker. Kurt Angle is on the outside fighting with Mark Henry. Then Batista comes over and starts punching Mark Henry. Then Lashley goes over and starts hitting Henry as well, and so does RVD. Henry is eventually down on one knee when he explodes with power and pushes them all down. Lashley pick up a kendo stick and hits Henry right over the head. Henry grabs his head and starts to stumble. Then Batista hits Henry over the head with a steel chair. Henry again appears to lose his balance, when Kurt Angle picks up the steel stairs and rams them into Henry and he finally falls down. Angle then goes for the Ankle Lock but Henry powers out and kicks Angle into Batista and Lashley, causing a fight between the three. HHH and Micheals were still fighting Kane and Undertaker in the ring when Kane grabs the throat of HHH. HHH then kicks Kane in the gut and sets him up for the Pedigree. Micheals knocks down Undertaker and keeps him down by beating on him. HHH hits the Pedigree on Kane! HHH then rolls over on his back to rest but then RVD comes out of nowhere and hits a Five-Star Frog Splash on HHH! RVD rolls back on top of HHH for the cover without Micheals noticing! 1.............2..............3!
    Eliminated: Triple H
    RVD then attacks HBK from behind. Undertaker gets up and joins the attack on HBK. HHH recovers after the Five-Star Frog Splash and is furious. HHH walks up to RVD, turns him around, and kicks him in the gut and hits a Pedigree! HHH then talks trash to RVD and goes to the back. Kane then sits up. He looks next to him and sees RVD laying there. Kane then rolls over RVD for the cover.
    Eliminated: RVD
    HBK is still getting attacked by Undertaker when Kane walks over to help on the attack but Henry gets into the ring and hits Kane from behind. Henry starts to beat up on Kane. Undertaker twists HBK's arm around and walks over to the corner. Undertaker climbs up the turnbuckle and walks the rope and is about to hit Old School when HBK kicks the rope and causes Undertaker to fall onto his groin on the top rope. Undertaker moans in pain. HBK then steps away and hits Sweet Chin Music on Undertaker, causing him to fall to the outside of the ring and eliminating him.
    Eliminated: Undertaker
    Lashley and Batista are fighting on the outside, Henry is beating up Kane in the ring, and Kurt Angle come up from behind HBK after eliminating the Undertaker. Angle waits for HBK to back up and hits HBK with the Angle Slam! Angle then takes his straps off of his shoulders, calling for the Ankle Lock.

    *Fans Cheer*

    Angle then picks up the leg of HBK and locks in the Ankle Lock! HBK starts to scream and reaches over to grab the bottom rope. HBK grabs the rope but there are no rope breaks! HBK has both hands on the ropes and uses them to help turn himself around. HBK goes to kick Angle but Angle turns him over and has the Ankle Lock in a Single Leg Boston Crab position! HBK can't hang any longer, and is forced to submit.
    Eliminated: HBK
    Lashley gets kicked into the gut and Batista goes for the Batista Bomb! But Lashley flips him over his shoulders causing Batista to land on his back on the outside. Lashley then starts stripping the announce table of the monitors and monitor cover. Lashley then hits Batista with a monitor when he tried to get up. Lashley then picks up Batista for the Dominator and crashes Batista right through the announce table!
    J.R.- OH MY GOD! Lashley just gave Batista a Dominator right through the announce table!!!
    Lashley then taunts and was about to go for the cover but Mark Henry attacks Lashley from behind and throws him into the ring. Now Bobby Lashley, Mark Henry, Kurt Angle, and Kane are in the ring fighting it out. Mark Henry gets attacked from behind by Kurt Angle and Angle tries to get Henry over the top rope. Lashley then gets up and helps Angle. One of Henry legs are in the air. Kane then runs over and helps to eliminate Mark Henry as well.
    J.R.- Oh my! The over 400-pound Mark Henry is about to be put over the top rope!
    Henry is hanging over the top rope...............Henry is holding on............Henry is............is............ELIMINATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Eliminated: Mark Henry
    Kane then tries to eliminate Lashley but Angle attacks Kane. The match is now nothing but a Triple Threat Match! They keep fighting each other back-and-forth. Kane then slaps his hand on Lashley's throat, calling for the Chokeslam! But Lashley kicks him in the gut and hits Kane with the Dominator! Lashley turns and taunts for the crowd but when he turns around..............a kick to the gut and Batista sets up for the Batista Bomb! Batista then lifts up Lashley and Batista Bombs him over the top rope and through a table!!! It was the same table Hardcore Holly set up earlier in the match
    J.R.- Oh My God!!!! What an impact through the table!!!!!!!!
    Eliminated: Bobby Lashley
    Now just 3 men are remaining in the contest: Batista, Kane, and Kurt Angle. Batista walks over to Kane and they start fighting. It has turned into a slugfest between the two while Angle is on the outside of the ring resting. Angle picked up a shopping cart and put it into the ring through the bottom rope. He also grabbed a street sign and put that in the ring as well. Angle picked up the shopping cart and threw it at Batista, causing him to fall down. Angle then picked up the street sign and beat Kane with it. As he hit Kane, the fans counted how many times he hit him. 1...2...3...4..5..6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16! Angle then threw the bent and almost destroyed sign and screamed with intensity. Batista got up from the shopping cart attack and charged toward Angle but Angle ducked and pulled down the top rope, causing Batista to go tumbling over the ropes and out of the ring!
    Eliminated: Batista
    Now just Angle and Kane are left in the match. Angle got up and looked down at Batista who was laying on the outside of the ring. Kane then recovered from the street sign attacks and run over to Angle and fliped him over the ropes!
    J.R.- OH MY GOD! Kane wins! Kane wins! Kane wins! Kane is the new UCW World Champion!
    But then Angle pulls himself into the ring!
    J.R.- WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY ONE OF ANGLES FEET HIT THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Angle then comes up from behind Kane and hits a HUGE ANGLE SLAM over the top rope!
    Eliminated: Kane

    Winner and the new UCW World Champion: Kurt Angle
    Ring Announcer- Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner, and the NEW UCW World hampion, KURT ANGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Angle takes the new UCW World Title and holds it in the air celebrating. Angle then stands on the second turnbuckle in the corner and holds his hands in the air, holding the championship. Angle screams with intensity and holds the UCW World Title up high as the first edition of UCW goes off the air.

    The second edition of UCW will be out by next week.
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    Jun 1, 2006
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    To me, it was kinda predictable that Angle would win.
    8/10 man.
    and thanx for the sweet review.
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    Only one match but it was nice as hell. Not a Kurt Angle fan but I did get a little excited about his win the way you worded.

    I'll give this a 81/100 pretty good for having only one match!
  5. John Cena

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    very good show, 9/10, glad angle won.
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