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    I’ve watched the recent “Star Wars” movies and, despite feeling that they are beautifully filmed, believe that the new pictures lack the ingenuity of the original trilogy. “The Force Awakens” was a retread of the original and didn’t add very many new ideas, while “The Last Jedi” was, in most respects, a marvelously photographed cobbling of the memorable parts of “The Empire Strikes Back” and “The Return of the Jedi”. I liked the prequels, despite the bad acting and the dismal dialogue, and I see those films as being very imaginative and creative, which I haven’t always found to be the case with the new pictures.

    This is my definitive idea for Star Wars 9. Here we go…
    Star Wars
    Episode IX
    Triumph of the Force

    1. Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Rose Tico, Chewbacca, C3-PO, R2-D2, BB-8, Lt. Connix, the Porg and the remainder of the Rebels are in hiding on Kanos, where they orchestrate a refugee camp on the luscious, yet desolate planet. A group of refugees, led by Maz Kanata, are brought to Kanos, which includes Lando Calrissian and his family, who have been struggling to get the remainder of the galaxy to fight this re-born Empire. Amongst the rest of refugees is the boy from the end of “The Last Jedi”, who is being taught the ways of the Force by Rey, as well as learning the Jedi legends, such as the tale of the “Black Diamond”. The tale of the Black Diamond is of how the Prime Jedi was corrupted by the power of a massive dark Kyber crystal. The Prime Jedi had seen a vision of himself wielding the Black Diamond and using this ultimate power to destroy all life in the universe, so as to be able to recreate the universe and bring order to it. The Prime Jedi is thwarted by seven Jedi Knights who became the first armored warriors of the religion. Rorar Qane, Manatath Kor, Brusius Veng, Varnasas Tror, Alkona Nier, Zakeer Zala and Darth Vader (with slightly alternate armor from Anakin’s version) were the seven warriors who defeated the Prime Jedi. Darth Vader, the Prime Jedi’s son, soon became corrupted by the Black Diamond and began his own sect within the Jedi called the Sith. The remaining six Knights destroy Darth Vader and give the Sith its first defeat. The six Jedi Knights hide the Black Diamond so no one, especially the Sith, can harness its power and gain control of the universe. The Rebels have been on Kanos for several years and during that time, Leia Skywalker has died and joined with the Force.

    2. A spy on Kanos informs the First Order of the Rebel’s refugee camp and Kylo Ren leads General Hux’s Storm-troopers into battle on Kanos. As Kylo Ren mourns over the grave of his mother in the midst of battle, Rey engages Ren in a light-saber duel (Rey has made a crude saber that is powered by Luke’s old Kyber crystal). Suddenly, a group of four people, who are not associated with the Rebels or the First Order, retrieve the Jedi boy and try to leave with him. As Ren attempts to kill Rey (with great reluctancy) one of the four people, Kan-Ki Mar, comes to Rey’s defense and activates his light-saber, revealing himself to be a Jedi. Rey and the Rebels escape and Ren duels Mar until he delivers a fatal blow (by accident). Before Mar dies, he tells Ren that “he” is coming, for revenge on what Ren did to him.

    3. The Jedi ship is captured and the Jedi aboard are interrogated, but will not divulge where they emanate from, while the child is sent to the training camp on Stronnar, home of the First Order. Kylo Ren is told by a voice he has not heard in a long time, that “I am on Mustafar. Come to me…” Ren takes a ship against Hux’s wish and rages to Mustafar, where he is led by the voice to Darth Vader’s old castle. Once in Vader’s fortress, Ren is locked in combat with a Sith lord named Darth Dread who, flanked by the Knights of Ren, wants revenge for what Ren did to him. Armed with the Dark-saber, Dread battles Ren in a fierce light-saber duel that forces Kylo Ren to don a damaged set of Darth Vader’s old armor, just to protect himself from Dread’s onslaught. Dread claims his revenge is complete and leaves Ren for dead, after eviscerating Kylo’s Vader armor in the midst of battle. Dread also destroys Ren’s cross-guard Saber and uses the bled Kyber crystal to cause a massive explosion within the castle’s power core, which Kylo Ren narrowly evades. Ren escapes from the planet after Dread has left with the Knights of Ren and is soon captured by a pirate ship and taken to the planet Noirion.

    4. Darth Dread, still flanked by the Knights of Ren, boards Hux’s command ship and declares himself the new Supreme Leader, to Hux’s chagrin. Dread enters the observation tower and has the three captured Jedi delivered to him there where he duels with them until he coerces the name of their home planet, Eliquoth, and where it is located, which is the Unknown Region. Dread then kills the Jedi when he has beaten them.

