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    WZCW has come to terms with release of Milenko from his creative duties, we wish him well in future endeavours.

    That means we have a space on creative! What does that entail?

    Coming up with storyline ideas.
    Writing one match a round.
    Writing segments.
    All the fiddly in between stuff.
    Reading all RPs
    Voting on RPs
    Writing your own RP.

    So if you want a chance reply to this thread with the following:

    A segment involving at least one character that's not yours.
    A match (one on one normal rules) using characters who aren't yours.

    You have until Wednesday 11:59pm Pacific Time for this one to get both in. We'll then discuss on the Thursday and then you're sorted!

    We'll be looking at characterisations and how you've used them. Match, segment as well as other WZCW related things (attitude etc).

    Any questions ask on here or Discord.
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    Coming up on 48 hours left. Get them apps in boys (and one girl)
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    Well if you insist...

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a champion vs champion match! Introducing first, from Gothenburg, Sweden, weighing in at 303 pounds, he is the Mayhem Champion, Harald Var Krigare!

    As the music kicks up, blue and gold lights flash as a lion appears on screen emerging from the flames and the monster of a man walks out onto the stage dressed to compete. He quickly makes his way down the ramp, and slides under the bottom rope into the ring. The Mayhem Champion takes off his hoodie, tossing it out of the ring and unstraps the Mayhem Championship from his waist, as he stands in the corner ready to compete as the music cuts.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Paris, France, weighing in at 220 pounds, accompained by Wasabi Toyota, he is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, "King" Flex Mussel!

    The world champ enters the arena, Wasabi Toyota behind him and he proudly points at the newly won championship around his waist. The pair make their way down the ramp with Toyota waving the Flex America flag. Flex walks up the steps and steps through the ropes, staring down the bigger man across the ring from him as he unstraps his championship, and holds it up to taunt him before handing it over to Toyota as his music cuts.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    The two champions step to the middle of the ring and size each other up. Harald flexs, showing off his size advantage, but Mussel, not to be out done, tells Harald to take a step back, and strikes a pose of his own to show off his muscles!

    Copeland: It seems we have a pose down to start things here!

    Cohen: Oh come on is this a body building contest or a wrestling match? Get to the action!

    Mussel smirks as he finishes his pose and challenges Harald to beat that, and just as it looks like he's about to strike another pose, he gets blindsided by an uppercut from the world champ! The fans begin booing as Mussle fires off a couple more uppercuts to the big man, trying to knock him off his feet, and after only leaving him stumbling, he shoots off the ropes, but as he charges back at his opponent, Harald knocks him down with a big open hand chop to the chest!

    Cohen: That was brutal!

    Copeland: I think I felt that one up here, ouch!

    The Mayhem Champ waits for his opponent to get to his feet, and grabs a hold of him, and tosses him across the ring with a biel! Harald looks a little smug as Mussel stumbles back to his feet, realizing he may be in the ring with someone just as strong as he is, but he doesn't let it get to him, instead he walks to the middle of the ring and dares Harald to do a test of strength!

    Cohen: Look at this, the king wants a test of strength!

    Copeland: I don't know if this is a good idea, but I think Krigare might have bruised the ego of Flex when he threw him across the ring like that. It looks like Krigare is happy to oblige him though.

    Indeed, Krigare has locked hands with Mussel for a test of strength and the struggle is on here as both men look to gain the advantage. After a back and forth struggle, Mussel has managed to gain the advantage, taking the big man down to one knee, but as he tries to force him down to the mat, Krigare fights back to his feet, only to catch a knee to the gut from Mussel The fans boo at the cheap shot and Mussel goes on the attack now, pounding on the back of the swede, before switching to knee strikes to the gut which finally knocks the Mayhem Champion to the mat for the first time in the match!

    Cohen: Look at that! Mussel not only won the test of strength, but he has the big man down!

    Copeland: He didn't win the test of strength, he used a cheap shot. But I agree, impressive he managed to knock down Krigare finally, now he needs to take advantage of it.

