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    Welcome one and all to the WrestleZone Tournament's discussion section where for the first time ever a select group of poster's known as the 'All Stars', all of whom were involved in this tournament’s selection and seeding process (or were at least invited to do so) will give their views on the tournament as it progresses. I, FunKay, am your host for this special panel which will run throughout the WrestleZone tournament.

    At this time three All Stars will be involved in the process though others may be involved as well. So at this time, welcome your three All Stars, first:


    From the North-East (of England), he is the saviour and former Head of Creative of WrestleZone Championship Wrestling, the man they call...Lee!


    From the Jersey Shore, a former Power Mod and a member of the Jersey Triad, The Mighty...NorCal!


    And finally, now residing in the London area, via the Islamic Republic of Iran, a former Global Moderator, Tastycles!

    These three men are experts on professional wrestling and noted members of our forum and have each served on staff for a prolonged period of time before now comfortably resting in forum retirement.

    This first set of questions is designed to set the stage and get a general overall view of each panel member's view of the tournament this year (it should be noted this first set of questions were asked prior to the tournament starting):

    1) The first round draw this year has resulted in some very interesting matches. Which are you looking forward to most?

    2) Looking at each region which pairing do you see emerging from their respective regions?

    3) Do you have a dark horse pick for this year?

    4) Can a repeat winner be avoided, or are we scheduled to see another win for the likes of Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels etc..?

    Thank you gentlemen! Stay tuned ladies and gents for more of the All Star panel in the coming days, in the mean time, feel free to comment below and keep posting in the 9th annual WrestleZone tournament.

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