Round Two - Team Andre '88 vs Team Cena

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Team Andre vs Team Cena

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  1. IrishCanadian25

    IrishCanadian25 Going on 10 years with WrestleZone

    Mar 29, 2007
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    This is a second round match-up in the all time Survivor Series team tournament. These two teams have been selected at random to face each other. Polls will be open for 3 days.

    Team Andre '88

    Team Andre is from the 1988 Survivor Series, and consisted of Andre the Giant, Rick Rude, Dino Bravo, Mr. Perfect, and Harley Race. They defeated Team Angle, 15-10, in a tough 1st round match.

    Team Cena

    Team Cena is from the 2006 Survivor Series, and consisted of John Cena, Kane, Bobby Lashley, Rob van Dam, and Sabu. They defeated the 1990 Team Hulkamaniacs 12-4 in the first round.
  2. HBK-aholic

    HBK-aholic Shawn Michaels ❤

    Nov 10, 2007
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    I'm going to have to go with Team Andre here. A team with Andre, Mr Perfect and
    Harley Race in is an incredibly strong team. And there only real competition is Cena, arguably RVD.

    Team Andre has it all. Size, skill, precision. Looking further into it, the 3 are possibly the greatest threesome in the competition. And that's forgetting about Rude and Bravo. They should pass through quite easily here on to the next round.
  3. klunderbunker

    klunderbunker Welcome to My (And Not Sly's) House

    Jan 8, 2007
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    I'll agree with the lady here. To begin with, let's all stop for a second and imagine Race against Sabu. Can you imagine a more odd pairing? I can't think of one, but what I can think of is Race humiliating him and easily beating him. I'll then match up Van Dam against Perfect. Hennig was never much of a flier, but he could go move for move with anyone no matter what style, so I'll call this a draw, but if it comes down to a tie, Perfect takes it. Rude and Lashley. Well, Rude is easily the more accomplished wrestler. Lashley had a better all around game. I'll go with the bald one, but he's spent after it and a Perfect Plex ends him quickly. Bravo is no match for Kane, but Andre is, and Kane is gone relatively quickly. Then we have Cena against Andre. Cena is rapidly becoming one of the biggest stars ever. He has FUed almost every big man he's ever faced, and looked good doing it. That being said, I hope there's a hospital room waiting on him, because he's a hernia waiting to happen. There is absolutely no chance he can get Andre up. Andre squashes him (literally) and wins.
  4. Shocky

    Shocky Kissin Babies and Huggin Fat Girlz

    Jan 17, 2007
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    I'm beginning to thinki that Team Andre might be a perfect team in this thing. They honestly have everything going for them. They have young Rude and Perfect to hit the technical and speed issues, they have a pure powerhouse in Dino Bravo as well. Even though Race and Andre were out of thei rprimes, they were still better then most of team Cena.

    Team Cena has a green Bobby Lashley, an over the hill Kane, and equally terrible Sabu. This leaves Rob Van Dam and John Cena against five, I don't like the numbers.
  5. NSL

    NSL Life's A Bitch, And Then You Mosh

    Nov 3, 2008
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    That's enough for Team Andre to get my vote...And that visual will always make me smile now

    Edit: The only way Team Cena would ge tmy vote, would be if this were an old school ECW match, because RVD and Sabu would probably take it alone in a walk with no rules. Add in rules, and Sabu is useless...
  6. Papa Shango

    Papa Shango Frontman of the WZ Band!!

    Jan 7, 2007
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    People seem to be forgetting that Sabu IS suicidal. And if he's getting his ass handed to him, I wouldn't put it past him to take out both himself AND a major player on the other team. Sabu may be botchy, but he's smart. And most importantly, he just doesn't give a fuck. The man's psychotic. And knowing that he's at a disadvantage, he'd be looking to get someone on the outside, and just drive them through the announce table for the double CO. I doubt he has the skills to get Andre out there, but I'd say he'd be able to take out Rude. If Race in 88 wound up in the ring with Cena, Lashley OR KAne he'd be in trouble. Race is out. Lashley would show his potential and dominance by eliminating Bravo, but he's still too green to outwrestle Mr. Perfect. RVD, too would either be outwrestled by Perfect or overpowered by Andre. So, this leaves Kane and Cena vs. Andre and Perfect. Kane is nowhere near as good as he once was, but something tells me that after doing so much already, Perfect just wouldn't be able to kick out of a Chokeslam OR an FU. Kane consistently jobs to other big men, so it'd be a cakewalk for Andre. So, we have Andre vs. Cena. Damn. Let me just ponder about that in bliss. Okay, fact is, a slower, aging Andre, against a young, strong, top of his game Cena? It might take a little while, but Cena would show off his strength, get Andre on his shoulders and deliver a legendary FU for the win.
  7. Y 2 Jake

    Y 2 Jake Slightly Autistic

    Dec 31, 1969
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    I've never heard any repots on him trying to kill himself.

    Look, lights.


    If he didn't give a fuck his body wouldn't have that many scars.


    How? While Sabu made himslef look better by jumping into barbed wire, Rude made his opponent look better by bumping everywhere.

    Or all of them look at him in bemusement and ask ''What the fuck is that move''.

    Because Lashley is stronger? Nope, he just has bigger muscles.

    Andre wouldn't let Cena pick him up, kayfabe or not. Andre wins.
  8. Miko


    Feb 18, 2008
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    Team Andre take this for me. Give me a prime Kane, and a not so green Lashley and you've got a battle that team Cena could win. Just like in the last round Sabu goes out easily, he tries to dive over the ropes onto Rude but Rude just moves out of the way for a count-out elimination.

    Kane battles Bravo and takes him out with a chokeslam, RVD and Perfect go at it with both guys tagging out, Lashley gets outsmarted and beaten by Race, Cena FU's Perfect out of this thing, Kane flurries for a while but is beaten by Andre, RVD then gets eliminated by Rude. Cena comes in and has a good go against Rick Rude and Harley Race and even eliminates Race, then Andre comes in and it's game over.
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  9. Checkmate

    Checkmate .you.lose.

    Sep 22, 2008
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    Team Andre takes this one for me.

    Kane, RVD, and Sabu would be out to Race, Bravo, and Rude. I don't think I need detail here, but the only members of team Andre that MAY get eliminated are Bravo and Race, if that.

    Cena could then come in and clean house of those three guys, then tags in to Lashley who gets beaten by Perfect. Cena gets back in and tries to take out Perfect and Rude, and fails miserably. For those that disagree with me, assume he does get through them and is left face to chest with Andre. I just don't see that happening for Cena.

    Andre wins this.
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