    Mussel is indeed taking advantage of it, with stomps to the champion to try and keep him down, before dragging him into the corner in a seated position, and backing up into the middle of the ring, but as he turns back towards his opponent, Krigare is rising to his feet! Mussel looks angry, seeing his strikes not having a big effect, and he charges again at Krigare, who kicks him away! Mussle stumbles away as Krigare comes out of the corner, and spins Mussle around, dropping him with a pumphandle slam! Mussel goes flying towards the corner Krigare came out of, landing hard on the mat as Krigare slaps his chest to fire himself up, and as soon as Mussel gets to his feet in the corner, Krigare charges in and splashes him against the turnbuckles! He's not done yet though, as he scoops Mussel up onto his shoulders, and throws him against the top turnbuckle, snake eyes!

    Copeland: The Mayhem Champ is rolling now!

    Cohen: Yeah he is, but I'm sure the king will get back into this one.

    Mussel is dazed now as he stumbles away from the corner, and to the next nearest corner, but that buys him no time to rest as Harald pulls him out of the corner, and drops him with a short arm lariat! Mussel rolls into the middle of the ring as Harald backs into the corner, and he seems to be stalking Mussel for something here, what could the big man have in mind? The World Champion stumbles to his feet, but as he gets up Harald comes charging at him, and goes for a Superman! Mussel ducks, and wraps his arms around the waist of Var Krigare, and drops him with a german suplex! Mussel turns around as Harald stumbles back to his feet, but not for long as Mussel wraps his arms around his waist for a second time, and connects with a second german suplex!

    Cohen: See? I told you! Look at the impressive strength from the champ there!

    Copeland: It certainly is impressive he can suplex someone the size of our Mayhem Champion, but I've come to expect nothing less from someone as strong as Flex has proven to be.

    Flex is rolling now as he pulls his opponent to his feet, and punches him in the face to keep him dazed, then connects with a jumping knee to the face, followed right up by another one, and then finally taking him back off his feet with a big belly to belly suplex! Flex covers Harald, looking to end things right here and this might be it.

    No! Harald kicks out!

    Mussel keeps his cool, and begins to think about what to do next as his opponent begins to get up, but Mussel stops him by connecting with a kick to the side of his head! Mussel now grabs the legs of Harald, and summons all his strength to connect with the Spin & Win, spinning Harald around 5 times before letting go and falling right into another pin attempt.

    No! Var Krigare kicks out again!

    Mussel looks a little surprised, it's clear he thought that was going to be it but the Mayhem Champion has more fight in him. Mussel grabs a handful of hair on the head of Krigare to pull him up, earning him a scoulding from referee Keith Morse, but Mussel ignores him and lets go after getting the big man up, but as he does he gets hit with a headbutt, which sends him stumbling backwards, and leaves an opening for the swede to connect with a Superman Punch! Mussel drops and Harald covers him for the pin, and he might score a big win here!

    No! Mussel kicks out!

    Var Krigare looks slightly angry that he didn't win the match there, and after checking with the ref, who assures him it was only a 2, he rises to his feet. Harald is motioning for Mussel to get to his feet and as he does, Krigare shouts "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!", causing Toyota to look concerned at ringside. Mussel is up and turns around, as Harald goes for The Kraken....NO! Mussel ducks it! Krigare stops himself from running into the turnbuckles, and turns around just in time for Mussel to kick him in the gut, then lift him up and drop him with a Mussel Bomb!

    Copeland: Wow! The Mussel Bomb out of nowhere!

    Cohen: That's just how good Flex is! Now he's gotta go for the cover, surely it's over!

    Indeed Mussel is dragging the limp body of Krigare away from the ropes, and climbs on top of him, hooking the leg for the pin and the referee counts, is it finally over?


    Harrys: Here's your winner, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, "King" Flex Mussel!

    Copeland: Wow that was an impressive showing from both men there, but in the end Flex pulls out the victory.

