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    Me and NSL were talking on MSN and he gave me the idea to do this thread. It started out as a precursor to another Women's Tournament but I don't think that's gonna happen. I'm doing this thread anyways because I love Women's Wrestling and it doesn't get the love it deserves outside a few Indy Promotions. We're gonna start out with a well known Women's wrestler. I'll take requests if any of you want me to do a certain Women's wrestler just let me know.

    Melina Perez

    Real name: Melina Perez
    • She decided to become a professional wrestler after talking to Empire Wrestling Federation superstar Mike Henderson in 2000.
    • In late 2002 Perez auditioned for World Wrestling Entertainment's reality show Tough Enough III, making it through to the final twenty-one before being eliminated from the competition in the final cut of the first episode. After she was eliminated from the contest, trainer Al Snow pulled Perez aside and encouraged her to keep trying to pursue her dream as a wrestler.
    • Perez debuted in WWE's developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling being placed in an angle as John Hennigan's ex-girlfriend. The storyline had Matt Cappotelli introduce her to the ring as a way to taunt Hennigan. Melina, however, turned on Cappotelli and aligned herself with Hennigan.
    • She made her official WWE in-ring debut on June 30 against Michelle McCool and had her first pay-per-view match (a Bra and Panties match) at The Great American Bash against Torrie Wilson, winning both matches.
    • On the Eddie Guerrero Tribute Show Melina won an interpromotional Divas battle royal by eliminating Women's Champion Trish Stratus.
    • At SummerSlam, Melina was involved in Foley's "I Quit" match against Ric Flair when Flair threatened to hit her with a barbed wire baseball bat, causing Foley to quit the match to save her.
    • The next night on Raw, the storyline had Vince McMahon order Foley to join the Kiss My Ass club. Foley did not care about saving his own career, but joined after Vince threatened Melina's. After begging Foley not to go through with it, Foley "joined the club" to save Melina's job, only to have her suddenly turn on him by delivering a low blow and kayfabe firing him at the behest of McMahon.
    • On February 19, as part of her first major singles push, Melina successfully pinned James, making her the only former Tough Enough contestant to have won the WWE Women's Championship. She then retained the title in a rematch during the first ever Women's Falls Count Anywhere match in WWE history.
    • Melina, along with then-ally Beth Phoenix, defeated Maria and Ashley at WrestleMania XXIV. After Phoenix lost the Women's Championship to Mickie James, she began a feud with Phoenix after Perez accidentally hit Phoenix with her boot in a lumberjill match against James. The following week on Raw, Phoenix walked out on Melina during a tag match against James and Maria when Melina accidentally bumped Phoenix off the apron. Melina was then attacked by Phoenix during a backstage segment following the match, leading to her turning face for the first time in her WWE career.
    • At One Night Stand, Melina competed in a losing effort against Phoenix in the first ever Women's "I Quit" match.
    • On December 29, 2008, Melina won a six-woman battle royal, to become the number one contender to the Women's Championship. After the match, Melina and Phoenix engaged in a confrontation over a fan of Phoenix's named Rosa Mendes, who had pushed Melina.
    • On January 25, 2009, Melina won her third WWE Women's Championship at the Royal Rumble by defeating Phoenix. On the April 13 episode of Raw, Melina was drafted to SmackDown in the 2009 WWE Draft making the WWE Women's Championship exclusive to the SmackDown brand.
    Championships Held
    3x WWE Women's Champion (current)

    I'll update this every week or so. Also feel free to talk about your favorite Women's wrestler be it a WWE Diva, TNA Knockout or some one from the Indys
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    Mickie James

    Real name: Mickie James
    • James began her professional wrestling career in 1999 as a valet on the independent circuit, where she was known under the name Alexis Laree.​
    • After a suggestion from a friend, James attended a professional wrestling school in the Washington, D.C. area.She made her professional debut on the independent circuit in 1999 as a valet for KYDA Pro Wrestling under the ring name Alexis Laree, a name created as the result of a combination of her stage name from when she was a dancer and her middle name.​
    • As Laree, she managed several male wrestlers, including managing Tommy Dreamer to win the KYDA Pro Heavyweight Championship.​
    • In March, she wrestled in her first match, an intergender tag team match with Jake Damian against American Mike Brown and Candie. She trained to improve her wrestling abilities by attending training camps such as the Funking Conservatory, a workshop run by Dory Funk Jr., and an ECW dojo. She also started competing for Maryland Championship Wrestling, where she trained at camps run by Ricky Morton & Bobby Eaton.​
    • While working in Ring of Honor for a year, James also debuted in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) on the company's second ever weekly pay-per-view under her Alexis Laree gimmick as a participant in a lingerie battle royal.​
    • She was not prominently featured until March 26, 2003, when she teamed with Amazing Red as part of his feud against Kid Kash—the X Division Champion—and Trinity.​
    • Weeks later, she became the first member of the Gathering, a stable led by Raven in his feud against NWA Worlds Champion Jeff Jarrett. On April 16, Laree became the first (and thus far, only) woman to compete in a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match after the Gathering challenged and defeated Jarrett.​
    • She continued to wrestle with the stable when they feuded with the Disciples of The New Church, taking part in an angle with Father James Mitchell kayfabe burning her with a fireball and wrestling in another Clockwork Orange House of Fun match before leaving the company.​
    • After two years of sending tapes and making phone calls, as well as wrestling a tryout match with Dawn Marie, James was signed to a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment, who sent her to train at OVW, in August.​
    • Still using the Alexis Laree name, she began making television appearances for OVW on January 29, 2004 and competed in several tag team matches throughout the year. She also won a Halloween Costume Contest on October 30 and defeated Jillian Hall in a $1,000 match on November 12.​
    • She began a feud with Beth Phoenix on July 20 after Phoenix interrupted Laree during an interview, setting up a match on July 29 which Laree lost. Their angle continued into September, with Shelly Martinez being added to the storyline to side with Phoenix against Laree. On October 12, she appeared in OVW under her real name and finished the year on the losing end of matches against Martinez and Jillian Hall.​
    • James debuted in WWE on the October 10 2005 episode of Raw, continuing to use her real name, under the gimmick of WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus' biggest fan. The angle had the two WWE Divas competing together in tag team matches, with James' character becoming increasingly obsessed with Stratus. The storyline included a Halloween Costume Contest in which James was dressed like Stratus and helped Stratus retain the Women's Championship in a Fufill Your Fantasy Battle Royal at Taboo Tuesday by eliminating herself and Victoria at the same time.​
    • On March 6, 2006 the storyline had Stratus confronting James, telling her that they needed time apart from each other. The duo teamed together at the March 18th, 2006 edition of SNME to defeat Candice Michelle and Victoria. After the match, James agreed to honor Stratus' wishes and attempted to kiss her. After Stratus pushed her away, James' character made a complete heel turn by attacking Stratus in the ring and later vowing to destroy her. The two women wrestled each other at WrestleMania 22, where James was booked to win the match to claim her first reign as Women's Champion. During the match, despite the fact that James was playing the heel character, the fans frequently cheered James and booed Stratus whenever Stratus hit an offensive maneuver.​
    • The angle ended at Backlash during a rematch after Stratus legitimately dislocated her shoulder when James threw her out of the ring.​
    • An angle was created between James and Melina, beginning on January 29, 2007, when Melina became the number one contender for the Women's Title. Following a successful title defense on February 5, James teamed with Super Crazy in a mixed tag team match against Melina and Johnny Nitro. After Melina pinned James for the victory, she challenged her to a rematch for the title. James dropped the Women's Championship to Melina on February 19 and, in continuation of their storyline feud, failed to regain the title during the first ever Women's Falls Count anywhere match in WWE history. Near the end of the match, James fell from the turnbuckle and landed on her neck but was not seriously injured.​
    • The scripted feud between James and Melina continued on April 2 when James interrupted and attacked Melina during a photo op on Raw. At a house show in Paris, France on April 24, James won her third Women's Championship during a Triple Threat Match that also involved Victoria. Since James pinned Victoria, however, and not Melina, The Coach announced that a rematch would take place immediately. James dropped the title back to Melina, giving her the shortest Women’s Championship reign in WWE history.​
    • On the November 26 edition of Raw, James defeated Melina in a number one contenders match for Beth Phoenix's Women's Championship, setting up a title match between the two at Armageddon, a match in which Phoenix successfully defended her Women's title.​
    • On the April 14, 2008 edition of Raw, held in London, James defeated Phoenix to win her fourth Women's Championship. At Judgment Day James successfully defended her title against Melina and Beth Phoenix in a triple-threat match. James re-entered in mid-2008 where she and Kofi Kingston teamed up against Phoenix and Santino Marella. At SummerSlam in a Winner Take All tag team match for both the Women's and Intercontinental Championships, James and Kingston lost their titles to Phoenix and Marella. On the March 23, 2009 edition of Raw, James defeated Santino Marella in a singles match where Marella had one hand tied behind his back. If Marella won, he would have been placed in the 25-Diva Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXV. Despite this, Marella won the Battle Royal disguised as "Santina", while James was eliminated by Michelle McCool as James eliminated McCool at the same time.​
    Champioships Held

    CyberSpace Wrestling Federation
    CSWF Women's Championship (1 time) ​

    Delaware Championship Wrestling
    DCW Women's Championship (1 time) ​

    Impact Championship Wrestling
    ICW Super Juniors Championship (1 time)​

    Premier Wrestling Federation
    PWF Universal Women's Championship (1 time)​

    Southern Championship Wrestling
    SCW Diva Championship (1 time)​

    Ultimate Championship Wrestling
    UCW Women's Championship (1 time)​

    Ultimate Wrestling Federation
    UWF Women's Championship (2 times)​

    World Wrestling Entertainment
    WWE Women's Championship (4 times)​
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    Mickie and Melina were definitely the right choices to start a review thread with. They're both talented in-ring workers, and have the title histories to back it up. While I think Melina is a little to theatrical for me, she is probably the better wrestler. Mickie is fine in the ring, but Melina's a little bit more believable, whether she's on offense, or getting her ass kicked by Beth.
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    Ah Mickie James. She doesn't get the credit she deserves for her talent. How people like Candice got title shots ahead of her this last year and Kelly Kelly gets used more I will never understand. Her against Beth would be a great feud which can bring some respect back to the Women's division, but it has been done before, so Maryse vs a face Beth is more likely, yet again leaving Mickie out in the cold.

    Good thread.
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    Trish Stratus

