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    Alright, i floated this around earlier in the week and i've got it done for the most part.

    I've created a tournament out of the 256 best wrestlers since the 1980's. Pretty much the criteria of this is any North American based male champion gets an invite to the tournament to determine who the best is of the last 27 years or so. Simply put i'll put a poll up and whoever we vote would win that match moves onto the next round. Vote however you feel, but the premise is that some how you are god,a nd you have been able to take all these people in their prime and match them up with one another to determine the best.

    There are 4 regions. WWE, WCW, ECW, and TNA, simple enough. #1 seeds will get to pick which region they want to be in. So for instance Hulk Hogan is #1 over all, more then likely he would pick WWE. Basic WWE Rules apply int he WWE Region. Say Ric Flair is #2, likely he would pick WCW. Which would leave an interesting situation for say Bret Hart, who could be #3 overall, would he pick to go TNA int he six sided ring, or test his luck in hardcore extreme rules in the ECW bracket.

    The first two rounds would take place in the higher seeds building of choice. The first two rounds are pretty much set up to where the higher seeds in each match should cruise to the roudn of 64, where things get interesting there.

    The 3rd through 5th round would take place in specified buildings taht best represent each Region. WWE in MSG, WCW in the Georgia Dome, ECW in the Bingo Hall, and TNA in Orlando. But these three rounds are designed to punish the body.

    Round 3 would be a gimmick match of choice for the higher seed. So for instance say Big John Studd was a higher seed in a match against Rey Mysterio, the Heel the John is would probably pick a Body Slam challenge match, almost guaranteeing a spot in the 4th round.

    Round 4 would be where the Higher seeds lose control and don't get to pick their own destiny. The type of match would be determined by Spin the Wheel make the Deal, or Raw Roulette, whatever you wanna call. Simply, i'll make a list of different matches, place them in a # generator online, and tell you what it comes up as.

    Round 5 would be the Regional Finals, where two matches in each area occur. These are matches that are specifically unique to each area and would be determined by coin flip. In WWE, the Two are Hell in the Cell, and TLC. WCW would be the 3 Tiered Cage and TBD. ECW would be Born to Be Wired and Scaffold Match. TNA would be Ultimate X match and Monster's Ball.

    The Last three rounds would take place at lets say the Wrestlemania host for that year, so Detroit. It would be set up as a one night tournament, so obviously Stamina and conditioning would be key to people that make it this far.

    Again, probably a lot to digest and take in, but i think it would be interesting to see who we collectively think is the best of all time. I am no expert and simply just used individual gold as grounds to make the tournament. if its a success and have more time next eyar, i might incorporate ppv records and pwi rankings, stuff like that.

    1.Now is anyone interested in this
    2. Mods-Admins: if they are, am I even doing this in the right forum since it's more then just WWE.
    3. I have 200 wrestlers and hopefully will get them posted tomorrow, this is where i need you guys. I need 56 wildcards of you're choice to fill this bad boy up.

    4. Hopefully it'll be all ready and done and get it started around February 14th and ended the Saturday before WM23. Any questions or if you're just plain lost, send me a message.
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    I am interested in doing it, however I would reccomend doing it in the Bar Room. Seeing as how I am anticipating alot of spam and since it is not for 1 paticular brand. I will ask the Mod of this section what they think and they will move it if neccesary
  3. Shocky

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    Alright well i got it done, here are the list of people based on individual title reigns throughout the last 27 some what years. Don't get mad at me for some of the people, blame the company for putting a piece of gold around their waste.