    Cohen: Indeed, I wouldn't have expected anything less than a good match between these two. After all there's a reason they're both champions.

    Flex is now celebrating with Toyota in the ring, holding up his championship as Toyota waves the Flex America flag behind him. Var Krigare rolls out of the ring, and grabs his Mayhem Championship as he heads to the back while Mussel and Toyota continue their celebration.

    Mikey Stormrage is walking backstage, holding his newly won Elite Openweight Championship, when suddenly Alice Adams walks up to him, a coy smile on her face as she does. She runs her fingers across the Elite Openweight Championship, before locking eyes with Mikey.

    Adams: Congrats on the big win Mikey, that was quite impressive. And the way you jumped off the top of the cage to win? Wow...I was impressed.

    Adams smiles at Mikey, who smiles back and looks down at the championship on his shoulder before looking back at Adams.

    Stormrage: Thanks, I'm still sore from that jump, but I guess this made it worth it right?

    Stormrage chuckles and shrugs his shoulders, as Adams lets out a little laugh as well.

    Adams: Definitely. And you know, as good as your match with Callie was, I bet you and I could create some real magic together.

    Alice winks at Mikey, who grins and nods his head.

    Adams: Just imagine me....and that Elite Openweight Championship. Talk about a good 3 way.

    She smirks as Mikey lets out an audible gulp, when suddenly Matt Tastic walks up to them and grabs Mikey by the shoulder, catching him off guard and making him jump.

    Tastic: C'mon, I heard the whole conversation and she's nothing but trouble. Let's go before you do something you'll regret.

    Mikey: No way dude, she wants me!

    Tastic drags Mikey away as the two argue, leaving Adams standing there looking a little disappointed.
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    [Kole is seen running out of Adams Dressing room; he makes a sharp turn down the hall, looks back and smirks.]

    Kole: “Ha-ha! I knew she wanted Kole’s pole, she didn’t even call security, that little tease, just playing hard to get [laughs obnoxiously] I get it doll, you gotta keep up appearances.”

    [Kole slowed down to a fast jog, but was still looking behind him, he didn’t see Callie up ahead, who, unfortunately did not see Kole either; cause she was stuck looking at her phone. By the time Kole turns to look straight it was already too late; he collided with Callie, causing her to jump and drop her phone.]

    Callie: “Oh you idiot! Just watch where you are going! [She pushes Kole away and heatedly picks up her phone] I swear Jole, If this phone is cracked you are getting me the NEWER version.”

    Kole: “Um, excuse you? [looks exaggeratedly offended] Do you not know who you just got to touch? THE amazing Keith Kole Oh, I get it, my amazing and sexy blue eyes must of pulled you in, am I right? [He holds a hand up to silence Callie before she could even speak] oh you don’t have to say it. I know I am.”

    Callie: um, Excuse you? How dare you talk to me like if you are even on the same PLANET let alone the same fighting spectrum. [Glares and looks Kole up and down] and you, your just a joke, you wouldn’t last 3 minutes let alone a whole match in Gold Rush, and if you know what’s good for you [steps up to Kole stands as straight up as possible and looks up at him straight in the eyes] you’ll stay out of my way.

    [Callie smiles as sweetly as possible and pats Kole on the cheek. Kole just stands there, silent and straight faced, the corner of his lips trembling, but he didn’t say a word. Before Kole could even say a word, Callie turns quickly; smacking Kole in the face with her hair, as she is halfway down the hallway Kole calls to her.]

    Kole: “Hey sweet cheeks! [He smiles big as Callie turns around infuriated] you say you’re above me, yet..[casually starts to walk toward her] I seem to be a little taller than you, first of all [Kole measures himself with his hand] and secondly, I love a girl who plays hard to get, it’s sexy [tries to growl seductively]. I value a fellow wrestler who takes this industry almost as seriously as me, but; [Kole’s joking mood turns brooding and semi threatening] I highly doubt a self centered, entitled ass, spoiled princess can actually be taken seriously as the future of this industry. I mean, I’m sorry honey, but, the spotlight won’t always be on you, you know. So, how about you tone it down a bit, get yourself an iced coffee cause, god knows you women all love that, and stand aside to let the big boys show you how it’s done.”

