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    When it comes to celebrating the legacy of WrestleZone Championship Wrestling, there is absolutely no one more deserving than Lee.

    The writer of this awards speech has been with WZCW for almost 8 years this year but even that, by comparison, pails in significance to that of the tenure of Lee. Lee made his debut with his first, and most successful character, Titus, on the very first edition of Meltdown. Since then, Lee has held a few other characters, including Red Mask, Mr. Morality, and Bruce Irwin. But it was with Titus that Lee became the WZCW powerhouse that he is now. His success in the e-Fed ring is truly remarkable but it is outside of the ring that Lee has made his impact and has given so much to the Fed.

    A lot can be said about the Fed before FlameBoy UK came to be a part of it. “It was on it's knees” would be the most polite and perfect way of putting it. The shows were late, people were without direction and, perhaps worst of all, the Fed was in real danger of being put on the shelf permanently because of all the drama that came from it so frequently. But cometh the hour, cometh the man and Lee was swifty on top of the Fed in more ways than one. In the dark times of this Fed, all of the negatives things that I have mentioned were always prevalent. But since Lee's reign, there has been nothing but sheer stability and excellence. The section that was on it's last legs now consistently wins Section of the Year at the end of year awards and, truthfully, a lot of that can be traced back to the man from Newcastle, England.

    When the Fed needed discipline, Lee wasn't afraid to give it. When the Fed needed passion and passionate people, Lee led from the front with passion and inspired others to reach his level. Phoenix (The Poster) put it best when he said that, without Lee, there would be no Ty Burna, Phoenix, Dave, Showtime, Blade... And all of that is eternally true. From a personal standpoint, Lee took a chance on me in Creative when he didn't have to and taught me everything that I needed to know about how to be a great member of Creative. Truthfully speaking, without him, I wouldn't be writing this piece.

    So for that reason and so many more, Lee is honoured with the 2017 Legacy Award and given the appropriate award for his years of service and for everything else, big or small.

    Ty Burna

    I guess, when people think of Ty Burna, they are going to remember the character who stood atop the Fed for longer than anyone ever has or ever will again. They will remember the man who held the Heavyweight Championship for the longest time that anyone has ever held the Championship for, at a time when the Fed was bursting with amazing writers that could, and probably should, have challenged him more. But the fact of the matter is that Ty Burna is just that damn good. In every damn respect, he is that damn good.

    But the great shame of it, perhaps, is that people will remember everything that Ty did in the eFed ring more than they will remember everything that he did out of it. And perhaps, the greatest feat of that time was ushering in the biggest boom period that WZCW ever seen.

    My memories of Ty Burna as Head of Creative are nothing short of wonderful. I guess the nicest thing I can say about Ty is that there has never been a more stable or productive Creative Team ever assembled than when he was Head of Creative. I guess people seen how he wanted things to be done and he made sure that they were always done to the highest of standards... At least that's how I felt. Ty has always been one of the very best and very elite writers that this Fed has ever seen. His mind for booking, for wrestling, and for making sensible decisions is nothing short of utterly remarkable. And when someone like that comes along, which isn't often, it is so easy to operate under them. All of that is thanks to his excellence and his passion for writing and delivering the best WZCW that he possibly could.

    People will also remark upon his attitude at times, which could be described as “fiery” but through all of that, you have to remark upon his passion because that it is where his fire is coming from. Ty has always been a special talent in WZCW who has done it all on both sides of the eFed ring ropes and this is just another string in his WZCW bow.

    Congratulations, Ty, you deserve this!
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    For the man who once went by the name of Priceless his contribution to WZCW is nothing short of it.

    For 8 years (80% of the feds history) Dave has generally had something to do with creative. I was lucky to be the one to give him his chance and man has he ran with it. He taught himself to do graphics for the fed (and the classic two Scott Hall's picture) and has contributed so much.

    A man with creative vision who can see in every aspect of someone's character. His match writing skills are top notch and he has come up with 20,000* stables. Dave, now a family man, has been with us through thick and thin. His family is first but the fed is probably second on the list. His Fiancee/Daughter pretty supportive of Dave.

    That's outside the ring. Criminal Karnage made a big impact but it was Constatine who was the one who would show how good Dave was. World Champion. An impressive Elite reign. 2,000* tag team reigns. King For A Day. With Lethal Lottery and EurAsian on his list of targets he truly has the potential to do it all. The less said about Bobby Adams and Victor Makarov the better!

    On top of that he's an all round nice guy. So another surprise for Dave, and a fully deserved one at that.

    *Slightly exaggerated, the number is actually 18,543.
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