Sledgehammers and Orange Paint: HHH DIY HQ 4 WZ

Discussion in 'WZ Tournament Campaign Headquarters' started by Mantaur Rodeo Clown, Apr 11, 2010.

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    When you hear the first chords of Motorhead blast out over the arena. When you see a man step into that swivelling light thingy and pour water on his head. When he makes his way down the ramp, glowing orange and dripping wet, there's only one thing on your mind. The Champ is Here Okay that ones taken, but you think of HHH, and you think of the sweet smell of gold.

    Never Mind the Bollocks, Hunter Hearst Helmsley has done it all in this business. Well, you know, everything except fail to wrestle great matches and beat every big name of the Attitude Era. I'm not going to list all of his achievements off, because Wikipedia has kindly done it for me:

    Pay close attention to the Slammy Award for Best Hair in 1997. Stone Cold sure as hell isn't going to be winning that, and I'm quite sure HHH would be handed the victory by default in a hair vs hair match in that situation.

    So look upon his visage and tremble. And vote for him. I don't want to be the only one.
  2. gd

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    Probably not. Due to him being boring and all. Maybe if he faces one of those Japanese guys.
  3. Dave

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    Triple H has drawn Brock Lesnar in what many speculate will be the hardest region of the WZ Tournament.

    I am not deluding myself. This will be a fucking hard match and we have a lot of resistance with Lesnar. However, if we come out strong and talk about experience and unwillingness to job to people that Triple H thinks are below him, we should be in good shape. Lesnar will be a tough match but Triple H has the experience and the ring skills to go over Lesnar. The biggest problem with Lesnar is the fan's opinions of him and that needs to be crushed before we make any progress. Remind people that he is rude, ignorant, makes rash decisions and loses his cool at times. All of the traits are things that Triple H will take advantage of.

    We can do this!
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  4. Rizza

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    Triple H is my all time favorite wrestler, so he will literally get my vote against everybody, except Hansen, Flair, Ultimate Warrior, and Misawa, and even in those cases I will just refrain from voting. I hope he gets far, to at least the last 16, even though I doubt he really does, people have it out for HHH.
  5. Dr. Stinger A. Zoidberg

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    Im a huge Triple H fan. However, there are a few superstars that would get my vote if Trips were to face them. Other than that, I'll be pulling for Triple H.

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