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Discussion in 'Wrestling Discussion' started by filthyanimalz, Jul 5, 2018.

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    Four of the bouts for Slammiversary have been announced. What other matches would you like to see on the card? Here is my card:

    1. Aries v Moose (Heavyweight Championship)

    2. Su Yung v Madison Rayne (Knockouts Title)

    3. Sammy Callihan v Pentagon Jr (Mask v Hair)

    4. Johnny Impact v Ishimori v Fenix v Rich Swan (International X Division Extravaganza)

    5. Eli Drake v Abyss v Kongo Kong v Brian Cage v KM/or returning James Storm (King of the Mountain no.1 contenders match)

    6. Trevor Lee v Dezmond Xzavier v Petey Williams v Matt Sydal (Ultimate X match)

    7. LAX V ???? (Tag Team Championship, team will be revealed on tonight's Impact)

    8. OvE v Z&E

    9. Allie v Tessa Blanchard (no.1 Knockouts contender)

    10. Eddie Edwards v Tommy Dreamer (Last Man Standing Hardcore match)
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    Pretty stacked card to be honest. Just sucks that Drake and Cage have to battle against Abyss & Kong. Abyss has really let himself go and Kong is just not good at all. Those two have to carry the match for sure. I hope the mystery person is Killer Kross. Be nice to see him come in and dominate everyone like when Lucha Underground introduced Mantanza! That was epic, so this could work if done well. Makes sense two as these are some of Impact Wrestlings bigger heavyweight guys in this match.

    I will watch this come Sunday! Looking for a solid show with good action and storytelling.
  3. New Hot Fed

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    Jun 27, 2011
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    Putting many guys in one match usually sucks. As a customer, you would have more money for your buck if it was Drake vs Cage.

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