[RUMOR] WWE & Impact Have Meeting; Routine Or HOF Inductee?

Discussion in 'Wrestling News' started by ABMorales787, Sep 19, 2018.

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    Various sources have reported that Impact officials Scott D'Amore & Ed Nordholm had a closed door meeting at WWE headquarters in Stamford, CO just before they flew to Mexico City for the Impact tapings on Thursday & Friday.

    No details about said discussion have been confirmed. However Impact today has announced that their Hall Of Fame is set to be brought back with the next inductee to be announced this Thursday on Impact Wrestling.

    As opposed to previous occasions, rumors of a sale seem to be completely inexistent this time, which points all rumors to the discussion being either a basic formal meeting between the two companies or the possibility of Impact inducting a former TNA alumni currently under contract to the WWE which presently has a many notable TNA alumni who would be a perfect fit for their Hall Of Fame. The most obvious being AJ Styles, currently the WWE Champion. Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, R-Truth & Mickie James are others who would possibly fit the bill.

    If it's just a formal meeting, it would not be the first time as the companies have met up since Anthem purchased TNA and rebranded it last year, most notably to discuss the use of TNA footage for WWE's now released Hardy Boyz DVD which features highlights of the 'Final Deletion' and other 'Broken Universe' footage. They have also used other footage for WWE Network shows.


    What do you think? Basic meeting? AJ4HOF? Sale maybe? Sound off below.
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    Well it's been revealed Abyss is going into the Hall Of Fame. Ironically he's the first inductee to never work for WWE (as of yet)

    It's probably relating to footage for AJ and/or Samoa Joe. Maybe Bobby Roode at a stretch. Heck it's probably so that WWE guys can be at the Impact Induction. Isn't Abyss friends with quite a lot of guys who are in WWE now?
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    I know I'm pretty late to this but my take is that they were meeting to use footage for the network and possibly for later patches on 2k19 or for a future 2k game.
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    i doubt that WWE would lend any former Impact talent under contract to be inducted into the Impact Hall of Fame. It would be free publicity and they don’t wanna draw anymore of the WWE’s fan base to Impact. The video library of Impact is the last asset that they have. They have a huge archive of current WWE talent like Styles, Joe, Roode, Jeff Hardy, R-Truth, Rhyno, Angle as well as legends like Flair, Hogan, Nash, Hall, Sting, Foley, Jarret, Steiner. They’re always looking for content for the Network and if the WWE get a deal to get some more Impact footage at a reasonable price then they definitely should.

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