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    Dec 1, 2006
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    Maybe I should specify this better I want to do a Book This! But I want to work with someone in a different Capacity than most partners usually work in. I want to work where I give the idea (Angle, Match, Who Wins and how) But I am shit at writing Dialouge And matches. I have time before I want to do this so I want to Audition people to do this. I will give you a scenario and I want two Promo's and a match written. If you can keep it all in the same post that would be good as well as it would allow me to keep track of all the applicants.

    Anyway the Two Wrestlers I want you to use in the Tryout are Edge and Rhino. The Ring is 4 sided. ECW and WCW size Ring. Edge is the Heel and Rhino is the Face. With Rhino Losing via DQ. There is a 20 count for the being out of the ring.

    How you get to it is a matter up to you but those are the only guidelines that I want you to use right now.

    I want to specify this is an audition so I expect the thing I ask for rather than people saying that I should look at what they have done. This Audition keeps everyone on a level footing. rather than basing it off on what You have already done.
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    Interviewer- “Edge how prepared are you for tonight’s match against Rhino.”

    Edge: “Rhino!? That’s the clown they’ve got me facing tonight? What is this? Lets have Edge face the world’s dumbest zoo animals!? Do the guys booking this crap even know who I am? I am the greatest wrestler in the history of this company! and as for Rhino, that mutant barely deserves to lace up a pair of boots, et alone share a ring with one as awesome as me!
    Rhino I'm warning you now, youd be better off if you don’t even bother turning up tonight. You’ve got absoloutly nothing to offer this company. Your a comeplete waste of space and the only reason your lucky enough to have made a name for your self is by ripping off "MY" spear and calling it the bore!You walk around here with your greasy hair, and lame wrestling skills! Who the hell do you think you are?
    You asked me how prepared I am tonight? Well I need no preparation! I was born a better wrestler than rhino and the only reason I’m bothering to wretle tonight is to show the world just how lame this dumb over-grown mammal really is!


    Interviewer: “Rhino earlier tonight Edge aimed some pretty strong words your way, how would you like to respond to him ahead of tonight’s match?

    Rhino: (grabbing the mic and looking deep in to the camera)“Let me tell you why I don’t like you Edge! You run your mouth about how great you are – how big and important you think you are to this business!? Who the hell are you trying to kid!?
    Seriously Edge I ask you - in ten years do you believe anyone will still be talking about you!? I find it hard to even watch you without laughing, do you know why!? Because you’re nothing but a coward Edge! A fake! Your whole career you’ve make a name for yourself by hiding behind better wrestlers than you! Using others to get to the top then dropping them so they can’t share the limelight! You know what you are Edge? A pretender!
    (intensifying) But tonight I guarantee there’ll be no pretending! Mark my words Edge, by the time this night is out you will feel, MY GORE!

    The Match:

    Edge comes out first: “You think you know me…” he comes to the ring in trademark leather jacket and shades, he has a particular nasty snarl on his face and when he arrives in the ring he mocks Rhino by acting bored and slumping himself in the corner… Rhino’s music hits and he makes a beeline for the ring, he slides in under the bottom rope and as he does Edge pounces like an uncoiling snake out of the corner and begins to stamp on rhinos back. He pulls him up and sends him flying of the rope; Edge delivers a hip toss and goes straight to work on Rhino by pushing him in to the corner, aggressively kicking him in the ribs. He then goes to whip Rhino straight into the opposite turnbuckle, Rhino reverses and instead Edge comes crashing into the steel post. Rhino now charges Edge down with a huge shoulder block seemingly knocking the wind out of Edge. Rhino then picks Edge up like a rag doll and scores with a massive side belly to belly suplex; drawing a huge roar of appreciation from the fans. Rhino now seems to vent some serious frustration out on Edge, he pulls him back to his feet and again utilises the turnbuckle, this time to smash Edges head against it. Rhino now executes a strong scoop powerslam, he goes for the first cover of the match on a seemingly lifeless Edge who just manages to get a shoulder up at two. A frustrated Rhino moves towards the second rope, puts his hands on his knees and stands in a pose, symbolising to the fans that a gore is on its way! The fans get to there feet in anticipation; Edge slowly rises to one knee. He just about gets up as Rhino charges him down! Here it comes- No – Edge just gets out of the way, he manages to get a hand on the back of Rhino’s head and sends him flying through the second rope and out of the ring. Rhino is down and Edge takes a much needed opportunity to get his breath back after the early pace set by Rhino. He heads out of the ring the opposite side to which Rhino is laying. He begins to shout at the time keeper as the referee begins the count. Edge now grabs a steel chair. Edge mouths something which seems to be along the lines of; “forget this.” He now attempts to leave through the crowd, chair in hand. The referee is already up to 9 of the allowed 20 seconds before a wrestler is counted out. Rhino is back to his feet, after one or two precious wasted seconds of confusion, he spots Edge, with seconds to spare he manages to catch up to him, he throws Edge back over the guard rail, the two enter the ring as the referee reaches 19 seconds of the allowed 20! Somehow through this edge has managed to keep hold of the chair. It lays forgotten in the corner, the referee either hasn’t noticed it or is to wrapped up in the fast paced action to care enough to get rid of it. Edge and Rhino begin to wrestle again; Rhino delivers a DDT followed by a spinning spine buster after sending Edge of the ropes again. Edge kicks out after another close two count. Edge elbows his way out of an attempted headlock by Rhino. He delivers a Russian legsweep to Rhino and hits a swift stomp to the back of his head. Edge now heads to the top rope. Rhino makes his way back to his feet. Edge delivers a huge cross body! He goes for his first cover of the match and gets a 2 count! Edge gets back up and is frustrated, he argues with the referee about a slow count. Rhino slowly gets to his feet; he heads towards Edge and the referee. Rhino looks to go for a running charge at Edge who pulls the referee in front of him, the referee, with the wind knocked out of him falls into the corner, Rhino finally catches Edge, he hits him with another spinning spinebuster, he heads to the corner and for the second time in the match signals for the gore, Edge gets to his feet and this time Rhino hits it! The fans go Crazy! The referee groggily comes over to make the count 1… 2 … and he stops! He notices the chair that Edge had brought in with him earlier, assuming Rhino had used it he disqualifies him! Rhino looses via Disqualification! Edge wins but the face Rhino got screwed!
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    Interviewer: Tonight Rhyno You face Edge in the Main Event, and victory here tonight over this former world champion would certainly get eyes back on you, and back in the title picture. What are your thoughts?


