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Discussion in 'WWE News' started by Jack-Hammer, Aug 16, 2018.

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    It's been reported on a few sites that Matt Hardy is going to be taking some time off in order to deal with various injuries that are taking their toll on him. Hardy recently revealed that his lower back and pelvis have started fusing together, and while the pain isn't too bad, it is frustrating. Hardy is planning on starting new training rehab methods that should help with the pain. He's is scheduled to undergo treatments for his various injuries soon and after that is done, a decision will be made in regards to a possible ring return, what capacity he might return in and if he will have to work a limited schedule.

    As far as his tag team with Bray Wyatt, the Deleters of Worlds, they're officially done as their bout against the B Team and the Revival was a blow off to their work together as a tag team.

    Hardy has also, apparently, been shadowing WWE producers backstage for the past several weeks, seeing what they do, how they do it, etc. as part of a possible transition to him working as a producer behind the scenes.

    So yeah, it looks like Hardy's entire future in pro wrestling is entirely up in the air at this point. In regards to his lower back and pelvis fusing together, it sounds pretty bad. It kind of sounds like he's been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondyitis, which is a type of progressive arthritis that results in chronic inflammation of the spine and sacroiliac joints. While it can affect other areas of the body, including organs, it primarily affects the lower back and pelvic regions. If that's what this is, then Hardy's case sounds pretty advanced as it can lead to a complete spinal fusion. This takes place when the vertebrae actually grow together fusing the spine due to calcification of the ligaments and discs between each vertebrae. If the vertebrae fuse together, the spine is robbed of mobility, leaving the vertebrae brittle and vulnerable to fractures.

    This would explain why Hardy moves so slowly and stiffly inside the ring. I'm not meaning this to sound like a shot at him or anything, but he literally does look like an old man moving in the ring at times and you can just tell that his mobility is way down from what it once was. He was never a particularly fast paced wrestler like his brother Jeff but the pace he works at now compared to 10 years ago makes him look like Jeff at times.

    I have a feeling his in-ring career might be at an end, or at least it possibly should be because slamming around in a wrestling ring is only going to complicate things further down the road. . There's no cure for this and the longer he goes in the ring, the worse it'll be for him. He's well into his 40s, he's made himself a pile of money and he's done everything that he's realistically going to do in WWE or any significant wrestling federation out there.
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    Matt Hardy’s resurgence is a feel good story, and I’m fan of the Woken stuff, but it’s all going to be regulated to a mid card act going in circles with WWE.

    Matt’s at that point in his career, where he has to deal with Father Time catching up with him. Maybe he’ll have a little run with a decent return pop, if he decides to wrestle again. But it wouldn’t surprise me at all, if he decides to call it quits in the ring.
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    It's not a massive surprise to me, in all honesty. Truthfully, I've noticed him getting slower and slower in the ring. That's not me bashing him or anything, it's totally understandable after all. I've been a Hardy Boyz fan since I was a kid but sometimes staying around too long does more damage than good.

    The world was waiting for the Broken Universe to overcome the WWE Universe but it seems to have fallen really flat. Honestly, the tag team with Wyatt has been pretty poor and has been entirely skippable on an episode Monday Night Raw.

    I'm not so sure that I'll miss his in ring work as his performance has dropped considerably. But I will miss his personality and charisma. I'm glad to hear that he might be working backstage because he has an excellent mind for wrestling. Jeff Hardy said he was a genius when it came to new ideas and that is sorely needed right now.

    Good luck to him.
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    I Feel Like the whole broken universe stuff was mostly to hide the fact that he couldn't wrestle much anymore and in impact, it worked because they think outside the box and don't have as much eyes on them as wwe. So I knew from the start that he couldn't use the whole broken universe on a regular basis in wwe.

    So he came back on a full schedule instead of a part time schedule like he had in impact and his body couldn't handle it.

    The legacy of Matt hardy will pretty much be his last impact wrestling run with the broken universe since it was the most successful part of his career. Outside of that, He's will always be Jeff's older brother and That's kinda sad because He's as much talented as Jeff but always was in the shadow of Jeff.
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    As much as i've enjoyed Broken/Woken Matt Hardy I can't say I'm surprised. The man has put his body thorough hell since the late 90s and is lucky this hasn't robbed him of his ability to play with his son.

    If this is indeed the end i'm ok with that. The man has been one of my favorites for almost 20 years now and has more than earned his retirement.
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    That's exactly what I thought. My wife has AS, so I am familiar with it. If Matt has it, his career is likely over. He can be treated with Golimumab, but at best it'll slow down the progression of the disease.

    By the way, how do you know about it? Do you or anyone you know have it, or are you in the medical profession?
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    It's a bit of a tough pill to swallow here. We're quickly running out of old favorites from the Attitude Era. Lately we've been down to the Hardy's. Kane is now mayor, Undertaker appears once or twice a year, its unknown if Jericho will return to WWE, and Triple H usually returns to just lose at Wrestlemania.

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