    5. Mean-while, the “Millennium Falcon” has been captured and loaded onto the pirate ship “Slaughter”, captained by Demethur Krull, where they are being taken to the planet of Noirion, the epicenter of the criminal syndicates of the Outer Rim. Krull sells the Rebels to fight promoter Kiio Nane, who takes Kylo Ren, who was also caught by Krull and sold to Nane, and Rey to Praetoria, while the rest of the Rebels are sold to the prison planet of Carceron.

    6. On Carceron, the Rebels encounter the slicer DJ, agrees to help them escape the planet, as long as they help him free his father, who is imprisoned on Carceron as well. The Rebels are aided by General Grievous who, after surviving his fight with Obi-Wan, became a bounty hunter, until he was arrested and sent to Carceron. The Rebels discover Captain Phasma has survived the events of “The Last Jedi” and has been hired as the Vice Warden of the prison. Phasma, revealing her guilt in her part in the First Order, helps the Rebels escape by causing a prison riot, which DJ facilitates by destroying the computer main-frame of the prison. The Rebels help DJ free his father from his cell, who turns out to be Boba Fett (there might be a pattern of returns here, but who cares). DJ, or Guro Fett, as he is called now, and brings the Rebels, along with Phasma and Grievous joining the group, to Praetoria, to save Rey and Kylo Ren.

    7. On the Unknown Region planet Praetoria, the Praetorian king, Roban Gorah, sentences Rey and Kylo Ren to fight in the Capatheon, a mechanized arena on Praetoria that is featured in Kiio Nane’s fight league. The Praetorian Empire, which is a part of a union of planets that form a tyrannical monarchy in the Unknown Region, was the catalyst for the First Order gaining the wealth necessary to amass the armory with which they now wage war with. Roban seeks vengeance for the dishonorable death his Praetorian Guard suffered during their battle with Rey and Ren in “The Last Jedi”, so the fight in the Capatheon is to the death. Rey, with her light-saber repaired and improved, and Ren, armed with Darth Vader/Anakin’s Sith light-saber as a “gift” from Darth Dread, who acquired it from Vader’s grave duel until Rey has Ren at her mercy, but she relents. King Roban sends his Praetorian Warriors into the Capatheon to destroy the pair of Jedi, but they are able to repel there attack. The Rebels, given the information of the pair’s location by having watched the previous fights while still at the prison (they get there with the hyper-drive) arrive to save the pair as Rey and Ren are now locked in battle with Dread and the Knights of Ren. The heroes blast their way back into space and set course for the planet Mekalokis, the industrial epicenter of the galaxy.

    8. Rey receives a message from Luke Skywalker’s ghost that she and Ren need to go to Eliquoth to beseech the mysterious Jedi tribe that has hidden on the planet for thousands of years for their help in fighting the First Order. The pair leaves and the Rebel’s fly to Mekalokis, until they are captured by Darth Dread and the First Order. The Rebels are taken to Stronnar, where they are tortured by Hux, who has been left in charge while Dread flies to an uncertain location in space. Phasma, finally resisting her masters in the First Order, helps Finn kill Hux and free the Rebels. Phasma and Finn reach the center of the First Order base and, through the communication console, urge the Storm-troopers to rebel against the Imperial officers who kidnapped and weaponized you. The Storm-troopers revolt from the First Order command and seize the planet. Phasma fights the Storm-trooper leader and kills him.

