The Creator is Triple H, The Destroyer is Samoa Joe

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by FunKay the Inevitable, Jan 31, 2017.

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    Seth Rollins has referred to Triple H as "The Creator" several times. He means to say that Triple H created NXT, therefore the current generation of WWE superstars, and more specifically to Seth Rollins. He made him the first NXT Champion, hand-picked him for the Shield and was the chosen one to emerge from that group, splintering it and being the kayfabe golden child, capturing the Money in the Bank briefcase and winning the World title by cashing it in at WrestleMania 31.

    That's the creator.

    After Rollins invaded Take-Over: San Antonio on Saturday, Triple H said he would unleash "The Destroyer" if Rollins persisted in goading him. Rollins has been calling Hunter out for months, stepping it up in recent weeks with shots at his manhood, his relationship with Stephanie and even threatening to go to their house just to get a shot at taking down Haitch. This, unsurprisingly, did not go down well and having reached boiling point, Triple H did the atypical 'I'm getting super serious' wrestling thing of taking his suit jacket off and rolling up his sleeves, inviting Rollins to come on down.

    Enter Samoa Joe, the destroyer.

    Joe was 'supposed' to debut in the Rumble. He was 'supposed' to be a SmackDown guy. He was 'supposed' to wrestle John Cena at WrestleMania. Those were things we were being told by the dirt-sheets and, in the latter rumour's case, were the things that made the most obvious sense. Sometimes though there's nothing like the element of surprise and so, when Rollins looked to storm the ring last night, and he got blindsided by Joe, a dead crowd awoke from it's slumber and went a wee bit nuts as Samoa Joe was introduced to the mainstream WWE audience as Samoa Joe, "The Destroyer".

    So where is this going?

    Triple H vs. Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 33 seemed to be a lock and has for months, so much so that a good portion of the audience are thoroughly bored with this storyline. The arrival of Joe has changed the complexion of things though. Triple H has talked at length about being fully satisfied with his career in-ring and not needing to come back to wrestle again. Is that the case? Is "The Game" finally over and introducing Joe as not only his surrogate but his replacement? Perhaps this may lead to tag team warfare at the "Granddaddy of em' All"? Or is this a swerve in the road to throw us off the oh-so obvious scent with Joe facing Rollins at Fastlane and the Triple H/Rollins encounter beyond that at Mania?

    Frankly who knows, but this is going to be fun.

    What do you think about this budding new alliance, and about the future of the Triple H/Seth Rollins feud?
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    It's a strange one really. I thought, for sure, that they would pull the trigger on Rollins versus Triple H. With everything that has gone on in the past few months, it just made sense. But for me, there's no harm in putting Joe in the picture instead. I don't know if I'm disappointed that I won't get to see Triple H at Mania this year, if that is indeed the plan. Instead, I'm kinda thankful that the WWE is trying to rely less on part time wrestlers at Mania. Sure Lesnar, Goldberg and Taker will get high profile matches at Mania but they are keeping that, mostly, between themselves. Instead, the WWE is bringing in some new blood to the roster and putting them in prominent matches.

    As much as I love Triple H, I'll survive if he isn't going to wrestle at Mania. Especially is they are going to try and bleed through new talents in their place. Joe makes a tonne of sense in this position, given his relationship with Triple H. And what's more, he's been given a prominent push right off the bat. Getting the rub from Triple H and going right into a match with Rollins is a great position for any NXT talent to be in and Joe deserves it.

    Whether this match is designed for Fastlane and Triple H is the real prize is unknown at this point. But, for me, that would mean that Rollins needs to beat Joe at Fastlane to get to Triple H. I just don't think Joe's first appearance on a WWE PPV should be a loss.

    But I'm willing to wait and see what happens.

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    There is no way that triple h isn't fighting at mania so I'm saying Rollins vs triple h is still a lock. What I am still questioning is what Samoa joe is going to be doing at mania. So after fast lane what does joe do at mania. There is no one else he can fight on raw and I really hope he isn't in the battle royal. I was hoping that joe could cost cena the belt at EC. But EC is before fastlane so that isn't happening. You would think maybe joe vs balor bud I can't see Vince giving us that at mania at all. This descision to put joe on raw also affects smackdown because as far as I can see the possibility of Orton vs cena just went up. I mean maybe we get bray in there for a triple threat but I can honestly see Vince saying no and booking bray vs Harper at mania and Orton vs cena for the millionth time.
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    When it comes to dirt sheet reports, it's been very hit and miss for the past few years. In the extreme, they either seem to get things 99% right or 99% wrong.