    Real Name: Patricia Stratigias
    • Stratigias made her debut on the March 19, 2000 episode of Sunday Night Heat, under the ring name Trish Stratus. She appeared on stage to scout WWF Superstars, in particular Test and Prince Albert. The next night on Raw Stratus began her first role in the company, managing Test and Albert in the tag team T & A. It was during her stint managing T & A that Stratus took her first major bump in the ring, being driven through a table by the Dudley Boyz at Backlash after she had been taunting Bubba Ray Dudley for several weeks. She also began managing Val Venis to win the Intercontinental Championship but their partnership ended at SummerSlam after Venis lost the title.
    • Stratus made her in-ring debut on the June 20 taping of SmackDown!, winning a tag team match with T & A against the Hardy Boyz and Lita. A storyline feud between Stratus and Lita developed after the match with Stratus attacking Lita on episodes of Raw and SmackDown!, leading to an Indian Strap match on the July 24 edition of Raw which Stratus won with help from Stephanie McMahon.
    • She finished the year competing unsuccessfully for the WWF Women's Championship numerous times, and leaving Test and Albert when the team disbanded.
    • In early 2001, Stratus became involved in an angle with WWF Chairman Vince McMahon, during a time when Vince's wife Linda was institutionalized following a demand Vince had made for a kayfabe divorce during an episode of SmackDown! on December 7, 2000. Vince and Stratus' relationship increasingly angered the boss' daughter, Stephanie McMahon. At No Way Out on February 25, Stratus and Stephanie squared off, with Stephanie scoring the victory after a run-in by William Regal.
    • In the midst of a tag team match that pitted Vince and Stratus against Regal and Stephanie the next night on Raw, Stratus was the victim of a set-up by Vince, Stephanie and Regal. Regal executed his finisher, the Regal Cutter, on Stratus and Stephanie then dumped sewage over Stratus' body. Vince stood over Stratus, and he told her she was a toy with which he had grown tired of playing and the it was over.
    • The angle continued the next week on Raw with Vince forcing Stratus to strip down to her lingerie in the ring and bark like a dog. The storyline came to an end at WrestleMania X-Seven when Stratus slapped Vince during his match against his son Shane, becoming a fan favorite in the process.
    • Stratus then began wrestling full-time. She won a Bra and Panties tag team match with Lita against Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson at InVasion. After suffering an ankle injury in the summer, however, she was sidelined for three months. As she rehabilitated, she kept herself visible by co-hosting Excess on TNN.
    • After returning in autumn, Stratus appeared at Survivor Series where she won the WWF Women's Championship for the first time in a six-pack challenge. Stratus was next involved in a feud with Jazz over the Women's Championship, where she was booked to retain the title at the Royal Rumble but being booked to lose the belt to Jazz two weeks later on the February 4, 2002 edition of Raw.
    • Stratus then went after the title for several months, even competing in a Triple Threat match at WrestleMania X8 against Lita and Jazz in her hometown of Toronto, Canada but failed to win the match. While chasing after the Women's title, Stratus won the WWE Hardcore Championship on May 6, pinning Crash Holly after Bubba Ray Dudley hit him over the head with a trash can. She, however, lost the title to Steven Richards soon afterward due to the stipulation that the belt was defended 24/7 as long as there was a referee present.
    • One week later, she regained the Women's Title in a tag team match with Bubba Ray Dudley. During this time, Stratus began wrestling solely on the Raw brand after being drafted in the WWF Brand Extension.
    • Stratus' second reign as champion came to an end on June 23 when she was defeated at King of the Ring by Molly Holly. The two Divas continued their storyline feud for the next three months. After a failed attempt to win the title in July, Stratus won back the championship at Unforgiven.
    • While feuding with Holly, Stratus was also involved in an angle with new Diva Victoria who held a storyline grudge against Stratus, claiming she was betrayed by Stratus when they worked as fitness models. The two competed in several title matches, with Stratus retaining until Survivor Series where Victoria won the belt in a Hardcore match.
    • On March 17, 2003, Victoria and Steven Richards defeated Jazz and Stratus in tag team competition. After the match, Jeff Hardy saved Stratus from an attack by both Victoria and Richards. In the following weeks, Stratus and Hardy were shown talking backstage and fighting as tag team partners. The storyline, however, was dropped when Hardy was released from WWE.
    • At WrestleMania XIX Stratus defeated Victoria and Jazz to capture her fourth Women's Championship, equaling the record previously set by The Fabulous Moolah, only to lose the title to Jazz at the following pay-per-view, Backlash. In the following months, Stratus was placed into an alliance with Gail Kim. It was short-lived, though, as Kim turned on Stratus and teamed with Molly Holly, putting the women in a storyline feud. The duo defeated Stratus and several tag team partners until Stratus began to partner with a returning Lita. The team defeated Kim and Holly in several matches, including a match at Unforgiven.
    • Stratus began a romance with Chris Jericho during the November 10 edition of Raw when she agreed to go on a date with him. Subsequently, they participated in an intergender tag team match as partners on December 1. After the match, Stratus overheard Jericho talking to Christian, who was involved in an on-screen romance with Lita at the time, about who could sleep with their respective woman first. One week later, Stratus and Lita confronted the men about their actions, leading to a feud between the two men and women which resulted in a "Battle of the Sexes" match at Armageddon, which the women lost.
    • A rematch the next night ended in a no contest. Her relationship with Jericho continued into the next year with a new angle of Jericho developing feelings for Stratus. During a match at WrestleMania XX, however, she became a villain by betraying Jericho and siding with Christian, Stratus claimed her reasons for siding with Christian were that he was a real man and Jericho was a love sick puppy. The duo feuded with Jericho for several months and competed in a Handicap match at Backlash. The team of Stratus and Christian were joined by "problem solver" Tyson Tomko the next night on Raw.
    • Stratus was booked to win the WWE Women's Championship for a fifth time at Bad Blood on June 13. She defended the title until she suffered a legitimate broken hand in July that caused her to be out of action for approximately a month. Upon her return, she continued to defend the title against numerous challengers before losing the championship to Lita on December 6 when both women wrestled in the main event of Raw for the championship.
    • Stratus recaptured the gold a month later at New Year's Revolution after Lita suffered a legitimate injury during the match. A new angle was then developed between Stratus and 2004 Raw Diva Search winner Christy Hemme over jealousy of Hemme's Playboy magazine exposure, with Stratus attacking Hemme and spray painting the word "****" across her back. Stratus was challenged by Hemme, who later revealed she was being trained by Lita, for a title match at WrestleMania 21 and was successful in retaining the title.
    • In May 2005 Stratus was sidelined with the Women's Championship after suffering a herniated disc, with the explanation that Viscera had injured her at Backlash after she berated him for losing to Lita's then-husband Kane. She returned to Raw in September, once again portraying her face persona by siding with Ashley Massaro against Vince's Devils. The feud also involved the debuting Diva Mickie James who introduced herself as Stratus' biggest fan.
    • On the Eddie Guerrero Tribute Show, Stratus took part in an interpromotional Diva battle royal that was won by SmackDown! Diva Melina. The next week, MNM kidnapped Stratus for Melina, who challenged a tied up and gagged Stratus to a match for the Women's Championship. The two fought at Survivor Series, with Stratus defeating Melina after interference from Mickie James.
    • Stratus and James continued teaming together in late 2005 while James' character became increasingly obsessed with Stratus. On the December 26 episode of Raw, the storyline between Stratus and James developed into a lesbian one when James initiated an intimate kiss with Stratus under a sprig of mistletoe, causing a surprised Stratus to flee the locker room.
    • The odd relationship between Stratus and James continued into 2006, with the two Divas competing against each other in a title match at New Year's Revolution, where Stratus emerged victorious. Despite the defeat, James continued to be enamored of Stratus which made her feel uncomfortable. On March 6, 2006 Stratus confronted James, telling her that she needed space. The duo briefly reconciled on the March 18 edition of Saturday Night's Main Event, teaming together to defeat Candice Michelle and Victoria. James, however, turned on Stratus after the match and began to attack her.
    • A match at WrestleMania 22 saw Stratus lose the Women's Championship to James. During a rematch at Backlash Stratus suffered a legitimate dislocated shoulder after taking a bump to the outside of the ring. While she was rehabilitating for six weeks she continued to appear on-screen.
    • Stratus returned to the ring on June 26 and started a romantic angle with Carlito after he saved her from a double team attack by Melina and Johnny Nitro. They competed as a team and won a mixed tag team match against Melina and Nitro at Saturday Night's Main Event on July 15. As a couple, Stratus and Carlito briefly feuded with WWE Champion Edge and Lita after the pair interrupted Stratus' title match with Mickie James. The two couples competed in several tag team matches, with Stratus and Carlito jobbing to Edge and Lita each time.
    • In late August, Lita stated that Stratus would retire following Unforgiven, which was later confirmed by Stratus. At the pay-per-view on September 17, in her hometown of Toronto, Stratus defeated Lita with fellow Canadian Bret Hart's signature submission maneuver, the Sharpshooter, to win a record seventh Women's Championship and retire as champion.
    Championships Held

    World Wrestling Entertainment
    WWE Women's Championship (7 times)
    WWE Hardcore Championship (1 time)​

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    Real Name: Rachel Donaldson
    The purple one is the NWA Midwest Women's Championship. The one on her other shoulder is the NWA World Women's Championship. The one that says SHIMMER in big letters is the Shimmer Championship. :p
    • Due to the anonymity which MsChif prefers to surround herself in, little is known of her life before she became a wrestler. Growing up as a fan of wrestling, she decided to try it herself in a promotion near the college where she graduated as a genetics scientist.​
    • In Gateway Championship Wrestling (GCW) where she trained under Johnny Greenpeace and Jack Adonis using the gimmick of a goth banshee that she uses throughout her career. er debut came on July 19, 2001 at Hillsboro Havoc show where she won a mid-card singles match against Christine. She quickly became a regular for their shows, often opening with singles matches against mostly men. After this she went on an undefeated streak leading to a Four Way Dance victory at January's Garage Wars earning her a title shot. Her match for Billy McNeil's Light Heavyweight Championship came the next month at Mardi Gras Mayhem and ended her winning streak. She quickly turned to feuding with Daizee Haze and vicariously with her allies Matt Sydal and Johnny Greenpeace.​
    • Her debut with GCW also coincided with Delirious with whom she quickly made an alliance with, the two wrestling under the name Diabolic Khaos. After accompanying each other to matches they debuted as a tag team, Delirious making the pin in their first match at Season's Beatings in November 2001 against Sydal's Operation Shamrock.​
    • In May 2002 the pair aided Nikki Strychnine in an Exploding Barbed Wire and joined his Ministry of Hate, helping him retain his GCW Championship while Strychnine returned the favor and assisted MsChif in her feud with Haze, constantly involving himself in their matches. This reached a head at February 2003's Locked N' Loaded when another disqualification led Haze's ally, Johnny Greenpeace, to demand a tag team match between the two pairings and due to the stipulation agreed whoever made the pinfall (including MsChif) would take Strychnine's GCW Championship. Despite her alliance, MsChif was hungry for gold and constantly refused to tag in Strychnine lest he made the pinfall, eventually after the match descended into chaos with both MsChif and Strychnine pinning Greenpeace and Haze, respectively but as Strychnine and Haze were the legal pair he retained the belt.​
    • Things went awry the next day at Desoto when Strychnine's enemy, Jack Adonis, noticed his affections for MsChif and her with a chair during a title match. When Strychnine checked on her, she demanded he defend his title rather than concern himself with her and replied to his deceleration of love with a slap making him easy for Adonis to pin and win the title. MsChif broke away from the Ministry of Hate after this, attacking Strychnine after the match and engaging in a feud with him under his new gimmick of Nikodemus Ravendark, a brooding heartbroken poet. The feud culminated at GCW's 3rd Anniversary with MsChif pinning Ravendark and him leaving soon after.​
    • While Strychnine was away, she challenged for the GCW Light Heavyweight Championship numerous times, eventually picking up the belt in May 2003 in a three way dance against Makaze and former Ministry of Hate companion OuTtKaSt. She defended the title regularly, including a two out of three falls match against Matt Sydal. During her tenure as champion she mentored the tag team of Nightbreed (Jackal and Cabal) and used them to continue to wage war on Greenpeace and Haze. Strychnine soon returned and by July 2003 was engaged in a feud with Diabolic Khaos, using his GCW Championship to compete against Delirious as a way to get to MsChif.​
    • At Adults Only 22 MsChif successfully defended her belt against Haze and later in the evening Strychnine and Delirious had a rematch over the GCW Championship. During the match powder was used as a weapon making it hard to see and MsChif swung her title belt accidentally knocking Delirious out with it before hitting Strychnine, but he fell over Delirious to pin him, regaining the championship. After several other meetings (in tag team matches and through managers) Strychnine finally had his chance to take revenge on MsChif when he was booked in a champion versus champion match at Challenge of Champions III. MsChif teased Strychnine with her feelings, hugging him to return his previous affections but slapping him straight after and fetching the ring announcer's table which she soon found herself going through with a crucifix powerbomb; Strychnine feigned sympathy by pretending to carry her back to the dressing room only to tombstone piledrive her to win the match and take both belts.​
    • The feud between MsChif and Nikki Strychnine was voted the company's feud of the year, MsChif placing third best wrestler of the year also. Her last match, at Judgment Night in March 2004 saw her wrestle in a three stages three way match with OuTtKaSt and Shawn Almighty winning the last portion of the match, a ladder match. She officially left the company in 2005 when she was taken off the roster.​
    • For 2004 MsChif fought almost exclusively for Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South (IWA:Mid-South) entering into a feud with Daizee Haze. MsChif lost her January debut match but picked up a victory in her next singles match with Haze; Haze retaliated by teaming up with Mickie Knuckles to defeat MsChif and Allison Danger at Simply The Best V.​
    • MsChif would go on to defeat her tag team partner in the first round of a tournament to crown the first NWA Midwest Women's Champion before losing to eventual winner Lacey in the first semi-final. MsChif's attempt at a return victory came up short at A Butcher Loose In The Highland the following month. She found success against her rival Haze and Knuckles in a three way dance the following week at the annual King of the Deathmatch event which led to a series of wins raising her status until in October she twice challenged Mercedes Martinez for the NWA Midwest Championship.​
    • Losing by disqualification made her angry enough to interfere in Martinez's match against Mickie Knuckles two nights later at the Eighth Anniversary Show, demanding a rematch which ended in a double count out and leading to an intense feud with Knuckles the following year. MsChif closed out the year losing to Daizee Haze via disqualification at a show for NWA No Limits.
    • MsChif's last match of 2004 saw Mickie Knuckles fail to gain a revenge victory in a no disqualification match for IWA's Merry Funkin' Christmas show. Going into 2005, MsChif's feud with Mickie Knuckles intensified into a savage battle which was waged for over half of the year. MsChif opened the year by continuing her dominance over Knuckles in a submission match and again in another no disqualification match for NWA No Limits. MsChif then took part in a six-way elimination match for the combined NWA Midwest/IWA Mid-South Championship where, although she lost out to Daizee Haze she was the last eliminated.​
    • After the match she continued her dominance over Mickie Knuckles at IWA East Coast in a standard singles match before returning to Mid-South for another win over her in a first blood match for April Bloodshowers. Knuckles picked up her first singles victory over MsChif at the end of the month in a steel cage match. The loss did not prevent her from wrestling for NWA Midwest on May 7 in an NWA Midwest/IWA Mid-South Title match where she successfully defeated the encumbent Daizee Haze.​
    • Her first title defense came the following month in a three way dance at the ECW Arena ending in Knuckles picking up the victory and the belt. The match led to some contention outside of the ring as NWA Midwest promoter Ed Chuman vetoed the title change claiming the match was sanctioned only by IWA:Mid-South. Ian Rotten asserted Knuckles' right to the title which led to the belt being split and MsChif reigning now as solely the NWA Midwest Champion.​
    • After a successful title defense with NWA Midwest, the two champions were placed in a unification match that ended in double disqualification leaving the belts split. In September, MsChif's former rival Haze reignited their feud to challenge for her title but came up short. On the NWA 57th Annual Convention, Haze tried to prove herself still worthy of the belt when she, alongside TJ Dalton, picked up a victory over Diabolic Khaos in a mixed tag match.​
    • After the loss, MsChif was forced to put her belt on the line in a match where Diabolic Khaos teamed up again in a 'Winner Takes All' tag team steel cage match with Delirious' NWA Midwest X Division Championship also contested. The November match saw Haze and Matt Sydal walk away with their respective championships.​
    • By 2006 MsChif would wrestle less frequently for NWA affiliates as she began to work in other promotions. When she did wrestle with them again though, it was in February for IWA:Mid-South's Payback where she tried to claim back the IWA Mid-South Championship from Knuckles but was unsuccessful as the match ended in another stalemate, this time via a double pin.​
    • Her next match, at April's We're No Joke, was a confusing affair where she teamed with IWA Mid-South champion Mickie Knuckles against Vanessa Kraven and NWA Midwest Champion Daizee Haze where both titles were on the line and if one team survived they would face each other in a singles match to decide the winner. In the event Haze eliminated herself with MsChif after a German suplex pin led to both being pinned, after this MsChif sprayed green mist at Kraven allowing Knuckles to take advantage and temporarily reunify the two belts.​
    • With the NWA Midwest/IWA Mid-South Championship out of her reach, MsChif turned to the NWA World Women's Championship, successfully wrestling Christie Ricci to win her first world title on January 27, 2007. While MsChif had been gunning for the title, her nemesis Mickie Knuckles had lost the NWA Midwest Championship to Josie in the first week of the year, a belt which MsChif still desired.​
    • At an NWA Midwest event in March, both Josie and MsChif agreed to a crown versus crown match where both titles were on the line with a special guest referee - Mickie Knuckles. Having problems with both competitors, Knuckles was not an impartial official sparring with both members early on. After refusing to count both pinfalls at different points in the match, Josie declared herself the winner after MsChif was down for a ten count and grabbed the belt. A tug of war ensued between her and Knuckles until the referee let go, causing the belt to smack into Josie's face stunning her enough for MsChif to use the Desecrator to win the match. Afterward Knuckles claimed MsChif owed her for the win, which MsChif replied to with green mist. MsChif became the first woman to hold both the NWA Midwest and World Championship.​
    • MsChif held her World Championship until May when she was involved in another champion versus champion match, losing to AWA Japan Champion Amazing Kong with both belts on the line. A rematch between the two in September, exclusively for the NWA belt, headlined the NWA No Limits 3rd Anniversary Show but MsChif failed to win back her world championship.​
    • Kong continued to defend the belt but when she signed for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), who had severed working relations with the NWA, the decision was made to pass the belt back to MsChif, who won it in April 2008 via countout under a special stipulation to retain Kong's stature. She successfully defended it the following month against Cheerleader Melissa, with whom she was already feuding with, and Ashley Lane among others.​
    • The following year, MsChif defended the World Championship at NWA Charlotte's Valentine's Day themed inaugural show, Thorns & Roses, in the penultimate match of the evening. With Daffney in her corner, she once again wrestled Kong and saved herself from the Awesome Bomb by using her green mist, disqualifying herself to retain the belt in the process.​
    • In November 2005 MsChif was invited to take part in the debut show of Shimmer Women Athletes, an all female wrestling promotion designed to give women a platform for showcasing their in ring ability. She made an instant enemy in her debut match, defeating Cheerleader Melissa. This encurred the wrath of Melissa who distracted MsChif during her Volume 3 match against Lexie Fyfe. The two met for the second time during Volume 4 in Shimmer's first hardcore match, specifically under falls count anywhere rules that saw the two fight through the crowd and onto the streets of Berwyn, Illinois where MsChif was cut open.​
    • MsChif tried to use her green mist to dispatch Melissa, but it was blocked with a steel chair, the steel chair would later come in useful as, just before the fight reached half an hour, MsChif was locked in a Kondo Clutch and bent so far over that she was forced to kick herself in the head through the chair which Melissa placed on her spine. MsChif continued her winning streak when she made her debut in Ring of Honor for a Shimmer guest match at Supercard of Honor I where she won a Six Woman Mayhem match, including enemies Melissa and Daizee Haze.​
    • The victory over Melissa apparently did not sate her from the previous singles loss as she revealed at Volume 5 when she distracted Melissa during a match with Allison Danger making it easy for her to be rolled up and lose the match. The ensuing brawl took the combined effort of most of the locker room to separate the two. Again hardcore rules were used to try and settle the bad blood, this time a Last Woman Standing Match which was fought over twenty minutes ending with Melissa unable to stand up after receiving a Desecrator through a steel chair.​
    • Her rivalry with Melissa took a new turn at Volume 7 in October 2006 during a singles match with Rain. When Melissa turned up at ringside she was pushed over by Rain's partner Lacey who was interfering in the match, something the cheerleader did not take kindly to and responded by making the referee notice the foreign object Lacey had given to Rain meaning that MsChif won by disqualification. After Melissa's main event victory, Lacey and Rain (The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew) assaulted her until MsChif came out to save her. Lacey, annoyed at MsChif's interference, challenged the two to a tag team match at Volume 8 and stormed off, leaving MsChif to stare down Melissa before leaving her to celebrate her victory.​
    • Despite both wrestlers' prowess, they were not successful against the experienced Home Wrecking tag team. Losing their first outing as a tag team, soon given the sobriquet MelisChif, did not stop the enemies turned allies as they tagged up in Volume 12 to take on the undefeated team of The Experience (Lexie Fyfe and Malia Hosaka). As the match reached its end, Melissa saved MsChif from a double team move and leveled Hosaka with an Air Raid Crash which MsChif followed with a quebrada to gain the pin.​
    • They teamed up successfully once more for Volume 17 against The Dangerous Angels (Allison Danger and Sara Del Ray) yet did not participate in Volume 20's tag team gauntlet match to crown the first Shimmer Tag Team Championship. In the meantime MsChif put aside her troubles with another former enemy, Daizee Haze, in an attempt to defeat the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew at ROH's 2007 Driven but again came up short. Back in Shimmer, MsChif teamed up not just with Haze, but also British wrestler Eden Black to take on the newly formed International Home Wrecking Crew with the added team mate of Jetta with MsChif finally securing victory, although it was Haze who gained the pinfall.​
    • Aside from her debut upset victory over Cheerleader Melissa, MsChif's singles run in Shimmer grew slowly yet successfully. During Volume 2 she was unexpectedly pinned by Beth Phoenix and lost again at Volume 3 to Lexie Fyfe. MsChif's aforementioned victory in the Ring of Honor, however, set her up on a winning streak in singles matches that lasted through 2006 until Volume 9 in April 2007 that saw her lose to Amazing Kong, a month before she would lose her NWA World Championship to her.​
    • During the tournament to crown the first Shimmer champion, MsChif earned a return victory over Fyfe in the first round but lost to Sarah Stock in the quarter finals; the initial victory led to MelisChif's first victory, over Fyfe and Hosaka before another tag team loss during Volume 15 with her Scream Queens partner Daffney.​
    • After gaining momentum in her singles matches in Shimmer and ROH MsChif sought, and earned a title match against the inaugural Shimmer Champion, Sara Del Ray with her Volume 17 victory over the Dangerous Angels. During the match MsChif had the champion pinned while the crowd counted for five seconds, but by the time the referee had gained control of the match Del Ray had kicked out; regardless MsChif soon pinned Allison Danger.​
    • As Volume 18 opened, MsChif pointed out that she had the Shimmer Champion pinned for more than a three count and demanded a title opportunity which Del Ray, claiming herself to be a fighting champion, readily accepted. In the main event, MsChif was able to successfully use the Desecrator to become the second Shimmer champion. Two months later, in June's Vendetta II Del Ray was able to secure a consolation technical victory over MsChif, however she actually pinned Haze in a three way dance.​
    • At the same event MsChif helped Jimmy Jacobs in the main event match, and became a member of The Age of the Fall. Del Ray had to wait seven months for a title match against MsChif, this time at ROH's Rising Above in November (aired January 2009), where she was unsuccessful.​
    • At Shimmer events, the belt has also been defended against Jetta, who won a 21 woman royal rumble for the opportunity and the following event, Volume 20, against Mercedes Martinez. Daizee Haze returned after a back injury at Volume 21 on the back of a winning streak and challenged MsChif, having beaten her at Volume 14 but could not replicate the win.​
    • As the Shimmer season closed, MsChif had to defend her belt in their sister promotions, facing fellow Age of The Fall member Rain in Full Impact Pro at Fallout and then Mercedes Martinez, who was undefeated in Full Impact Pro and used that claim to unsuccessfully challenge MsChif once again at February 2009's Battle of the Belts.
    • Having made an impact in IWA:Mid-West and Shimmer Women Athletes MsChif was invited to another all-female promotion, ChickFight, a San Francisco based promotion that held knock-out tournaments. Her first outing was ChickFight IV in April 2006, where she took on Candice LaRae in the first round. After defeating her she progressed onto the semi-final, pinning Lacey before winning her debut tournament with a victory against Mercedes Martinez.​
    • In June she competed in ChickFight V and defeated Sumie Sakai in the first round before suffering a semi-final loss to Jazz and she suffered a similar fate at the next two events. Most notably at ChickFight VII: The UK vs The USA she defeated British wrestler Jade but lost to eventual winner Cheerleader Melissa in the semi-finals, months after they had tagged together in Shimmer Volume 8. Her final appearance with the company, during the ChickFight VIII saw her fight her way to the final, beating Jetta on the way, before losing to Wesna Buic in the final.​
    • Days before ChickFight VII, MsChif made her first appearance in the London based promotion Real Quality Wrestling for their calendar opening No Pain, No Gain event. The triple threat match, which also included Melissa, was for the RQW Women's Championship and was won by defending champion Eden Black. She returned to RQW in June in a ChickFight attraction match that saw two feuds collide at Taking On The World where she tag teamed with Black in a losing effort against Melissa and Jetta.​
    • In August 2006, MsChif took part in Japan's Wrestle Expo 2006.​
    • During the event she was given a bye through to the semi-final where defeated Kyoko Kimura to earn a place in the final match. As the other finalist was NWA Pacific Women's/NEO Singles Champion Yoshiko Tamura the belt was put on the line but MsChif was unable to secure victory.​
    • As well as these promotions, MsChif has made various one-off and limited appearances for other companies. Perhaps the most famous of these companies was NWA: Total Nonstop Action (NWA:TNA) for their televised program TNA Xplosion in a losing effort against longtime enemy Daizee Haze.​
    Championships Held

