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    1st Round Upsets

    #35 Ricky Morton over #30 Mark Henry
    #38 Killer Kowalski over # 27 Hernandez

    ECW Bracket Winner: #2 Shawn Michaels – He’s still active and hailed by many the greatest in-ring worker ever. He’s a former WZ Tourney champion, and I see no reason for him not to be in the Final Four this year.

    Best Cinderella possibility (#20 seed or lower) - #22 Stan Hansen - Hansen has a great draw in this tourney. His only competition will be Steamboat until he runs into Shawn Michaels.

    First Top Ten seed to be out - #5 Andre the Giant to #12 Big Show – How do you take down a giant? With another one. With Big Show being more mobile than the Andre people will remember, plus being an active worker, I see Andre being the first one down.

    1st Round Match to Watch: #6 Ricky Steamboat vs. #59 Mistico – Everything that has ever come out about Mistico has been that the guy can flat go. Put him in the ring with arguably the greatest worker of all time, and you have a great match brewing.

    1st Round Match to avoid: #27 Hernandez vs. #38 Killer Kowalski – The match will be bland, uninteresting, and the crowd won’t care.

    The Breakdown:

    The first round will be fairly predictable. After that, it’ll be come interesting. Bruno or Chris Daniels? Austin or El Santo? Luger’s strength vs. Finlays technique? Can Cage tame Hansen? Liger’s speed or Batista’s strength? There will be some very interesting matchups in the second round, and I think that’s when the fun will begin in this region. Overall, I see HBK coming out of this bracket. Austin is the second greatest American worker ever, but HBK has the IWC in his back pocket. And with IrishCanadian’s backing, Austin may not even make it to the regional championship, as he’ll face Vader in the regional Final Four. But only if Vader can put down The Big Show, who will have already put down one worker backed by our admin in Andre.
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    This is something I'm dreading happening. The Big Show highly benefits from being an active worker who's been around since '95, a time when the majority of todays fan weren't even fans, but they've seen much more of Show than they have Andre. And what's sad is, they would most likely have seen the broken down Andre the WWE chooses to show us.

    If we take both men in their primes, it would actually be a hell of a match-up. Both were fast, strong and incredinly agile for their size, but the Big Show pretty much got badly out of shape around '99/'00. Andre was a well-conditioned performer from the mid/late 60's and throughout the 70's, having one-hour time limits with the likes of Harley Race and Bruno Sammartino, proving he has the endurance factor over the Big Show, who regularly fought in matches lasting no longer than eight minutes.

    It will be an interesting match, but I'm hoping with the backing of myself, IC and a few others that Andre will take this match and make it far in the tournament.
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    This is a match I am greatly looking forwrd to. I really can't see Austin losing, but realistically,he probably should. You're quite correct in saying that he is one of the greatest American workers ever, but Santo is the Hogan of Mexico and if people realise that then he may eek out a win, ut I'm not holding my breath.

    Andre v. Big Show is an interesting one because the Big Show has essentially made a career of being like Andre. Sorry, "his son". I think Andre will probably go through on name factor. I think Vader will probably reach the final, with IC's backing, especially if some of his other picks, like El Canek, go out early.

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