    2 cold Scorpio, Abyss, Ahmed Johnson, AJ Styles, Al Snow, Albert, Alex Wright, Amazing Red, Andre the Giant, Arn anderson, Bam Bam Bigelow, Barry Windham, Batista, Big Boss Man, Big John Studd, Big Van Vader, Big Veto, Bill DeMott, Billy Gunn, Billy Kidman, Bob Backlund, Bobby Eaton, Bobby Lashley, Booker T, Brad Armstrong, Bret Hart, Brian Knobbs, Brian Pillman, British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith, Brock Lesnar, Bubba Ray Dudley, Carl Oulette, Carlito, Chavo Classic, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Chris Candido, Chris Kanyon, Chris Sabin, Christian Cage, Christopher Daniels, Christopher Nowinski, Crash Holly, Crowbar, Curt Hennig, David Arquette, David Flair, DDP, Dean Malenko, Disco Inferno, D'Lo Brown, Don Muraco, Dustin Rhodes, Dusty Rhodes, Eddie Guerrero, Edge, Elix Skipper, Eric Bischoff, Essa Rios, Evan Karagias, Finlay, Funaki, Gerald Brisco, Gillberg, Glenn Osbourne, Godfather, Goldberg, Greg Valentine, Gregory Helms, Haku, Hardcore Holly, Harley Race, Honky Tonk Man, Hulk Hogan, Jacque Rougeou, Jamie Noble, Jason Knight, JBL, Jeff Hardy, Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Lynn, Jim Duggan, Jimmy Snuka, Joey Abs, John Cena, Johnny Hot Body, Johnny Stamboli, JT Smith, Jushin Liger, Justin Credible, Juventud Guerrera, Kana, Kazarian, Ken Shamrock, Kerry Von Erich, Kevin Nash, Kid Kash, Konnan, Kurt Angle, Lance Storm, Larry Zybysko, Lenny Lane, Lex Luger, Low Ki, Magnum TA, Marc Mero, Mark Henry, Marty Jannety, Masato Tanaka, Matt Hardy, Maven, Michael Hayes, Michael Shane, Mick Foley, Mideon, Mike Awesome, Mike Sanders, Mikey Whipwreck, Mr. Kennedy, Nikita Kolhoff, Norman Smiley, Nunzio, Oklahoma, One Man Gang, Orlando Jordan, Owen Hart, Pat Patterson, Paul London, Paul Orndorff, Perry Saturn, Pete Gas, Petey Williams, Pitbull #1, PitBull #2, Prince Iaukea, Psichosis, Psycho Sid, Randy Orton, Randy Savage, Raven, Renegade, Reno, Rey Mysterio, Rhino, Ric Flair, Rick Martel, Rick Rude, Rick Steiner, Ricky Steamboat, Rikishi, Road Dogg, RVD, Roddy Piper, Rodney, Ron Killings, Ron Simmons, Sabu, Samoa Joe, The Sandman, Scott Hall, Scott Steiner, Scotty 2 Hotty, Sean Waltman, Senshi, Sgt. Slaughter, Shane Douglas, Shane McMahon, Shannon Moore, Shawn Michaels, Shawn Stasiak, Shelton Benjamin, Sonny Siaki, Spike Dudley, Steve Austin, Steve Blackman, Steve Corino, Steve McMichael, Steven Richards, STevie Ray, Sting, Super Crazy, Tajiri, Taka Michinoku, Taz, Ted DiBiase, Terry Funk, Test, The Big Show, The Rock, The Undertaker, Thrasher, Tito Santana, Tommy Dreamer, Triple H, Tully Blanchard, Ultimate Warrior, Ultimo Dragon, Val Venis, Vince McMahon, Vince Russo, Viscera, William Regal, Yokozuna.

    that's 205, so now i need help from everyone else to fill this bad boy out. I need 51 wildcards to fill out the rest of the field. It can be anyone you feel deserves to be in this thing. Now i have a couple in mind, and i'm sure it's a big one that most will guess. i wanna get this thing going by V-Day, so have fun with it, and give me some wildcard ideas.
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    dude i think you forgot Shawn Michaels.....i dont see him on the list
  5. Shocky

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    you[re right, he's on my list here, i just didn' ttransfer it right, my bad, but he's in.
  6. kennyg9

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    Here are a few guys you can add:
    Brutus the barber Beefcake
    Jake the snake Roberts
    Road Warrior Hawk and Animal
  7. Shocky

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    Ok, the 4 #1 Seeds are.