    ChickFight IV winner​

    Coastal Wrestling Association
    Coastal Wrestling Association Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Cindy Rogers​

    Gateway Championship Wrestling
    GCW Light Heavyweight Championship (1 time)​

    National Wrestling Alliance
    NWA World Women's Championship (2 times, current)
    NWA Midwest Women's Championship (2 times, current)​

    Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South
    NWA Midwest/IWA Mid-South Women's Championship (1 time)​

    Shimmer Women Athletes
    Shimmer Championship (1 time, current)​
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    requested by 2 Live tdigle
    Mariko Yoshida

    Real name: Mariko Yoshida
    • Yoshida debuted for All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling (AJW or Zenjo) on October 10, 1988 at Tokyo's Korakuen Hall in a match against Keiko Waki. Before her neck injury in late 1992 - which would cause her to miss two years of ring time - Yoshida was easily one of the best young stars in AJW, often showcasing beautiful Lucha Libre inspired aerial maneuvers to go along with her very good mat work skills.
    • In 1997, she left AJW to join Aja Kong's ARSION promotion, becoming their head trainer. There she was repackaged as a technical wrestling master, and was pushed as a major star. She has been nicknamed ARSION no Shinjutsu, or "ARSION True Heart".
    • Forgoing the high-flying techniques of her run in Zenjo, her style in ARSION was centered around mat wrestling and submission holds derived from shoot wrestling, along with more elaborate lucha-inspired submissions.
    • June 2005, she launched Ibuki, a bi-monthly event series, with her intention to provide opportunities for young, up and coming wrestlers from different promotions to compete with each other and to challenge senior wrestlers like Yoshida herself. Ibuki has now gained high reputation among joshi puroresu fans in Japan.
    • In 2006, Yoshida was presented with the Cauliflower Alley Club's Future Legend Award, becoming only the second female after Cheerleader Melissa, to win this award.

    Championships Held

    All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling
    AJW Championship (1 time)
    AJW Tag Team Championship (3 times) - with Takako Inoue (2) and Rie Tamada (1)


    Queen of ARSION (2 times)
    Twin Star of ARSION (2 times) - with Aja Kong (1) and Lioness Asuka (1)

    Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre

    CMLL World Women's Championship (1 time)


    ChickFight II winner
    ChickFight III winner
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    Torrie Wilson

