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Discussion in 'TNA Region' started by Slyfox696, Mar 8, 2009.

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    1st Round Upsets

    #38 Jumbo Tsuruta over #27 Vince McMahon
    #35 Low Ki over #30 Larry Zybszko

    WCW Bracket Winner: #1 Randy Savage – He’s the best overall worker in the tournament, but to win this region he’ll have to go through some stiff competition.

    Best Cinderella possibility (#20 seed or lower) - #60 Santino Marella – For two reasons. 1) It will depend on if all the Santino fans come out of their hiding spots 2) There was no one else who has a shot.

    First Top Ten seed to be out - #5 Roddy Piper – He has the toughest first few rounds of any of the Top 10.

    1st Round Match to Watch: #3 Chris Jericho vs. #62 Bobby Eaton – While Eaton doesn’t have a prayer at winning this match, he and Jericho should be able to put on arguably the best opening round match of the tournament. To incredibly skilled workers who can work face or heel make this one a must-see match.

    1st Round Match to avoid: #17 William Regal vs. #48 George Hackenshmidt – If you say you are looking forward to this match, then you are kidding yourself.

    The Breakdown:

    Given the recent thread in the Old School section, it’d be VERY interesting to see what would happen if Savage and Flair met up in the regional finals. Which would be a nice change, because I don’t see much of interest going on in this region. Most of the first round higher seeds should win, and the higher seed should win the majority of the matches. Out of all 4 regions, this one has the least appeal in my opinion.
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    I agree with just about everything, but the upsets. I think they'll happen, but I think there's bigger ones out there.

    On my bracket, I have 50 King Kong Bundy beating 15 Dean Malenko. I like Malenko, but he's too small for anything he has to beat Bundy. I also have 43 Chavo Guerrero over 22 JBL. If people vote based on Chavo's time in WCW, he'd beat JBL 9 times out of 10. It'll be a close match, but I'm pretty sure my vote is going to Chavo.

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