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Discussion in 'Campaigning Headquarters' started by Monster Amongst Men, Feb 17, 2011.

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    Spam is allowed in this forum, within reason of course.

    We had a guy who was advertising watches during the Deuces Wild Tournament and that is probably where the line will be.

    Only ONE thread per wrestler.

    Yes, Bret Hart and Stone cold Steve Austin have a lot of support but let's try and keep it all in one thread, if you wouldn't mind. That way, we can keep as many on the first page so that people get more involved if they see their favourite's supertstars H thread. If you were a viewer, would you go to page 4 to find Bryan Danielson's thread? No, you wouldn't.

    Keep flaming to a minimum with new posters.

    The WZ tournament is freaking awesome and as such, a lot of new posters decide to turn up to voice their opinions. Please remember that they might not be used to the tournament or the way it functions and if they turn up in your thread to troll you, just report it and ignore it. Also, if they turn up in the thread with some stupid post, don't immediately attack them to the point where they don't want to come back... That helps no one. And they will probably vote against you before they leave forever.
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