Smartphones taking away from crowd?

Discussion in '[Hidden] General Wrestling Discussion' started by Vintage Punk, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Sep 23, 2014
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    I feel like ever since everyone started having smartphones, it has taken away from the fan's general interest and reaction to what they're watching live. I'm speaking in what I see for wrestling audiences but you can also apply across the board to professional sports. Focusing mainly on WWE audiences though, It seems many are texting, looking at apps, etc while watching the product at times. Now I know, sometimes this is WWE creative's fault as if a segment is boring or crap, then a lot of casuals will check Instagram, Facebook, etc instead. Of course there are hot crowds sometimes like in New York, Chicago, etc. however, it feels like the crowds were more livelier with signs, chants, and interest before the invention of smartphones. Crowds had no choice but to watch the matches and react because the didn't have a computer in their pocket to check every few minutes. There was more investment in what you were watching. Not to sound anti-technology as I'm just as guilty as anyone of trying sometimes to record something or get that live reaction on camera to post whether it be wrestling, sports or concerts. However, I think I'm definitely gonna make a valid effort in not using it at all the next time I go to any live event. Anyone else feel this way??
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  2. The Life Of Pablo Ren

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    Sure smartphones play a part. Just as they do in concerts, sporting events, etc.

    But they aren't the sole reason, or even the main reason. If they gave us more of a reason to be invested, we would be. Point blank and period.

    It's also just different times, eras, demographics and products. And this time I'm not really talking about the quality, just the overall presentation. It's a tamer product that reflects a tamer fanbase/society.
  3. Navi

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    Apr 15, 2010
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    I go to almost every house show that comes to Toronto, I never see a lot of fans on their phones checking twitter and facebook. Most of the crowd is involved in the drama in the ring, so I don't know what crowds you are watching. Even at Survivor Series, there wasn't a lot of people around me doing that, if any at all.

    Most use their phones to take pictures of the action maybe to post later, but don't see them doing it while the show is on. Besides where would Bray Wyatt be without smartphones, the best part of his act is his entrance and all the fireflies in the audience. I used to hate going to events before smartphones and seeing all the flashes in the crowd. You still see some but all that is gone with now having the ability to take a picture with your Iphone.

    Do fans pay a fortune to go to these shows just to sit on FB and twitter anyway?
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    Crowds aren't loud anymore because the product is deplorable. You can't force someone to react to something boring by putting their phones down. We've seen what happens when a crowd gets bored and it's pretty annoying.

    WWE has an unhealthy obsession with social media and how many times they can trend on twitter in one night. They encourage the use of cell phones during their live shows so I wouldn't really say it's taking anything away from the product. If anything, it's added something totally different to wrestling as a whole. Whether that's good or bad is another question.
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    Hamler's point about the lack of quality in the product is a big reason why people seem apathetic. People aren't going to cheer if you don't give them a reason to cheer.

    Another reason that the crowds aren't as lively as they were twenty years ago, is that the product and fans are different. You don't have fifty signs in the crowd anymore talking about a female wrestlers boobs, or calling Bret Hart gay, because the product and society has largely moved past that. The product used to be much more centered toward the rowdy shock product that was popular on TV at the time, and attracted that kind of audience.

    I also don't buy that you need a hot crowd to make a show good. Certainly a hot crowd can help you get into the drama of a big match, but people who complain about a crowd's lack of emotion and reaction are just complaining for the sake of complaining. These people paid for their ticket and so long as they aren't breaking any rules or going out of their way to be a distraction, like the beachball at SummerSlam, then I have no issue with what they do and neither should you.
  6. FromGlasgow

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    I personally wouldn't pay good money to attend a live event just to sit playing with my phone, Only reason I would get it out would be to take photos.
    Not just wrestling events I can't even walk down a street now without having to walk round these zombie like people who can't take their eyes off of their phone for half a second.
    I can't understand it some people must just be addicted.

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