    Real name: Torrie Wilson
    • Wilson's start in wrestling came when she attended a WCW show with her boyfriend in 1999. After going backstage, she was asked to walk out to the ring with Scott Steiner. Later, Kevin Nash expressed an interest in doing a storyline with her.
    • She debuted as "Samantha", who was brought in by the nWo to seduce David Flair into turning against his father, Ric Flair. They appeared together on February 21 when Wilson slapped Ric, and David zapped him with a taser. At the 1999 Bash at the Beach, Wilson acted as a valet for Flair as he captured the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship from Dean Malenko.
    • In November, Wilson and Eddie Guerrero were shown flirting on the "Kidcam", a hidden camera segment, which led to a storyline feud between Kidman and Guerrero. Following this, Wilson once again disappeared from television. Wilson, however, returned on January 19, 2000, and in April 2000, Kidman and Wilson joined a stable known as the New Blood, making them both villainous characters.
    • As part of their newest storyline, Kidman became jealous of the attention Wilson began to give to fellow New Blood member Horace Hogan. In June, Wilson gave Kidman a low blow at the Great American Bash, causing him to lose to Horace's uncle, Hulk Hogan.
    • Wilson was taken off of television following the encounter, reappearing at July's Bash at the Beach during a match between Shane Douglas and Buff Bagwell. After the match, Wilson and Douglas left together, which led to a feud between Kidman and Douglas. At September's Fall Brawl, Wilson and Douglas defeated Kidman and Madusa in a mixed tag team match with scaffolding erected above the ring. Wilson was released from WCW in December 2000.
    • Wilson made her WWF television debut on the June 28, 2001 episode of SmackDown! as part of The Alliance during the Invasion angle in 2001. In her first storyline with the company, she portrayed Vince McMahon's latest affair.
    • She also regularly teamed with fellow WCW performer Stacy Keibler. The duo made their wrestling debuts in the WWF in a Bra and Panties match against Lita and Trish Stratus at the InVasion pay-per-view, which Stratus and Lita won by stripping their opponents to their underwear.
    • The following night on Raw, Wilson defeated Stratus in a Paddle on a Pole match. Despite her relative lack of in-ring experience, Wilson, alongside Keibler and Ivory, regularly feuded with the WWE Divas, as well as interfering in matches on behalf of other wrestlers in The Alliance.
    • She became a fan favorite during the Invasion storyline when her character began an on-screen romance with Tajiri. This new romance caused Keibler to turn against Wilson, and as a result of this, Wilson defected to the WWF. Wilson defeated Keibler in a lingerie match at No Mercy defeating her opponent in a ring full of pillows, while dressed in lingerie.
    • When the first ever brand separation of the WWF roster took place in April 2002, Wilson was drafted to SmackDown!. Shortly after this, as part of the storyline, Tajiri soon became jealous over the increased attention that Wilson received from other men, so he forced her to wear a geisha outfit,and he also appeared to mistreat her in matches. Wilson finally grew tired of this, and during Tajiri's match against The Hurricane, she got on top of the announcer's table and stripped off her clothing. The distraction allowed The Hurricane to pick up the win.
    • Wilson's most high profile storyline during her first few years with the company was in 2003 when she feuded with Dawn Marie. In the angle, Dawn Marie attempted to marry Wilson's real-life father Al Wilson. Dawn also revealed that she had developed feelings for Torrie, and the two shared an on-screen kiss. Dawn even offered to cancel the wedding if Torrie would go to a hotel with her for the night. Despite this, as part of the storyline, Dawn developed feelings for Al and the two got married on an episode of SmackDown! in their underwear.
    • Al then, in storyline, died from a heart attack after having rigorous sex numerous times in succession on their honeymoon. In response, Wilson defeated Dawn at No Mercy in October. She defeated Dawn Marie again at the Royal Rumble in what was billed as a Stepmother vs. Stepdaughter match. The feud lasted approximately nine months.
    • In May 2003, Wilson appeared in a pictorial and on the cover of Playboy. A few months earlier, when her pictorial was announced, a short storyline feud with Nidia developed, with the latter being jealous of the fact that Wilson was chosen for the cover and spread in the magazine. In weekly vignettes aired on SmackDown!, both Nidia and her on-screen boyfriend Jamie Noble made trips to The Playboy Mansion to complain to Hugh Hefner over his choice.
    • Soon after, on an April 2003 episode of SmackDown! during a segment labeled as Torrie's Playboy Coming Out Party former Diva and Playboy covergirl Sable made her return to WWE after a three year absence.
    • This began a storyline between the two women where for weeks, Sable played mind games with Wilson, being friendly one moment and unfriendly the next. This all led up to a bikini contest between the two at Judgment Day, which Wilson won. After the contest, Wilson kissed the former Women's Champion Sable on the lips, showing her that there was "no hard feelings" due to Wilson's win over the WWE veteran.
    • Continuing her feud with Noble and Nidia from earlier in the year, Wilson managed Billy Gunn upon his WWE return in the summer of 2003. The feud came to an end after Nidia and Noble both became fan favorites and sided with Gunn and Wilson. After the formation of this alliance, Wilson, Nidia, and Dawn Marie feuded with Shaniqua for a short period of time, which led to Shaniqua physically dominating Wilson and Nidia in a handicap match.
    • Wilson teamed with Sable in March 2004 to feud with Raw Divas Stacy Keibler and Miss Jackie. The feud's storyline centered on the latter duo's jealously of Wilson and Sable as Playboy cover girls, as well as their recently being named cover girls yet again, as the two Divas were announced to be featured together in an upcoming Playboy March 2004 issue. After weeks of rivalry, Wilson and Sable defeated Keibler and Miss Jackie in a Playboy Evening Gown match at WrestleMania XX by stripping their opponents of their evening gowns.
    • Later in the year, Wilson engaged in a short feud with Sable, who defeated her at the Great American Bash.
    • In November 2004, Wilson began feuding with Hiroko. On February 10, 2005 on a special edition of SmackDown! (recorded on February 4 in Saitama, Japan), Torrie defeated Hiroko in a kimono match by removing her kimono first.
    • It was revealed on August 21, 2005 that Wilson and Candice Michelle had been moved to the Raw brand. Wilson then became a villain by attacking Ashley Massaro. Her and Candice's storyline feud with Massaro continued over the next couple weeks, as the duo, along with their enforcer Victoria, made things difficult for Massaro.
    • Massaro evened the score on the September 12, 2005 edition of Raw when she brought out the returning Trish Stratus, and the duo proceeded to attack the villains. This led to a tag match at Unforgiven, where the team of Stratus and Massaro defeated Wilson and Victoria.
    • The feud continued into WWE Homecoming, where Stratus and Massaro defeated Wilson, Candice, and Victoria in the first ever three on two Bra and Panties match by stripping all three of their opponents.
    • Wilson was absent from WWE television for quite some time after this, leading to rumors and false reports that she had been released from WWE. In actuality, she had taken a leave of absence to tend to some "personal issues". Wilson was surprised by the rumors after some media personnel offered to help her find work.
    • WWE issued a statement on their website, in which Wilson also commented, denouncing the rumors. In the statement she joked she had to "call the WWE office and ask them if they forgot to fire me".
    • On November 28, Wilson made her return to Raw, where she, Candice and Victoria faced off against the team of Stratus, Massaro, and their new ally Mickie James. Vince's Devils was a short-lived alliance. Wilson soon became a fan favorite after Candice and Victoria both turned against her.
    • The storyline feud between Candice and Wilson led to a match where Wilson faced Playboy's newest cover girl, Candice, at WrestleMania 22 in a Playboy Pillow Fight. Wilson won the match, but the feud still continued on-and-off for some time. On the June 12, 2006 edition of Raw, Wilson defeated Candice in the first ever "Wet and Wild match", a wrestling match involving water balloons and squirt guns, in which the winner of the match would be on the cover of the WWE 2006 Summer Special magazine.
    • Wilson also made a special appearance on WWE's ECW brand on August 22, 2006 representing Raw in a bikini contest against ECW Diva Kelly Kelly. A winner was not decided, however, and a six-person mixed tag match began pitting Wilson, Tommy Dreamer, and The Sandman against the team of Kelly Kelly, Mike Knox, and Test. Wilson's team was victorious.
    • In the final months of 2006, Wilson entered into an on-screen relationship with Carlito. During this time, Ric Flair took an interest in Carlito, and Wilson accompanied the duo in a series of tag matches. In May 2007, however, Carlito turned against Flair and dumped Wilson when he became a heel. The storyline came to a halt when on the June 11 edition of Raw, Wilson was drafted from Raw to SmackDown! as part of the 2007 WWE Draft.
    • On the September 28 edition of SmackDown!, she was attacked in the ring by the debuting Krissy Vaine, but the feud was prematurely dropped when Vaine left the company. Her last match was against Victoria, whom she defeated. In November, Wilson took time off from wrestling to undergo physical therapy in relation to a previous back injury. She was released from her WWE contract on May 8, 2008.
    • Wilson returned to the WWE for one night at WrestleMania XXV as a part of the 25 Diva Battle Royal representing the past WWE Divas, in which she was eliminated by Beth Phoenix.

    Championships held

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    I love you Torrie!

    ANd this thread is good for the forums. Sometimes we make fun of women's wrestling, but there have been some very talented performers.
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    This coming from the guy that requested a post on Torrie Wilson ;)

    I like this thread. Hopefully, it'll work as a chance to inform people of the ladies of the ring, as well as lead to some discussion. When Cory and I discussed the idea of this thread, it was all a means to generate interest in a women's tournament. Let's see if it happens.
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    • Goulet first debuted in the U.S. in late 1998 for the Eastern Wrestling Alliance under the name "Precious Lucy", although booker Tony Atlas mistakenly called her Luscious Lucy for several shows. She served as "Centerfold" Steve Ramsey's valet. She also began appearing at Green Mountain Wrestling shows in Vermont at this point.
    • By mid-1999, Goulet was teaming with Mark "Jaguar" Nugera and manager Joshua Shea to form "Partners in Crime" in many mixed gender tag-team and singles bouts. By 2000, the duo stopped working for the EWA.
    • In 2002, Goulet was booked to appear in the main event of Blood, Sweat N' Ears in a match featuring Ontario hardcore wrestler Bloody Bill Skullion. The Ontario Athletics Commission, citing a regulation that prevented women and men from wrestling each other, threatened to withdraw the license for the show.
    • This essentially banned LuFisto from wrestling in Ontario. Goulet lodged a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission. On February 26, 2006, the OHRC informed Goulet that they had convinced the OAC to drop the regulation. The OAC subsequently dropped the vast majority of the regulations affecting professional wrestling in Ontario, a move which removed a great deal of the bureaucracy stifling independent wrestling in the province.
    • Goulet then worked primarily for National Wrestling Alliance's Quebec promotion, where she is head trainer (along with Dru Onyx) of their wrestling school, "Onyx and LuFisto's Torture Chamber".
    • She also worked for Combat Zone Wrestling, where, on August 12, 2006 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, LuFisto became the first ever female CZW Iron Man Champion, pinning Kevin Steen to win the title.
    • She debuted in SHIMMER Women Athletes on October 24, 2006 in Berwyn, Illinois. She lost her first match to Mercedes Martinez, but came back and won her second match against Allison Danger.
    • On October 29, 2006 she won the Stranglehold Wrestling Death Match Tournament, the first deathmatch tournament in Canada. In the first round she defeated the Juggulator, the second round she defeated Skullion in a lighttube match and defeated Necro Butcher in the finals to win the tournament.
    • On December 9, after a tag match at the CZW Cage of Death event, she became the first female ever to wrestle inside of the Cage of Death match when she added herself in the last minute in a match that also involved Zandig, Nick Gage, and Lobo. Gage would go on to win the match by pinning Zandig.
    • On January 8, 2007, however, she announced on her web site a possible retirement due to a back problem and that she would be forfeiting the CZW Iron Man Championship.
    • LuFisto made her first appearance in a wrestling ring since her injury on April 13, 2007, for Association de Lutte Féminine (ALF) in Montreal, as the special referee in a match for the ALF Championship between champion Stefany Sinclair and Kacey Diamond.
    • In September 22, 2007, LuFisto made her return to IWS at Blood, Sweat and Beers in which she lost a match to Damian.
    • On October 27, 2007, LuFisto entered IWA Mid-South's 2007 Queen of the Deathmatch Tournament where she defeated Mickie Knuckles to win the title of Queen of the Deathmatch. She has since then also returned to Combat Zone Wrestling.
    • On July 5, 2008, LuFisto returned to SHIMMER in Volumes 19&20, defeating Rain on Volume 19 and losing to Cheerleader Melissa in a match that earned a standing ovation from the audience on Volume 20. On September 12, 2008, LuFisto won the vacant ALF Championship by defeating Kacey Diamond. She returned to SHIMMER at the tapings of Volume 23 where she defeated the debuting Kellie Skater from Australia.

    Championships held

    All-Star Wrestling
    ASW Canadian Championship (1 time)

    Association de Lutte Féminine

    Sherri Memorial Cup Tournament (2007) – with El Generico
    ALF Championship (1 time)

    Combat Zone Wrestling
    CZW Iron Man Championship (1 time)

    Evolution of Wrestling
    Super 8 Women Tournament Championship (2005)

    Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South
    IWA Mid-South Queen of the Deathmatch tournament (2007)

    Inter-Championship Wrestling
    ICW Olympic Championship (1 time, current)
    ICW Provincial Championship (2 times)
    ICW Tag Team Championship (2 times) – with Sexy Julie and Mr. Saturday Night
    Queen Of The Deathmatches Tournament (2007)

    Lucha Libre Feminil
    LLF Extreme Championship (1 time)

    Slam Angels Wrestling

    SAW World Championship (1 time)

    Stranglehold Wrestling

    King of the Deathmatches (2006)

    Ultimate Wrestling Alliance
    UWA Cruiserweight Championship (1 time)
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    A majority of women in professional wrestling are horrible at it. I'm not being sexist there, it's just true. I don't know of all the women you posted, so I'm referring specifically to the ones who wrestled in WWE. Trish stratus was amazing; it wasn't all about being a ****e with her, there was a lot of in-ring ability and the crowd clearly loved her. Lita is another I'd have to put in the same boat as her; when the 2 were feuding it's probably the best I've ever seen the women's division.

    Definately not a fan of Melina and I don't understand how anyone can be, short of thinking she's attractive (Which I don't see myself, but meh). Now, it's too focused on bringing in women who are nothing but glorified porn stars, ironic with the target audience being children now.
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    I agree 100%, the best female Wrestlers are in promotions like SHIMMER and the various NWA Promotions. The only great Female wrestlers in the WWE were Trish, Lita & Victoria and when they left the WWE Women's division turned into nothing but a glorified T&A segment every show, which is very sad. Hopefully this thread will show people that there are women out there who want to wreslte.
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    requested by Tastycles

    The Jumping Bomb Angels

    • Noriyo Tateno and Itsuki Yamazaki formed one of the most exciting teams on the Japanese Woman's Wrestling circuit. On January 5, 1986, The Angels defeated Bull Nakano and Condor Saito to win the vacant WWWA World Tag Team Championship.
    • Then on March 20, 1986, Lioness Asuka & Chigusa Nagayo, the Crush Gals, defeated The Angels to capture the WWWA Tag Team titles.
    • Tateno and Yamazaki were known as "The Jumping Bomb Angels" in the World Wrestling Federation. At the Survivor Series 1987, The Jumping Bomb Angels were the sole survivors in the Women's division Survivor Series match.
    • On January 24, 1988 at the Royal Rumble, The Angels beat The Glamour Girls in a best 2/3 Falls match to win the WWF Women's Tag Team Championship. On June 8, 1988, The Glamour Girls (Leilani Kai & Judy Martin) defeated The Angels to recapture the WWF Women's Tag Team Championship.

