Semi-Final - Jason Voorhees vs Freddy Krueger

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Jason Voorhees vs Freddy Krueger

  1. Jason Voorhees

  2. Freddy Krueger

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  1. IrishCanadian25

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    Mar 29, 2007
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    One of the most iconic villains in film history, Jason Voorhees has the unique distinction of being the only slasher I can think of who wasn't even the villain in the original film of the franchise. Despite his late start, Jason has the highest body count of the field by far, and while not always the most creative, he's certainly among the most consistent.

    The machete completes the Jason gimmick, though it is far from the only weapon he uses. Only twice in the franchise's history has the machete been successfully turned against Jason; first when Jenny Fields uses it at the end of the 2nd film, and of course when Tommy Jarvis defeated him with it in Final Chapter.

    Tommy Jarvis also represented Jason's only true reoccuring protagonist character. Tommy defeats Jason as a young boy in Part 4 (The Final Chapter), battles personal demons and a false Jason in Part 5 (A New Beginning) and defeats his old nemesis a 2nd time in Part 6 (Jason Lives!, which was a take off of the sequel to Eddie and the Cruisers: Eddie Lives!)

    Jason's current status is unknown. In his last film, Jason had essentially defeated Freddy in a bloody feud, though Freddy's severed head was far from dead. Despite having gone through 3 "finales" already (Final Chapter, Jason Takes Manhattan, and Jason Goes to Hell), Jason proves he is as unstoppable of a slasher film force as we've ever seen.



    Freddy Krueger has the unique distinction of being perhaps the funniest of all the slasher movie villains, with only Chucky truly challenging for that title. In addition, Freddy's knived glove is among the most recognizable horror film props of all time, along side Jason's hockey mask and Leatherface's chainsaw. Freddy's body count is also exceptionally high, and the manner in which he torments his victims prior to killing them shows an incredable style. (i.e. - in Freddy's Dead, giving Carlos the deaf kid a super hearing aid and torturing him with drops of water and pins, before finally scratching his knives on a chalkboard, splitting Carlos' head open. Classic.)

    Freddy has relied on his glove more than any other film character has with any other weapon, partially because of how handy it was. Get it? Anyway, similar to Jason's machete, Freddy's glove was rarely turned against him. Only in Dream Warriors (part 3, when Nancy stabs Freddy before Dr. Gordon buries and conscecrates Freddy's remains), Freddy's Dead (Freddy's daughter Katherine impales him with it before blowing him up with a pipe bomb), and Freddy vs Jason (Jason uses it, before beheading him). Freddy's glove is never used as a "final blow."

    Freddy has a few reoccuring protagonists in the Nightmare series. Nancy (parts 1, 3, New Nightmare), Kristen (parts 3, 4), and Alice (parts 4, 5). Similar to many slasher film villains, the heros in the Nightmare series are usually female, often described as a nod to the virtuosity of the innocent woman.

    One major bonus for Freddy is the fact that the same man had played his role every single time - Robert Englund. While Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers were played by different actors, Englund delivered every Freddy movement and line for all 8 films. Horror fans were furious when Ken Kirzinger, NOT Kane Hodder, was tapped for Freddy vs Jason, since Hodder is often credited by fans as the only one to ever "own" the Jason role.

    Freddy's current status is also unknown, and whether a Jason vs Freddy part 2 ever gets completed is also up in the air. A remake of the original Nightmare film is set for 2010, and may not include Englund. Other rumors have included Jason vs Freddy vs Michael, and Jason vs Freddy vs Ashe (Evil Dead).

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    this will be a good one. krugar and jacen tore up the 80s killer movies and still to this day are in the top 3. jacen wins this one but it should be darn close. i just wander who can stop jacen from winning it all how about another knife slasher maybe myers my friends lets wait and see.
  3. simpsons_fanatic742

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    I think Voorhees wins this one. I just think that Jason is the greatest horror villian of all-time. I don't think Krueger compares to him in my eyes. Here's hoping Jason rightfully wins this battle and the whole thing.
  4. My$terio_Fan

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    I'm choosing style over body count. Jason was a great slasher and killed alot of people. He was a killing machine and was a brutal being. Freddy also is a great slasher but he also played games with his victims and tourtured them before killing them. Also the whole killing people while they sleep is epic and and Freddy has alot more creativity than Jason who seems to lack that. Freddy ftw!
  5. Hyorinmaru

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    Dec 7, 2007
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    Yeah Jason was an unstoppable killing machine but so was Freddy. Freddy had something Jason never had, the ability to kill you in your sleep. If Jason wanted you dead you had a small chance of surviving if you could stay one step ahead of him. If Freddy wanted you dead then there was no where you could hide. When your awake your terrified and if you have the bad luck of falling asleep then there is no way you will be able to survive. Freddy is the master of the dream world and there is nowhere you can hide from him.
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  6. Mr. TM

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    It was a great match-up, and a great tournament. Whoever we choose here moves on to the finals. Jason was the bulldozer of the slashers. He walks through anything to slash away. Freddie was the artist of the group, more finesque about his killings. I pick Jason here, but both men deserve to go on to meet the winner of the next round (Michael). Great round, and whoever wins deserves it while preforming with ther peoples blood.
  7. Dead Kennedy

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    Jason is the ultimate horror villain for me. He's a goddamn machine. No hesitation, no mercy. Your ass is grass. He smokes it. You can't kill him, and he won't ever stop. Awe-inspiring to say the least? Probably.

    Freddy's also one of the greats, but I found his comic antics to be less than funny at times. Of course, the idea of being killed in your dreams is surely frightening, but they don't ever manage to turn Freddy into the protagonist of the series so to speak, like they did with Jason.

    Very, very close margin here, but like in the idiotic film, Freddy loses to Jason.
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  8. jmt225

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    Feb 6, 2008
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    Freddy Krueger is awesome, no doubt, but there's no way he would ever defeat Jason. Even in Jason's dreams Freddy couldn't stop the fucker, and the only reason Jason ever went to sleep in the first place was because the kids drugged him. If it weren't for that, I'm pretty sure Jason doesn't sleep and because of that, if they were to fight, it would be on Earth and Jason whoops Freddy's ass EVERY single time.

    Now, granted, I would much rather have Jason after me then Freddy Krueger because to get away from Jason all I have to do is fucking get in my car and move far away. I would live in paranoia for the rest of my life, but I'm pretty sure I could escape without problems. Freddy, however, is a completely different story. As everyone knows, he attacks you while you sleep and there's no escaping that, especially me since I need my sleep, lol.

    However, like I said though, Freddy would ever, never be able to kill Jason or win a straight up fight. Never. End of story. And that's why Jason deserves to beat Freddy in this tournament.
  9. Spunky

    Spunky Lovable degenerate.

    Aug 6, 2008
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    So on one hand we have Jason, The big, Merciless, Machine, He doesnt mess around, He'll kill you then leave you, and on to another victim, This guy has drown in the lake, Taken a machete to the shoulder, An axe to the head, His body was buried, Tied to a blouder and drowned again, And again after that, Then he was melted away by toxic waste, After that his niece killed him and he was dragged into hell, Then his final death to date was when he was blown to shit on board of the space ship in Jason X, But still came back after severing Freddy's head, Which could mean that Jason truly immortal, And as stated his has the biggest body count of any horror icon.

    Where as with Freddy, Well he his the most creative villian ever, And produced the best kill's of anyone else in the genre, Freddy is the comedic child killer, Who was burnt to death by the people of springwood, He likes to mentally torture his victims before killing them in the most horrofic ways possible......

    Jason wins for me.
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