    WCW Region
    Ric Flair

    WWE/F Region
    Hulk Hogan

    ECW Region
    Harley Race (That should be interesting)

    TNA Region
    Jeff Jarrett.
  8. St. Joe

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  9. kennyg9

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    lets do this thing already........where is stone cold steve austin seeded
  10. Shocky

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    haha, the hype is the best part of it my friend. Like i said, i'm going to hold off until Valentines Day to start this thing, because i'm looking to crown the champ on the Saturday before WM.

    Now, however, the participants of the WCW Region. Again, if anyone has any questions on how the seedings worked out, feel free to ask, I have a whole big spreadsheet that i'll send your way to show what i did.

    All WCW Region matches will have a "WCW" Feel to them. Hence, picture a Monday Nitro set, but go back old school style with the entrance ramps on level with the ring apron. I'm not going so far back to outlaw the top rope moves though. WCW Bracket, Rounds 3-5 occur in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. To win the WCW Bracket, the last two matches, (four wrestlers) will have to either survive a 60 man Iron Man match, or the 3 Tiered Cage (Tower of Doom).

    The top Four Seeds host the first two rounds, so by giving these locations, you might guess who they are, you already know Ric Flair is #1. Charlotte, NC. Dallas, TX. Miami, FL. Chicago, IL. The winner of the WCW Bracket will face the Winner of the TNA bracket in Detroit.

    The 64 WCW Region wrestlers are: If my math is right there are 14 former World champions in here, so this region is loaded.
    Big John Studd
    Bob Backlund
    Brock Lesnar
    Chavo Classic
    Chris Benoit
    Chris Candido
    Chris Jericho
    Chris Sabin
    Christian Cage
    D’Lo Brown
    Don Muraco
    Elix Skipper
    Eric Bischoff
    Hardcore Holly
    Jamie Noble
    Jim Duggan
    Jimmy Snuka
    Justin Credible
    Kerry Von Erich
    Lex Luger
    Magnum TA
    Michael Shane
    Mike Awesome
    Mikey Whipwreck
    Mr. Kennedy
    One Man Gang
    Orlando Jordan
    Paul Orndorff
    Pete Gas
    Prince Iaukea
    Ric Flair
    Road Dogg
    Roddy Piper
    Sean Waltman
    Sgt. Slaughter
    Shane McMahon
    Sonny Siaki
    Spike Dudley
    Steve Austin
    Steve Corino
    Stevie Ray
    The Godfather
    The Rock
    Tito Santana
    William Regal
    ...and 14 Wild card slots.
  11. kennyg9

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    i take it Austin is #2 seed and Rock is #3 i hope
  12. Shocky

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    Jan 17, 2007
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    The Participants of the TNA Region. Rounds 3-5 will take place int he Impact Zone. All other matches outside of the Impact Zone will still take place in a six sided ring and have the two entrance ramps.

    The final four wrestlers, (two matches) will either have to Survive an Ultimate X match, or a Monster's Ball match, depending on coin flip. The winners will face each other in Detroit in the final rounds.

    The top seed in this bracket is Jeff Jarrett. The top four seeds host matches. The locations for rounds 1-2, are Nashville, TN, Houston, TX. The Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan, and Hartford, CT. There are 16 former World Champions in this division.

    2 Cold Scorpio
    Arn Anderson
    The Big Show
    Al Snow
    Big Van Vader
    Billy Kidman
    Booker T.
    Brian Knobbs
    Carl Oulette
    Christopher Nowinski
    Crash Holly
    Curt Henning
    Eddie Guerrero
    Evan Karagias
    Jacque Rougeou
    Jason Knight
    Jeff Jarrett
    Johnny Hot Body
    Juventud Guerrera
    Larry Zybysko
    Matt Hardy
    Michael Hayes
    Norman Smiley
    Paul London
    Petey Williams
    Randy Orton
    Rick Rude
    Ricky Steamboat
    Rob Van Dam
    Scott Steiner
    Shawn Stasiak
    Shelton Benjamin
    Steve Blackman
    Taka Michinoku
    Tommy Dreamer
    Triple H
    Tully Blanchard
    Ultimo Dragon
    ...and 16 wild cards.