    Unfortunately, I feel that Samoa Joe could be a stepping stone for Rollins. He faces Joe at Fastlane, goes over him and then Triple H realizes he has to be both "creator" and "destroyer" and takes Rollins on at WrestleMania. If that does turn out to be the situation, then I'd have rather they waited until the post WrestleMania Raw to debut Joe on the main roster as it just seems like a waste to use him as filler Rollins vs. Triple H.

    On the other hand, I suppose it's possible that Rollins vs. Triple H will be postponed; I could see it happening at SummerSlam instead and that's fine with me. WWE looks to be making a conscious effort to make all of the original Big Four shows feel a bit more special; for instance, they had Goldberg vs. Lesnar at Survivor Series and they had Goldberg, Lesnar and Undertaker in the Royal Rumble match itself so delaying Rollins and Triple H until SummerSlam could work. While it's quite a ways off, Joe & Rollins could easily have a long feud that results in both guys ultimately looking good.
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    I still can't believe they put him on RAW.

    They have to do Triple H vs. Rollins at WrestleMania, they HAVE to. Rollins/Joe would be phenomenal and we'll probably get that at Fastlane but that's not a proper substitute for Rollins vs. Triple H, there isn't any substitute. Rollins and Triple H have nearly 3 years of history between them. Rollins has wanted Triple H for 5 months now, they've been "building it up" (quotes for obvious reasons) for 5 months, you can't just throw that away. Even if Triple H is in Joe's corner, even if he directs him to do everything, even if Joe comes out to "King of Kings" every week and learns how to spit water, do a high knee lift, a Double A Spinebuster and a Pedigree... you can't just not do Triple H vs. Rollins. Unless for whatever reason Triple H can't compete, but we haven't heard anything about that.

    But what I expect is gonna happen is, at Fastlane Joe will beat Rollins, probably with Triple H's assistance, then they'll do Triple H vs. Rollins at Mania and Rollins will win.

    BUT then that leaves the question what do you do with Joe afterwards? Do you keep him on RAW? Pretty much everyone will be booked for Mania by that time (unless Finn returns but I don't know if they'll do that)... Do you move him over to Smackdown and say the stuff with Rollins was just a favor for Triple H? Is there still a possibility of seeing Joe vs. Cena at WrestleMania? I guess so but the timeline is still extremely suspect. Either you're gonna have less than a month to build for the match or Joe's gonna be working two programs at once.
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    It would be fine if it happened few months ago. HHH comes and delivers that speech from yesterday, someone like Joe interferes, we get a blow out feud where they trade some wins until HHH comes back in Wrestlemania season. Now, prolonging Rollins- HHH after Rollins just waited HHH to comes back doing basically nothing it seems like they are just prolonging inevitable. What would Rollins do after Wrestlemania if the plan for Mania now is Rollins- Joe? Go into title picture until "all high and mighty" HHH grace us with his presence for Summerslam? No, this needs to end now. Let HHH either give Rollins that win or take his famous shovel and bury him and move on. Because until now it just seems that they were standing in one place and we dont need that prolonging any longer.

    As for Joe I feel that there is much better place for him then to be an enforcer of HHHs will. But OK, happy that he is there and Rollins vs Joe would be fine match to see at least in Fastlane.
  7. Navi

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    Don't know how I feel about the whole thing to be honest. I honestly thought Joe would be sent to SD Live to take on Styles or Cena. Can understand why he's on RAW though, the lack of star power on the flagship show is shocking. Once Mania is over we won't see Taker for another year, and most likely Goldberg and Lesnar will disappear off the radar as well.

    This story line with Rollins and HHH has been fueled by kangaroo petrol since the beginning. You had the initial HHH giving Owens the title and sporadic references to HHH since, but no real meat on the bone. Rollins has basically done nothing but stand around and wait for last night. Sure he's been in matches here and there but I thought he would have done more.

