The Icon HQ: Vote Shawn or the Kliq will bury you

Discussion in 'Campaign Headquarters' started by Rainbow Yaz, Apr 12, 2012.

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    Shawn Michaels​


    Look at the picture above and you will see the greatest in ring performer of all time. Ask anyone in the wrestling business who the most gifted sports entertainer of all time is and more often than not you will get one answer "Shawn Michales"

    Just look at his accomplishments
    2x AWA World Tag Team Champion
    NWA Central States Tag Team Champion
    2x AWA Southern Tag Team Champion
    TWA Heavyweight Champion
    2x TASW Texas Tag Team Champion
    3x WWE Champion
    World Heavyweight Champion
    WWE European Champion
    3x WWE Intercontinental Champion
    5x WWE World Tag Team Champion
    WWE Tag Team Champion
    2x Royal Rumble Winner
    The first man to win the Rumble at #1
    Most Rumble Elimination all time at 41
    One of only three men to win the Rumble in back to back years
    Tied for 2nd all time in Rumble victories
    The first Grand Slam Champion
    The 4th Triple Crown Champion
    11x Slammy Award Winner
    WWE HOF Class of 2011 Headliner
    PWI Most Inspirational Wrestler of the Year 2000
    PWI Most Popular Wrestler of the Year 1995, 96
    PWI Singles Wrestler of the Year 1996
    PWI Feud of the Year 2008
    Record setting 11 PWI Matches of the Year
    WON Best Babyface 1996
    2x WON 5* Match recipient
    2x WON Feud of the Year
    4x WON Match of the Year
    WON Most Charismatic 1996
    WON Tag Team of the Year 1989
    WON HOF Class of 2003
    The original WZT Winner

    Not to mention the things he did for the wrestling business. He helped usher in the Attitude Era, he carried the WWE in the mid 90s, he helped make it possible for smaller guys to shine, he helped form one of the most memorable stables/tag teams of all time in DX, and he was involved in and has since resolved one of, if not the greatest in and out of ring rivalries of all time with Bret Hart. Had it not have been for chronic back injuries that forced multiple retirements he would have accomplished much more

    We watched Shawn come into the business in the mid 80s as a white meat babyface as one half of The Rockers and we watched his transformation from bright eyed young prospect, to disgruntled star, to humble veteran. Hell, in a way, we watched Shawn grow up right before our eyes.

    So make the boyhood dream come true one more time, vote Shawn Michaels at the WZT VI winner

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    The only kliq I'll hear is the focusing of my sights on Shawn Michaels.

    This is a warning to the Heartbreak Kid. I'm watching you...
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