Tenille “Emma” Dashwood Joning Impact for Twitch-Exclusive 'Brace for Impact' Show

Discussion in 'Wrestling News' started by It's Damn Real!, Jan 28, 2018.

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    Admittedly, I've never actually seen a single Emma match, but I'm well aware of her name (at least as of her release). With Sienna on the shelf for what is likely a two-to-three month recovery period, if not longer, thanks to dual blood clots in her lungs, it wouldn't surprise me at all to see Impact try to bring her in. Even if its short-term.
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    Not sure if this signing will help in the long run. I'm not familiar with what she did in WWE, but like IDR, only knew of her from her release. When is she scheduled to debut?
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    She is a solid wrestler who played a really good goofy character while in NXT, got called up and forced into stupid comedy bits that killed her character and momentum. She got sent back to NXT, transformed into a really good evil heel character, got called up and forced into stupid bits and squash matches that killed her momentum again. She complained on social media about never being featured, got one of those weird WWE punishment pushes, was getting kinda over despite that, then fed to Asuka and got her pink slip. I'm not going to talk about the Emmalina debacle though, because the less said about that the better.

    She would be a good get for Impact, no two ways about it. My worry is that when she got the boot, her original asking price for indie appearances was crazy high and no one could afford her. Like it was Rey Mysterio levels of money. No clue if it has come down or not, but hopefully they don't overpay her. She is good, but isn't enough of a name to really move the needle.
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    You have to remember she also got caught "shoplifting" and put a deal with Walmart to sell WWE merch under threat... WWE fired her but Walmart basically told them to rehire her due to the outcry (it was a harsh firing considering Enzo wasn't fired for rape allegations until they realised he'd lied to them), the negative publicity spooked Walmart more than the idea of someone stealing an Ipad case and it caused an embarrassing climbdown for Vince. Her talent was never in question there but if you embarrass the boss in such a way, you are NEVER getting another real chance...

    She did bloody well to stay as long as she did to be honest and if she can bilk indie promoters who want to book her in the short term, I have no issue - she arguably IS above the level of some of the other rejects like Gotch and even Swagger as people KNOW she can work and that WWE missed the boat with her, she doesn't have the cult success of Pac/Neville or Austin Aries but that can come very quickly for her in the right places.

    Her joining Impact? not so sure, I'd have thought Japan was a better option, but I guess she wants to stay Stateside.
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    BTW, Brace for Impact is with the WrestlePro promotion in Rahway, NJ. KM, Fallah Bahh and Mario Bokara are the trainers for them. It is jointly owned by Ex-OVW Pat Buck and current WWE Jobber Curt Hawkins.

    That said, Emma shot herself in the foot with Japan. Stardom took a pass when Emma wanted $2K an appearance, with First Class airfare and accommodation. Those numbers spooked Rossy Ogawa and other Japanese promoters. Hence why Emma is trying to fleece US promoters.

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