ROUND ONE: Wonder Woman & Flash Gordan vs. Colossus & Sam Vimes

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Who wins?

  1. Wonder Woman & Flash Gordon

  2. Clossus & Sam Vimes

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  1. JGlass

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    A colorful cast of characters enter the BattleZone together in this match. DC Amazonian, Wonder Woman, casts her lot with pulp hero Flash Gordan to take on the X-Men's metal man, Colossus, and Discworld's number one cop, Sam Vimes. Which of these odd couple teams has what it takes to move to round two?

  2. GI Cake

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    Feb 18, 2011
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    Let's take this into consideration. DC goes over the top with their characters, and their powers. How over the top? Well, Wonder fucking Woman has Super-Strength comparable to Super-Man. Yeah, good old Super-Man.

    Again, a DC hero on the team alone could eliminate the other team quite easily. The daughter of the Greek Gods is going to pin Colossus's arm behind his back, and break it before tossing him miles away.

    Oh and here's a fun comic of Diana kicking Super-Man's bitch face in.

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