    [Callie stands stunned and Kole just pats her on top of her head and before she could smack him, runs off.]

    HVK VS. Halloway:

    [As soon as the bell rings; Halloway is seen circling HVK eyeing him as a lioness eyes her prey, HVK stands stone faced, eyes guarded and focused, waiting for Annie to make her move. Halloway runs up and jumps on HVK’s back; as soon as she clings on, she starts to punch and claw at the back of his head as HVK moves around wildly, trying to swing Halloway off. After the third shake, he flings Halloway off, sending her flying into the turnbuckle. Halloway sits dazed; rubbing the side of her head, HVK walks up to her, grabs Halloway and swings her over his shoulder and drops her hard into the middle of the mat.]

    Copeland: “Oh! And down goes Halloway, I’ll tell you this woman has guts, most people would lie down and take it, but not Halloway, I knew she would give it her all.”

    [Annie stumbles to the corner of the ring, HVK turns quickly and starts running towards Halloway, he sets her up for his Carolean charge but as soon as he gets close to her, Annie catches him with a spinning heel kick right in the chest. She catches HVK off-guard and sends him stumbling backwards. He finds his footing and his eyes glow red with anger. Halloway smirks and continues to move around the ring, hoping to tire out the big behemoth before he even has a chance to try and keep her still.]

    Cohen: [sourly] “Oh how can you give praise to a women so scared to even try to land a hit? She thinks she can dance around him all night and that doing so will save her, but I have news for you and Halloway, someone is going to get tired at some point. Halloway better pray this monster tires out before she runs out of fancy moves. I’d hate to be her when she finally runs out of steam.”

    [Halloway hits HVK with a spinning heel kick, hitting him square in the middle of his chest and sends him stumbling towards the center of the ring, she smirks and again starts to circle him, talking down to him with each step. HVK stumbles to keep his footing and ends up tripping over himself in frustration. Annie turns and starts to climb the ropes setting up for a top rope elbow drop, oblivious to what HVK was doing. he looks straight at Halloway, annoyance burning in his eyes. He straightens up and starts towards her, he reaches Halloway as she is climbing the the 3rd rope; he grabs her by the back of her shirt and throws her over his shoulder before slamming her into the middle of the ring in a pump handle slam. Annie yelps and rolls around in Pain, and before the ref can reach her to make sure she is alright HVK quickly grabs her by the arm and forcefully lifts her up onto her feet like a rag doll.]

    Cohen: “Now there’s a wrestler, look how easily he makes her do what he wants, Halloway better remember who the top dog is in this fight.”
    Copeland: “I don’t know about that Cohen, I mean, she has been able to worm her way out of his grasp before.”

    [Annie struggles against HVK’s strength, his grip didn’t budge, he let out a low laugh and picks her up into an inverted cross-post slam. Halloway rolls around the ring, eyes close to tears from the pain, she clumsily gets up to her feet, eyes wild with a combination of frustration and determination, HalLway gets a running start and jumps to kick HVK square in the jaw with a spinning heel kick. HVK is caught off-guard and stumbles backwards. Once Halloway sees him stumble backwards she runs to the ropes, bounces off to set up for her running heel kick. As soon as she gets close to HVK, he stands strong with a determined look in his eyes he Roars out “release the Kraken” and catches Annie square in the mouth with Release the Kraken. Annie crumples to the mat, her eyes seemingly rolled into the back of her head before her eyes closed shut. HVK casually rolls on top of Annie and pins her as the red counts to three; the bell rings and HVK stands, the red raises his hand in victory.]

    Announcer: “your winner by knockout AND pin fall Harald Var Krigare!”
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    Thank you both for taking the initiative on this. We'll get in touch as soon as we reach a decision.

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