    (could you imagine a RVD vs. Ricky steamboat in his prime with a six sided ring, good lord).
  13. The Enforcer

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    So how is this going to work for the people that are involved and when are we starting this thing? You can at least explain how its going to work
  14. Shocky

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    How it's going to work is simple, i'll just place a poll on here so everyone can see the results, and not think that i am tampering with it. The results will be plain as day.

    So say its Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan
    the poll answers would be
    1.Ric Flair makes hogan tap in the figure four.
    2. The Big Leg Drop is enough to keep Flair down.

    Probably have several matches daily with a 24 hour time limit per match. Say 6 pm eastern time to 6 pm eastern time, if thats ok. After that i will see if the thread can be locked. People can give there reasoning for why they think that person would win in that poll, but the main results and suchw ould continue in this thread.

    The only problem with doing such a big tournament is that it might look like spam and i don't want to tick any mods off. I'm going to start this next sunday night, because i'm still trying to think of some gimmick matches for the Raw Roullette round and i'm about 20 wrestlers short on the Wild Cards, so please any input would be nice.

    I'm looking to start this thing next Sunday night, February 11th at Six pm et. if this is good, let me know.
  15. Shocky

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    Oh ya, continuing from just above. there are a lot of people in this tournament that people have probably never heard of, so i will put a little bio of each one for their match, listing why they have made the tournament.

    Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan
    Ric Flair is a former 6 time NWA Champion
    8 time WCW Champion
    2 time WWE Champion
    5 time U.S. Champion
    1 Time Intercontinental Champion

    Hulk Hogan is a Former 6 time WWE Champion
    6 time WCW champion.

    Now onto the ECW bracket. Rounds 3-5 will be held in the old Bingo Hall, the ECW Arena in Philadelphia. All matches in this Region will take place under Xtreme Rules, and i'm not talking WWECW "extreme rules" i'm talking Hardcore for Hardcore sakes rules. Even though matches will take place in non ECW arenas, the same rules apply. So it won't be the biggest or fastest person in the fight that wins, it's going to be the person that's willing to take it to the next level to win this bracket.

    The final four wrestlers, (2 matches) will have to survive either a Scaffold Match, or a Barbed Wire match to face each other int he finals in Detroit. The top four wrestlers in the region get to host the first two rounds. The #1 seed is Harley Race. The locations are Kansas City, MO, San Antonio, TX, Pittsburgh, PA, and Boston, MA.

    The 64 ECW Region Wrestlers. Looks to be 17 former world champions.

    Andre The Giant
    Barry Windham
    Big Vito
    Bobby Lashley
    Brad Armstrong
    Brian Pillman
    Bubba Ray Dudley
    Chris Kanyon
    Christopher Daniels
    Disco Inferno
    Dustin Rhodes
    Dusty Rhodes
    Essa Rios
    Glenn Osbourne
    Harley Race
    Jeff Hardy
    Jerry Lynn
    Joey Abs
    John Cena
    JT Smith
    Jushin Liger
    Kevin Nash
    Lance Storm
    Lenny Lane
    Masato Tanaka
    Mike Sanders
    Nikita Kolhoff
    Owen Hart
    Perry Saturn
    Pete Gas
    Pitbull #2
    Rick Martel
    Ron Simmons
    Scott Hall
    Scotty 2 Hotty
    Shane Douglas
    Shawn Michaels
    Steve Mongo McMichael
    The British Bulldog
    Ultimate Warrior
    Val Venis
    ...and 12 wild cards.
  16. Shocky

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    Jan 17, 2007
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    The WWE Region. Rounds 3-5 will all take place in MSG. The final four wrestlers, (2 matches) will either be a TLC match, or Hell in the Cell, depending on coin flip. the winners will face each other in Detroit.

