Sami Callihan & Eddie Edwards? Who Is Right?

Discussion in 'Wrestling Discussion' started by THTRobtaylor, Mar 7, 2018.

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    Controversy has reared it's head again with the one time NXT guy smashing a baseball bat into Eddie Edward's face, nearly killing him and smashing bones in his face.

    Since then Sami seems to be embracing it and playing up to it, much to the annoyance of many fans and fellow talent. He seems to be turning this into an opportunity while Edward's career potentially hangs in the balance for real and Impact seem to also be "making the most of the controversy".

    I'm torn on who is actually wrong here, it could be said that Callihan is bang out of order for not being contrite and staying "in character"/not showing remorse but at the same time, people DO get injured all the time and rarely do they get this much heat. Is the problem with IMPACT for allowing the spot to begin with?

    I can see why people would be angry for Edwards, he's a popular star and no one wants to see anyone legit hurt, especially to this's very much reminiscent of Wade Barrett getting hurt by Ziggler and then Swagger and both benefiting from pushes that were meant to be his after "taking him out".

    In truth though? Is it much different to when Mabel crushed Taker's orbital bone and it was used to build him up or when Joey Mercury got his face splattered by a ladder and that becoming part of the storyline or of course, Chris Benoit adopting the nickname "Crippler" after breaking Sabu's neck?

    It was clearly a dumb spot and someone in TNA should be very worried about Edwards suing them if his career is ended, but I can't say Callihan should be getting crap from anyone. There hasn't yet been any suggestion this is a Sexy Star style shoot (if so, jail him) but rather an unfortunate botch that will end up helping his career at the expense of Edwards. Should he really refuse the opportunity or run with it?

    What do you guys think?
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    Impact Wrestling needs whatever buzz they can get, so I imagine that they're trying to milk this occurrence beyond what Sami or Eddie had ever intended.

    For anyone who watched, this was obviously an accident.

    This wasn't a situation like when Mabel disobeyed direct orders and damn near paralyzed Diesel. This was a spot, and a damn silly looking spot at that, where a small miscalculation caused Sami to hit the edge of the chair with his bat and hit Eddie's eye with the tip of the bat. Sami was supposed to just hit the chair, and Eddie would writhe around in agony simply from the kinetic force transferred to his body. The way people are describing it online, you'd think that Sami was amped on adrenaline and deliberately bludgeoned Eddie's face in a fit of rage.

    I wouldn't be upset if Sami started calling himself the face crusher or something. I'd take pity on him, because accidentally glancing Eddie Edwards with a bat isn't what I would call a character defining moment for a character like Sami Callihan.

    I'm no doctor, but I highly doubt that Eddie Edwards is going to have to stop wrestling because of what happened. He seems like a very resilient person, and I'm sure that a broken orbital bone won't keep him down forever.

    I honestly think that the current aftermath is exactly what Impact wants, and they're doing everything they can to encourage it. I think that TMZ is in on it and they're making it seem as though it's a war between Sami and their journalists. I think that this will end up being similar to what happened during the Jake the Snake Ricky Steamboat feud. I'm not happy that a potentially fatal botch occurred, but I think that TNA is making a best case scenario out of the aftermath.
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    What exactly is the controversy? It was a botch. We can list probably over 10,000 of these in the history of pro wrestling and "sports entertainment". Some more serious than others. Some have ended careers and some have been tuned into angles. Why is this particular botch any different?
  4. The Man Of 1004 Holds

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    Both could be described as one time nxt guy......

    It was a botch, these things happen.
    I love the fact Sami is actually staying in character, its something that is badly missed in wrestling these days and he's doing a great job of trying to make something more out of it, which is what wrestling needs to do more of with unintentional things that seem to be getting attention (not just with botches but stuff like Rusev day where there's crowd interest)
    I highly doubt Eddie would sue, unless he'd specifically asked not to do the spot but was forced to. Which there has been no reports of.
    So i see no issue at all really.

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