    Championships held

    World Women's Wrestling Association

    WWWA World Tag Team Championship (1 time)

    World Wrestling Federation

    WWF Women's Tag Team Championship (1 time)

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    Requested by Sparky & HBK-aholic

    • Dumas first became interested in wrestling after watching Rey Mysterio, Jr., a Mexican luchador, wrestle on an episode of World Championship Wrestling's WCW Monday Nitro. She traveled to Mexico in 1998 to learn more about the sport and how to wrestle.
    • Dumas financed her training by dancing in a club under the pseudonym Misty. During her stay in Mexico, Dumas trained under numerous wrestlers, including Kevin Quinn, Miguel Perez, and Ricky Santana.
    • the completion of her training, Dumas made several appearances with the Empresa Mexicana de la Lucha Libre.
    • After returning to the United States, Dumas began working as a valet on the independent circuit. She worked in Maryland Championship Wrestling under the ring name Angelica, at one point managing Christopher Daniels.
    • She also made appearances in NWA Mid-Atlantic, where she first met Matt and Jeff Hardy, who offered to train with her.
    • In the spring of 1999, she was approached by Paul Heyman, the owner and booker of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Dumas debuted in ECW as Miss Congeniality, the on-screen girlfriend of Danny Doring.
    • Dumas later began using the name Angelica once again and made her pay-per-view debut on July 18 at Heat Wave where Doring, as part of their storyline, proposed to her.
    • Dumas was introduced to veteran wrestler Dory Funk, Jr. by ECW wrestler Rob Van Dam, and Funk invited her to attend his wrestling school, The Funkin' Conservatory. Dumas attended Funk's school alongside twenty-three men, graduated from the school in August 1999, and returned to ECW.
    • Meanwhile, Funk and his wife compiled video footage of Dumas and sent it to the World Wrestling Federation.
    • The Federation was sufficiently impressed, and on November 1, 1999, Dumas was signed to a WWF developmental deal. After five months with ECW, she made her final appearance on October 23, 1999.
    • After honing her skills at the Memphis Championship Wrestling developmental territory, Dumas was given the ring name Lita and paired with luchador Essa Rios. Lita and Rios made their WWF debut on the February 13, 2000 episode of Sunday Night HEAT, where Rios was booked to win the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship from Gillberg. Lita mimicked his moves, notably the moonsault and hurricanrana, immediately after he had performed them on an opponent.
    • In May 2000, a storyline was developed in which Lita found Rios cavorting with The Godfather and his "hoes, causing tension between them. Rios eventually turned on Lita by powerbombing her after she inadvertently cost him a match. As part of the storyline, Lita was saved from a beating at the hands of Rios by the Hardy Boyz, and the trio formed a stable known as Team Xtreme.
    • As a member of Team Xtreme, Lita developed a more "alternative" image, wearing baggy pants with a thong, which was hiked up high above her pants, clearly exposed. During her time with Team Xtreme, Lita became the only female to ever be physically involved in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match in WWE.
    • In June 2000, Team Xtreme began a storyline with Test and Albert, with Lita engaging in a rivalry with their manager, Trish Stratus. The rivalry developed into an off and on long term feud between the two women that lasted until Stratus retired in 2006.
    • The storyline ended shortly after Fully Loaded, where Lita pinned Stratus in a six person intergender tag team match.
    • Subsequently, Lita began feuding with WWF Women's Champion Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. In the main event of the August 21, 2000 episode of RAW is WAR, Lita defeated Stephanie with a moonsault to win the Women's Championship for the first time. The match also featured The Rock as the Special Guest Referee and constant interference from Triple H and Kurt Angle.
    • Lita held the Women's Championship for seventy-three days, which included retaining her title in a hardcore match against Jacqueline on October 9.
    • In the course of her reign, Lita became embroiled in the storyline feud between the Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian. In retaliation for her frequent interference in their matches, Edge and Christian cost Lita the Women's Championship, helping Ivory defeat her in a four way match on the November 2 episode of SmackDown. Ivory was in a conservative-based stable named Right to Censor at that time, which targeted Lita for her attire and moves.
    • Lita attempted to regain the title on several occasions, wrestling Ivory at Survivor Series and Rebellion, but she was thwarted on each occasion by Steven Richards, Ivory's mentor.
    • She spent the remainder of the year in a storyline with would-be suitor Dean Malenko, on one occasion unsuccessfully challenging him for the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship.
    • Lita continued to feud with Dean Malenko in early 2001, and she defeated him in a singles bout on the February 19 episode of Raw is War with the assistance of Matt Hardy.
    • Following the match, Hardy kissed Lita, beginning their on-screen relationship and turning their real-life romance into a storyline. The couple wrestled in several intergender tag team matches throughout the early part of the year.
    • In July 2001, Lita and Trish Stratus joined forces to combat Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson, members of The Alliance: Extreme Championship Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling wrestlers who were invading the WWF as part of The Invasion storyline. At the Invasion pay-per-view on July 22, Lita and Stratus defeated Keibler and Wilson in the first ever tag team bra and panties match by stripping their opponents to their underwear.
    • Throughout The Invasion, Lita, Stratus, and Jacqueline feuded with Alliance members Keibler, Wilson, Ivory, and Mighty Molly. The Invasion storyline ended on November 18 at Survivor Series, where Lita took part in a six pack challenge for the WWF Women's Championship, which had been vacated by Chyna earlier that year; Stratus won the match and the title.
    • In late 2001, the Hardy Boyz began a storyline in which they were feuding with one another. Lita refereed a match between them at Vengeance on December 9. Jeff won the match with a scripted finish that had Lita failing to notice that Matt had placed his leg on the rope during Jeff's successful pin attempt.
    • Continuing the storyline on the following episode of Raw, Matt defeated Lita and Jeff in a handicap match, shortly after informing Lita that both their relationship and the Hardy Boyz were finished. On the December 17 episode of Raw, both Jeff and Lita were sidelined with storyline injuries following a title match between Jeff and WWF Hardcore Champion The Undertaker.
    • The injuring of both his brother and ex-girlfriend led to a reconciliation between the members of Team Xtreme, and on the December 20 episode of SmackDown!, Matt faced The Undertaker but was also injured. All three members of Team Xtreme were then removed from WWF television for several weeks.
    • The Hardy Boyz, along with Lita, returned to WWF television in February 2002. Lita resumed her pursuit of the WWF Women's Championship in March 2002 and made her in-ring WrestleMania debut at WrestleMania X8 on March 17, facing Stratus and WWF Women's Champion Jazz in a match in which Jazz retained her title by pinning Lita.
    • On April 6, 2002, Dumas suffered what appeared to be a stinger while filming a fight scene for a role in the season finale of the television program Dark Angel. The rehearsal required that she practice the hurricanrana that would be used in the episode, however, the stunt double Dumas was working with dropped her as she swung through the move, causing her to land on her neck and shoulders. After she underwent a CAT scan, it was revealed that she had suffered three cracks in her vertebrae, necessitating surgery.
    • On April 30, Dumas underwent neck surgery under Dr. Lloyd Youngblood, during which he used a section of her hip to fuse her C5 and C6 vertebrae together. She spent the subsequent year rehabilitating, making appearances on Sunday Night HEAT as a color commentator, beginning in October 2002.
    • On the April 21, 2003 episode of Raw, as part of a new storyline, she was fired from her position as Sunday Night HEAT color commentator by General Manager Eric Bischoff after she rejected his advances and his request that she follow in the footsteps of SmackDown!'s Torrie Wilson and pose for Playboy.
    • She returned to the ring after an absence of seventeen months on the September 15 episode of Raw, saving Trish Stratus from a beating at the hands of Molly Holly and Gail Kim.
    • Co-General Manager Stone Cold Steve Austin later explained to Eric Bischoff that he had rehired Lita. Lita and Stratus went on to defeat Holly and Kim in a tag team match on September 21 at Unforgiven. Lita feuded with Holly into late 2003, unsuccessfully challenging her for the Women's Championship on November 16 at Survivor Series.
    • On the November 17 episode of Raw, Lita and Matt Hardy were reunited after Hardy was moved from SmackDown! to Raw. Continuing the storyline, Holly interrupted as Hardy was about to propose to Lita, challenging the duo to face her and Bischoff in an intergender tag team match later that evening. Bischoff later added the stipulation that Lita would earn a title shot if she won but would be fired if she lost. Hardy and Lita lost the match after Hardy refused to tag in, with Hardy berating Lita for "selfishly" returning to Raw instead of SmackDown!, claiming that this showed that she cared more about the Women's Championship than about him.
    • Lita was rehired later that evening when Christian informed her that he had used his Survivor Series favor to get Bischoff to reinstate her. One week later, Lita lost to Victoria in the first ever women's steel cage match in WWE history, due to interference from Hardy.
    • As Lita and Christian appeared to be developing an on-screen relationship, so did Stratus and Chris Jericho. On the December 1, 2003 episode of Raw, however, it was revealed that Christian and Jericho had bet one another "one Canadian dollar" as to who could seduce Lita and Stratus respectively first.
    • The revelation led to a storyline feud between Lita and Stratus and Christian and Jericho, with the males triumphing in a "Battle of the Sexes" match at Armageddon.
    • Lita competed in the Women's division throughout early 2004, winning a battle royal to become the number one contender for the Women's Championship on the April 5 episode of Raw. Victoria defeated Lita to retain the Women's Championship at Backlash on April 18. The next night on Raw, Lita was reunited with Matt Hardy when Hardy attacked Kane in an attempt to prevent him from harming Lita, beginning a new storyline involving the trio.
    • In the following weeks, Kane began repeatedly assaulting Hardy and attempting to seduce Lita. During the course of the storyline, he kidnapped Lita and held her tied up backstage, and he persuaded Eric Bischoff to give her a title shot at Bad Blood on June 13.
    • The next night on Raw, Lita revealed that she was pregnant. One week later, it appeared that Hardy was going to propose to Lita, but he was interrupted by Kane, who claimed to be the father of Lita's child, as Lita had slept with Kane to persuade him to stop attacking Hardy.
    • Two months later, it was revealed that Kane was, in fact, the father. Hardy and Kane feuded for several months, culminating in a "Till Death Do Us Part" match on August 15 at SummerSlam, with the stipulation that Lita would be obliged to marry Kane should Hardy lose. Kane won the match, leading to he and a reluctant Lita marrying one another on the August 23, 2004 episode of Raw.
    • Despite being married to Kane, Lita harried him during his matches, constantly aiding his opponents. On the September 13 episode of Raw, Lita miscarried after Gene Snitsky struck Kane with a chair, resulting in him falling on Lita. The miscarriage led to Lita and Kane joining forces in order to take revenge on Snitsky.
    • With the pregnancy storyline over, Lita returned to the women's division in November 2004. She began a feud with Trish Stratus after Stratus called Lita "chubby" because of her pregnancy weight gain. Lita challenged Stratus to a Women's Championship match at Survivor Series, however, due to the months of humiliation and being verbally berated by Stratus, Lita was more concerned with doing as much damage as possible, leading to her disqualification.
    • The feud continued, and on December 6, Lita was booked to defeat Stratus in the main event of Raw to win her second WWE Women's Championship. During the course of the match, Lita botched a suicide dive to the outside when she over rotated by a fraction, barely escaping serious injury.
    • This move was later used in the build up to the title rematch she was booked for at New Year's Revolution against Stratus, who claimed, "Lita had to practically kill herself, just to beat me". She defeated Lita, ending her second reign as Women's Champion on January 9, 2005 at New Year's Revolution. In the course of the match, Lita tore her left ACL after executing a Thesz press off the ring apron.
    • Lita returned to WWE television in March 2005, mentoring Christy Hemme, who was in the midst of a storyline with Stratus that featured a title match between them at WrestleMania 21. Despite Lita's coaching, Hemme was defeated by Stratus. Lita continued to feud with Stratus by proxy over the following weeks, with Kane defeating Stratus' companion, Viscera, at Backlash on May 1.
    • The relationship between Lita and Kane lasted until the May 16 episode of Raw, when Lita took on a villainous role by betraying Kane, helping Edge defeat him in the finals of the Raw Gold Rush Tournament.
    • On the May 30 episode of Raw, Lita announced that she had filed for divorce, and said things such as Kane was like a 4th grader in the bedroom. Also, that she wouldn't have to deal with things such as his sweaty body, the "stupid little" laugh he does, and the wedding ring flushing it down a toilet.
    • She then attempted to marry Edge on the June 20 episode of Raw, but the marriage ceremony was interrupted by a vengeful Kane, who emerged from beneath the ring. The storyline with Kane ended shortly thereafter.
    • Off-screen, at this time, Dumas had been involved with Matt Hardy romantically, but began a relationship with Edge.
    • WWE then began to use the real-life issues between the three as an on-screen storyline. In April, Hardy was released from WWE, only to be rehired several months later. Lita continued to act as Edge's valet, and Edge defeated Hardy at SummerSlam.
    • On the October 3 episode of Raw, Edge, with the assistance of Lita, defeated Hardy in a ladder match, and Hardy was obligated to leave Raw as a stipulation of the match.
    • After Edge defeated John Cena to win the WWE Championship on January 8 at New Year's Revolution, he announced that he and Lita were going to celebrate by having sex in the middle of the ring the next night on Raw.
    • During the segment, Lita and Edge stripped to their underwear before retreating beneath the covers of a bed that had been erected in the ring. The event was interrupted by Ric Flair, leading to Edge leaving the bed to fight him. Lita, left alone, hastily got dressed again as Cena entered the ring and attacked her, delivering an FU to her. Lita's bare breast was momentarily shown during the segment.
    • This "Live Sex Celebration" segment earned Raw a 5.2 rating, its highest ratings in over a year. On the February 6 episode of Raw, Lita teamed with Edge in a loss to Cena and Maria. She continued to manage Edge into mid-2006, frequently interfering on his behalf during his feud with Mick Foley.
    • In May 2006, Foley joined forces with Edge and Lita, with the trio defeating Foley's ECW rivals Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer, and Beulah McGillicutty in an impromptu six person tag team match at One Night Stand after Edge speared and pinned Beulah.
    • On the August 14 episode of Raw, Lita was booked to defeat Mickie James by hitting her in the face with the title belt in order to win her third Women's Championship. She also defeated James in their rematch on the August 28 episode of Raw by using the ropes for extra leverage during the pin.
    • Lita and Edge then feuded with Trish Stratus and Carlito, culminating in a bout between Lita and Stratus at Unforgiven, in which Lita dropped the Women's Championship to Stratus in what was Stratus' last WWE match.
    • After defeating both Candice Michelle and Maria in the semifinals of a Women's Championship tournament, Lita, as part of her last push, defeated Mickie James at Cyber Sunday to capture the vacant title and begin her fourth reign as the Women's Champion.
    • On the November 20 edition of Raw, after defeating a blind-folded Mickie James in a non-title match, Lita announced that she would be retiring from WWE after her title match with James at Survivor Series.
    • Because of the off-screen issues with Matt Hardy, fans began to shout obscenities to her during her matches. By November, Dumas had decided to let her WWE contract expire and retire. At Survivor Series, on November 26, 2006, Lita was pinned by Mickie James, losing the Women's Championship in her final match in WWE.
    • After the match, Cryme Tyme humiliated Lita by selling her "personal items" in a "ho" sale. The day after her retirement, Lita stated that her plans to retire began around mid-2005, when the feud between Edge and Matt Hardy was at its height.
    • Because of her involvement in the feud, the harassment she received from some fans was so strong that she felt as if "even when [she] was walking the dog there was going to be someone yelling 'You screwed Matt!' out the window."
    • Eventually, she became so fed up with the treatment she was receiving from these fans, se decided that the only way to avoid such harassment was to retire altogether.
    • Lita made a special appearance on December 10, 2007 on Raw's 15th Anniversary Special by teaming up with former long-time rival Trish Stratus to rid the ring of Jillian Hall, and afterwards celebrating happily in the ring with Stratus.

