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Discussion in 'WWE' started by Psykohurricane55, May 13, 2020.

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    I thought since i got a lot of spare time on my hand these days that i would just do a list of my top 5 best heel in wrestling today. So here we go

    5. King Corbin: like him or not, you got to give it to Corbin, he's one of the best in staying in character on social media right now. He knows he'S a heel and he acts like one even when the camera isn't on. Plus ever since he won the King of the ring tournament, he's got even better in his role and his promo's have become stronger. He's become one of the best KOTR in recent memory.

    4. Moose: I Don't watch a lot of IMPACT but i saw a couple of episode since the pandemic started i was truly impressed by him as a heel. The overly confident guy that thinks that just because he found the TNA title that suddenly he's the world champion fit him perfectly and he's become one of the best promo in the business with this personna.

    3. Charlotte Flair: I hate to say it because i still think she over exposed but she's just a natural at being a heel just like her dad was.

    2. Bayley: Again the pandemic made me realize how great Bayley is as a heel. At first when she started that turn i wasn't sold on her but lately she's turn up her game to 100%. I love how she having fun mocking Michael cole on a regular bases and just having fun with the fact that she can clearly hear the announce team at ringside. Sometimes the small thing help a character and she one that made the best out of a shitty situation

    1. MJF: Right now, they're no better heel in wrestling anywhere then MJF. Sorry he's one of those guy that you just want to hate and he does it to perfection. Another one just like Corbin that does keep keyfabe outside the ring which is rare in these day and age and he gets me interested in everything he does.

    Honorable mentions: AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Lance Archer, Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho
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    5. Chris Jericho. Ok, he's past his peak, lost his shape and hitting 50. But there's not too many about that's better on the mic, and he's still putting on good matches. I appreciate the fact he's still doing it as good as what he is.

    4. Baron Corbin. Just needs that big win, yeah he retired Angle, but it's not really mentioned and Angle was in rough shape. Talks well, has a varied move-set. I'd have no problem if he was to dethrone Brawn Strowman.

    3. MJF. He's got that cockiness of a Rude/HBK. I haven't seen an awful lot of his in ring work but he looks a decent wrestler from what I've seen and is a natural mouthpiece if there ever was one.

    2. Randy Orton. Great heel. A natural heel that knows how to play off the fan reactions. Perhaps a bit undervalued or underrated, he makes his work look really believable.

    1. Brock Lesnar. Yeah, his routine is becoming a tired one, but there is nothing better than watching Lesnar when he's actually in a match and not squashing Ricochet or Kofi Kingston. Plus he's a Paul Heyman Guy.

    Others in the thought process - Callihan, Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, Charlotte, Sheamus
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    1. King Corbin. He just makes you hate him and want to see him get his ass kicked every week which is exactly what a great heel should make you feel.

    2. MJF. his heel work is incredible already and with so many years ahead of him he is only going to get better.

    3. Chris Jericho. I love the guy and he is just so good at being a prick with his mannerisms and body language as well as delivering quality promos all the time.

    4. Charlotte. A born heel just like her Father she is just so easy to hate because of her entitled/superior gimmick.

    5. Randy Orton. Has always been a brilliant sadistic heel from Legend killer to Legacy leader and even recently with Edge story line.

    Honorable Mentions. Zelina Vega. Miz. Seth Rollins. Lance Archer

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