Tenille Dashwood To Undergo Surgery

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    Formerly known as Emma in the WWE, ROH star Tenille Dashwood announced this past Saturday at the ROH TV tapings that she would be out of action for shoulder surgery.

    During the taping, Dashwood appeared in the ring with her arm on a sling and addressed the crowd where she discussed dealing with Psoriasis (something she has recently discussed) and as of the past 6 months a nagging shoulder problem that now requires said surgery.

    The day prior, Tenille Dashwood challenged Sumie Sakai for her Women Of Honor Championship at the 'Death Before Dishonor' PPV unsuccessfully. The story of the match happened to revolve her injured shoulder and following the match an angle backstage was taped where she was laid out and had her arm attacked. The attacker was left a mystery with the angle being a way to write her off TV for what is presumed to be at the least, 6 months.


    An injury is never a fun time. Sound off your thoughts below.

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