    Championships held

    World Wrestling Entertainment

    WWE Women's Championship (4 times)​
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    • Francine worked for a life insurance company before deciding to become a professional wrestling valet. She was hired by Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) in December 1993 and trained with J.T. Smith at the ECW House of Hardcore training school, of which she was the first graduate.
    • In the summer of 1995, she debuted in ECW as a devoted fan of Stevie Richards, and she later became his on-screen girlfriend and manager. Although Richards was a part of Raven's Nest, Francine was not, as she hated Raven's valet, Beulah McGillicutty. This eventually led to ECW's first all-female "catfight" match on August 26, with Richards as the special guest referee. During the fight, Richards turned on her, allowing Beulah to win. Richards' interference was due to Raven's controlling influence.
    • Francine then allied herself with The Pitbulls tag team, who had left Raven's Nest, adopting a leather-clad dominatrix persona to fit with the Pitbulls' gimmick. She gained a measure of revenge by leading The Pitbulls to a victory over Richards and Raven for the ECW Tag Team Championships on September 16, 1995.
    • At Cyberslam '96 Francine and the Pitbulls defeated The Eliminators and Richards in a Dog Collar Match when Fournier pinned Richards after Richards was Superbombed by the Pitbulls.
    • On July 13, 1996 at Heatwave, Francine turned on The Pitbulls and became the manager of Shane Douglas, who she twice helped become ECW World Heavyweight Champion. During this time, she could also occasionally be found at ringside in support of Douglas' Triple Threat teammates Chris Candido and Bam Bam Bigelow.
    • She remained at the side of Douglas until he left ECW to return to World Championship Wrestling, at which point she became the manager of Tommy Dreamer,. In 2000, she left Dreamer and managed Raven, then Justin Credible until ECW declared bankruptcy in March 2001.
    • During her time with the company, Francine was powerbombed through tables and was on the receiving end of many piledrivers, as well as The Eliminators' Total Elimination.
    • On June 26, 2002, Francine participated in the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling lingerie battle royal for the Miss TNA Crown. On TNA's debut weekly PPV, Francine and Elektra had an in ring argument, leading Elektra to name Francine the reason for ECW's bankruptcy. Unfortunately for Francine she was eliminated by Elektra, Shannon and Miss Joni.
    • Francine was upset that she lost, so she began to whip Ed Ferrera with his own belt. Francine then got back in the ring, and started to whip Taylor Vaughn with Ed Ferrera's belt after she won the match.
    • The next week the two women had a match against each other. Francine took a leather strap out of her boot and started to whip and choke Taylor with it. Referee Scott Armstrong grabbed it and took it away but Taylor grabbed it from the him and proceeded to whip and choke Francine with it.
    • Armstrong tried to stop her, but Taylor hit him too causing her to be disqualified. Commentator Ed Ferrara got into the ring to help Francine, telling her she was the winner. Francine then put Ferrara's hand on her breast and slapped him for touching it, then whipped him with the leather strap.
    • Two weeks later Francine attacked Jasmine St. Claire while she was being interviewed by Goldylocks. The two had a match later that night which resulted in both women being stripped to their underwear.
    • It ended in a disqualification after interference by The Blue Meanie and Francine was taken away on a stretcher. This was her last appearance in TNA.
    • She made appearances with Major League Wrestling in 2003 as Michael Shane's manager and was later involved with the Women's Extreme Wrestling (as a "General Manager") and Hottest Ladies of Wrestling promotions. In 2005, She also appeared in Delaware Championship Wrestling, where she feuded with Talia Madison and Noel Harlow.
    • On June 10, 2005 Francine appeared at the ECW reunion show Hardcore Homecoming, where she acted as the valet of Shane Douglas.
    • On June 12, she appeared at World Wrestling Entertainment produced ECW One Night Stand 2005 reunion pay-per-view, interfering in the main event of Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman versus The Dudley Boyz. After she kicked Dreamer in the crotch, Francine was attacked by Dreamer's wife and former valet, Beulah McGillicutty.
    • On June 19, Francine apologized to her fans via her website for not disclosing that she was going to appear at One Night Stand, stating that the WWE had asked her to keep her appearance a surprise.
    • On May 5, 2006, World Wrestling Entertainment announced that Francine had signed a contract to appear on the newly created Extreme Championship Wrestling brand.
    • She made her first contracted appearance with the promotion on June 24, 2006 at a house show held in the New Alhambra Arena, defeating Kelly Kelly and Trinity in a bikini contest.
    • In the preceding few months, Francine frequently was beaten by Kelly Kelly in bikini contests (dubbed "Extreme Body Contests") held at house shows, designed to get Kelly Kelly over with the crowd. Francine made her television debut that night as she appeared backstage and shunned Paul Heyman alongside several other members of the ECW roster.
    • Francine eventually began acting as the valet of fellow "ECW Original" Balls Mahoney in his feud with Kevin Thorn to even the odds against him and Ariel, Thorn's valet. Francine made her return to television on the September 19, 2006 episode of ECW on Sci Fi.
    • On the following week's show, she made her in-ring debut as she wrestled Ariel to a no-contest in an "Extreme Catfight." She was released from her WWE contract on October 12, 2006.
    • Following her release from WWE, Francine announced her imminent retirement from professional wrestling on November 9, 2006. She has, however, returned to Women's Extreme Wrestling and makes frequent appearances at autograph signings.
    • Francine recently announced on her MySpace page that she will be producing another ECW reunion show entitled "Legends of the Arena". Proceeds from the show will be donated to the American Cancer Society to support the fight against cancer.
    Championships held

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    • Hayes made one appearance in Stampede Wrestling in Calgary, Alberta in 1988 as Brian Pillman's sister. She was dating Pillman at the time and they had her appear in the crowd to be harassed by the heels so that Pillman could get over as a face by standing up for her.
    • While attending the 1995 Super Bowl in Miami with former San Diego Padres baseball player Ron Gant, Hayes met the professional wrestler Raven at a nightclub.
    • She told Levy that she wanted back into wrestling and gave him some copies of the issue of Penthouse magazine that she had appeared in. He talked to his boss, Paul Heyman, and showed him the magazine, and Heyman agreed to hire her.
    • Beulah McGillicutty was introduced soon after the outset of the epic RavenTommy Dreamer feud. Her back story was that, while Raven and Dreamer (allegedly former childhood friends) had been attending a summer camp in their teens, they had met Beulah, who was overweight. Beulah had fallen in love with Tommy Dreamer, but he rejected her, so she slept with Raven.
    • Raven's lackey Stevie Richards brought Beulah (now a slim Penthouse model) to ECW so she could gain revenge on Dreamer by helping Raven. Beulah became Raven'svalet, and suffered several piledrivers at the hands of Dreamer during the course of the feud.
    • At the same time, Beulah feuded with Francine and Luna Vachon, and was involved in several "catfights" with each of them. Her first match was on June 17, 1995, when she pinned Luna after Richards hit her with a chair. In 1996, she claimed that she was pregnant and told a shocked Raven that it was Dreamer's baby, intensifying their feud. Beulah eventually left Raven and aligned herself with Dreamer.
    • However, at the 1996 Hostile City Showdown Shane Douglas informed Dreamer that Beulah was never pregnant, and also had been cheating on him. When Dreamer demanded to know who with (suspecting Douglas) Douglas pointed to Raven's new valet Kimona Wanalaya, who proceeded to kiss Beulah to the mat. After some hesitation, Dreamer kissed both women, proclaiming "I'll take em both, I'm hardcore!"
    • In 1997, Beulah and Dreamer teamed up for a few intergender tag team matches against Francine and Douglas, with Beulah surprising fans by performing moonsaults in the matches.
    • Later in the same year she defeated Bill Alfonso in what Paul Heyman claimed was one of the most brutal matches in ECW history.
    • When the ECW wrestlers invaded the World Wrestling Federation, appearing on an episode of Monday Night Raw, Beulah was at Dreamer's side.
    • In 1998, Beulah was attacked by Justin Credible and was put out of action. She returned to help Dreamer feud with Credible and his entourage. A few months later, Hayes grew tired of wrestling and Beulah was written out of storylines via The Dudley Boyz breaking her neck with their Dudley Death Drop maneuver.
    • Beulah returned to the ring on June 12, 2005, at the World Wrestling Entertainment-produced ECW One Night Stand pay-per-view.
    • She interfered in the main event, helping Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman, but their opponents, The Dudley Boyz, won despite her efforts.
    • Beulah was involved in a catfight with Francine, who had just kicked Dreamer in the crotch.
    • On June 7, 2006, it was announced that Beulah would be in the corner of Dreamer and Terry Funk against Mick Foley and Edge as an equalizer to Lita. On the day of the PPV, the tag match was later changed to a six-person mixed tag match pitting Edge, Foley, and Lita against Dreamer, Funk, and herself.
    • Wrestling barefoot, Beulah handled Lita and appeared on the bottom of a catfight. Dreamer, Funk, and Beulah would lose the match when Edge speared and pinned Beulah with a cover that resembled the "legs up" version of the missionary position. She was under contract with World Wrestling Entertainment in 2006.

    Championships held


    Interesting facts
    • During college, she worked as a stripper and adult model, appearing in Cheri, High Society and Penthouse magazines under the stage name Trinity. She also appeared in a solo striptease/*********ion video, Day Dreaming, under the name Amanda Day.
    • Her children, twins Brianna and Kimberly Laughlin, appeared in the season six episode of "The Sopranos" called "The Ride" as Domenica Baccalieri Tony Soprano's baby niece.
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    Francine "The Queen Of Extreme" Fournier...Wow. She was possibly the greatest manager in ECW history. She was always a good manager, but the feud between Shane and the Pitbulls really put her over the top. Her heel turn was done perfectly. Also, towards the end of ECW, her character was great, when she was managing Justin Credible, but was holding out sex, waiting for him to win the gold. This also led to a Missy Hyatt appearance.

