Sports Debator's League Final Standings

Discussion in 'Sports Debater's League' started by klunderbunker, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. klunderbunker

    klunderbunker Welcome to My (And Not Sly's) House

    Jan 8, 2007
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    Sorry this took so long. Anyway, here are your final standings.

    3. hatehabsforever - 79 points
    2. Big Sexy - 80 points
    1. LSN80 - 84 points

    First and foremost, thanks to the three of you and Megatron for actually, you know, living up to your word and doing what you signed up to do unlike the other like 15 people that didn't and made my life a lot more complicated than it needed to be with this.

    If you're curious, the judges were myself, Tastycles and PowerTrip (Dave).

    Anyway, thanks for participating in this and I likely won't do this again due to so many people just quitting which is really annoying. Congratulations to LSN for winning.
  2. Joe's Gonna Kill You

    Joe's Gonna Kill You The Hunt is On

    May 25, 2010
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    Congratulations LSN
  3. BooCocky

    BooCocky On A Nature walk with Daniel Bryan

    Jul 27, 2007
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    if the topics weren't half assed I probably would have finished. But congrats man...
  4. hatehabsforever

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    Mar 5, 2007
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    Congratulations to LSN80 for doing one hell of a job throughout all 14 rounds of the Sports Debaters League. There is absolutely no doubt about it that he fully deserved to win this thing. I don't think he had a single weak round throughout the entire two months or so. He consistently debated at an extremely high level while always remaining respectful and polite towards the rest of us. He showed a great ability to debate, something which is fairly new to me, and I extend my sincere congratulations to him for a job well done.

    I would be lying if I were to say I am not disappointed with not winning this as I really hoped that I would. But at least I know that the guy who was successful really deserved it, which makes it a much easier pill to swallow for me. I also must congratulate Big Sexy as he as well proved to be terrific competition in this, which hardly came as a surprise to any of us.

    Thanks to KB, Dave, and Tastycles for the time they spent organizing, running, and judging the League. It must have been pretty time consuming, but it was well organized and judged fairly. Hopefully KB will reconsider and bring the SDL back for a season two. I know I would love another shot at both LSN80 and Big Sexy, as well as the others (if they choose to stick around this time).

    Once again, thanks to all and congratulations to LSN80 for coming out of two enjoyable months of sports debating on top. Great job!
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  5. LSN80

    LSN80 King Of The Ring

    Feb 3, 2010
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    Thanks Habs. It was debating against guys like you and Big Sexy that really helped me bring my A-game. You two were outstanding the entire time and as the scores show, it wa extremely close and could have gone any way of the 3 of u! I feel fortunate to have coe out on top. It was an exhausting process at times, but the most fun Ive had on tis forum thusfar. Thanks to both you and Big Sexy, especially in the Finals, for making it such a worthwhile experience. You both brought it at a high level and there were times when I was highly frustrated by both of you because you presented some extremely difficult arguments.

    KB,. I really hope you re-consider as well. I woud love another shot at this as well, just like Habs. Maybe if you did something like the Wrestling Debators league and went head to head it would appeal more to everyone? Another thought is to preclude those who dropped out early, at least before round 8. I know it was tough and how excited you were to start this thing and Im sure it was disapointing that 3 people never showed, but Im sure theres quite a few that werent involved this year that would like a shot next year, if given the chance. I know Id love the opportunity to be involved again and defend my win, or Id offer to even organize it if you didnt want to. Either way thanks for te opportunity this year to allow us to do so, although Im going to bug you a few times more to bring this back my friend!

    The debating was a new thing to me as well, Habs, at least in this format. ive done it here and there in posting, but not in this type of long-term style. It made for a great challenge and I consistently enjoyed it. I think I seak for all three of us that it was a great experience and it was another way to make a good friend or two along the way. Thats almost as rewarding to me as winning it was. I barely snuck by both of you and for good reason, as you both did a great job of using alot of my arguments aginst me, and providing me wth perspectives I hadnt considered that made me til my brain hurt! I really hope we get a chnce to do this agai and I feel fortunate to call you an e-friend as a result.

    Just a quick question, KB. I know in the Wrestling Debators League the judges broke the scores down by round. Is it possible to get a breakdown of the finals by round? Im just curious myself.

    Thanks again to everyone who made this such a great experience. Heres to hoping we get to do it again!

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