    This region looks absolutley loaded on paper with 21 former World Champions. There are some big names in here, and only one can make it to the Final Four.

    The top 4 seeds host rounds 1-2. Hulk Hogan is the overall #1 seed. The locations are Montreal, QC, Tampa Bay, FL, Calgary, AL, and Los Angeles, CA.

    AJ Styles
    Ahmed Johnson
    Alex Wright
    Amazing Red
    Bam Bam Bigelow
    Big Boss Man
    Bill DeMott
    Billy Gunn
    Bobby Eaton
    Bret Hart
    Chavo Guerrero Jr.
    David Arquette
    David Flair
    Dean Malenko
    Gerald Brisco
    Greg Valentine
    Gregory Helms
    Hulk Hogan
    Ken Shamrock
    Kid Kash
    Kurt Angle
    Low Ki
    Marc Mero
    Mark Henry
    Marty Jannetty
    Mick Foley
    Mr. McMahon
    Pat Patterson
    Pitbull #1
    Randy Savage
    Rick Steiner
    Rey Mysterio
    Ron Killings
    Samoa Joe
    Shannon Moore
    Sid Viscous
    Steven Richards
    Super Crazy
    Ted DiBiase
    Terry Funk
    The Honky Tonk Man
    The Sandman
    The Undertaker
    Vince Russo
    ....and 9 wild cards

    Again this starts next sunday night. I'll post some of my wild cards up on Monday, i'm having a hard time with some of the last people to get in, so i'll see if anyone has suggestions.
  17. Shocky

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    submitted for your approval, 52 wild cards. If there is anyone you feel deserves on here that you don't see, let me know who should come off.

    I'll start posting matches tomorrow so you can see what you'll be voting on.
    Jake Roberts
    Brutus Beefcake
    King Kong Bundy
    Jim Neidhart
    Gangsta New Jack
    Monty Brown
    Axl Rotten
    Balls Mahoney
    Muhammed Hassan
    Great Khali
    Dynamite Kid
    John Tenta
    Bob Orton
    Brian Clark
    Brian Adams
    Savio Vega
    Jerry Lawler
    Jerry Saggs
    Rocco Rock
    Johnny Grunge
    Nikoli Volkhoff
    The Iron Shiek
    C.M. Punk
    Great Muta
    Junk Yard Dog
    Tank Abbot
    San Severn
    Steve Williams
    Kevin Sullivan
    Chris Masters
    Mark Jindrak
    Sean O’Haire
    Chuck Palumbo
    Shawn Stasiak
    Hillbilly Jim
    George Steele
    Ole Anderson
    Brian Lee
    Tracy Smothers
    Buff Bagwell
    The Patriot
    Charlie Haas
  18. cwatts23

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    How do you get into this tournament? do we just show up and vote or do we have to do something particular?:whatthe:
  19. Shocky

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    Jan 17, 2007
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    just show up and vote, that's all. It starts sunday, but i'll start releasing the brackets tomorrow.
  20. three_d

    three_d Guest

    what about Crash holly
  21. dude i luv dis idea but its goin to be hard to do it on these boards u should do 1 on piczo or Myspace
    (Im not spammig im just givin u an idea)
  22. showtyme27

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    First I want to say I like the idea but their are a few things I noticed you have senshi on the TNA roster and Low Ki on the WCW roster but they are one and the same, also Sean Waltman real name/6pac in WSX/Syxx in WCW /SyxX-pac in TNA and Independents /Xpac and 123-Kid in WWE was on your first list but didn't make it on to any of the feds other than that looks good.
  23. Shocky

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    Hmm, i did screw up the Senshi Low Ki thing, i'll get right on that. I'll look up the Sean Waltman thing to. Waltman is in the WCW Region. I just went by his real name since he has gone by so many personas. On his match i would put the titles he has one, and his best known gimmicks, to let people know who he is.

