Scott Steiner No Longer Ripped

Discussion in 'Wrestling Discussion' started by Glacier, May 17, 2018.

  1. Glacier

    Glacier Pre-Show Stalwart

    May 18, 2015
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    What the heck happened?

    I am watching him on impact, he looks like he has lost 50 lbs
    of muscle.

    And he is wrestling in a shirt-thingie to cover up his gut.

    Looks like my grandpa with tattoos.

    Partys over, grandpa!
  2. BigDaddyKewl

    BigDaddyKewl Getting Noticed By Management

    Jul 5, 2007
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    I just watched the match on YouTube where Scott Steiner lost the tag titles with Eli Drake and Steiner looked in rough shape. But at the same time I understand why Impact brought him back. Scott Steiner is one of the last big stars left from the Monday Night War who doesn’t work for or have ties with WWE.
    I saw Steiner wrestle in Waterloo Ontario a few months ago and totally marked out. I could care less how old he is or how in rough shape he looked, it was just awesome to see one of the last stars from a great era of wrestling perform one more time. I doubt Impact has any long term plans with Steiner, he’s just a name they brought back to hopefully create some buzz and get some more eyes on the current product.
  3. Jack-Hammer

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    Mar 26, 2009
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    The problem with this strategy, however, is that it's never really worked in the long haul. The company does depend a helluva lot less on older talent who were stars in WWE and/or WCW because (A.) those who're currently in charge of the company aren't going to throw away money by giving these guys big money deals and (B.) because most of those guys are too over the hill to be viable in the first place.

    When it comes to star power and drawing money, Scott Steiner isn't Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Eric bischoff, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash or a lot of the other guys who helped kick WCW to another level in the mid 90s. Impact's viewership ranges anywhere from the 220,000 range to, every once in a blue moon, close to 400,000 and Steiner's presence isn't going to alter that to any appreciable degree. Steiner is also making more than the vast majority of guys who're currently working for Impact, or he's hit hard times and is working under a pay per appearance deal like most of the talent. If it's the former, there are more viable wrestlers who're a lot cheaper and if it's the latter, then no real harm done. It's just that throwing away good money, significant amounts of it in fact, on guys who can hardly move in the ring anymore, like Scott Steiner, and don't draw a dime more than some 23 year old unknown indie guy is a major reason for the financial hardships that the company still hasn't really bounced back from.
  4. Mr.Maikeru_Sawyer

    Mr.Maikeru_Sawyer Pre-Show Stalwart

    Apr 14, 2013
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    well to be fair first off he is almost 56 years old but that is neither here nor there.
    when one uses steroids to gain muscle(like steiner did) and you stop using them and stop working out every day then that muscle will turn into fat. So he probably has lost a lot of muscle mass and gained in the fat department.
  5. ilapierre

    ilapierre Getting Noticed By Management

    Jun 3, 2010
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    Scott Steiner's not Hogan, Savage, Hall, Nash, Bischoff but he sure as hell was getting as big pops as Ric Flair in the late 90s. And he never had to be one of those guys to be more of a draw than Triple Z. I find your posts hilarious. Is it your job as moderator to say really warped things to instigate lots of responses? Because Steiner at 56 is still a draw compared to some 23 year old spot monkey.
  6. FromGlasgow

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    Sep 26, 2014
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    I enjoy seeing any stars back again from when I was a child, Not many left now who are still competing, Obviously he's not as good as he was in the 90's but still glad to see him at least for nostalgia reasons.
    There seems to be a section of fans who don't like watching anyone over age 30 in the ring incessantly complaining about guys like Undertaker, Goldberg, Angle or Sting etc whenever they show up for being too old but whatever I enjoy it and I imagine loads of others do too, Different if the show was full of guys over 50 its not he's the oldest by about 20 years on their current roster.
  7. rmp0012002

    rmp0012002 Championship Contender

    Dec 19, 2014
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    Lost muscle and gained fat but muscle can’t turn into fat and vice versa. Muscle not created naturally will fade once off the juice.
  8. DangerousDave

    DangerousDave The dirtiest player in the game.

    Jul 15, 2010
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    "Scott Steiner isn't Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Eric bischoff, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash or a lot of the other guys who helped kick WCW to another level in the mid 90s." He isn't, but he's 10 times more entertaining than those guys are today. The best thing about Steiner is you never know what he'll say or do next. I don't care if he can't work like he used to, he still puts on a good show.
  9. Goldie

    Goldie Getting Noticed By Management

    May 8, 2012
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    I kind of enjoyed seeming him back... but only the odd match.
    Nostalga wears off quickly.

    At his age, I think he should be quite grateful that TNA is booking him and giving him exposure- where most of the guys from his era are dead, retired or dragging their aged bodies around the indie scene making peanuts.

    Its best they are sticking him in tag matches so he doesn't have to carry the load.... as he has little mobility.
    He could cut good promos in WCW.... but even that appears to have deserted him. Now its just shout shout shout on full volume.

    However he is still a name... and to be frank, TNA don't have many stars with name value anymore.

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