    Beulah was great during her time, but more because of her fighting than as a manager. Yeah, she had some moments during the Raven v. Dreamer feud, but she could never do anything to beat the match with Bill Alfonso. There was more blood in that match, than anything involving Axl and Ian Rotten.
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    Cheerleader Melissa
    Raisha Saeed
    • While training at Billy Anderson's school, she met the Ballard Brothers (Shannon and Shane) who were using the gimmick of hockey players, similar to the Hanson Twins from Slap Shot. They were looking for a valet and due to their sporting gimmick, Anderson took on the role of a heel and the gimmick of a cheerleader, despite them not playing a part in ice hockey.
    • They toured the West Coast, mostly appearing with All Pro Wrestling where she would interfere in matches, often using high-flying moves. As Cheerleader Melissa she also received training from Christopher Daniels for a short period of time before moving on to All Pro Wrestling where she trained under the tutelage of Robert Thompson and "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson.
    • After gaining experience from ring side, Cheerleader Melissa eventually had her first proper match on her 17th birthday against Lexie Fyfe in a losing effort at an outdoor carnival event. In 2001 she entered into Ultimate Pro Wrestling and lost a tag team match alongside Looney Lane which led to a feud between the two.
    • The first loss in the tag team match would be her only one with the company as she went on to win a grudge match between the two followed by a succession of mixed tag matches, first with Shannon Ballard and then alongside both Ballard Brothers, beating Lane and Frankie Kazarian in the mixed tag match as well as Nova in the final six-person intergender tag match.
    • The following year, in the Summer of 2002, Melissa was personally invited to wrestle and train for three months in Japan for the now-defunct promotion ARSION. She was selected alongside Taylor Matheny who had recently received exposure in World Wrestling Entertainment's Tough Enough programme and thus Anderson received much internet attention by association.
    • Among the rigorous training schedule she wrestled what she claims to be some of her favourite matches, particularly a 15-minute draw against Rie Tamada and her loss to Mariko Yoshida. Also as a present for her 20th birthday, which she celebrated out there, she was allowed to tag team with veteran female wrestler Lioness Aska.
    • After Melissa returned from Japan, her days of being a valet were over and Melissa became a full time wrestler. Moving on from her pre-Japan feud with Nikki, she continued to wrestle for APW winning its Above The Law Championship from Robert Thompson in July 2004. Under her reign it was renamed the Future Legends Championship, the title under which she lost it to Daizee Haze the following year before winning it back and retiring the belt.
    • In October, APW associated itself with the newly formed, all-female tournament promotion ChickFight. In the first event, staged under the APW banner for their Halloween Hell weekend, Melissa made it through two rounds only to be defeated in a steel cage match for the final round by luchadora Princess Sugey. She would become a staple of ChickFight, appearing at the first ten of their major events, missing the eleventh event due to injury sustained less than a week before the show; she is scheduled to appear at the next event under her Raisha Saeed character.
    • She made the final in the first two tournaments but exited the third in the first round after a double disqualification during a match with former rival Nikki, now under her better known name Sara Del Rey. Melissa won ChickFight V tournament, beating Jazz in the final and also went on to win ChickFight VII: The UK vs The USA tournament when it moved from the United States over to the United Kingdom pinning 'The Jezebel' Eden Black in the last match.
    • However, the focus of ChickFight VII was on the controversial ending to her first match that saw Sweet Saraya's head hung in the ropes, Melissa continued to assault her despite being trapped until the referee ended the match and Saraya was stretchered from ringside. As Melissa celebrated her tournament victory Saraya reappeared and threatened Melissa.
    • The feud was cut short during a pre-match brawl for Real Quality Wrestling in June that saw the two brawl both in and outside of the building and ended with Melissa winning shortly after Saraya was thrown on an already utilised aluminium can, tearing through her ligament and leaving her hospitalised. She was forced to forfeit her ChickFight IX: Our Final Chance match the following day and would not wrestle again for six months.
    • Meanwhile, Melissa had begun a new feud. She did not participate in the tournament at ChickFight VIII but instead had a rematch against Eden Black for the newly created Transatlantic Women's Championship which she won. Later in the show she successfully defended the title against Croatian wrestler Wesna Busic.
    • The two had met years previously when her internet celebrity saw her invited to German Stampede Wrestling to face Wesna in a losing effort at International Impact I. After defending her Transatlantic Championship at ChickFight VII, their next CF meeting saw Wesna defend her RQW Women's Championship fought under ChickFight Rules (no disqualification and falls count anywhere) which saw the two go to a forty-five minute time limit draw.
    • This left the two at 1-1 and so a decisive match was to be held at ChickFight X but this ended in controversy when Wesna claimed that her tap out was merely an attempt to grab the rope for a rope break; their rematch later that night saw Wesna pick up the victory leaving them drawn again at 2-2. CF XI was originally slated to be a two out of three falls match to find a decisive victory until Melissa pulled out due to injury.
    • After the success of ChickFight, Dave Prazak and Allison Danger set up Shimmer Women Athletes, a promotion with ties to Prazak's Ring of Honor intending to raise the credibility of women's wrestling on an international scale. As with CF, Melissa has been a staple of Shimmer and has appeared at all their events. Her first match with the promotion was for Volume 1 in a losing effort to MsChif, starting a wild feud between the two.
    • The loss saw Melissa demand a special attraction rematch - the match would be Shimmer's first hardcore match, fought under Falls Count Anywhere rules and helped Melissa gain the victory after nearly thirty minutes of wrestling at Volume 4. MsChif took her revenge at Volume 5 by distracting Melissa during a match with Allison Danger, causing her to lose the match.
    • Naturally the rivalry was not abaited and their next match, main eventing Volume 6, was declared a Last Woman Standing Match to allow for both wrestlers to fight out their fury with MsChif eventually coming out on top. Further interferences took an interesting turn at Volume 7 when Melissa came out during MsChif's match against Rain. However, before she could interfere, Rain's partner Lacey pushed her to the ground while trying to distract the referee in order to allow Rain to use an illegal weapon; an incensed Melissa fought back against Lacey in time for the referee to see the foreign object in the ring and declare MsChif the winner via disqualification.
    • Melissa had won her main event match, Lacey and Rain (The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew), ambushed her with a beat down until MsChif ran out, saving her nemesis before leaving her to celebrate the victory.
    • The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew had threatened Melissa for involving herself in their plans against MsChif and similarly threatened MsChif for being in the way of ambushing Melissa and, after declaring themselves the best tag team in the world, demanded a match with the two for Volume 8 which became the penultimate bout of the evening. The Home Wrecking Crew's experience won out over MsChif and Melissa's fury when a double team maneuvre led to MsChif being pinned; after the match Melissa and MsChif shook hands as a sign of respect.
    • The two would meet again three months later over the pond in RQW's 2007 No Pain, No Gain event challenging Eden Black for the RQW Women's Championship but both came up short. The match served to build up interest for the aforementioned ChickFight VII: The UK vs The USA where Melissa would secure a victory against Black. She also beat MsChif in the semi-final.
    • At RQW's Taking On The World the three met again with MsChif and Black teaming up in a losing effort against Melissa and Black's nemesis Jetta. This bout did not prevent the two from teaming up in Shimmer still, with Melissa getting a return victory from her debut match against The Experience (Lexie Fyfe and Malia Hosaka), though it was won with MsChif pinning Malia. The team main evented Volume 17, taking on an erstwhile enemy of Melissa again in the form of Sara Del Rey, alongside her Dangerous Angels partner Allison Danger.
    • This time it was Melissa making the pinfall after an Air Raid Crash. Despite these string of successes, the tag team did not compete during the Volume 21 tag team gauntlet for the Shimmer Tag Team Championship. The two have met again since in a match for the NWA World Women's Championship for Pro Wrestling Revolution where MsChif successfully defended the title.
    • Melissa has a considerable record in Shimmer, winning fourteen of her twenty-two matches. However, in the tournament to crown the first Shimmer Champion, she lost in only the first round to Sarah Stock. Her other two chances to fight for gold have been similarly unsuccessful, with her losing a staggered entry 21 woman battle royal and a Four Corners match, both for #1 Contendership.
    • Melissa and Wesna faced each other for the fifth time on May 2, 2009, at the tapings of Volume 23. Annie Social interfered in the match and helped Wesna pick up the win turning her heel in the process. The following night, at the tapings of Volume 26, Melissa defeated Wesna via knockout in a "Knockout or Submission Match".
    • On the January 10 edition of TNA Impact! Melissa made her debut Total Nonstop Action Wrestling debut as an unknown woman wearing a burqa, later named Raisha Saeed and billed from Syria.
    • She was in Awesome Kong's corner when Kong defeated Gail Kim to win the TNA Women's Knockout Championship. Her first pay-per-view appearance with the company was again in Kong's corner at Against All Odds, distracting Kong's opponent O.D.B to help her retain the Knockout Championship.
    • The situation with Gail Kim and O.D.B. intensified, leading to Anderson's first as a competitor with the promotion. At TNA's all-steel cage event Lockdown, she and Awesome Kong took on Kim and O.D.B. in a tag-team match where Anderson was pinned by Kim.
    • On the May 1, 2008 edition of Impact!, Anderson appeared as her signature Cheerleader Melissa gimmick and defeated Daisy Haze in a singles match. Despite speculation that her cheerleader character would be debuting, this was merely a special attraction match and she appeared as Raisha Saeed later on the same night, continuing to manage Kong.
    • On the July 3, 2008 edition of Impact!, Saeed lost a match against newcomer Taylor Wilde which saw Wilde become number one contender for the Knockout Championship despite outside interference from Kong.
    • Wilde won the title and successfully defended it at Victory Road leading to Kong and Saeed attempting to attack Wilde post-match, however Abyss came out to intervene and stared down Awesome Kong. This led to Saeed slapping Abyss; Abyss responded by delivering a Black Hole Slam on Saeed.
    • In September her costume became a focal point for angles as Saeed became a more regular in-ring performer. On September 4's Impact! O.D.B. pinned her and then chased her backstage, coming out later with the burqa. Awesome Kong hit O.D.B. in the back of the head while Saeed ran to reclaim her attire, her face masked by her hair at the time.
    • Later that month Roxxi used a burqa to disguise herself as Saeed while Kong was facing newcomer Mercedes Steele. After the match Roxxi removed her disguise and attacked Kong with a steel chair, while Saeed appeared at the top of the entrance ramp bound in ropes (implying that she had been abducted by Roxxi prior to the match).
    • Kong took revenge, pinning Roxxi in a tag effort also involving Saeed and Wilde respectively but Roxxi would make a return pin on Saeed in a singles match weeks later. Kong and Saeed soon aligned themselves with exotic Knockout Rhaka Khan. On the November 6 edition of Impact!
    • Khan substituted for Roxxi as Wilde's tag team partner against Kong and Saeed in a match commentator Mike Tenay described as Khan's last chance to prove herself. In the event Khan turned on Wilde during the match to help Kong make the pinfall but her good luck was short lived as Kong and Saeed, with Khan in their corner, lost to Wilde and Roxxi in a tag team match at Turning Point.
    • Saeed lost to Christy Hemme on the November 27 edition of Impact!, allowing her to challenge for Kong's belt at Final Resolution but Saeed caused a disqualification, giving Hemme the win but retaining the belt for Kong. Through December Khan and Saeed were joined in their support for Kong by newcomer Sojourner Bolt; the group dubbed themselves the Kongtourage and took on ODB, Roxxi and Hemme in a losing effort during a Street Fight on January 15.
    • Hemme was scheduled for a rematch at Genesis however she suffered a legitimate injury prior to the match and the Kongtourage impromptu number one contender match was made at the pay-per-view with ODB picking up the victory, teaming to gain a future title shot. The Kongtourage finally picked up a victory over ODB in a four-on-one handicap match on January 29's Impact!
    • The Kongtourage rapidly fell into disarray, though, when Sojourner Bolt won a number one contender battle royal in early February and a fortnight later Khan expressed her dissatisfaction with the group leading to a tag match that Khan and Bolt, who were being portrayed as fan favorites now, won.
    • Saeed's attempts to interfere in the Knockouts Championship match at Destination X were unsuccessful but Kong still managed to retain her title. Kong would eventually drop the Title to Angelina Love at Lockdown 2009.
    • As well as being a regular for APW, ChickFight, Shimmer and TNA, Melissa continues to tour the independent circuit working for a number of different promotions. She has had two stints in the National Wrestling Alliance affiliate Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling.
    • In her second run, during September 2005, she had a short feud with Nattie Neidhart, taking her on in a singles match where Neidhart won using her Sharpshooter after some interference from Belle Lovitz.
    • Enraged by interference, Melissa formed an impromptu tag team with Tiffany, Girls Gone Wrestling, and pinned Nattie after an Air Raid Crash.
    • The following day she lost a SuperGirls Championship match against the reigning Rebecca Knox due to some interference, this time from Scotty Mac. Girls Gone Wrestling teamed up again to take Mac and his partner Ladies Choice in a Men Vs Women tag match that Melissa won with a pin.
    • Also in 2005 she wrestled at Givin Em The Bizness for IWA: Mid-South in a six way elimination match for the NWA Midwest Women's Championship against champion Ariel as well as MsChif, Mickie Knuckles, Sara Del Rey and eventual winner Daizee Haze.
    • In March 2006 she wrestled a string of matches for Pure Wrestling Association winning their Elite Women's Championship in a match against 21st Century Fox and defending it successfully against her but losing it back to her in a three way match, also including Misty Haven.
    • Melissa has participated in WWE workouts with Ivory, Molly Holly, and Jazz. She also had a tryout match on the May 26, 2006 edition of WWE Heat. Wrestling under her birth name, Melissa Anderson fell to a Widow's Peak by Victoria in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    • On January 7, 2007, Melissa won Pro Wrestling World-1's inaugural Queen's Cup tournament. After beating Melissa Strips in the first round, she received a bye through to the final to face Allison Danger.
    • During an autograph session, she attacked Danger to the point where she was said to not to be able to compete, though Danger fought through her injury. By winning, Melissa earned herself a number one contendership for the AWA World Women's Championship, a match she never competed in.
    Championships held

    All Pro Wrestling
    APW Future Legend Championship (2 times)

    ChickFight Transatlantic Women's Championship (1 time)
    ChickFight V winner
    ChickFight VII winner

    Pure Wrestling Association

    PWA Elite Women's Championship (1 time)

    Pro Wrestling World-1
    Queen's Cup (2007)
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    requested by Jane



    • Drew started in the wrestling business in January 1999 as a manager in IWF. She also began training to become a wrestler around that time with Gino Caruso at ECPW and worked as a manager and an occasional wrestler in various federations on the east coast.
    • By 2003, she was working primarily as a wrestler. She bounced around the independent circuit until September 2005. The same year Drew started wrestling for Ohio Valley Wrestling relocating to Louisville, Kentucky.
    • In 2006, Drew was signed to a developmental contract by World Wrestling Entertainment.
    • Drew made her debut as Cherry Pie, valet of The Throwbacks (Deuce and Domino) in Ohio Valley Wrestling. She became part of their 1950s gimmick, wearing poodle skirts and roller skates and chewing gum at all times.
    • In mid 2006, she dropped the "Pie" part of her ring name to become known as "Cherry". At the end of 2006, Shawn Spears and Cody Runnels defeated The Throwbacks in a tag team match, and won the services of Cherry.
    • Cherry accompanied Spears and Runnels to ringside, and soon Spears began to have a crush on her, which began interfering in their matches. Cherry turned on Spears and Runnels, however, and helped Deuce 'n Domino win the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship.
    • Cherry made her WWE debut on the January 19, 2007 edition of Smackdown! managing Deuce 'n Domino, though she was rarely physically involved in their matches. On the April 20, edition of SmackDown!, Cherry was in the corner of Deuce 'n Domino when they captured the WWE Tag Team Championship.
    • On March 7, 2008 edition of SmackDown! Cherry competed in a Swimsuit Contest, along with Maryse, Victoria, Eve Torres, and Michelle McCool.
    • On the March 28, 2008 episode of SmackDown! Cherry turned face by teaming with Michelle McCool to defeat Victoria and Maryse. She made her WWE singles match debut defeating Victoria with a rollup after a distraction from Michelle McCool on the April 18 2008 edition of Smackdown. On April 27, 2008 the tenth annual Backlash pay-per-view saw Cherry made her pay-per-view debut in a 12 Diva Tag Team match, which her team lost.
    • On a exclusive, she was dumped by Deuce and Domino for Maryse when they announced that they wanted nothing more to do with her after her unannounced departure from them. Maryse proceeded to provoke Cherry after their announcement, only to get slapped for her troubles.
    • She went on to pick up two singles victories over Maryse.
    • Cherry then went on into a minor fued with Natalya. Natalya debuted with a win over Cherry via the Sharpshooter. Over the weeks to come, Natalya continued to defeat Cherry, most notably at Vickie Guerrero's wedding.
    • As a condition of catching Guererro's bouquet, Cherry won a match against her but first had to face Natalya. Natalya quickly submitted her with the Sharpshooter. Following this, Guererro rang the bell on a match against Cherry, pinning her for the victory. Cherry was released from her WWE contract on August 15, 2008.

    Championships held

    Jersey Championship Wrestling

    JCW Women's Championship (1 time) ​
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    It's a shame Cherry was never given a chance to be more than a valet. While I think the role is something that needs to be brought back to the WWE, she could've been something fresh for the women's division. I'm not saying she'd bring back the era of Trish v. Lita, but she has a different look, and a different attitude than the other Divas.