    Now the Regions and people in it have nothing to do with what promotion that wrestler is best known for. I mixed it up so as to see how we think certain people would perform in different style arenas/rules. Hence, that's why you have a Triple H in TNA, AJ Styles in WWE, and a Harley Race in ECW. Sure on paper Andre the Giant would destroy a New Jack, but if you throw the two into an ECW type match, could Andre hang with New Jack? That's up to you to decide.

    As for the polls, i'm working on a site to host it and i'll provide a link into here for the poll of the day. I would, but i don't think the mods would like it, just post a poll for each individual match on this forum, and let the mods erase them after we're done with them, but i haven't heard anything on this, so i'm not going to test the waters.

    If there is anything i've screwed up on, please let me know.
  24. Shocky

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    Here are first round matches for the WCW Bracket. Rounds 3-5 Take place in Atlanta, Ga. All matches have basic WCW rules, but the entrance ramp is level with the ring, the only major change from WWE. The winner of this Region will face the Winner of the TNA Region in the Final Four.

    Rounds 3-5 are gimmick matches. Round 3 the Higher seed will get to pick which match he wants to compete in. So if Ric Flair is facing Sean Waltman, we'll say Ric Flair makes it a submission match. The higher seed has the advantage in this round. Round 4 is Spin the Wheel make the Deal, so the gimmick match is completly random. Round 5 is the semi finals of the region. Out of the last two matches in this region, the matches will either be a 60 Minute Iron Man match, or the Three Tiered Steel Cage, depending on coin flip. the winners of round 5 will face each other in the Elite Eight of the Final Tournament in Detroit. Confusing, yes, but simple when you see it.

    Here are the Round 1 matches. #'s indicate overall tournament seeds.

    Charlotte, NC
    1. Ric Flair
    256. Eric Bischoff

    128. The Godfather
    129. Mr. Kennedy

    64. Sean Waltman
    193. Road Dogg

    65. Mike Awesome
    192. Wild Card #2.Brian Lee

    32. Chris Jericho
    225. Wild Card # 42.Buff Bagwell

    97. D’Lo Brown
    160. Wild Card #32.Savio Vega

    33. Jimmy Snuka
    224. Wild Card #43.Dan Severn

    96. Paul Orndorff
    161. One Man Gang

    Miami, Fl.
    16. The Rock
    241. Pete Gas

    113. Jamie Noble
    144. Funaki

    49. Sgt. Slaughter
    208. Wild Card # 39.Great Khali

    80. Mikey Whipwreck
    177. Prince Iaukea

    17. Don Muraco
    240. Maven

    112. Steve Corino
    145. Wild Card #29.911

    48. Christian Cage
    209. Wild Card #5.Jerry Lawler

    81. Orlando Jordan
    176. Elix Skipper

    Dallas, TX
    8. Steve Austin
    249. Thrasher

    121. Sonny Siaki
    136. Wild Card #6.Muhammed Hassan

    57. Roddy Piper
    200. Chavo Classic

    72. Justin Credible
    185. Wild Card #8.Chris Masters

    25. Chris Benoit
    232. Wild Card #41.Brutus Beefcake

    104. Kerry Von Erich
    153. Wild Card #36.Axl Rotten

    40. Tito Santana
    217. Bob Backlund

    89. Jim Duggan
    168. Albert

    Chicago, Il.
    9. Lex Luger
    248. Reno

    120. Stevie Ray
    137. Wild Card #51.Balls Mahoney

    56. Magnum TA
    201. Big John Studd

    73. Chris Sabin
    184. Chris Candido

    24. William Regal
    233. Hardcore Holly

    105. Spike Dudley
    152. Shane McMahon

    41. Brock Lesnar
    216. Wild Card #9.D-Von

    88. Michael Shane
    169. Wild Card #11.Tank Abbot

    Feel free to discuss and debate who you think will win. Make predictions, fill out your bracket, do waht you like. Remember, you have to vote starting on Sunday or your choices won't count.
  25. Final Form Snyper.

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    Tank Abbot to win by KO against Michael Shane

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