    I can see Rollins having to go through Joe to get to HHH and it will probably happen at Fastlane or whatever their next upcoming PPV is. And I still think that HHH will be in the ring at Mania with Rollins across from him. Don't know where that leaves Joe hopefully not inserted into the ATGBM. Anyway considering Mania is less than two months away now, I'm sure this will be a huge program going into it. God knows RAW doesn't have much more to contribute considering the real action is over on SD Live with Orton winning the Rumble and Cena tying the record. As long as they don't drop the ball again I'm fine with it.
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    I feel like this thread sums up my post in last night's LD immediately upon seeing Joe:

    There's plenty of ways for HHH/Rollins to still happen, even if it's postponed until SummerSlam. I get it though. The timing seems bad. For HHH/Rollins to happen at WM now, it seems hard not to believe that Joe will be made into an afterthought. Then again, the guy is how old? There's only so much investment they're going to put in him. I think that's one thing that surprises people about Styles' push.
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    Could always have Joe and HHH beating down Rollins at Fastlane only to have Balor return and even the odds. Then you could do Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe at Mania!!!
  10. Spencesc11

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    On a side note, really startting to wonder their concern for Smackdown. Clearly the Samoa Joe vs. John Cena match looks off at Mania and Joe is likely staying on Raw. Smackdown is clearly never getting a real shot to compete with Raw.
  11. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    So we have an Architect, a Creator and a Destroyer. Great. Who's missing?

    I'll tell you who's missing, freakinig Finn Balor.

    He returns and his target is Rollins. But on the other side you also have Samoa Joe. The story until Wrestlemania would be "Whose side will Finn Balor be at Wrestlemania?". And to be frank, this can go either way. Balor could turn heel and cost Rollins the match or stay face and help him win.
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    We're overthinking this. Triple H vs. Rollins is 100% on the WrestleMania card. Samoa Joe is just interesting fodder to bridge Rollins to WrestleMania. Rollins will go over Joe at the next Raw pay-per-view. People will complain that Joe lost his debut match. They will forget that AJ Styles lost a ton during his first few months in the company, and they'll claim that Joe is ruined forever.

    As for Joe at 'Mania, I actually believe Raw will bring back a MITB ladder match at the pay-per-view. My logic is two-fold. 1) The MITB pay-per-view is reportedly going to be exlcusive to Smackdown, so it makes sense for Raw to have their own match at 'Mania. 2) The Raw roster is stacked. They need for a single match to showcase a number of these young guys, and the MITB match is perfect for that. Figure Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Braun Strowman, Cesaro, Sheamus, Big Cass, Sami Zayn and maybe Tye Dillinger could put on a hell of a MITB match.

    Why Raw? Probably because the road to WrestleMania is clearer for him on the Raw side. But that could change after WrestleMania season. We haven't seen much movement between the rosters yet. I'm guessing that will eventually change. Maybe not through a declared draft, but if the WWE is trying to surprise us with two top-level shows the nights after WrestleMania, then perhaps we can see a few big stars 'jump ship.' Maybe Joe will be one of them. Maybe Balor could show up on Smackdown. Who knows?
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    i can actually see this as a one of for joe to advance the storyline going into mania. The way i would see it is you promote the match at fastlane but the match never happens because either joe lays out rollins or the other way around.

    Then on Raw the next night you have either HHH cutting a promo on how Joe destroyed Rollins and seth won't make it to mania or you have Rollins gloating about how easy it was taking out joe at fastlane. Either way works depending on which scenario you do at fastlane.

    Which lead either way to HHH saying that if Seth wants a match with him, he's got it, but only if he agreed to go one on one with Joe at mania in ''put the stipulation'' match.
    You do the whole daniel bryan storyline all over again of having rollins wrestled twice in one night.

    So that way, at mania, Joe gets a match even if he loses, it really doesn't matter at this point, it's just one lost and Joe can bounce back from it.

    The following night on raw, we learn that Joe never was signed to the raw brand and that somehow, shane and bryan found out about it and meet with joe after his match and signed him to the smackdown brand.
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    What I am hoping to happen is every time Rollins tries to attack Triple H (board meeting, Parking lot, etc), Joe is right there to stop him. Each time Triple H gets up from the attack and leaves Joe to finish him off, similar to on Raw. This happens a few times, while the announcers continue to build Rollins up as a "broken/desperate man". About 4 weeks before Wm, Rollins does something so terrible that forces Triple H to get his hands dirty. (I would LOVE to see him attack Steph or at least stalk her and the children.) But who am I kidding, wwe hasn't gone that in dept with any feud in a very long time.

    What ever they do, I just hope they don't make Joe look weak and forgettable. I've impatiently waited this long for Joe to debut, they better not (mess)**** this up.
    Also I am glad he's on Raw. I would've preferred Smackdown, but he would've been behind AJ in top heels, and been competing with Miz, Corbin, and Bray for that number 2 spot. Just by debutting he's already #1 heel on Raw, imo.
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    This feud is between HHH and Rollins so I expect it to end at WM. HHH is not going to leave himself out of the biggest show of the year. This is a good way to get Joe on the main roster and involved right away. Joe vs Balor would be a good match for mania but how the storyline is to get them there I don't know.

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