[VIDEO] The Plane Ride From Hell

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    I feel like a horrible person, because I find the circumstances of the plane ride from hell to be hilarious even to this day. Jerry Lawler's commentary in the vid that was posted by Shoot Interviews is my favorite, in that he relates how Jim Ross had become intoxicated very quickly when it was up to him to keep the wrestlers in line.

    I wish there was video. I don't wish that I was a fly on the wall, because I probably would have been smashed against Curt Hennig's body while Brock was apparently trying to breach the hull of the plane with it. I imagine that people were trying not to be bothered by the screaming and loud bangs of bodies hitting walls and the floor (possibly even the ceiling).

    A lot of other things happen, but my guiltiest pleasure is hearing about how Brock went all HULK SMASH because Curt hurt his feelings, in a fucking airplane. If that plane went down, the black box would have been nothing but Brock shrieking obscenities.

    Hearing that Barry Windham almost peed on Linda McMahon is also hilarious for all the wrong reasons. Men take a lot of pride in how they can drink and therefore truly appreciate ridiculous amounts of alcohol, and they're not usually beset by a snafu like almost peeing on the woman who -- to my knowledge -- owned the company that they work for.

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