Round One, Match Fourteen - John Cena & Hulk Hogan vs. Scott Steiner & JBL

Discussion in 'Deuces Wild Tag Team Tournament (2010)' started by Uncle Sam, Sep 2, 2010.


Who wins?

  1. Cena/Hogan

  2. Steiner/JBL

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  1. Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam Rear Naked Bloke

    Aug 24, 1973
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    Basic Guidelines:
    1. First Round matches are conducted under basic WWE singles match rules - the really inconsistent ones you see on television weekly.
    2. Polls will open after - approximately - twenty-four hours.
    3. Vote how you like, by whatever criteria you like.
    4. Strictly no alts.
    5. No regions, no arenas, no gimmicks (for now) - everything is based on merit.

    Match Fourteen
    "We Sell Merchandise, Not Moves"
    "Steiner Protection Agency"

    Scott Steiner is only teaming with JBL because Triple H doesn't want to work Thursdays.
  2. Y 2 Jake

    Y 2 Jake Slightly Autistic

    Dec 31, 1969
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    Scott Steiner shits all over them, this is a stone cold fact. We all like athleticism, right! Scotty is your man. I'm doing him vs. TNA. Victory to Scott Steiner.

    I like JBL, however my favorite JBL match actually contained John Cena. What a pickle I'm in. Fuck it, I prefer JBL & Steiner so they get my vote.
  3. gd

    gd Plump, Juicy User

    Mar 20, 2009
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    I do like both Steiner and JBL, more than most actually. However, don't think they have much of a shot here.

    The Superpower team will be too much for most in this here tourney. It is a ridiculous combination, to say the least. You got 2 of the top 3 biggest faces in wrestling history on one team. That'll do some damage.

    Sorry for the completely unproductive post. Basically what I'm saying is that the obvious team should win.
  4. DirtyJosé

    DirtyJosé Best angle of all: retirement

    Dec 12, 2009
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    You just can't argue any way out of this for Steiner and Layfield. It's Hulk fucking Hogan and John fucking Cena. They can be stopped, by not by this team. Those boys were made for jobbing, and that's just what they'll do.

    Hogan/Cena for the win.

    Moves executed: 7
  5. Smooth Sexual Chocolate

    Smooth Sexual Chocolate Grapefruits of Wrath

    Feb 16, 2009
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    Steiner and JBL where both part of very experienced and successful tag teams.

    In the past when we've seen Cena paired with another major superstar there's always chemistry issues, that lead to the demise of that said tag team.

    I'll be voting for JBL and Steiner as they both have tons of tag team experience...
  6. The Holy One

    The Holy One What's really good?

    Jun 15, 2009
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    Chemistry doesn't really play a part in here as both Cena and Hogan when they are faces will be able to get along very well. I can't say the same for JBL and Steiner. They seem to have contrasting personalities. Also, it's Cena/Hogan, if you think Steiner or JBL will be able to put them down then something is very wrong with you.
  7. Dr. Stinger A. Zoidberg

    Dr. Stinger A. Zoidberg Stay in school and don't litter.

    Mar 1, 2009
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    I'm going with the majority here and saying Cena and Hogan get the win. As many have said, if both Cena and Hogan are face, they will get along well. As opposed to Steiner, who is quite simply, and asshole. Also despite the lack of moves performed in the ring by Cena and Hogan, there really is no way that they can lose this matchup.
  8. INDYjon22

    INDYjon22 Nome is where your heart is

    Mar 29, 2009
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    Squash anyone? For some reason I find myself doubting the randomness of this team. Steiner and JBL have a ton of tag team experience and have won numerous titles but the Hogan and Cena are just far to good to get defeated by these two. Cena has been able to successfully team with several men who were in no way true partners such as Batista and HBK, and won titles. There is no way he wouldn't duplicate this success with the immortal Hulk Hogan. They would 5 move of doom JBL and Steiner into defeat.

    Hogan and Cena for the win.
  9. hatehabsforever

    hatehabsforever Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator

    Mar 5, 2007
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    The easiest decision thus far. John Cena and Hulk Hogan by an absolute mile. On one side of the coin, we have two guys absolutely at the pinnacle of the business in their respective time periods. While John Cena has his detractors (only knows 5 moves, stale character needs a heel turn, and all of this other nonsense), he is clearly the most dominant name in the business today. Not necessarily the best, or most skilled, or most popular with everyone, but he's the face of the company at the moment and for the forseeable future. Combine him with Hogan, and you could say all the same things, just turn the clock back 15-20 years. Putting two guys who are arguably amongst the biggest 5 or 6 names in WWF/WWE history, and that's pretty tough to argue with.

    Oppose them with Scott Steiner, the legend in his own mind, a guy who makes me wonder which is bigger, his ego or his physical stature? Steiner was very good in the ring a long time ago, but his roided up body made him so freakish looking that I lost interest in him, but in my opinion, it also detracted from his wrestling ability. Too bulked up and huge to even be able to move, he became a shadow of his former self (although an immense shadow). JBL was a very interesting guy, a guy who took average in-ring skills and several failed or moderately successful gimmicks, and re-invented himself into one of the best and most hated heels in the business. I respect JBL for who he is and what he accomplished, but when push comes to shove, come on. Hogan and Cena? Together? I see a long run well into the tournament for these two legends.
  10. Tastycles

    Tastycles Turn Bayley heel

    Jun 16, 2008
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    JBL was basically invented to lose to John Cena, so that's that aspect gone. Hogan vs Scott Steiner. Well, Steiner was Hogan's crony in his later career and one of those people ignored because of Hogan earlier on. Cena and Hogan would have great chemistry until Hogan shagged Cena's wife, and this is early in the tournament. They's be called Mega something. Megalomaniacs. Yeah, easy win here, and the IWC weeps.
  11. Pay Per Ghost

    Pay Per Ghost What they f*ck happened in the thread section here

    Apr 9, 2010
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    Dear Lord!! I hate both these guys with so much passion..
    And I ain't talking about Hogan-Cena!!!

    Though Steiner and JBL were both huge waste of spaces and couldn't entertain a barnyard full of drunk pigs,
    they would be the 'natural' heels here and do the generic heel shit.
    But when you have two Babyface FACES of wrestling from two eras standing against you, ye the heels are f*cked!

    You know the only way this match could be any good is if the crowd gets super hyped as Hogan would pose with Cena and then BAM!
    Cena nails Hogan with a chain wrapped fist he hid in his pockets and then cuts a dope rap about how 'Hogan's been always right and he's glad Brooke took all those vitamins growing up and tonight Cena's gonna answer her prayers!!'
  12. Khalifa

    Khalifa Where it at doe?

    Jul 26, 2008
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    Yeah, Im sorry but no matter how much experience Steiner and JBL have in the tag team business they cant beat the likes of Cena and Hogan. Hogan held the title for around 4 years and Cena just over a year that is a great thing to have in your resum'e. Cena and Hogan would have great chemistry as well because both are pretty much the same in the ring. Both would be smarter than JBL and Steiner and could probably out power them eventually or outpower Steiner is what I am trying to say.
  13. Thom

    Thom Hello there!

    Jul 30, 2009
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    Ahh, that's a crazy team...there are some other great ones in this tournament, but this team is pretty much unstoppable. Two of the biggest faces of all time, two of the faces of the biggest wrestling company in the world, I can't seem them doing anything other than winning this, I'm scared to say. That said, in other circumstances, there may have been justification for saying Steiner and Bradshaw would go through. In this match though-not a chance.
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