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Discussion in 'Music Tournament (2008)' started by IrishCanadian25, Apr 11, 2008.

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    1. Unless otherwise noted, the rules of the main forums take precedence over the tournament. Below are the specifications and / or exceptions. You may read the board rules here:

    2. Nominations were held for weeks. Some bands made it, some didn't. Anyone going into a thread saying "I can't believe this band made it and ____ didn't" will receive an infraction (and a nasty note) for trolling the thread. For every decent band to make it in the tournament, it would be unmanagable. Debate with what is provided and have fun with it.

    3. Spamming is not cool, so don't do it. This is the type of debate where spamming isn't needed. If you want to post your reasons for your vote, or why a band should or should not win a match, go into at least SOME detail and be specific. Don't post "Limp Bizkit should win cuz they rule! Holla!" If you do, you will receive an infraction for spamming.

    4. Flaming is going to be relaxed here. I expect any debate on favorite bands and music to get heated, so if you're wanna play, have thick skin. Respect other people's opinions too. If the debate gets heated, cool, but if it starts to go too far I will hand out warnings and then infractions for flaming. And I don't wanna hear anything about "flame-baiting."

    5. Each match-up will get it's own thread, and that thread should only be for THAT match-up. If you want to discuss an album or why a band should win the whole thing - AWESOME! But start a new thread. Don't post off topic in a thread created for a match-up.

    6. Polls may not be opened immediately when the matchup is posted. That is to allow for time to debate before the voting starts. If you want to campaign for a band, then dammit it should carry some weight before the votes start rollin' in.

    7. If your band loses to a band you do not like or respect, the entire tournament isn't a "joke." If you bash this tournament because of an outcome, I will infract you for trolling and I will take specific offense to your comments.

    8. Have LOADS of fun here. The entire reason we are doing this is because of the overwhelming interest I saw for it, and because The Shockmaster did such a great job with the WZ Tournaments, setting the example.

    9. I want everyone to thank: Justinsayne, xfearbefore, Agrex, Polley: Wanna Cracker, Notorious F.R.E.E., Luther Hull, Derf, FoleyIsGod, and EVERYONE who took part in the nominations thread. Green rep these guys, because they helped make this possible. I also want to thank Shockey for setting the example, Jonny for creating the subforum, and the entire mod / admin team for the support!

    10. Voting - please look at each band objectively and vote on the band's ENTIRE BODY OF WORK, not just the decade they are a part of. The decades are there to separate and organize the bands, not to marginalize longevity. Other useful criteria include: influence, inspiration, mainstream hits, experimentalism, quality of albums, etc. We are trying to decide the best band of all time...

    We will kick off VERY SOON!
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