    9. During the scenes on Stronnar, Rey and Ben arrive on Eliquoth and learn of the clan of Jedi, several hundred strong, who have lived on the planet for thousands of years, rescuing those with Force-sensitivity during the many years of their occupation of Eliquoth. Providing a haven for potential Jedi Knights, they chose to remove themselves from the conflicts of the galaxy and from war itself. Among the Jedi on Eliquoth are, Kyle Katarn, Ezra Bridger, Ashoka Tano and Mara Jade, Luke’s apparent widow, who was ushered to Eliquoth after her son with Luke, named Racen, was killed by Ben Skywalker. Rey hears the voice of Luke in her head and he urges the pair to hike to the top of Mount Tano. Rey and Ben arrive at the top of the mountain and meet… Luke Skywalker. Luke did not die at the end of “The Last Jedi”, but was instead transported to Eliquoth by the Force itself, with the task of uniting the Jedi of Eliquoth with the galaxy. (Rian Johnson states in an interview that you never hear Luke’s robot hand clank on the ground after he disappears, which would normally happen as that appendage isn’t actually a part of his real body. This is a good way to imply Luke never actually died if asked by the press.) Luke takes the pair to a cave inside Mount Tano, where the Black Diamond has been hidden for all of these years. The three Jedi surround the Black Diamond and harness its power to see into the past so as to recover Ben’s memory of what happened to Luke’s son Racen and Rey’s family. Luke discovers that Racen had a premonition that the galaxy would fall into eternal darkness at the hands of his child, Kira Skywalker. Racen kills his wife Vaenella Eaon when she tries to stop Racen from murdering their child. Ben, who had been with the family during this time, saw what Racen was doing and dueled Racen until he dealt a powerful blow to Racen that sent him plummeting from the cliff they had fought upon. The Skywalker family thought Ben had tried to kill the whole family and, since Ben had lost his memory due to the trauma, he could not account for the carnage. The child, Kira, is sent away to a friend of the family and is raised until she was a pre-teen. Kira is then left on Jakku when her guardian runs afoul of the First Order. Rey realizes that she is Kira and that Racen was her father. The Black Diamond begins to tempt Ben into killing both Luke and Rey but, after a brief battle with the two, he resists the seduction and frees himself of evil’s grasp, once and for all. Darth Dread, the Knights of Ren and Dread’s First Order battalion arrive on Eliquoth to take the Black Diamond, as well as destroy the Jedi clan. After a fierce battle, Dread leaves with the Black Diamond, but not before the Jedi are able to escape to Mekalokis.

    10. Darth Dread reaches a mysterious moon, which is revealed to be a space station. Dread places the Black Diamond into the core of the space station and it activates. Dread kills the remainder of the battalion he had brought to Eliquoth with his new weapon, the Apocalypse. Dread takes his space station, the Apocalypse, to Stronnar where the Storm-troopers have just revolted and he destroys the planet and the troopers, but not before the Rebel’s escape to Mekalokis.

    11. The Rebels find the massive armory as the rest of the Galaxy’s warriors arrive on Mekalokis, now free of the First Order’s control. We find that both the “Slave 1” and “Millenium Falcon” ships are in the junk pile on Mekalokis and are repaired for war with Darth Dread’s “Apocalypse”. The armor from the tale of Black Diamond is forged for seven new Jedi Knights, including a set of Darth Vader armor for Ben Skywalker.

    12. Rey, Mara and Luke decide to fly to Darth Dread aboard his battle station, to confront him and save him from the dark side. Dread/Racen, reveals that he has not simply brought the Apocalypse with him, but an army of warriors bred from the Prime Jedi’s DNA to fight the Republic as the Apocalypse recharges its power. Dread then reveals that the Black Diamond has housed the spirit of the Prime Jedi since his demise. Through the power of the Black Diamond, the Prime Jedi has turned the likes of Sheev Palpatine, Darth Plageius, Count Dooku, Anakin Skywalker and the Prime Jedi’s own son, Darth Vader, all in an effort to complete his prophecy of bringing order to the universe.

    13. The Apocalypse arrives at Mekalokis and the battle finally ensues, with the likes of Lando, Maz Kanata, Captain Phasma, Kyle Katarn, BB-8 and others dying during battle. Dread’s Demolishers, as the “clones” are called when in battle, are ferocious in the fray and are a tremendous force. Ben, in his Darth Vader armor, leads the six other Jedi adorned in the armor to the Apocalypse to aid the Skywalkers who are now fighting Dread and the Knights of Ren. After the other six Jedi Knights are killed, along with the Knights of Ren, Ben is forced to kill Dread/Racen after Dread refuses to stop his assault on his daughter. The spirit of the Prime Jedi merges with a body built from his own DNA and is re-born as the Prime Jedi, once more. The Prime Jedi kills Ben and battles the three remaining Skywalkers. Rey combines Racen’s Dark-saber crystal with Mara Jade’s kyber crystal, which is the original white Light-saber that was hidden on Eliquoth, and creates a golden light-saber that she uses to slay the Prime Jedi. General Grievous infiltrates the Apocalypse in an attempt to use it as his own weapon to hold the universe hostage with, but Luke defeats him in a duel and sends him plummeting to his doom in the reactor core of the battle station. The Skywalkers escape to Mekalokis as the Apocalypse explodes, destroying the Destroyers and the Black Diamond, forever.

    14. The galaxy celebrates their triumph on Salabrey, with Luke and Mara embracing their grand-daughter and their family now whole.

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