Second Round: East Rutherford - Great Muta vs. Chris Jericho

Discussion in 'The Mexico City Region' started by klunderbunker, May 1, 2010.


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  1. Great Muta

  2. Chris Jericho

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  1. klunderbunker

    klunderbunker Welcome to My (And Not Sly's) House

    Jan 8, 2007
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    This is a second round matchup in the East Rutherford Subregion. The ring and arena are universal throughout the first round and the organization is not a factor. There is a 20 minute time limit. Vote using any criteria you like. Most votes in the poll at the end of the time period wins. In the case of a tie we will go off of the number of written votes. In the case of a second tie, both are eliminated. Assume one week has passed since the first match.

    Location: Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, New JerseyCENTER]


    Great Muta



    Chris Jericho


    Voting is open for 4 days.​
  2. Hulkamaniac

    Hulkamaniac Vote Hogan, Savage, Rocky and Thesz

    Sep 14, 2009
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    Very close match up, in my opinion. I voted for Muta, and here's why. He's a legit Main Event force, even when he's in the US. Jericho is more of a transitional guy, historically. Both guys are great workers, both guys are charismatic as hell. Muta is lot bigger draw, historically. In a kayfabe match, this is exactly the type of match Jericho would lose. A foreign guy comes in with much fanfare, Jericho calls him out, "I'm the best in the world at what I do" blah blah blah, they have a match, and Jericho puts Muta over.

    Vote Muta.
  3. Jack-Hammer

    Staff Member Moderator

    Mar 26, 2009
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    This would be a great and extremely close match. Both men have shown themselves to be excellent workers inside the ring. Muta has been a dominant force in Japanese mat circles and Jericho is someone that, at various points over his career, can beat just about anyone on any given night.

    In my opinion, in the past few years, Chris Jericho has been better than he's ever been. He still comes across as a young man, he really doesn't look 39 and doesn't look as if the road has beaten him down, and has the cool confidence of a veteran. I think that the overall arrogance and general mouthiness of Jericho as a heel sometimes overshadows the fact that he's damn good in the ring. Also, he's well known to put over other wrestlers when the situation calls for it and I'd say that Muta goes over, though just barely by catching Jericho in some sort of roll up or cradle.
  4. Serious Mozzarella

    Serious Mozzarella Special Victims Unit

    Sep 9, 2007
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    Chris Jericho is my favorite wrestler of all time. By a massively large margin. Nobody even comes close.

    That being said, Jericho has been famous in Canada, the USA, Mexico, and Japan, and had a brief stint in Germany. Muta just had NWA and then Japan. (Edit: I forgot about WCW, but WCW was kind of a blur to me except ALL NWO ALL THE TIME!)

    I'm going Jericho here.

    What, you see my sig? SHUT UP, I'M NOT BIASED. >:|
  5. RVDgurl

    RVDgurl Mrs. Danielson

    Dec 4, 2006
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    About as evenly matched as you can get. Both men are phenomenal workers who seem to have a good match regardless of opponent. However, I think Jericho is a bit more versatile than Muta which would give him a slight edge in this match. Jericho gets my vote.
  6. Phoenix

    Phoenix WZCW's First Triple Crown Champion

    Feb 16, 2009
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    If I was to base this on Jericho in his current run, I would give him a definitely edge over Muta as Jericho currently scouts on his opponents moves and how to effectively counter them such as Mysterio or Edge.

    If I was to base this on the Jericho during his first run of wrestling, you know this match would a classic with a tight encounter between the two making it a tough one to choose.

    That being said, where both men are great in the ring, Jericho is the most versatile wrestler you'll ever find, he's won championships in Canada, Mexico, Hamburg, Japan and America, Muta's experience limits him to half of that. And as we're in the US for this particular encounter, Jericho has the better advantage and would take it. Had this been in Tokyo, I think it would be tougher to call but I'm giving it to Jericho for this one. Muta is one great technical wrestler, but I find Jericho ousts him out on this one.

    If you want me to go into further detail, I will, but that is my opening stance on why Jericho would win this encounter.

    Y2J Progresses
  7. Adam08

    Adam08 Pre-Show Stalwart

    Feb 27, 2010
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    I am going with Jericho as well this match would be a classic. But I think muta would try to spit the green mist into Jericho eye miss then counters with the walls of Jericho to make muta tap.
  8. shattered dreams

