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    Samus Aran


    Would you be embarrassed if a girl kicked your ass? Well if Samus Aran is the one who did the kicking then no, you shouldn't.

    Orphaned as a child, Samus was taken in by the Chozo and infused with their DNA. They raised her to be a warrior. When she reached adulthood she joined the Federation Police where she received training that would help her greatly when she left to pursue a career as an interstellar bounty hunter, with the ultimate goal of hunting down the pirates who killed her parents years ago.

    She has wiped out entire pirate bases, ended a galactic crises, and even wiped out an entire species. What is impossible to most is just another day at the office for this brave girl.

    Armed with her cybernetic power suit, Samus became one of the most feared and accomplished bounty hunters in the galaxy. Even without the suit her warrior training and infusion of Chozo DNA make her a handful for any foe, in the Metroid Universe or other. Just try not to stare at her curves too much as she beats you to a pulp.

    • Chozo warrior training-Beginning at the age of 3, Samus began a rigorous training regiment. Due to this training Samus has pushed her agility, speed, and dexterity to the human limit.
    • Police training-Once she reached adulthood, Samus enrolled in the Federation Police where she underwent extensive police training.
    • Sharpshooting skills-An excellent marksman with incredibly deadly aim, Samus has mastered the usage of the Power Beam on her suit.
    • Hand to hand combat-If need be Samus will use a range of deadly kicks and wrestling skills to engage foes at close range. She prefers to finish them off with a shot from the Power Beam however.
    • Intelligence-Due to her training Samus has developed a knack for puzzle solving and hacking.

    • Chozo DNA-When she was young the Chozo infused their DNA with Samus. Due to this she was able to push herself to the human limits. Samus is capable of running and jumping heights far past normal human ability, as well as surviving falls that would otherwise kill an ordinary human. Samus is also more adaptive to foreign alien environments that humans cannot survive in.
    • Power Suit-The main source of Samus' secondary power and abilities, her Power Suit was given to her by the Chozo at a young age. Equipped with the Power Beam, the suit also houses a limited amount of missiles. The suit also protects her from most damage and has life support capabilities that allow Samus to breath underwater and other areas with little or no oxygen. The suit also allows Samus to transform into the Morph Ball.
    • Gunship-During her adventures Samus has employed a variety of gunships, all in the Hunter class. In addition to providing transport, her ship serves as a base on operations on the ground. It allows her to recharge her power suit and has a built in factory that allows her to replenish her ammo.
    • Zero Suit/Paralyzer-In the event that Samus loses her Power Suit, due to extensive damage or a break down in her emotional state, Samus reverts to the Zero Suit. A full body outfit, what it lacks in defense it makes up for in increased agile capabilities. In this state the only weapon Samus has is the Paralyzer. The weapon is non lethal but the electric charge is enough to stun an enemy long enough for Samus to escape.

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