The 2011 Zonie Awards!!!

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    The 2011 Zonie Awards!!!

    Format / Rules

    Categories have been nominated by the posting population and finalized by IC25 and Dave.

    A maximum of 15 movies will be involved in the voting for each film.

    If you nominated a film that does not make the list of 15, we are sorry. Cuts have to happen somewhere, and more often than not, the more popular / more well known film will make the list, because those films will drive more debate.

    If you want to post a thread about why your film should have been included, do it in the general film section or the GSD. The academy snubs films all the time.

    Discussion and debate will go on for one week, and then the polls will be open for one week.


    If you want to start a film HQ, you may do so in the Zonies section.

    Video clips, quotes, etc. are permitted AND ENCOURAGED. Part of the fun of this mini tournament is to be nostalgic.​

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