    shattered dreams Hexagonal Hedonist

    Jan 25, 2010
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    This would be a great feud. Probably an epic heel vs heel showdown. In those types of showdowns who wins the match? The better in-ring heel performer. To me Muta takes that. Jericho was a plus worker when he was younger but that was before his prime. Jericho would carry the feud with his mic work but once they got in the ring his presence and little league heel tactics could not match the Great Muta. How does it end? They have tried many a trick on one another but nothing has quite worked. Ref is down and Jericho hits a low blow, goes for the lionsault and Muta nails him with the mist. Muta hits a moonsault (a move he is widely credited with popularizing) but ref is too groggy for count. Jericho is up to something but SHINING WIZARD for the win. A move Muta invented. Muta is more innovative than Jericho and creativity is going to be huge in this cerebral showdown. Also, are those people with Jericho sigs trying to claim he has attained more on a worldwide basis serious? It is true Jericho has accomplished those things but they were on the midcard at best. Muta won the NWA World Heavyweight championship. Did Jericho ever cross over and capture the IWGP or AJPW triple crown Championships? Nope. The Great Muta's legend exceeds Jericho's.
  9. gd

    gd Plump, Juicy User

    Mar 20, 2009
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    Pretty sure Muta would win this one here. Not surprised to see Jericho winning though as he's basically the most popular wrestler on here for some reason. However, at the main event level, he's nothing more than a jobber. In fact, at basically every level, he's a jobber. Want to here some of the guys that have beat him recently? How about JTG, Kofi Kingston, and Heath Slater. All of those were clean as well. Muta sure as hell wouldn't lose to the One Man Rock Band.

    Watch a little bit of a Muta match. He's a crazy mother fucker. Not only that, but he's built pretty solidly. Factor in the mist that will burn your retinas, and that's not a guy you want to face. That's not a guy Jericho wants to face either. He loses here.
  10. It's...Baylariat!

    It's...Baylariat! Team Finnley Baylor

    Apr 2, 2009
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    The best matchup in this entire tourney so far. It's lopsided because Jericho's hot right now and Muta's been mostly in the past and few know of him. But the Great Muta was a fine Japanese star who wrestled in WCW for a time and fought Ric Flair, Sting, The Four Horsemen, and others during his stint there. He had an 89 match winning streak before losing to Sting. A Sting that was approaching his peak as a wrestler.

    Yet, Muta is also overrated by most Puro buffs here, because he was more show than wrestling. His mist was an X Factor in many of his matches, but Jericho would be too smart to let himself be hit my mist.

    I say this is a classic that goes down the wire when Jericho nails a Codebreaker out of nowhere to get the 3 count in a Five Star classic that has the Meadowlands standing up for applause.
  11. FunKay the Inevitable

    FunKay the Inevitable People Like Me, We Don't Play

    May 11, 2008
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    Chris Jericho vs. the Great Muta...what an amazing match this is. Now some of you will say, hold on your a Y2J fan. You'll be right but that doesn't affect my vote here. Kenji Mutoh is one of THE most influential people in Japanese wrestling history. But the fact is we're not in Japan. Yes you can say, well Muta won the WCW Television Championship but the fact is, outside of Japan, Muta has won no MAJOR WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIPS! Chris jericho on the other hand has won ALL his world championships on American soil. And where are we? America. Jericho's a crafty son of a gun and it takes a special something to out-fox this man. Muta falls just short. There's barely anything to seperate these two but the American advantage and the brains of Jericho out-smart Muta in an Instant Classic.
  12. Tastycles

    Tastycles Turn Bayley heel

    Jun 16, 2008
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    Muta here, for me. Jericho has shown his ability to lose to just about anyone over the years, so I don't think a foreign wrestler would face any difficulty against him. Muta has beaten Sting, which would or at least should go to show that American stars are not a difficulty for him. I'm giving it to Muta based on innovation. Muta has crafted a lot of moves and while I think Jericho's promo ability is amongst the best in the bis, my current boredom with his current gimmick has probably led to me siding against him. If he turned face tonight, I'd review my vote.
  13. Ferbian

    Ferbian Has Returned.

    Nov 26, 2009
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    Muta was an incredible talent, a true legend most definitely, and has achieved much more in this business than Chris Jericho has done, and both has wrestled all around the world (although I don't recall Muta wrestling in Mexico, but he did wrestle in the United States, and Japan, like Chris) and has both crafted their in-ring abilities throughout these parts of the world, therefore I have to admit it's an incredibly hard choice for me.

    Something I do think although will prove to give Jericho an upper hand is his exposure to the world through WWE and WCW, where Muta never truly broke through, even though he's was one of the first people to properly achieve a proper fan base in Japan and USA, which speaks very good of Muta.

    In the end, I really think while Muta is regarded as an incredible great wrestler, I still consider Jericho the superior guy, simply because of his success in the bigger promotions, while remaining at the level where he could easily put on some classic matches.

    I'm a little torn (just a little) but in the end, I think Jericho is gonna win this one after a brutal match like Lariat said.
  14. D-Man

    D-Man Gone but never forgotten.

    Jan 26, 2009
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    I have to vote for Jericho here. But not because I'm a fanboy... I really feel he'd defeat Muta.

    If this matchup happened last year, I'd lean towards Muta. But Jericho has since proven that he is a top dog in pro-wrestling and can defeat anyone on any day at any time. He's STILL winning world championships, while Muta has never even gained one.

    Jericho wins here.

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