Section Rules and Guidelines

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    Section Rules and Guidelines

    1) Do not post any threads in this section. Only the tournament runners, mods, or admins are allowed to post new threads in this section.
    2) Please feel free to use these threads as fan bases for the characters. You can use the fan bases to discuss match ups, strengths, weaknesses, etc.
    3) These bios are meant to be short introductions to the characters for anyone who may be unfamiliar. They are by no means meant to be exhaustive. If you would like to add to the bios, feel free to make posts in the thread with more information.
    4) This is a non-spam section. Please do not post spam messages in these threads.
    5) This section abides by the same rules as any other non-spam section. No flaming, no use of prejudice language, no causing drama, etc.
    6) Most importantly, have fun!

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