    "Later in the evening"

    Interviewer: Edge tonight you face Rhyno, and I was wondering...

    Edge: Wondering what an assclown you look like for asking me a question. I don’t have time for your stupid questions. All that’s important tonight is to beat Rhyno, and get a chance back for what rightfully belongs to me, and that is the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP, NOW GET OUT OF MY FACE!

    Rhyno comes out to his music, and runs to the ring, and brings up both his arms, and soaking in the fans cheering for him. Next out, comes Edge to his music; he walks slowly to the ring, and climbs through the ropes. The bell rings, and the match begins. Rhyno and Edge Lock Up. Rhyno pushes Edge down to the floor, and Edge gets up. Rhyno forces Edge into a corner, and the referee tells him to stop, but all of the sudden Edge pokes him in the eyes.

    The ref complains, but Edge doesn't care, he punches Rhyno for a bit, and then clubs him at his back. Edge delivers a snap suplex to Rhyno, he is groaning in agony. Edge starts to work on his back, and delivers high knees to the back. Edge brings Rhyno to the ring ropes, and he stands on Rhyno's neck. The referee starts to count. 1...2...3...4.., and Edge releases the hold. Edge goes for the pinfall. The Ref Counts 1...and a kick out from Rhyno. Edge decides to taunt Rhyno a bit by slapping the man, and puts Rhyno in a headlock. Rhyno is gasping for air, and the roaring crowd are trying to bring him back to life.

    All of a sudden Rhyno starts to get up slowly, and he hits his elbow into Edges rib once, then twice, now a third time! Rhyno has regained his composure, and he whips edge into the ropes, and as Edge comes back delivers a devastating Spinebuster, leaving him lying dead on the mat. Rhyno goes for the pin 1...2.., and no Edge kicks out. Rhyno brings Edge back to his feet, and hits him with a delayed vertical suplex. Edge is screaming in Pain, he picks Edge up again, and throws him to the outside, afterwards going out of the ring to get him. As Rhyno is heading outside, Edge nails him with a cheap clothesline, and Irish whips him into the Steel Steps.

    Wait a minute what’s this? Edge is going for something under the ring, and oh my, it’s a Steel Chair. He gets ready to slam Rhyno with the chair, but the referee quickly gets to the outside, and takes the chair Away from Edge. Edge goes back to Rhyno, and all of a sudden Rhyno hits a massive shoulder tackle knocking him into the ring post on Edge. Rhyno tosses, Edge back in the ring, With Edge down, and Rhyno in the corner, Rhyno sets up for the Gore. As Edge gets up, and Rhyno runs at him at full speed, Edge moves out of the way, and ends up splitting the Referee in half OH MY GAWD!

    Rhyno can't believe what he just did, and as he turns out to go for Edge, out comes Edge with a Spear, leaving Rhyno sprawled all over the floor. Edge goes for the Pin, but since the referee is down, and no-one else to do the count, no-one can count the pinfall. Edge is yelling and pissed because he had the match over now. He starts to kick Rhyno profusely all over and doesn't stop. Edge then remembers the steel chair left from the outside, and he goes to retrieve it. He grabs it, and rolls back in the ring, seeing Rhyno half awake, he runs with the chair to Hit Rhyno, BUT NO RHYNO RUNS BACK AND HITS THE GORE OH MY!

    Rhyno goes for the pin, and as the Ref gets up he calls for the bell, and tells the announcer Edge is to be announced as the winner. Rhyno argues with the referee to no avail and feels completely screwed over the referee’s decision. As he looks back on the ground, pissed over this and wanting to give Edge another Gore, Edge rolls away onto the floor clutching his ribs in pain, and with a wide smirk on his face taunts Rhyno. Rhyno points and makes motions that he will get him again while pacing around the ring furiously. This is certainly not the last time these two will ever meet in the ring. And All I have to say is GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY, AND I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE SHOW!
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