    I personally think she was one of the best looking, but from what rumors I heard, she was fired because she didn't have the "look" WWE wanted for their Divas. Hopefully, we'll see her pop up somewhere else, and in a better gimmick...
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    The People in charge of the Divas are idiots. all there current Divas are made out of plastic and when they finally get a good looking one who hasn't had any plastic surgery (that I know of) and can wrestle pretty damn good they fire her. This is why the WWE Divas division sucks
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    I thought Cherry had a lot of potential. I thought she was a fresh face to be seen because she didn't look like everyother diva they hire. There was a possibility she could have brought something different and new to the table. I'm not to sure about her wrestling skills because we never saw much of them on WWE television. So I won't comment on them. But she wasn't a bad valet and it would have been good to give her a chance with another team or give her a longer chance when she was on her own. I also don't like how the diva's have to have a certain look. I thought she looked pretty good but maybe that's just me who thought that. I hope that she has improved her wrestling skills even if they were good and who knows we might see her back on WWE tv or maybe TNA tv someday.
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    Real name: Lisa Moretti

    • In her youth, Lisa Moretti wrestled with her two brothers and sister. Later, while attending the University of Southern California, Moretti was—in her own words—"dragged by a friend" to an audition held by the newly-formed Las Vegas, Nevada-based Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW).
    • She was successful in her audition and went on to train under Mando Guerrero for six weeks, before beginning to wrestle in GLOW under the ring name Tina Ferrari. Moretti also formed a tag team with Ashley Cartier, known as T & A, with whom she won the GLOW Tag Team Championship.
    • She also defeated Colonel Ninotchka to win the vacant GLOW Championship, represented by a crown. She later wrestled for the Powerful Women of Wrestling promotion under the ring names Nina and Tina Moretti, winning the PWOW Championship.
    • In March 1999, Moretti returned to wrestling, signing a contract with the World Wrestling Federation. Her first appearance in WWF was accompanying the The Godfather, a "pimp"-character who was accompanied by women called "hos", to the ring.
    • On the February 13, 1999 episode of Raw Moretti was introduced as Ivory, the love interest of Mark Henry. Moretti acted as the valet for the tag team of Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown, Moretti made her televised WWF in-ring debut on the February 15 episode of Raw, teaming with Brown to face Jeff Jarrett and Debra in an intergender tag team match that ended in a no-contest.
    • Moretti faced Debra in a singles match on the March 1 episode of Raw, defeating Debra by disqualification after she was attacked by the Pretty Mean Sisters (Jacqueline Moore and Terri Runnels). At WrestleMania XV on March 28, Moretti accompanied D'Lo Brown and Test to the ring for their World Tag Team Championship title match against Jarrett and Owen Hart. Jarrett and Hart retained their title following interference from Moore, Runnels, and Debra.
    • During this time, the women in the WWF were known more for their appearances rather than their wrestling abilities, and featuring women in strip matches or farcical "slop matches"—a match that takes place in a pool full of slop—was common.
    • Moretti, who was a trained wrestler, won the Women's Championship on June 14, by defeating Debra and defended her title against Tori at SummerSlam on August 22. Moretti continued to feud with Tori in the weeks following SummerSlam, defeating her in the first ever WWF women's hardcore match on September 6.
    • Next, Moretti was challenged by Luna Vachon, who Moretti defeated in a farcical hardcore match at Unforgiven on September 26. SLAM! Wrestling called the match "pointless and senseless".
    • In Octo ber 1999, Moretti feuded with the The Fabulous Moolah, who defeated her for the Women's Championship on October 17, 1999 at No Mercy in what John Powell of SLAM! Wrestling called the "worst match I've ever seen".
    • She defeated Moolah in a rematch on the October 25 episode of Raw to win her second Women's Championship. Her second title reign ended with a loss to Miss Kitty, an un-trained wrestler, in a Four Corners Evening Gown Pool match—a match where a wrestler wins by stripping the evening gown off of her opponents—on December 12 at Armageddon.
    • In late 1999, Moretti began playing a more conservative character. On January 23, 2000 at the Royal Rumble, she grudgingly took part in the "Miss Royal Rumble" swimsuit contest, which was won by Mae Young.
    • She challenged Jacqueline for the Women's Championship on March 9, but she was unsuccessful. After an absence, Moretti returned to WWF television in September 2000 as a member of an alliance of conservative wrestlers known as Right to Censor.
    • The change in character saw her don less suggestive ring attire and more conservative hairstyles. Moretti quickly began a rivalry with Women's Champion Lita, winning the Women's Championship by defeating Lita, Jacqueline, and Trish Stratus in a Fatal Four-Way match.
    • She retained the title against Lita at the Survivor Series on November 19—with the assistance of Right to Censor leader Steven Richards—in a match that SLAM! Wrestling claimed "illustrated to what heights women's wrestling is capable of reaching in North America if the right talent is permitted to strut their stuff in a wrestling ring and not a pit full of jello."
    • Moretti also retained her title in a Triple Threat match against Stratus and Molly Holly at Armageddon on December 10. Ivory and the Right to Censor began feuding with Chyna after the latter posed for Playboy in late 2000.
    • On the December 7 episode of Raw, Moretti and Val Venis delivered a double-team piledriver to Chyna, which in storyline, injured her neck. Chyna challenged Moretti for the Women's Championship at the Royal Rumble on January 21, 2001.
    • Moretti retained her title when she pinned Chyna, who had appeared to re-aggravate her neck injury. Chyna challenged Moretti for the title once more at WrestleMania X-Seven on April 1 and defeated Moretti in a brief match, ending Moretti's third reign as Women's Champion. Right to Censor disbanded on April 26, 2001.
    • Moretti returned to WWF television on the August 6 episode of Raw, joining The Alliance during The Invasion, a storyline where the former wrestlers of World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling formed an alliance and "invaded" the WWF.
    • Moretti formed an alliance with former WCW wrestlers Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler after helping them defeat Jacqueline in a handicap match, but she eventually became the valet for Lance Storm. At No Mercy, Moretti accompanied Storm and The Hurricane to the ring, but the Hardy Boyz defeated the two men to retain their WCW World Tag Team Championship.
    • Moretti went on to compete in the women's division, and on November 18 at the Survivor Series, she participated in a six-pack challenge for the vacant Women's Championship, which Trish Stratus won.
    • In early 2002, Moretti served as a trainer in the second series of Tough Enough. After the World Wrestling Federation was renamed "World Wrestling Entertainment" and the roster was split into two "brands"—Raw and SmackDown!—Moretti was drafted to the SmackDown! brand. Along with several other SmackDown! wrestlers, Moretti was traded to Raw in exchange for The Big Show in November 2002.
    • Throughout the remainder of 2002, she teamed with Victoria and feuded with Trish Stratus. Throughout 2003, Moretti wrestled sporadically in the women's division. Her only pay-per-view appearance in the course of the year was on December 14 at Armageddon, where she unsuccessfully challenged Molly Holly for the Women's Championship.
    • She also served as a trainer on the third season of Tough Enough and did broadcasting duties at WWE events. Moretti also spent eight weeks working as a trainer at the WWE developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling.
    • In May of that year, she and Todd Grisham began hosting WWE Experience, a weekly television show that recapped events from Raw and SmackDown!. On July 22, 2005, several weeks before WWE Experience ended in August 2005, WWE announced that Moretti's contract would not be renewed.
    • Moretti began wrestling sporadically on the independent circuit under her own name. On November 19, 2005 in Spartanburg, South Carolina at "A Tribute to Starrcade", she teamed with Bambi to defeat Team Blondage (Krissy Vaine and Amber O'Neal) for the CCW Tag Team Championship.
    • On April 21, 2006 in Surrey, British Columbia, Moretti defeated Rebecca Knox for Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling NWA SuperGirls Championship. She also successfully retained her title in a match the following night.
    • Afterward, she decided to stay with ECCW to help create a strong women's division. She held the title for approximately five months before losing it to Nattie Neidhart on October 8, 2006. By her own ad mission, Moretti enjoyed working on the independent circuit.

    Championships held

    Carolina Championship Wrestling
    CCW Women's Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Bambi

    Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

    GLOW Championship (1 time)
    GLOW Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Ashley Cartier

    Powerful Women of Wrestling

    PWOW Championship (2 times)
    SuperGirls Wrestling
    NWA SuperGirls Championship (1 time)

    World Wrestling Federation
    WWF Women's Championship (3 times)
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    Sorry it took me son long guys here's the next one.

    requested by: NSL


    Real name: Lisa Marie Varon
    • After moving to Los Angeles, Varon worked as a trainer at the gym Crunch Fitness, where she met World Wrestling Federation wrestler Chyna, who complimented Varon on her appearance and encouraged her to become a wrestler. Varon put together a biography package and sent it to the WWF. She heard from Kevin Kelly two days later, who asked her for an interview in a month's time.
    • With no previous wrestling experience, she looked up professional wrestling schools on the internet and trained at Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW) in Southern California in June 2000.
    • She wrestled under the ring name Head Bitch In Charge (HBIC) and appeared in a cheerleading outfit, with a snooty gimmick similar to WCW Nitro Girl Miss Hancock. She impressed WWE talent scout Bruce Pritchard during her first UPW show.
    • Varon made her on-screen debut in the WWF portraying one of The Godfather's hos. She was referred to as the "head ho" and led the "Save the Hos" campaign. On the August 7 episode of Raw, Varon took a bump by being thrown through a table by The Godfather's next persona, The Goodfather.
    • After this, she was given the name Victoria. She was removed from television in November and sent to WWF's developmental territory Memphis Championship Wrestling (MCW) for extensive training. Victoria briefly acted as the commissioner for MCW and was involved in storyline feuds with Stacy Carter and Ivory.
    • She also managed Steve Bradley before MCW closed. Varon later moved to Louisville, Kentucky to train in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) using the ring name Queen Victoria. She was placed as the manager of the tag team the Basham Brothers and managed one of the team members, Doug Basham, to win the OVW Heavyweight Championship on July 25, 2001.
    • Varon returned to the renamed World Wrestling Entertainment as Victoria on the July 7, 2002 episode of Sunday Night Heat in an angle with WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus, who Victoria claimed betrayed her when they worked together as fitness models.
    • The storyline had her character become a demented, sadistic villain as she and Stratus feuded for months. At Survivor Series, Victoria was booked to defeat Stratus in a Hardcore match to win the Women's Championship for the first time.
    • After a successful title defense against Stacy Keibler the next night on Raw, Victoria was attacked in the ring by Stratus. Steven Richards came to her rescue, starting an on-screen relationship between Victoria and Richards.
    • Victoria continued to feud with Stratus into 2003, competing against her in successful title defenses and tag team matches during which Victoria teamed with Richards. At WrestleMania XIX, Victoria dropped the Women's Title back to Stratus during a Triple Threat match that also included Jazz.
    • Throughout the rest of the year, Victoria was involved in matches against other Divas, such as participating in a Fatal Four-Way match for the Women's Title at Judgment Day and defeating Lita in the first women's steel cage match in WWE history on November 24.
    • Victoria also defeated Ivory in a number one contender's match for the Women's Title on the last edition for Sunday Night Heat of 2003. After the match, Women's Champion Molly Holly struck Victoria in the head with the title belt. The next week on Raw, Victoria became a fan favorite when she attacked Holly after the two women were placed in a team, along with Miss Jackie, for a six woman Happy Holidays tag team match.
    • The angle with Holly continued into the next year, with Victoria defeating Holly in tag team matches. On February 23, 2004, Victoria was booked to defeat Holly, Lita and Jazz in a Fatal Four-Way Elimination match to win her second Women's Title.
    • After defeating Holly in a tag team match the next week, Victoria was challenged by Holly to a rematch for the title at WrestleMania XX, which later became a Hair vs Title match. At the pay-per-view, Victoria won the match and shaved Holly's head bald.
    • She kept the Women's Championship until June 13, when she dropped the title to Trish Stratus during a Fatal Four-Way match at Bad Blood and subsequently lost a rematch a week later. After defeating Molly Holly at Vengeance to become the number one contender, Victoria lost a match to Stratus at Unforgiven.
    • Prior to Unforgiven, several of Victoria's matches were interrupted by a mysterious person in drag, who was later revealed to be Steven Richards, with whom she was previously allied. After the match with Stratus, the storyline culminated when Richards challenged Stratus' ally Tyson Tomko to a match, which Richards lost.
    • On May 30, 2005, Victoria participated in a swimsuit competition, losing to Christy Hemme. Following the loss, the storyline had Victoria become a villain by attacking the other contestants, as well as host Jerry Lawler, claiming that she had enough of the attention Hemme was receiving.
    • The two engaged in a short feud which ended at Vengeance in a match that Victoria won. Continuing with her villainous persona, Victoria was placed in an angle alongside Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson (collectively known as the Ladies in Pink and later Vince's Devils) on August 29, portraying the role of the group's enforcer, as the three women joined forces against the 2005 Diva Search winner Ashley Massaro.
    • Massaro was assisted in the storyline feud by Trish Stratus, and at Unforgiven, Victoria and Wilson were defeated by Stratus and Massaro. The angle continued into WWE Homecoming, where the Ladies in Pink lost a Handicap Bra and Panties match to Stratus and Massaro.
    • On the March 6, 2006 episode of Raw, Victoria and Candice turned on Wilson during Candice's Playboy cover unveiling, starting an angle between the former teammates. A scheduled match was set to take place at WWE Saturday Night's Main Event on the March 18 edition with Victoria and Candice against Wilson and Stratus.
    • As part of the storyline, however, on the episode of Raw prior to the event, Wilson was found unconscious with the implication being that Victoria and Candice had attacked her. The match eventually took place on March 27 with Victoria and Candice being defeated.
    The alliance of Victoria and Candice fell apart during a tag team match on July 17, in which Victoria and Mickie James were defeated by Wilson and Stratus, with Candice as the guest referee.

    • Victoria was given a character push on November 27 after she was booked to win a number one contender's Divas battle royal. She gained additional notoriety from the match when it was reported that her kick to Candice Michelle's face resulted in a legitimate broken nose that required surgery.
    • Following the victory, the angle had her carry a checklist to the ring which contained the names of other Divas. Each week she checked a name off the list after defeating them in matches.
    • She also defeated Women's Champion Mickie James in a non-title match. Victoria lost the championship match at New Year's Revolution and a rematch on January 15, 2007.
    • On June 17, Victoria was moved to the SmackDown brand as part of the WWE Draft. She became involved in an on-screen relationship with Kenny Dykstra, and the duo was placed in feuds against Torrie Wilson and Jimmy Wang Yang, as well as Michelle McCool and Chuck Palumbo.
    • While on a tour of Europe with WWE in December 2007, Varon claimed to have legitimately broken McCool's nose. She later allied herself with her "best friend" Natalya.
    • In October and November 2008, Victoria found herself on the losing end of matches with the debuting Brie Bella, when Bella disappeared under the ring during matches and reappeared seemingly "refreshed," eventually revealed to be Brie swapping places with twin sister Nikki Bella.
    • Varon competed in her final WWE match on January 13, 2009, at a SmackDown! taping (aired January 16, 2009). She lost to Michelle McCool. Varon later announced her departure from the WWE on her MySpace page.
    • After leaving WWE, she began training for a career in mixed martial arts and practiced Jiu Jitsu. She returned to WWE for one night in April 2009, when she was part of the 25 Divas battle royal at WrestleMania XXV, outlasting the five other former WWE divas, before being eliminated by The Bella Twins.
    • On May 24, 2009, it was officially confirmed by TNA that Varon had signed a contract with them. Varon debuted on the May 28, 2009 edition of TNA Impact! under the ring name Tara as a face attacking The Beautiful People after Angelina Love's match with Sojournor Bolt.

    Championships held

    World Wrestling Entertainment

    WWE Women's Championship (2 times) ​

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