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    Welcome to the Inaugural Sports Debaters' League. I've gone over the rules already so you can see them in the GSD thread I've made about this already. The basics though are as follows:

    Two groups of ten posters each. Every four days a new topic goes up (as in the first topic is up Monday, the second Friday, the third Tuesday etc) and there will be an open debate. A person dropped out so we have twenty competitors, making this far easier on me.

    With ten total topics, each person will get to hit lead off one time. They'll make their opening statement and have 24 hours to do so. I'll try to have the topics up before noon each day but I make no guarantees. You'll have 24 hours from whenever I put it up though.

    The scoring system is like boxing or MMA: you can't get less than 7 points for a round. The judges (myself and two other staff members) will score each topic. The best poster in that topic will get 10 points, the second best 9 points, third best receives 8 points and everyone else gets 7.

    I'll try to make this internationally friendly, but I make no guarantees as I know American sports better than I know international ones. Like I said before this is a free for all. There won't be any head to head matchups until the finals. The top three scores from each group move on to the semi-finals and the winner of each of the semi-finals (three topics, same scoring system) will advance to the finals (3 topics, scoring system is changed to a simple winner and loser).

    Here are the groups and the lead off posters for the first topic (selected and listed at random. If your name is in bold it means you've hit lead-off already). I'll be PMing you to let you know you're lead-off and will list it in each new topic:

    Group One

    1. Big Sexy
    2. CH David
    3. People’s Peep
    4. Tdigle

    Group Two

    1. LJL
    2. LSN80
    3. General Disarray
    4. Megatron
    5. hatehabsforever

    Remember: Lead-Off gets first crack at the topic. After that it's a free for all and you can make your own statements, reply/debate whatever the lead-off said etc. You're allowed to miss two topics but if I think you're just ducking it, you'll be penalized. If you do miss it for whatever reason you'll get an automatic 7 points. Anyway this will start around noonish EST on Monday so get ready.

    Any questions can be asked in the GSD thread stickied. Oh and keep in mind this is in the Sports Stadium so everything is non-spam.

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