Second Chances By WZ President Jake Tunney

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    Here is a list of wrestlers, personalities and promoters that have violated the law at some point in their lives.

    Ken Patera: Two counts of battery on an officer and criminal damage to property
    Mr. Saito: Two counts of battery on an officer and criminal damage to property
    Booker T: Committing several armed robberies of Wendy's restaurants
    Jim Duggan: Possession of Marijuana and drinking alcohol while driving
    The Iron Sheik: Possession of Marijuana and Cocaine
    Jake Roberts: Aggravated Battery
    Andre The Giant: Assaulted a local TV cameraman
    Billy Gunn: Disorderly conduct
    Brian Adams: Possession of 500 units of anabolic steroids and several unregistered semi-automatic guns
    Scott Steiner: Threatening State of Transportation Worker, then hitting him with a Ford F-250 pickup
    Jake Roberts: Not paying for Child Support
    Jim Neidhart: Wrote a bad Check
    Matt Osborne: Vandalism, harassment, criminal mischief, trespassing, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness
    Tazz: Corrupting the Morals of a Minor and Indecent Exposure
    Scott Hall: Keyed a limo
    Paul Wright: Assaulted/Exposed a Hotel Clerk
    Ahmed Johnson: Prostitution: Pimping out 3 young girls and possession of drugs.
    Tammy Sytch: Acted Strangely
    Jerry Lawler:
    Threw ticket at cop/ran over foot
    Scott Steiner: Assaulted a Cherokee Worker
    Jake Roberts: Back on Child Support Charges
    Ahmed Johnson: Caught with a Hooker
    Jerry Flynn: Drunk Driving
    Juventud Guerrera: Drunk Driving
    Swoll: Speeding & back on child support bills
    Tully Blanchard: Assaulting his 28 year old wife
    Dennis Rodman: Assaulting his wife, Carmen Electra
    Gene Okerlund: D.U.I.
    Buff Bagwell: Assaulted a stagehand after a WCW Thunder taping
    Juventud Guerrera: Assault/Disorderly Conduct
    Scott Hall: Drunk Driving
    Scott Hall: Assault
    Jason: A long, overdue DUI charge
    Brock Lesnar: Illegally possessing steroids
    Road Dogg: Refused to leave the ring and building at an Indy show, causing a heated argument
    Brian Christopher: Possession of methanphetamines, cocaine, and muscle enhancing drugs, fired from WWF as a result
    Jake Roberts: Drunk Driving
    Johnny Wise Guy: Possession of rock and powdered cocaine
    Eddie Guererro : Drunk Driving, fired from WWF as a result
    Johnny Wise Guy: Possession of rock cocaine and powdered coke. Later sentence to 30-months imprisonment
    Vader: DUI, Crashing, Harassment, Etc.
    Steve Austin: Assaulting his wife during a domestic dispute
    Lex Luger: Possession of illegal bodybuilding drugs
    Scott Hall: Violation of Probation
    La Parka: Assaulted Emilio Guduz in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
    Sergio Romo Jr.: Assaulted Emilio Guduz in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
    Dick Slater: Attempted Murder
    Sean O'Haire: Assaulted two women during an incident in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
    Gary Yap (Promoter): Wrongful cruelty to a child and four charges of Grand Theft
    Norris "Hardbody" Harrison Jr.: Forcing three women into prostitution as a way to force them to repay their debts to him.
    Carmella DeCesare: Misdemeanor Assault. Kicked a woman in the head at a Night Club in Cleveland, Ohio.
    Roy "The Zebra Kid" Bevis: Driving Under the Influence, 9 Months Imprisonment in England
    New Jack (Jerome Young): Aggravated Battery (Using a Weapon During a Match).
    Joannie "Chyna" Laurer: Domestic Battery in Los Angeles, California
    Hector Garza: Illegally possessing steroids in Houston, Texas
    Ion Croitoru (Bruiser Bedlam, Johnny K-9): Murders of a lawyer and her husband in Canada
    Jake Roberts: Cocaine Possession in Georgia
    Lex Luger: Driving Under the Influence in Georgia
    Lex Luger: Contempt in Court during a case.
    Dustin Rhodes: Domestic Dispute with Girlfriend.
    Ricky Morton: Failure to Pay Child Support
    Chris Kanyon: Disorderly Conduct and Obstructing a Police Officer
    Ric Flair: Assault and Battery During Road Rage in North Carolina
    Matt Morgan: Impersonating a Police Officer in Louisville, Kentucky
    Rob Van Dam: Possession of 18 grams of marijuana and five Vicodin pills
    Sabu: Possession of drug paraphernalia and nine tablets of Testolactone.
    Glenn "Disco Inferno" Gilberti: Illegal Gambling Operation
    Kurt Angle: DUI in Moon Township, Pennsylvania

    Some of them are minor. Some of them not. But it's pretty obvious that a lot of wrestlers appear to have trouble following the law. I'm really not sure why that is. It might be the same for other predominantly American related sports. But I'm unsure as I don't follow them. Anyway on to the topic.

    Wrestlers and you can include other sports and types of media into this, shouldn't be allowed to profit if they have criminal records. Be it a minor a major crime.

    Minor crimes like DUI's and err acting strangely (Thanks Sunny), are still crimes. I don't get drunk and drive home. I don't do it because I'm awar that it wrong, and that it will effect me. I've been aware of this for quite some time now. Probably since I was a child. Yet it appears as though a lot of wrestlers don't know about this law.

    Wait. They do know that law. They just chose to not abide by it. That is no excuse in my opinion. For their inability to do one little thing that is been asked of them. A minor thing if I do say so (the law, so easy to follow). I would impose a three strikes and you are out policy in wrestling. One strike equals one year away from the ring and any buisness associated with it. Two strikes equals two years away from the ring and associated intrests. Three strikes and you can no longer participate in professional wrestling on any level.

    I think you'd be surprised by how well behaved a lot of wrestlers would become.

    Now more serious crimes. In short. That is it. Your career is over. No more wrestling for you. And in the cases of Booker T & MVP, your career would never have got started under my wrestling law.

    Booker T: Armed robbery. MVP: Armed robbery and kidnapping. Why should people like that be allowed to profit greatly from being huge stars? Why should people like that gain fame and hero status because they're on TV? They may well be reformed. But they can be reformed in another profession. They need to go to school and work at something. They can profit from being great buisnessmen or something else. They can make money that way. But they shouldn't be allowed to do it via TV screens.

    Booker T is supposed to be a nice guy. It's great that he's turned his life around. But as far as I'm concerned, most of the world should never have heard of him, or watched him perform.

    It's my first column, bit rough. I didn't think about it much so I've probably rambled. I know my spelling is terrible. It's a real concern for me. I've just done one to see if I can get this section going.

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