The Plane Ride From Hell

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by 4-Real, Dec 24, 2011.

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    Hey everybody! I just got done watching the Sean Waltman YouShoot, and definitely one of the highlights of it was Pac's description of the infamous "Plane Ride From Hell" in 2002.


    Basically, this incident has to do with the plane ride back from Insurrection 2002. Everybody was partying. One of the biggest events that occurred was a shoot wrestling fight between Mr. Perfect and Brock Lesnar that occurred as a result of Perfect calling Lesnar out on his wrestling skills. Paul Heyman and the Undertaker helped instigate the whole thing, telling Brock that if he didn't stand up to Perfect, he'd be judged by the entire locker room for it. The fight was later broken by Triple H, Paul Heyman, and Finlay after the brawl almost spilled out of the emergency exit! It should be noted that on the flight over to England, Kurt Angle and Mr. McMahon had themselves a "take down contest." While all this was going on, Scott Hall was passed out in his seat, high on GHB.

    Michael "PS" Hayes was also a major player in the incident. He went onto the flight absolutely annihilated. When he got up to go to the bathroom, he almost mistook Linda McMahon for the urinal! He came so close to pissing on the boss' wife! And after that, he knuckle punched JBL in the forehead, reopening a cut that he suffered on the tour. JBL knocked him out in one punch. Once Hayes was KO'd, back in his seat, X-Pac, who hated Hayes for his treatment of the tag teams and midcarders, pulled out a pair of scissors and chopped off Hayes' mullet! The mullet was stapled to the wall at the following Raw, and was later auctioned off. This was met with a round of applause, most notably from Jerry Lawler, who hates Hayes for burying his son, Brian Christopher.

    Speaking of the King, he too had his fair share of drinks. As a result, he dared Ric Flair to walk down the aisle way, butt-naked, in his signature robe. Flair, presumably under the influence, not only took on the dare, but also got into character and shouted some of his signature lines, including, "Honey you can't be the first, but you can be the next. WOOO!" At the same time, Flair was said to have sexually harassed all the female flight attendants on the plane. I think a couple of them even sued.

    While this was going on, Goldust got on the intercom somehow, and proceeded to serenade his ex-wife, Terri Runnels. This was said to have gone on for almost an hour, and Jim Ross had to finally pull the drunken 'Dust away from the mic, having embarrassed both he and Terri.

    As a result of the above incidents, with the endorsement of Jim Ross of Talent Relations, both Perfect and Scott Hall were fired after both tested positive for GHB shortly after the flight. Meanwhile, Ric Flair, Michael "PS" Hayes and Brock Lesnar went unpunished, and Goldust was placed in the dog house until his program with Booker T. Good Ole JR also placed a temporary ban on drinking during the flights (even though many of the participants got on the plane drunk anyway).

    What I want to know is:

    -What are your overall thoughts on the incident?
    -Were the punishments fair and reasonable?
    -Does this change the way you think of any of the people mentioned above?
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    Honestly those are the kind of stories I love hearing from wrestlers the most. Listen to any interview with New Jack for some of the most insane stories ever. Being a wrestler is a lot like being a musician on the road, if you're not broke you can party all the time as long as you don't get to the level of Jeff Hardy or Scott Hall.
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    Stories like this one just remind you that no matter how hardcore you think you might be personally, you're nothing compared to some guys out there.

    It's truly insane to think that all of this happened thousands of feet in the air. The Lesner/Hennig wrestling match in particular (I can never hear this story without thinking about them breaking through the floor of the plane or through the door and falling to their deaths).

    It's also very telling of the politics behind the scenes how some guys got punished more severely than others. Hall was out cold the entire time, but he gets fired while Hayes almost pisses on the bosses wife, punches out an employee and passes out yet has nothing happen to him. Hennig gets fired for basically doing exactly what the boss and Angle also did. Flair sexually harrasses multiple women and gets sued over it, but Runnels gets buried on TV for making an ass of himself on the PA system.

    Back in my day I always considered myself a guy that could hang with anyone in a party... but I'm not ashamed to admit that most wrestlers would have put me to shame.
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    1. That it was quite run of the mill conduct wise for a group of wrestlers out of the arena.

    2. Only the Air Marshal(s) and FAA could really make that call not Jim Ross.

    3. I dont see anything wrong with what they did even though it was all disorderly. I was just waiting to see how lopsided punishment would be. It definitely changes my perception of J.R. for the worse. I've been an outspoken critict of Hall AT TIMES but why was he targeted the one time he did not call a disturbance, blazing or not? Where was Lesner's GHB test? Flair exposes himself but Matt Hardy can't rant about infedelity on his internet blog?! Should had been a topic discussed in a Hennig or Goldust orHall shoot interview in the ring.
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    1-What are your overall thoughts on the incident?

    Sounds nuts to think that they were doing all of this while thousands of feet up in the air.

    2-Were the punishments fair and reasonable?

    Not really, two people got fired and some others got let off as if nothing happened.

    3-Does this change the way you think of any of the people mentioned above?

    No I've read backstage stories so this one doesn't surprise me.
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    That was one of the highlights indeed of Pac´s shoot. Great story, and this isn´t even one of the worst commercial flights Waltman said!
    Awesome story. Especially Flair in his robe, Scott Hall high on GHB harrassing flight-attendants, Hennig challenging and shootwrestling Brock Lesnar, Hayes almost peeing on Linda McMahon, JBL suckerpunching hayes. And waltman cutting hayes' mullet. Seriously I think Waltman can write a book about his on the road stories. I am looking forward to it.

    I don't think the firing of Hennig was fair. He could still compete to a decent level unlike Scott Hall and while he challenged Vince's favorite pet Brock, he didn't do anything more wrong than Brock. Like Waltman said weeks prior to the shootmatch between Brock and Curt, Vinnie Mac himself wrestled Angle on a plane isle. But Vinnie Mac is a hypocrite so that makes sense.
    I don't know about Scott Hall, but hearing he harrassed woman on the plane I can;t blame him if he was high on G but he wasn't in healthy shape anymore so this wasn't like the sole reason of his firing. He fucked it up no doubt. too bad cause I loved both Perfect and Hall.

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